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Saturday, 01/14/2012, 11:17 pm

UFC NEWS – "UFC 142: Aldo vs. Mendes" Photo Gallery

For More UFC 142 Photo’s Including The Preliminary Card Images Click HERE!

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28 Responses to “UFC NEWS – "UFC 142: Aldo vs. Mendes" Photo Gallery”

  1. Ricky says:

    That spinning heel kick will forever be set in stone. It’s not just the kick, but the face he makes after being heel kicked. OWNED!

  2. Diaz-Fan says:

    That head kick to Ettim was amazing!

  3. DAMN! says:

    Terry eTIMBER!!!

  4. asdf says:

    i feel sorry for Erick Silva.

  5. Sergio says:

    Junior v.s Cain and Aldo v.s Chad prove that wrestling alone can’t beat talent hands and feet, you have to take down first…


  6. mmp says:

    How bout a photo of Aldo grabbing the fence?

    • Zack says:

      How bout a photo of Mendez getting KTFO

    • Mo says:

      Grabbing the fence happens a lot ! He only did it once and stopped after the ref told him to. Quit your whining, Give Aldo the credit he deserves.

      • magoo says:

        grabbing it only once changed the whole dynamics of the fight, to bad aldo had to cheat to win!

        • zk says:

          Cry about it. Fights done also won, accept the outcome

        • magoo says:

          its all good zeek! just mentioning the obvious

        • THE INUK says:

          you guys are honestly fucking the most retarded little bitches in the world.. will you shut the fuck up man honestly, dude grabbed the fence once, he knocked dude the fuck out, GOT IT?! you guys on this site man, I swear.. this site has the biggest girls on the internet. Its fucking sickning to me now. this site fell the fuck off.

        • magoo says:

          its over your head you dumb ignorant fuck,had Mendes got the takedown,who knows what may have transpired, couda changed the way the fight played out,but I understand anyone thats an Aldo fan would think like the inuk,and maybe you should fall the fuck off this site you stupid cunt!

        • Zack says:

          It’s the same shit after every fight. If if if if if

        • krafty11 says:

          cheat?? just because you had Mendes for the win, but he got ktfo instead, no need to be bitter.. the ref warned him and he stopped. end of story.. Mendes didnt bitch about it.. he gave props to Aldo, why cant you? I guess haters will always hate.. was a great night of fights anyways…

  7. Dante says:

    BOOM! beautiful knee from aldo – Mendes to the back of the line :)
    nobodys fucking with aldo at 45 cant wait to see him at 55 all of his legacy fights will be there
    anthony johnson is lame! 11lbs over… sucka.

  8. Suvaco says:

    Dude, how many fingers does AJ have?

    Look at his foot! WTF???????????????????

  9. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Terry went cross eyed during that KO.

  10. Zack says:

    Yamasaki looks like he’s on meth

  11. CanILive says:

    if mendes got that take down where aldo held the fence, there would have been no first round KO

    • Mo says:

      Ok, grand sorcerer wizard, who can see things in the future/past that might happen. That’s like saying if your mom never got drunk and went down the wrong alley u would never had been born !

    • JB Spencer says:

      You gota understand and accept that grabing the fence is part of the game. You gota look at it like it is: ANY fighter can grab the fence once or twice and recieve only a warning; second or third… hell lose a point.

      Grabing the fence is no different than a baskerball player commiting an intentional foul to stop a player from scoring or runing out the clock. And while that foul is ‘agaist the rules’ noone calls it ‘cheating’. Just like grabing the fence, its part of the stagedy of the game.

      Some might even say its stupid for a fighter to not grab the fence in certian situations.

      • CanILive says:

        lol i’m not like arguing no contest or something, just saying it would’ve went more than one round if he was to secure that takedown,

        and yea people grab the fence all the time, lol but i’ve never seen the fence help that much lol

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