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Sunday, 12/11/2011, 09:18 am

UFC NEWS – UFC 140 Post Fight Press Conference (Video)

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22 Responses to “UFC NEWS – UFC 140 Post Fight Press Conference (Video)”

  1. Mo says:

    Jon Jones is a humble champ! F the haters ! Keep doing what you’re doing ! Shogun check, Rampage check, Machida check….Now he just needs Evans and Henderson.

    • Fortyb4five says:

      He won’t beat Hendo…you can count on that!

    • DontBeScaredHomie says:

      You’re such an idiot he is the furthest thing from humble you can get just because you talk that way doesn’t mean you are that way. Like they say actions speak louder than words and this classless fool just dropped Machida like he was nothing if he was “humble” and a good person like he claims to be he woudln’t have done that shit like for example if GSP but someone to sleep like that he damn sure wouldn’t have let them fall like a ragdoll to the ground like he did and Jones nonstops acts like he is better than everyone else quit dick riding jones and open your eyes not to mention he is fighting people that don’t even compare to him in size he is on the stick man Florian diet at all times just so he can fight LWH i can’t wait for the day he actually fights someone his size so he can get thrown around and made look like a bitch just like he does with all the guys ways smaller than him that he fights now

      • Mo says:

        If gsp put somebody to sleep?? haha And I’m the idiot? This is fighting, pu$$y. Maybe they should start fighting with pillows so they won’t hurt each other. These guys are in there to hurt each other and win by any ways necessary within the rules. I ain’t dick riding by posting one effin’ comment about Jones, just stating that he can be humble by his statements, when he said Machida was his toughest opponent so far.

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          You obviously don’t even know the meaning of humble then do you idiot you show it through actions not words I couldn’t care less about machida getting dropped what I do care about is the fact that he claims to be this humble champ when he is nothing close to that so quit being a dumbass and learn to read

        • Mo says:

          “this classless fool just dropped Machida like he was nothing if he was “humble” and a good person like he claims to be he woudln’t have done that shit” Your exact words, what did I misread? You are the definition of a troll and hater! Get used to seeing this classless champ because he’s gonna be around for a while!

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        i cant believe there are pansies out there crying about how he dropped machida. machida didnt wanna tap to stay conscious, if ur choked out standing guess what?? youre gonna fall like a bag of bricks, TOUGH SHIT he should have tapped if he knew he was going out.

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          Do you know how to read at all if so you should reread that comment i replied to and what I said figures your dumbass would reply to this though I have never seen one comment from you that wasn’t completely fucking retarded and incoherent

        • Henry says:

          I can’t believe anybody is buying this bullshit that Jones is a humble guy. DontBeScaredHomie is right about actions speaking louder than words. While dropping Machida after the submission isn’t that bad how about the Rampage fight where he threw him over his shoulder after the round was over? Or on the countdown to UFC 140 special where he was talking shit about Rampage? Wake up people, the kid is talented and will no doubt have a great career but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a cocky asshole.

  2. Sergio says:

    He can beat evrybody, his guy is the future, complete, Machina was better that him in the 1 round and 2 he take Machina to ground, graping and won the fight….

  3. Xaninho says:

    Fair is fair, Jones is a very good MMA fighter. He deserves that belt cause he is simply the best right now. I don’t see Evans nor Henderson take it from him.

  4. kyle says:

    ya he is a big dude…would love to see him go up a class…

  5. teachsonia says:

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  6. Jacob G says:

    YOUR NAME IS DONTBESCAREDHOMIE BITCHING ABOUT JONES FIGHTING IN A SMALLER DIVISION. WTF IS DIAZ DOING THEN? HE LOOKS LIKE A FKN TWIG. You think the BJ Penn / Diaz fight was fair in size? You’re just hating on this kid cause he is running through people. He’s 24 years old and on top of the world. You’re gonna go kiss the guy whos been trying to knock you out unconscious? to each his own.

  7. JB Spencer says:

    Some of yal are the most nonsenseical haters iv ever heard in my life, this is by far the bigest case of: if anyone else says it, its ok but if jones says it, hes the bigest asshole on the planet.

    Yeah, hes been a little cocky, most people call it confidence but some of the most ‘cocky’ shit hes said is TAME in comparison to what even some of the most respectable fighters have said. I could go on with examples but i dont need to cause we all know this to be true.

  8. Outside Opinion says:

    Jones is a wrestler first. As far as humility, fighters with a martial arts background are generally taught a bit more respect for the opponent. Wrestlers are generally taught that being number one is all that matters. I don’t think Jones is all that humble, but what fighter in their early 20’s is humble? Besides, Bones has a right to be whatever he wants just like anyone else.

    Jones has finished every one of his title fights and deserves the accolades. I love Machida but he lost. If you don’t tap from a standing choke – you are ging to hit the ground… Hard.

    BTW, MMA is not about hurting people, it is about trying to stop your opponent with better technique and physical superiority. Getting hurt is often a reality from the competition. Trying to hurt someone intentionally only distracts you as a fighter and distorts your focus.

  9. Bas says:

    jones machida 2
    hope it comes

  10. Fortyb4five says:

    Agreed I still dont like him but I hey he puts on good fights.

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