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Sunday, 01/01/2012, 08:44 am

UFC NEWS – UFC 142 Extended Preview

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20 Responses to “UFC NEWS – UFC 142 Extended Preview”

  1. 1.5/10. Awful troll. You must be the training expert with all your MMA fights! Really you should share some of your training methods you must have soooo much knowledge.

  2. Mendez has a very good shot at winning this fight. Big fan of Aldo, but he’s been flat in last couple fights. Whoever imposes their will and executes their style will win this.

  3. Vitor v rumble is going to be one baddass fkn fight..tough one to call if this was a bet, but I got Vitor FTW!

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Idk man, I haven’t decided. This is Rumble’s fight to lose and if Vitor beats Wandy on TUF he automatically gets a title shot right? So where is the incentive? Rumble might pull an upset if all that trash talk isn’t hype. But I’m rooting for Vitor!

    • I agree i would give the edge to Rumble. And as far as Mendes Aldo goes im a huge fan of Aldo but the Jose Aldo that showed up last 2 fights specifically the last one would have lost to Chad Mendes. Mendes is the most underrrated lower weight class fighter. However, ive been a fan of Aldo from the start and i got him as well should be a good card too.

    • Josh T says:

      I got Aldo & Rumble.
      Most definitely would give the edge to Johnson. Always been a fan of both guys.
      Rumble’s got the size (even larger @ mw), the superior grappling, and KO power as well)
      That’s gonna be a badass bout!

      Can’t wait!

  4. e says:

    is the vitor/rumble fight @ mw or ww??? i think vitor can ko rumble johnson.

  5. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Sloppy BJ just happens to be what you give in a West Hollywood street alley. If your aim was to get someone to comment you succeeded but you are really an awful troll. If want to get better at this try less man gargling and more trolling.. On other sites and comeback when you’re ready.

  6. DOC SANTOS says:

    Vitor’s experience will hopefully seal, Anthony’s fate.

  7. It will be interesting to see if Aldo returns to his dominant ways against Mendes, because as it was mentioned above, he certainly hasn’t looked as good in his last 2 fights. However, he till put on solid performances none-the-less and that is a lot for anyone to handle at 145.

  8. riDICKulous says:

    why waste time? all on steroids!

  9. caveman says:

    I think rumble takes this one via jon fitching it. Just like he did with hardy. Hyped the fight up and came out wrestling.

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