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Saturday, 12/31/2011, 09:44 am

UFC NEWS – UFC 141 Salary Report: Lesnar Top Earner

The Nevada State Athletic Commission released the list of total disclosed payrolls for last night’s UFC 141 pay-per-view event and Brock Lesnar Leads the pack with the highest disclosed salary.

UFC 141 took place last night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The end-of-year pay-per-view featured former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar and newly signed heavyweight stand-out Alistair Overeem in a one-sided beat down handed down by Overeem.

The total disclosed payroll was listed at $1,369,714.28 and out of it; $400,000.00 went to Brock Lesnar for his first round loss to Alistair Overeem.

Overeem came up in close second with $385,714.28 for the night.

The two main event competitors took home the lion’s share of the night’s total payroll with a combined 57%.

The full list of UFC 141’s disclosed paydays included:

Alistair Overeem: $385,714.28 (includes $121,428.57 win bonus)
def. Brock Lesnar: $400,000

Nate Diaz: $74,000 (includes $37,000 win bonus)
def. Donald Cerrone: $30,000

Johny Hendricks: $52,000 (includes $26,000 win bonus)
def. Jon Fitch: $60,000

Alexander Gustafsson: $32,000 (includes $16,000 win bonus)
def. Vladimir Matyushenko: $40,000

Jim Hettes: $16,000 (includes $8,000 win bonus)
def. Nam Phan: $8,000

Ross Pearson: $40,000 (includes $20,000 win bonus)
def. Junior Assuncao: $8,000

Danny Castillo: $38,000 (includes $19,000 win bonus)
def. Anthony Njokuani: $12,000

Dong Hyun Kim: $82,000 (includes $41,000 win bonus)
def. Sean Pierson: $8,000

Jacob Volkmann: $32,000 (includes $16,000 win bonus)
def. Efrain Escudero: $10,000

Diego Nunes: $24,000 (includes $12,000 win bonus)
def. Manny Gamburyan: $18,000

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43 Responses to “UFC NEWS – UFC 141 Salary Report: Lesnar Top Earner”

  1. danriverapv says:

    damn alistair already has a 300,000$ salary thats dope for him.

  2. Brad says:

    just under $400,000 for a few punches and kicks thats fantastic. plus he retired Brock and has a chance at the UFC title. i wander what they will make for that fight?

  3. jason says:

    damn! nam got only 8,000?

  4. Lex w says:

    S/o to everybody that was talkin shit about nate and said he would lose….how y’all feeling? Lol

  5. the original steve says:

    what an odd number for alistair

  6. Philly C says:

    all these numbers are terrible. the inbalance of salaries is ridiculous. brock lesnar their top earner and one of their biggest ppv sellers gets 400k? i know it dont include sponsors or other endorsements or whatever else he does, maybe he got close to a mill or maybe a little more, but compared to boxing thats shit, where these guys have much less risk of being injured and only employ one facet of fighting and ppl like floyd make 40 million to fight. ufc needs to pay all their fighters better

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      UFC would go bankrupt paying everyone Floyd’s paycheck. They’re health benefits are also covered by the UFC. Only champs, former champs and big draws get the big bucks. Chump unknown boxers I have heard get somewhere around 20-30Gs.

      • Philly C says:

        i dont expect them to pay floyd money, but thats a shame that their biggest draws dont even break a mill., and that the pay is that imbalanced. and by imbalanced, im talking about fights like “Johny Hendricks: $52,000 (includes $26,000 win bonus)
        def. Jon Fitch: $60,000″ for example. so hendricks is good enough to fight fitch, but if he lost he would have gotten 26k while fitch would have gotten probably 100k with a win bonus. i guess theres other things to take into account like how popular a fighter is and wins and losses, maybe im just an idiot and dont really know how things work, just seems unfair to me imho.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Nah man don’t be so hard on yourself. I am just speculating man, Dana has something like 300 fighters to promote and Floyd promotes only himself with Golden Boy or something like that. The real crime here is that Floyd owes 40 mil to the public for a shitty fight against Victor Ortiz. Also big name boxers fight one or two times a year. Really barely anyone knows what the fuck they are talking about here myself included. It’s a thread buddy, lighten up and have a blessed day.

    • Justa Thought says:

      Zuffa is pretty cool about fighters promoting themselves using the UFC Brand. The UFC is nowhere near Boxing or say NFL revenues. If Dana can keep marching along you should see salaries tripple in the next five years. Fighters who put the most eyeballs on the UFC PPV get the $$. The Reem, Lesnar, Diaz, and Cerrone sold the tickets. Nam Phan needs to fire his manager, and if you paid John Fitch $5… you still over paid.

      • Shawn says:

        Have to remember as well, just a few years ago, even the top guys weren’t making more than 80K. The more MMA gets popular, and becomes more and more mainstream like boxing, there will be more sponsors, more PPV, and more money to be dished out. Sooner or later, MMA WILL replace boxing as the premiere fight game. When that happens, fighters will be making 7 figures. UFC is doing it right. Just give it time. Plus it’s more incentive for fighters to fight harder, better and put on a good show.

    • Mike McMack says:

      This amount is just what the UFC reports to the comission. Brock and Alistair probably got 5 mil or more for this fight. I don’t know that because I saw their checks but GSP said he averages about that much per fight and Brock is almost as big a draw as GSP. When you look at past PPV’s GSP was a part of his reported earnings were around the same as Brocks listed earnings on this page.

      Now when you think about the UFC’s top fighters getting 5 mil a fight there are only 2 fighters in the world who make more than that…Floyd and Manny. Floyd is a smart business man, he owns his own promotional co. so he pockets a lot of what his fights earn through his business along with his purses. I agree with you, 5 mil isn’t enough when you look at a huge PPV draw like Brock and GSP they deserve to get paid more.

      • Shawn says:

        That’s an addition from all their individual sponsors, not entirely on the UFC. Boxers like Mayweather get 7 figures from the fight itself. More if you include all his sponsors, and PPV bonuses.

  7. Shegur says:

    They make Plenty. USA is bankrupt. All you chirpers are probably paying $50 to watch these fights with pop bottle money. Why should some Loser that beats up some tomato can make millions of dollars? How does this improve your f’d up economy? Worry about getting your shit country fixed not what your meat head athletes are getting paid. You have all been overpaid for long enough.

    • This guy says:

      The corrupt leaders here in the USA will bring our country to its knees. China will own America and it disgusts me. How the fuck can we convince our kids that our Capitalist country is the best way when we owe China Trillions of $$$…

      But in any case: Nam Phan got robbed, he should at least have been paid $12,000 after that Garcia fight!

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Vote congressmen who are fiscally responsible and leaders who can work with those with dissenting ideas. Compromise shouldn’t be a dirty word moving forward. Andrew Jackson was the only and last president to pay off the national debt.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          He also displaced the Native Americans from from their lands as a result Native Americans don’t use or carry $20 bills to this day. :)

        • Justa Thought says:

          The US army is merely a tool of corporate lobbyists. It will stabilize a region of interest anywhere in the world so Wall Street can go in and rape the earth of any resource the can profit from. Look into the oil pipeline we built in Afgahnastan. Haliburton? Our government leaders(supposed public servants, lol) criticized Kim Jong Il for living comfortably while his people starve. Doesn’t sound to different than the good old USA. Hey Kettle… It’s The Pot. You’re Black!

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Our military is not a pawn of Wall Street. Our military is the only thing that keeps our enemies in check and our allies preserved. The capitalist system works and its the people reap the benefits from hard work over time. The Kettle can’t call the Pot black if it was never black to begin with. Drop any destitute person in America in North Korea and they will find out just how bad things can get and how privileged we are in this nation.

      • Jmad says:

        i’m just a regular ole American with a regular job, I’m not starving and I’m quite comfortable.

    • Mo says:

      And I guess your responsible for your great economy? Economy has nothing to do with it, the UFC hasn’t been around long enough to compare with boxing salaries, period. IMO, I think it will surpass it one day, but as for now that’s what they get paid. Being in the UFC is a job/sport and each fighter is getting paid accordingly, I’m sure popularity and wins have a lot to do with their salary. P.S. Shegur, you’re on a website devoted to MMA not economies ! Wise up.

    • Philly C says:

      im not saying its not good money, i work in a factory making 50-75k a YEAR, depending on overtime, which is shit imo, but i guess im lucky i even have a job. im making comparison between what some of em get and dont get, and what ufc fighters get compared to boxing fighters. and this country is full of fat dumb fucks that are lethargic and apathetic to everything and worry more about american idol then what’s going on in the world. our government is corrupt and run by big business and banks that take all the money and destroy the middle class and export all of our jobs overseas or hire illegal immigrants. we’re probably going to get into another war, with iran now, and its going to get a lot worse then it is now. our country will collapse and china will reign supreme as the worlds superpower. i do worry about it, but sadly, most of the country doesn’t, and there’s nothing i can do about it. way off topic there hahaha

      • SanSooRob says:

        50k to 70k is shit lol stfu go occupy something lol

        • Philly C says:

          hate to break it to you but thats considered lower-middle middle class, and it is when ur a 22 yr old father working full time trying to do the right thing to support a 1 yr old son, an unemployed girlfriend and a household, something u probably know nothing about. take ur shit talking elsewhere

        • JB Spencer says:

          TRUE DAT, ill admit tho, years ago i thought that was great money too, but now that im makin 50k giv or take and got responsibilitys, it aint shit. Plus, bills n rent go up while my pay gets less…

          And i thinks thats middle class not lower middle class.

        • SanSooRob says:

          Ya your right , boo woo go cry else where lol like I said occupy something lol I’ll take my shit else were

        • bizzle says:

          @ SanSooRob is a homeless bum..

        • SanSooRob says:

          Yup and I’m peed Obama didnt get me a house wtf lol

    • Mike McMack says:

      Please everyone, politics have not place in an MMA discussion.

  8. bizzle says:

    JDS > every other lame ass ufc HW

  9. JB Spencer says:

    Yeah, nam phan got swindled on that; no reason he should still be getin the same check he made first fight outa TUF, and the same as any first ufc fight noname fighter. wth

  10. Anthony G 206 says:

    i used to think it was, for instance 8,000 to show 8,000 to win +bonus but that dont make sense with the rest besides nam and jimy, and why do we wait for the NSAC to release it, do thay have a say in it

  11. Dong Kim..123k. Nice and not even on the main card! Brock like unusual overrated and over payed!

  12. Zack says:

    Jon fitch made more than Johnny Hendricks? Wtf. Fuckin bullshit. There is no fuckin money in this sport at all wow. How can you pay a professional fighter 8000 dollars. Hopefully he doesn’t have a family to feed.

  13. DJW says:

    I think the point you guys are missing is that the fighters sign a contract with the UFC. i.e three fight deal for say $75,000 plus bonuses. So during the contract you may have a couple of highlight victories but you will still be under contract until you see out your 3 fights (obviously unless you get cut). I don’t think there will be too many fighters on single fight deals.

    Whats different about boxing is that each fight is negociated on its merits, but the power in MMA sits with UFC you have to be under contract to get a title shot etc, its not like boxing where one camp approaches they other to fight for a title etc. On the otherhand with everyone under the one contract/banner you get the fights people want to see rather than champs taking easy defences to make easy money

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