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Monday, 12/26/2011, 01:00 pm

UFC NEWS – UFC 141: Cerrone Better Knock Me Out, Says Diaz

“I feel like I’m better than all the guys in my division. I don’t see where any of them are better than me. He’s definitely a guy that likes to fight and come forward. I think I’m better than him everywhere. On the feet, he better knock me out, if not, he’s gonna be in trouble.”

The younger Stocktonian, Nate Diaz, tells that his opponent, Donald Cerrone, better knock him out this Friday in their co-main event if he wants to win the matchup.

A pivotal lightweight fight that sends the winner up the ranks is just four days away from going down.

Diaz has only lost at lightweight to the very top of the division and even in defeat; he has looked good and often battered his opponents only to lose via decision by points.

Cerrone has looked virtually unstoppable since crossing over from the WEC in all of his UFC appearances.

The outcome is anyone’s guess, but with the fight just around the corner, who you picking Penn Nation?

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56 Responses to “UFC NEWS – UFC 141: Cerrone Better Knock Me Out, Says Diaz”

  1. Xaninho says:

    Cerrone is the better fighter in every aspect. But he has to work for it cause I sense a war.

    • dlee says:

      Better fighter in every aspect? How? You seem to blurt out BS in with confidence..

      • Xaninho says:

        What part of every aspect don’t you understand? It’s a simple sentence. ok I’ll explain it cause this simple statement is apparently a bit too much for you to comprehend…

        He is better on the feet. And he is better on the ground. Get it?
        This is Nate Diaz, not Nick.

        • Heath says:

          Cowboy is better on the ground? Better than a Cesar Gracie brown belt?? Have you seen Nate and his reel of submissions not to mention his drastically improved stand up..Cowboy may have a chance on the feet but if this fight goes to the ground he will have no answers for Nate’s ground game..JMO

        • Xaninho says:

          We’ll just have to see, Cerrone’s BJJ is highly underrated. I know Nate is really good and I do like his fights, I just think Cerrone is a bit too much for him.

        • David says:

          Since icant reply to xaniho ill reply to heath, diaz’s jits is better and weve seen it used effectively many times, their striking is different but cerrone has a slight advantage id say, hes a good kickboxer whereas diaz just boxes (hes pretty good too but not as good as nick). This is a coin flip in my mind.

      • jason blackwood says:

        how isnt he his bjj is second to non and his striking is awesome he is more skilled than nate diaz no doubt just watch his fights diaz has been dominated before of of rory mcdonald and other fighters cerrone has never been dominated he got caught with a sharp guilatine of ben henderson apart from that he has destroyed every 1 so why dont you give your bs a rest !!!!

    • steve says:

      you’re buggin. nate diaz is a 100 times better on the ground. and after the boxing he showed in his last fight i would say he’s better on the feet too. it’ll be a close one on the feet

  2. Jb says:

    Cowboys muy Thai is better and bjj is just as good as nates. But I think someone is going to sleep

  3. Hahahanninen says:

    I think cerrone’s best chance would be to Knock him out…unfortunately for diaz that doesn’t seen farfetched…cerrone has power. more than diaz anyway.

  4. Gonzo says:

    Diaz! 1st rd. gogo plata

  5. The Ansir says:

    Cerrone by however he wants to finish it, sorry Nate but the guy is gonna get a shot at the gold soon and your just another name on the list.

  6. salas says:

    nate by b#*$h slap

  7. B_Lum says:

    nick isnt even fighting fag

  8. J says:

    cerrone better knock him out because diaz boxing is alot better so if the fight goes deep round wise diaz will pick him apart and they go to the ground diaz will submit him his bjj is on another level

  9. sideasoundlab says:

    COWBOY by way of murder

  10. justin says:

    Get some CERRONE!!!!

  11. ThatGuy says:

    diaz, by submission in the third.

  12. bertram says:

    cerrone possibly has a SLIGHT power advantage, and a kickboxing advantage. but diaz’s boxing is better, and i’ve got to assume his ground game is a little bit, if not quite superior. this fight i think will be better than overeem vs lesner. im predicting a 3 round war, nobody is gettin finished

  13. cerroneallday says:

    Diaz striking game is not even comparable to Cerrone’s. Cerrone was a kickboxer long before his MMA days. He battered Siver and everyone thought Siver was the better striker. Cerrone is going to win this in the first round. An now Diaz is talking trash it makes me even more confident. WAR Cerrone.

  14. Nuff Said. says:

    Cowboy never knocks people out and Nate has been submitted once and that was 6 years ago. Cowboy is gonna throw alot of kicks and get a couple take down to win a decision. If this fight ends early its gonna be Diaz with his hands up. ALL DAY!

  15. A.James says:

    Cowboy’s striking has more power and range. Corrine isn’t this go to the floor even though he has a ground game as well.

  16. mmaislandjunkie says:

    watch out for what you ask for!

  17. evilbeast says:

    Cerrone is going to beat him so bad that both Nate and Nick are going to move from Stockton and buy a thug ranch in Texas.

  18. john rockford says:

    i believe cerrone will beat diaz.. but it ain’t gonna be a walk i the park.

  19. Dustin says:

    lol diaz is gonna get fucked up so hard..

  20. Xaninho says:

    Is this 3 or 5 rounds? It’s a co-main event so I thought 5?

  21. Liked the old better says:

    Nate is a Scraper!!!!!! So is Cerrone! good battle May the best man win……

  22. Rob says:

    This is going to be a good fight, but come on, nothing is better than watching Cock Lesnar get his face smashed in as he turtle shells from strikes. Well, maybe watching Diaz’s face get smashed will be just as good…

  23. diazisadickkk says:

    Cerrone’s stand-up IS undoubtably bettter he was 28-0 in pro Thai 18 first rd.Los nate’s jitz may be better than the cowboy but certainly not better than vagnar Rocha who lost a very lop sided Dec. To cowboy Donald winner at 5 mins. 3rd. Dec.

  24. Joe Silva says:

    Winner vs winner for the #1 contender
    Melvin vs Miller….Diaz vs Cerrone

    • JB Spencer says:

      cerrone n guilard are both in jackson-winkljon camp. That team is too talent deep, they got guilard, cerrone and guida, all three potential no 1 con, n thats just off the top of my head.

  25. Jujitsu Player says:

    Has the makings of fight of the night, I’m going to go for Cowboy, really rate Diaz but after the way Cowboy walked through Siver I think he has to much power and speed for Diaz.

  26. Long-Strong says:

    I was watching the Cerrone – Rocha fight and it got me worried for Cerrone. If Cerrone fights like that, Nate will have a lot to work with. Cerrone is a beast though and obviously having Greg Jackson in your corner as the strategist will only help him. I mean Greg Jackson has pretty much figured out Nate Diaz (Stevenson fight) so we’ll just want and see. In the Rocha fight, Cowboy got hit a couple of times by way of boxing, and this really can’t be the case for Diaz because his boxing is precise and sharp. Still, Cerrone has a lot of ways to win and I hope he does!

  27. ricky says:

    cerrone is going to cock slap nate

  28. Vincent says:

    Cowboy is SO much bigger and stronger and it will show the second they stand next to eachother. After the first leg kick and/or strike from Cerrone, Nate will look to run away. Cowboy is in the top 3 of the division – Nate isn’t in the top 5. Donald will stop him easy – will steam roll right through his skinny ass.

  29. BobbO says:

    Diaz wins if it goes to the ground. ~BobbO

  30. S7N says:

    Really interesting fight. For me Nates better on the ground but I think Cerrone has an advantage on the feet.
    It should be a war either way as the Diaz brothers including nate like to bring it :)

    Personally I think Cerrone will take it.


  31. guamy says:

    cerrone’s bjj isnt on the level of Nate’s not even close. what he does have over nate is strength and kick boxing. this is a toss up but ima go with nate.

  32. DBKlein69 says:

    i got cowboy all the way. should be a barnburner tho!

  33. David says:

    Nate diaz vs donald cerrone…. Hmm im going with nick on this one hahahahahaha DUMBASS

  34. daniel hershman says:

    This fight is an even match up. They both have world class stand up and ground skills. My pick is Cowboy. Not JUST because he is from the Jackson camp but because he really benefits from the Tapout Ranch. He has a lot of highly skilled people that come live and train. It’s all about having bodies and he has a better overall camp. Plus he has the confidence, the winning streak, and record to back it up!

    COWBOY by decision

  35. Mark says:

    Cerrone wins, prob goes the distance but will be a war.. Nates standup is good but his little tapidtap punches won’t affect cowboy..

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