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Saturday, 11/26/2011, 05:30 am

UFC NEWS – UFC 140 Extended Preview (Video)

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10 Responses to “UFC NEWS – UFC 140 Extended Preview (Video)”

  1. patryk southerland says:

    another great line-up dana!!!!

  2. Yeah says:

    My boy Frank gunna woop some ass.

  3. MMFT says:

    I hope tito and lil nog knock eachother out and both get cut. that’d be just great.

  4. feronelegio says:

    Stop hack the program!!!

  5. Don’t think machida can pull this off..

  6. Mike McMack says:

    Machida is a tough match up for anyone but I think Jones is going to do what he always does and that take this guy down and beat him up. Machida is a very under rated wrestler and if he’s smart, he’ll look to get top position and sub Jones. I’ve never seen Jones on his back and the fact that Jones’ BJJ isn’t at Machida’s level. I still believe Jones wins this by TKO but it will be a great match up. Rashad will put up a great fight with either one of these guys.

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