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Thursday, 12/29/2011, 04:00 am


By batting Donald Cerrone’s $1000 hat off his head, Nate Diaz signaled his bad intentions for their UFC 141 co-main event at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, this Friday night.

“He was trying to tip his hat into my face and I’m no punk who will take that,” Diaz said afterwards. “He was mumbling some stupid crap about me needing to bring it. He don’t even believe what he’s saying. He’s trying to find confidence from somewhere. I will knock something else off his head Friday.”

‘Cowboy’ Cerrone said: “I’m not getting paid to fight today. I get paid on Friday when it counts. Let’s see if he’s brave enough to swat my hat off on Friday. Let’s see if he even comes close. Today, I acted like a professional. Friday, I’m gonna make him pay.”

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  1. daddynerkz says:

    dat hat is gonna cost nate a leather ass whoopn

  2. MMAdro says:


    The guy who will have 5 wins in the UFC’s most stacked weight class in one year after he smashes Nate on Friday?

    Ya he’s a “Jebrrone” alright…..

    Man kids these days.

  3. Halferson says:

    Shit man!! That will be a great fight!!!

  4. Jeff says:

    Cerrone is an idiot. Cowboy homo! JEBRRONE!! HAHA!!!

  5. Professor Crossman says:

    Diaz is good, he can take whatever gets thrown at him… Cerrone I like his image a lot better, looks and sounds professional.. But Diaz brothers create the drama for the show.. My thinking says Diaz, my heart wants Cerrone, because he’s less drama…. I think all that stink look and talk, make martial arts look bad… It came from all star wrestling to get attendance…..

  6. boss says:

    Everyone just keep underestimating cowboy and his size striking and ground game! His striking is crisper and his ground game is tougher! Diaz is a wanna be thug gangster ass fag! So is his bro! Yes diaz has a chance to win its always 50 50 but i hope he gets retired with his puney ass antics!

  7. Major Mouthpiece says:

    the thing is its not a act thats how we act out here in the bay area im from oakland and stockton aint that far thats just how we are thats the personalities that wrestling didnt have so they manufactured it these people really livin it not everybody is gonna be a squeaky clean good guy unless they fake it but i think reality is better

  8. Major Mouthpiece says:

    i mean everybody isnt gonna be a squeaky clean good guy

  9. Major Mouthpiece says:

    nevermind the last post hahaha

  10. fuck the diaz sis says:

    This is for Jeffrey above like 9 comments fuck you maybe after the fight when diazs heads kicked in you can get an auto grafted jockstrap you fuckin homo or maybe just rub his balls on your face dumb fuck

  11. G says:

    I would pay $50.00 just to see the Diaz-Cerrone fight… shit! Hype is lame sometimes, but this time it’s legit.

  12. My Opinion says:

    Nate Diaz will win his fight tomorrow against Donald Cerrone. Nate will beat Donald by submission after getting “caught.” Nate will win.

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