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Monday, 12/19/2011, 03:03 pm

UFC NEWS – "UFC 141: Lesnar vs.Overeem" Conference Call (Audio)

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27 Responses to “UFC NEWS – "UFC 141: Lesnar vs.Overeem" Conference Call (Audio)”

  1. baldy says:

    lesnar better get him on his back quick…

  2. SILVAKILL says:

    I love the part where Brock bitches about dealing with steroid allegations his whole life. LMAO, maybe that’s because he was caught with a ridiculous amount of illegal steroids when he was younger, or maybe it’s because he looks like a clydesdale horse :)

  3. Feenom says:

    This is simple, Brock’s stand up is not equal to Alistair, so it’s obvious he has to take him down. I see no man taking Brock on the ground. With that being said, every round starts on the feet. Brock is my favorite heavyweight. If Brock doesn’t improve his stand up (I pray he does). It will be a tough fight for him.

  4. Silky says:

    I find it weird people will talk roids about lesnar but isnt this the same overeem that fought chuck liddle in pride. Looks like he,s been on them too

  5. bizzle says:

    Brock looks ready.. He has been silent this entire lead up to the fight, something tells me we are all in for a surprise..

    • Brandon says:

      I’ve got that feeling too.

      We all know Dana doesn’t like Overoid, and the last thing he wants is a guy he talked so much shit about coming into the UFC and doing any good. I think he’s putting him up against Lesnar cause he wants to watch overeem get mashed to a pulp fast, so he can say “see, told you all that K-1 was bullshit”.

      • ricky says:

        alistair was asked if he wanted this fight douche bag. dana didnt make him fight brock at all…watch the press conference, the ufc asked alistair if he wanted to fight brock and he immediately said yes.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      brock brings it everyt ime he fights and hes fun to watch. but he kinda has mike tyson syndrome with his wrestling, if he doesnt get his way he crumbles. should still be an awesome fight to watch though!

  6. magoo says:

    its gonna be a blueprint of the Lesnar/ Mir II. Lesnars gonna rush em get him down and punch his face till the ref stops it!

  7. dave says:

    i thought lesner was going to walk threw reem,,,,but i just watched the lesner vs randy and lesner had trouble taking randy down and holding him down and he only 220,,,i think he wont be able take reem down….and if he does it will be near the end of the rounds…i think reem willl tko lesner…lesner has weak chin and has taken long off with his illness…i prey lesner loses he is true scum bag

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Randy is an elite, lifetime wrestler, so you shouldn’t be surprised if Brock had a little trouble taking him down. When you’re up against another wrestler who is any good, it might be a little difficult to just get them off their feet and on their back. More technique is needed than would be with a non wrestler. If he can’t take ‘reem down, which I highly doubt, it’s not because of his tdd, it would be because of the knees and fists flying at his face. Weak chin? how you figure? When is the last time you saw Brock get KO’d?

  8. dave says:

    i hate this shit,,,2 loser things u always hear on here..WAR BROCK,,,OR WAR REEM…fuk……..only war bj ok….and another thing people say..ohh if brock cant get it to the ground it will be a long night,,,,or if reem cant keep it standing hes in trouble…its like no shit….do u really need to say that,,it pretty clear these fighters need to fight in there strong areas,,,so annoying

  9. cowboyhunter says:

    Buffalo Soldier vs Viking Warrior this is gonna be Epic!

  10. Brock is scared! Brock isn’t a fighter.. a fighter has a special gift of taking face punches and bleeding and won’t alter from their gameplan..Reem is a fighter and will tag the FK out of his fat face. Reem will show how strong he is by handling Brock.. If Reem wins he will transform into the REEMMONSTER! Jds better pray that Brock wins bc the REEMMONSTER will smash him..guaranteed!

  11. slacker says:

    Let’s see if Brock has worked on his stand-up. He will have a short career in the UFC if he can’t become a half decent boxer.

  12. Xaninho says:

    Anything can happen with these two mastodons, but I think it’s safe to assume Lesnar is going face down to the canvas.

    This might even become the shortest title fight in UFC history….But only one thing is certain: This isn’t going the distance.

  13. danriverapv says:

    yeah anything can, but all i can say is, WAR BROCKKK WAR REEEM!!!!!
    just take him down quick brock and make it a long night cuz if overeem cant knock u out he will be in trouble!! WAAAARRRRR BROVEREEM! o and war dave. just WAR IT UP ALL DAY.

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