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Thursday, 12/15/2011, 08:05 am

UFC NEWS – UFC 141 Extended Preview (Video)

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25 Responses to “UFC NEWS – UFC 141 Extended Preview (Video)”

  1. Say "NO" 2 Steroids says:

    Overeem – KO – Knockout of the Night
    Cerrone – Decision – Fight of the Night
    Fitch – 30-27 Decision. As always…
    Gustafsson – TKO or Submission
    Phan – Decision

    Punkass Nate gonna get his ass beat! I promise you!

  2. yathoom says:

    Donalds said the M word! hahaha.. Diaz is in it for a long night

  3. CanILive says:

    damn joe rogan must be high, he just said brock’s going to use his jiu jitsu….. but i’m excited for this fight!!!! WAR REEM and i might go with diaz for the upset…. lol the whole lightwt div has been comin with upsets definitely fight of the night!

    • Anthony says:

      I’m pretty sure he said Brock had improved his jiu jitsu (as demonstrated by the arm triangle on Carwin)… Not going to use it…

    • phace says:

      Yeah, I noticed that. I believe he said Brock with his Jiu Jitsu 😀 ..I think it will be Brock with his ground and pound for the win. I don’t think Diaz beating Cerrone is by any means an upset. He was just kind of small at welterweight(although still competitive)..but at 155 he’s a beast.

  4. DanTheFan says:

    I am worried for Brock…This could be worse than Velasquez…If this goes badly for Lesnar, I wonder what Dana and Joe will do next? Peace out!

  5. Nick says:

    All I really want to see is Nate Diaz get the shit kicked out of him. I mean that was a bitch move they were talking about. Kinda want Brock to win.

  6. munks says:

    peds v peds lol interesting fyght ……diaz v cowboy going to be a good scrap ,the fans will get there moneys worth on that one

  7. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    They look like cartoon characters as big as they are.

  8. Johnny Hendricks will beat Fitch mark my words!. You heard it here first Fitch is going to get decisioned!


    Nate will mess cowboy up.. You don’t go and try to shake someones hand before a fight where have u seen that?

    It’s like hey buddy I am gonna try to kick your ass and make you bleed infront of the whole world but lets shake hands.. WTF is that?

    anyways Nate will punish cowboy!

    • Oregon Dude says:

      Jaris, you must like penis…

      • CanILive says:

        he kinddd of has a point, i mean it’s just trying to be respectful cause donald respects diaz’s fighting style, but then again you should know better than trying to shake diaz’s hand before a fight lol, i do like donald bringin in the emotion should make for a GREAT fight, still wanna see Barboza vs. cerrone though!

  10. Downhill Bomber says:

    Brock Lesnar is going to tear Overeems “horsemeat” arms off and pound on him. LETS GET IT ON!!!!! COME ON!

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