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Friday, 12/30/2011, 10:07 pm

UFC NEWS – UFC 141 Results: Overeem Retires Lesnar, Diaz Batters Cerrone In Fight Of The Night Performance

Tonight’s UFC 141 event has come and gone and with it the UFC season for 2011.

It’s been a great year for UFC fans and many fighters, but tonight was a night that saw many notables fall from grace.

To start, Johnny Hendricks now goes down in history as only the second man to ever beat Jon Fitch in the UFC and he was able to do so in just 12 seconds.

Cerrone’s epic 2011 was halted by, the Stockton bad boy, Nate Diaz and Brock Lesnar was put into retirement after Alistair Overeem destroyed the former champ inside the first frame of action.

It was an epic night to end an epic year. We have seen new faces come into the sport and we have seen old faces leave this year and we can only hope that 2012 will deliver just as many fireworks.

For their parts in the evening’s festivities Nate Diaz and Donald Cerrone took home 75K for the UFC’s Fight of the Night award and Johnny Hendricks took home Knock Out of the Night and he too took home 75k.

There was not any wins by submission therefore no Submission of the Night was given.

The full UFC 141 results are as follows:

Main Card: (PPV)
Alistair Overeem def. Brock Lesnar via TKO (punches) – Round 1, 2:26.
Nate Diaz def. Donald Cerrone via unanimous decision – (30,27-30,27, 29,28)
Johny Hendricks def. Jon Fitch via knockout (punches) – Round 1, 0:12.
Alexander Gustafsson def. Vladimir Matyushenko via TKO (punches) – Round 1, 2:13.
Jim Hettes def. Nam Phan via unanimous decision (30-25,30-25, 30-26)

Preliminary Card: (Spike TV)
Ross Pearson def. Junior Assuncao vs. unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
Danny Castillo def. Anthony Njokuani via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Preliminary Card: (Facebook)
Dong Hyun Kim def. Sean Pierson via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Jacob Volkmann def. Efrain Escudero via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).
LUIS RAMOS VS. MATT RIDDLE – Riddle Sick, Withdrew From Fight
Diego Nunes def. Manny Gamburyan via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

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143 Responses to “UFC NEWS – UFC 141 Results: Overeem Retires Lesnar, Diaz Batters Cerrone In Fight Of The Night Performance”

  1. LCM says:

    “Lesnar retires from MMA.”


  2. Casey Gapol says:


    • DontBeScaredHomie says:

      Yeah i’ve been saying it for a while now the Diaz brothers are on another level right now can’t fuck with em I don’t understand why people still deny and don’t want to accept this.

      • Dude says:

        Only deny it cause they have no respect and I dont believe they represent very well what the UFC is all about. Theres no code or anything but its sad to see them being punk asses all the time. They do have some sick talent and they can beat anybody right now.

        • Chris says:

          Nate Diaz would probably lose to Frankie (and i am by no means an Edgar fan). Also, not so sure Nick would beat GSP.

  3. Zack says:

    Everything went how I thought except Fitch! It makes me happy to see lay n pray dry humpers getting KTFO. And especially one of the kings of dry humping. One down , Gsp, and chael to go.

    • A.James says:

      And he got knocked out in spectacular fashion!

    • slacker says:

      I was wrong about Cerrone and got the Overeem fight right. Nice stand-up by Nate, and poor boxing by Cerrone which I did not expect at all – no head movement and offered little variety of striking. The one thing he did do well on, kicks, he did not captialize on. He could have won that fight if he went for some ground and pound. He is going to look back on this fight and regret that strategic mistake. What can you say about Brock? His one-trick pony show is over – wrestling. He is an incomplete fighter and does not belong in MMA. He finishes with a 5-3 record – poor. Overeem, on the other hand, showed why he has been a top-level fighter for so long. Great patience, great strength in stuffing Brock, and a great variety of strikes which he used to pick Brock apart.

  4. A.James says:

    You can’t be mad at Brock. If I was him I wouldn’t want to fight after that beating either.

  5. Damn says:

    Fitch has been playing too much skyrim. He got what was comin’

  6. Say "NO" 2 Steroids says:

    I was so bummed when Matt Riddle couldn’t fight, Fitch got KO’ed and Lesnar announced retirement…

  7. Ruben says:

    The main event was faker than pam andersons tits

    • Coffee409 says:

      That’s exactly what I was saying!

      • Michael says:

        He took a dive. He never even legitimently shot on him

        • Ruben says:

          That was the dead giveaway, Lesnar has no business standing up with anyone let alone Overeem yet for some reason he chose to throw kicks and exchange with Reem last night. And Lesnar isnt the kind of guy who sets up his takedowns, most of the time he bull rushes people, so i dont want to hear that Overeem didnt give Lesnar the chance to take him to the mat.

        • Xaninho says:

          He tried one take down and got stuffed easily, so his gameplan went through the toilet from that moment on.

    • Stevo the great says:

      Your stupid….it was real… get kicked in the liver and stand up afterwards. Fucking idiot.

    • Kajyn says:

      I totally agree with you.
      WWE Style
      Brock must have bet his payday on his loss by TKO at the first round.
      He stood right in front of the reem, protecting his face while leaving his body unprotected. And knowing Overeem’s style he knew that the knees were going to fly. He must have been inspired by Tito Ortiz loss to Noguerra (I dont say that Tito was faking)
      (I know that I’m pushing too far the complot theory)
      Dana White and the Fertitas, should investigate the outcome of this fight, if they are not part of the plan

  8. Mike Diaz says:

    Where’s all the cowboy fans? Crickets …………

    • slacker says:

      I was wrong on that one. Great boxing by Nate. Poor boxing by Cerrone. However, he had a real chance to win if he went for some ground and pound. Bad decision-making. He fought with his pride instead of his head.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      Cowboy has nothing to be ashamed of man, neither do his fans.

      • slacker says:

        Oh for sure, he fought like a warrior. But, if he worked in some 2nd round ground and pound, he could have won that round, and wore down Nate enough to possibly take the 3rd and the fight. Nate measured him perfectly though.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          4 sure man. he should’ve blasted in when he took him down with that head kick. Way different scenario than sweeping him; but he shoud’ve took advantage of those more too.

        • slacker says:

          A bit disappointing. But, i think he can learn from this and bounce back. He also should have been throwing more uppercuts because Nate holds his arms so far out from his chest.

      • e says:

        only people that should be ashamed are the shit talking haters.

      • Cowboy did good, but it wasn’t his best performance for sure. Nate didn’t beat him he beat himself.

        • slacker says:

          I don’t think I would go that far because we don’t know how Cerrone would have done if he took some of those ground and pound opportunities after cutting out Nate’s feet. But, I sure would have liked to have seen him try something. There were definitely some great opportunities there that could have turned the fight back in his favour. Only problem is, he never did it, so we will never know.

        • I agree.. After he took out those legs he should’ve went after him on the ground. Cerrone is young..Decent fight not great.

        • learntoread says:

          LOL. Lame excuse.

          Diaz owned him.

          Other than a few leg sweeps, Cerrone basically had nothing to offer.

          Give Diaz the respect he earned…(actually, on second though, you’re probably incapable of being anywhere near that classy).

    • Jake says:

      Dude really, stop your role playing name, join the sport n get your mouth shut. I hate people like you. Where was the stockton fans when Nate was owned hard 2 fights ago. He’s not his brother, cerrone made a HUGE mistake n I can tell ya he’s gonna learn from it. He’s champ material, nates not. His brother is. I’ve seen Nate loose to no namers

      • JB Spencer says:

        no namers? like joe stephenson, clay guida, rory mcdonald(future champ), dung yung kim (condit got a title shot after beatin him)

        They dont sound like nonamers to me; no shame in losein to any of them(cept for joe s, but that was a while ago, not long after he was no1 contender)

        I can go on, but i understand how some a yal diaz haters mite be a lil biter after that ass woopin, esspecialy after all the shit talk bout how cowboy would own him. That rata pat pat stockton slap musta been hard to watch for 15 min.

    • Fukk Diaz he’s still a ghetto monkey anyways.. Nate look like crappage,but cerrone looked worse. Cowboy landed some awesome leg kicks and a head kick.

      Here a question: where are all the Lesnar fans and REEMMONSTER HATERS AT? My boy Reem will be the next UFC HW champ! Told Lesnar to watchout for the Muay Thai knees and feet!

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        JDS will kill him. Lay his career to rest next and put his multiple belts to shame.

        • Your one of those that said Lesnar will crush Reem right? Now your saying Jds? What is Jds going to bring to this striking game huh dumbass? Yeah ok.. Do yourself a favor and STFU! Remember our convo when Reem is crowned KING!

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I was, but I also always knew JDS would smash either of these fools. Come on man he destroyed Carwin(who I thought would be HW Champ by now) and Cain, some of the most dangerous strikers in UFC hw the division. I also called it when JDS would smash Cain on Fox 1. You remember this conversation! Get that jar of tears ready because there’s gonna be some crying to do after Reem gets KO’ed by Cigano!

        • I like Jds..but knew if Carwin could land a few shots had a chance, but couldn’t land jackshitz! Cain got caught by a good striker. Reem v Jds are well matched, but Reem is a superior striker and will win this matchup. Great matchup bc both are standup, but REEMMONSTER got this bc Muay Thai is superior to kick boxing.. Can’t wait!

        • primalmasher says:

          Bahahahahaha! JDS took carwin bombs and still fought unfazed. JDS sets everything up with a quick and stiff jab which seems to be the reems little weakness there. You need to actually watch fights bro, not argue with fellow trolls on sherdog forums about outcomes. For the good of mma, share your opinion with NO ONE. please and thank you.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Carwin should have never switched to a vegetarian diet. How are you gonna be heavyweight and only eat vegetables and supplements? It messed up Jake Shields too.

        • JC says:

          Brock was always fake, straight outta the wwe, trying to scare Overeem with his fake insane behavoir at the weigins. brock at training tried to immiate Overeem with pat berry, hahahaha, pat aint even on the Reems level with kickboxing and pat’s to scared to really kick brock at training fullpower anyways, so brock hahaha really tought he could stand with Overeem. I’m glad that fake fighter is outta the UFC. And if you really think jds is going to keep his title, hahahaha, he’s going to get destroyed also, no way that gayboy is going to win for the 3 time of a dutch fighter.

    • Xaninho says:

      I got that one wrong too…Nate Diaz did very well and not to take anything away from Nate’s impressive win, but I think Cerrone looked very odd in that fight, he couldn’t relax and let the punches roll…That might be cause Nate Diaz just is THAT good, or Cerrone let the pressure about the personal beef get to him..

  9. jerome says:

    Where are all the Overreem haters???

  10. Say "NO" 2 Steroids says:

    3 lay prayers…. GSP, Sonnen, Fitch
    1 down, 2 to go.
    Diaz will rape GreaseSP next year,
    And the same thing will happent to Mr. Juicer Chael Sonnen.
    After he gets subbed by Silva again in Sao Paolo, he’s gonna get shot inside the octagon by the brazilians.

    • joop says:

      keep dreaming monkey

    • GRT 3000 says:

      lol. if he makes it to Brazil. imo Munoz will be making that trip.

    • Ricardo says:

      Ummm Chael doesnt lay pray.. its more like lay n smash!!
      get your facts straight..
      and im not a fan of him..
      im just saying the truth.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        lay n smash? you get your facts straight. All of his opponents get up fresh as Arianny’s ass after he pillow fists on them. Not just Anderson, watch all of his previous fights. No one knew who he was until Andy subbed him, so no one really knows that the way he lost to Andy is the way he loses…late round submissions. he does no damage. it’s lay n gay ricardo.

        • Ricardo says:

          Chael can take anybody down ANYBODY admit it his wrestling is legendary, He will smash Munoz mark my words!
          then he will smash Anderson AGAIN..
          Chael is for real.
          lets admit it guys.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          Chael loses to Munoz in wrestling though. Did you know that? And Munoz has better hands; hits way harder. They’ve faced each other 3 times in wreslting and Chael has lost everytime. Lets admit that before we get on with the legendary b/s.

        • Ricardo says:

          college wrestling, mma wrestling is different dude..
          but well see, and on the “Sonnen smashes Munoz” update, i will comment and you better be here to eat your words.!!!

        • GRT 3000 says:

          sounds good buddy. he won’t out wrestle him though…your right MMA is a different game. But what Chael brings is a strong wrestling background and a record of losing to Munoz.

        • A.James says:

          He’s also a cheater.

        • zach says:

          cheal can take anyone down but then he lightly slaps them for 5 rounds, if he wants to be the best he need to become a blackbelt in bjj

      • Zack says:

        Chael couldn’t smash a rotten pumpkin!

        • Say "NO" 2 Steroids says:

          Exactly. Chael couldn’t finish an injured Silva, even with all those cheating he did.
          I fucking hate juicers. Chael is a fuckin loser. He talks shit, he cheats, and he still gets his ass whooped. Then he faces charges for money laundering!? WTF!?
          Pathetic. Like I said. “Loser”.
          He’s gonna go to prison after he loses to Silva again, then he’s gonna get butt raped by Joe Son lmao

    • Hey.. Say “no” to dickk you fagmonger!

  11. Jason says:

    Lesnar finally retires. When the going gets tough, Lesnar gets going. PPV draw is all he was for the UFC. WWE here he comes!

    • slacker says:

      Yeah, Lesnar really showed his colours tonight. A couple days ago, he says “I am the UFC.” Now, he is retired. Unless, this has something to do with his diverticulitis, I really lost a lot of respect for him. But, I don’t think so. He said it’s the best he’s ever felt since his surgery. What a one-hit wonder! Finishes with a 5-3 record.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        really, why retire? cuz he can’t be the best? Why doesn’t he get back in the mix and scrap a few dudes lower on the totem pole, just like every top fighter that loses? No shame in taking on dudes that aren’t in the top 5, maybe he’d learn something and come back stronger.

  12. learntoread says:

    2012 is going to be a huge year for the Diaz Bros….all the typical “hater” banter aside, I see Gold people 😉


  13. GRT 3000 says:

    Lesnar looked like he was shitting bricks on the way out. At least it seemed that way to me. ne-ways, he should’ve went for the football tackle; trading with the Reem was a KTFO waiting to happen.

  14. Ricardo says:

    My boy Johny Hendricks won by ko!
    bittersweet ko against the King of Lay n Pray!!!
    I met the guy not too long ago he is a nice guy and he is getting better.
    Thank god i have his autograph and the poster on my wall 😉
    Look out bcus Hendricks aint playin around!!
    and Diaz showed outstanding boxing!
    Im from Dallas Tx and not too many UFC fighters representing :(
    Lesnar retires, props to Lesnar, he fought big names no tomato cans whatsoever, he got fed to the sharks as soon as he joined UFC. Thank you Lesnar we love you and it was a good decision to retire.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      I agree man, Lesnar wasn’t done any favors (in terms of opponents) in the UFC. Thrown in with a bunch of animals and faired pretty well. Might have been better for his career longevity wise if he was able to work his way up though. Oh well, thanks for the show big man…time to enjoy yer millions.

      • Ricardo says:

        his resume:
        Carwin, Mir(2),Couture,Heath,Velasquez,Overeem,
        big names and contenders.
        they should of gave him lesser competition like Nelson or Struve, mitrione.etc..

        • GRT 3000 says:

          4 sure, let him work his way up and gain some experience. He can’t pull off a miracle every fight, especially after all that illness and surgery.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Brock started too high on the totem pole and burned out quick. His career is tantamount to Sonya Blade skipping all those fighters and challenging Shao Khan. He needed to grow before he got to the upper echelon of HWs.

        • A.James says:

          The thing is when he joined the heavyweight division was garbage. Now it’s a real pool full of sharks!

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          It definitely was a weaker division. Now with the Strikeforce crew its going to be one of the strongest.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I kind of felt bad for him. I could tell based on what he said that his wife and family weren’t behind him and after losing two fights consecutively by TKO he was probably embarrassed. His wife probably said something like this.

      “Why are you doing this again? We have SO MUCH MONEY! What are you trying to prove?”

  15. SmoothAssNigga says:

    I dont hate Brock but for the first time Im happy to see someone retire. I was pissed when I first found out he was goin to fight in the UFC. Now that he is gone I HOPE he takes his sorry ass fans with him. Next is the dream fight of heavyweight strikers!!

    Cerrone is the shiiit and so is Nate. He got too emotional for this fight, Nate really did get in his head. Hopefully lesson learned, dont get caught up in pre hype. Diaz brothers r smarter than people give em credit for ahaha

  16. steeler says:

    dana was bummed because he lost his biggest money bringer in brock retiring haha i hate brock retired i didnt like him but he is a character and is exciting to watch it also takes away a lot of great match ups like brock vs carwain 2 or brock vs mir 3 brock should have went out guns blazing not saying he would have won if he did but he would have a better chance bc the longer he is standing the worse it is

  17. chon209 says:

    reem still hasnt proved nothing because as everybody would agree brock is not a real mma fighter so how does this win prove anything we would have to wait to see what he can do vs jds but when it comes to the diaz haters theres nothing they can say because cowboy was top 5 and nate gave him an ass kicking and to all those saying cowboy could have won if he had done this or that are been foolish because you can say that about any loser

    • Ricardo says:

      im not impressed by overeems performance.
      He should of KO’d Brock.
      Dos Santos wins this easy.

    • slacker says:

      lol Overeem stuffed a great wrestler, which many here were saying he could not do. As for Cerrone not capitalizing on kicking him to the floor 6-8 times? Well, enough said. Nate did very well, but no need to start getting delusional.

      • Ricardo says:

        cerrone knows about the legendary DIAZ BROS. GUARD!!
        one mistake and you end up in a Stockton Triangle hahaa

        • slacker says:

          Well, who knows? Maybe that was it. Although, the way the stand-up was going, it was definitely worth the risk/reward.

        • learntoread says:

          I’m doubting there would have been much “reward” in that scenario, being that he most likely would have gotten himself sub’d / finished. At least on the feet he fought ’til the end.

        • slacker says:

          I wouldn’t say most likely, but possibly. He could have tried working some gnp for 30 seconds each time, and then stood back up. We don’t know what would have happened. But it was definitely missed opportunities.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Mir must be embarrassed after talking all that shit. =/ I think JDS will obliterate Overeem but people were saying that Cain was invincible too.

      • slacker says:

        Well, it was definitely a convincing argument because until tonight, Brock had managed to take down all his opponents at least once. I don’t think Overeem gets enough credit for his movement. For a heavyweight, he’s pretty agile. I haven’t even thought about JDS and him yet.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          He did make valid arguments. I also liked Overeem’s tortoise and the hare approach to fighting. It keeps him from gassing out, like I thought he was going to in this fight.

        • slacker says:

          Yeah, Brock never really got a chance to grapple/wear him out up against the fence because it was Overeem, whose superior striking Brock had to respect, backing him up. It will be very interesting to see who controls the center of the ring when JDS and Overeem fight.

  18. ??? says:

    every1 keeps saying cerrone’s boxing was bad….it wasn’t even bad, he threw a lot of check left hooks and countered with slip 2’s….his boxing was good, sure he had trouble with head movement but he rarely fights some1 with a longer reach so he never really uses it anyway…Diaz just had high volume and great combos, like his bro., & i aint bullshittin bcuz i do box….& as for Lesnar hate him or love him all you haterz order & watch his fights anyway & the ppv #’s shows it…He does the best ppv’s out of everyone else…sure he doesn’t have that much mma experience but he fuckin did a pretty good job in the UFC than any other “noob” that came b4 him…his losses were to top level guys that smash every1 else lol

  19. Ricardo says:

    According to Compustrike:
    Diaz out-landed Cerrone 258-66, a statistic clearly indicative of the way the fight unfolded. Diaz connected on an astounding 82 percent of his shots, going 258 of 314.

  20. sOppie says:


  21. oj says:

    Dunno why people hate the Diaz bros. They ALWAYS come to fight and entertain. Sure they’re loud mouths and brash but everyone has their flaws. Right? Also a lot of what they do is to hype the fight and fight angry. They seem to thrive when they fight angry.

    On Lesnar, I’m glad to see him retire. 2 bouts of diverculities in, what, 4 years or so. Then to have to take such punishment from The Reem. He needs to let his body heal up properly. Hate him or love him, he was a champ and defended his belt 2ce. Without the illness halting his training who knows where he could have been.

    • learntoread says:

      People hate o the Diaz Bros because they are easy targets, they strike a cord with fans & everyone has an ‘opinion’ on them, there is not much middle-ground there either, either you love or hate the guys.

      Personally, I can’t see how anyone could disrespect them in terms of what they do inside the cage…if one thing’s for certain, it’s that they both do their job (in the cage) VERY well…and usually steal the show every time out.

  22. ivan says:

    Props to Diaz, he had some amazing boxing but come on Cerrone wtf was that he looked like he gas’d out in the first minute of the fight. Looked like someone who hasnt boxed before in his life. I lost money on that fight -_-

  23. josh says:

    diaz is the truth.

  24. SanSooRob says:

    Nate next lightweight champ !!!! That’s what’s all you cowboys , Greg Jackson bastards said lolol
    Sorry back to the gay mountain you go guys lol Somewere Jamie Varner is smiling waaaaahaaaaaaa

  25. T.DADDY says:


  26. Jujitsu Player says:

    Glad Reem ripped through Brock, all that talk and hype and that’s how he ends his ‘career’ in MMA. He was just counting down the seconds until the ref stopped the thing, pretty shameful stuff. Reem and JDS will be an awesome fight. I still go with JDS, I think he has the power and hands to knock Reem out but Reem has better technical striking and better range of strikes so it’s going to be a good one. Cowboy fought with heart but he looked a little stiff, no head movement and Diaz just took him apart. He had the wrong game plan he should have tried to capitalize on those leg kicks by going in for some ground and pound. I think Greg Jackson had too much faith in Cowboys stand up and underestimated Diaz’s and maybe gave to much respect to Diaz’s BJJ.

  27. dave says:

    the diaz bros are always underestimated,,even i always doubt them..but i think fightig personal was not good for cerrone//you could see he came out fast and hard and looked to have big energy dump…i can see diaz as lw champ 1 day and nick a ww…diaz bros the best…i felt bad for brock cuz he git kicked in his stomach where he had surgery that had to be in his head..

  28. Will says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think the surgery had a lot to do with Brock’s performance. I had the same surgery that Brock had. That is not an easy thing to go through by any means. I know Reem hits like his name was Optimus Prime… but I think the initial reactions to the knees to the body had more to do with the mental than physical. He may have felt fine, but that’s still too soon to go forth and fight and not worry about your insides…

    Nevertheless, Brock is done. A great wrestler that provided, at the least, what MMA needed and that was a person that fans and new fans would put money towards to see. Will he go down as one of the best heavyweights ever? No. But he was definitely a factor to MMA becoming a mainstream sport. Good luck in future endeavors Mr. Lesnar

  29. Pete says:

    Glad Lesnar retired

  30. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I am gonna take a risk and sound like an angry sore fan. But, does anyone else think that the referees stopped the fights for Matyushenko’s fight and Brocks too soon? They didn’t get much time to recover and they were defending themselves with little damage.

    • slacker says:

      Yeah, I thought the M’shenko one was early, but not Brock. Brock went much longer without moving his hands before the ref stopped it. Also, he was literally just sitting down on the canvas. M’shenko ate about 4 punches, where as Brock ate about 8-10. Most were in his gloves. But again, the problem was, he was just sitting on his ass.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        It’s just confusing as to when to call the fight and when not to. Nam Pham surprisingly got obliterated and he was eating shots left and right off of his back. He was allowed to recover, had the refs called it, it would have been fair. That was epic when he avoided that armbar in the 1st purely on autopilot.

        • slacker says:

          The damage makes it look like a justifiable stop. But, in the end, it is supposed to be more about whether they have active defense or not. I don’t think Brock had a problem with it, after getting kicked where he did, and then receiving another punch in the stomach. Just too much adversity for him the last two years I guess.

    • dave says:

      not brock you could see he wanted out of there…but yes the janitor got robbed he took 1 stiff jab then was for sure covering up,,,that was bs///and when u in a spot like he is you can get cut pretty easy

  31. Xaninho says:

    Frank Mir must feel really stupid now! And to think Mir got his ass kicked by a less than 100% Lesnar with diverticulitis hahaha!

  32. learntoread says:

    Yeah, he’s in denial.

    It’s humorous.

  33. Chartmonster says:

    actually I am bc Cerrone is better but didn’t prove it that night! He’s out messing w his horse and got head butted and busted his lip open..stupid move before a big fight!

  34. primalmasher says:

    Sup Dick niaz?

  35. Chartmonster says:

    denial..your fkn stupid! I saw nate win the fight..not denying that u moron.

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