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Wednesday, 12/28/2011, 05:45 am

UFC NEWS – UFC 141 Pre-Fight Interviews

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17 Responses to “UFC NEWS – UFC 141 Pre-Fight Interviews”

  1. Damn says:

    Cowboy’s ready, Nate’s ready. FOTN!

  2. dave says:

    fitch is trash …why is he getting an easy fight,,people are talking like this hendrix guy is a serious contender…fitch sucks..why dont they give him condit and diaz can fight kos or diaz fight fitch and condit kos..i want this guy fighting top compitition so all can see he is true trash…he is boring and old news ,,,,he sucks ass.. he talks about pro wrestling being fake..well so is his fights he dont fight he holds you down like a bitch,,but he is funny he knows how people on this site and all site are,,they talk shit about all the fighters and use fake names an they dont even buy the ppv…he is pretty funny..ufc wont even let him use 2 min in his little gay film..loser

  3. Nigel says:

    I found it amusing that Diaz is talking bad about Fitch’s style (not by name) then Fitch is talking bad about other people. I wish there was a good way to regulate boring ground fighters but there’s just no clear cut rule. Even if you stand them up what if the guy on the bottom is working for a submission?

    • dave says:

      the best way is the pride rules…you lose 10% if your stalling on top or bottom..and fitch i dont think was talking about diaz cuz diaz dont just go in there punching he has real skill for submissions…his bjj is top…i agree the pride and dream show the better martial arts..there should be no elbows and dream rules,,just my opinion….AN BROKE U GET BIG MONEY FIX U TEETH

  4. sean says:

    dam nate and nick have mad social anxiety they need to either slow down on smokeing weed which i dont prefer or take something for anxiety that is more effective then pot

  5. DOC SANTOS says:

    Cerrone VS Diaz is wayyy more intriguing than Lesnar/Alistair

  6. phace says:

    Looks like Ariel got on Brock’s nerves with that last question 😀

  7. Xaninho says:

    Gotta love Cerrone man! There was a beep in every sentence that came out of his mouth hahaha! That fight will be just as exciting as Overeem-Lesnar, maybe even more exciting cause it might go more than one round in a fast pace.

    Too bad Fitch is on the same card though. On the other hand I will have three rounds to fix me something to eat while Fitch is humping Hendrix lol

  8. Johny boy will destroy Fitchy, Cowboy is going to smash the Stockton sissy, and as far as the main event goes im as clueless as when the fight was announced. I literally cant pick a winner for it.

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