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Saturday, 11/19/2011, 10:08 pm

UFC NEWS – UFC 139 Results

Main Card:
Dan Henderson def. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)
Wanderlei Silva def. Cung Le via knockout (strikes) – Round 2, 4:49
Urijah Faber def. Brian Bowles via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 2, 1:27
Martin Kampmann def. Rick Story via split decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28)
Stephan Bonnar def. Kyle Kingsbury via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-25, 30-27)

Preliminary Card:
Ryan Bader def. Jason Brilz via knockout (punch) – Round 1, 1:17
Michael McDonald def. Alex Soto via knockout (punches) – Round 1, 0:56
Chris Weidman def. Tom Lawlor via technical submission (D’arce choke) – Round 1, 2:07
Gleison Tibau def. Rafael dos Anjos via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 30-27)
Miguel Torres def. Nick Pace via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Seth Baczynski def. Matt Brown via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 2, 0:42
Danny Castillo def. Shamar Bailey via TKO (punches) – Round 1, 4:52

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80 Responses to “UFC NEWS – UFC 139 Results”

  1. Dante says:

    ONE OF the greatest CARDS!!! wow !!!
    im sayin IT SHOGUN WAS ROBBED!!!!!!!!!
    insane fights wow…. great day for MMA

    • Brandon says:

      Fuck you mma newbie, Hendo won the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounds.
      I scored it 48-47 for Hendo.
      Learn how to judge mma before making some stupid shit.
      Anyway, that fight was fucking insane. I say it’s fucking Fight of the Year.
      Better than Edgar Maynard II

      • LCM says:

        I’m aware. The scoring system just doesn’t sit well with me when a guy can win the first 3 rounds, then be completely dominated, barely hanging on for the last 2 rounds, and still win the fight.

        I’ve probably been watching MMA since before you were born. Calm down, son.

        • MJJ says:

          Hendo didn’t just win the first 3 rounds, he inflicted serious damage and almost finished Shogun, as dominate as Shogun was in the last couple of rounds he didn’t really damage Hendo.

        • Dante says:

          ok, maybe hendo up slightly after 4.. but it wasnt a one sided beatdown after 4 man… they were both in a war exchanging and dan did drop him once or twice… but shogun dropped him ASWELL.. and in the fourth threw an uppercut that nearly had dan out on his feet (watch the fight again) annnd spent the entire 5th round in mount .. doesnt matter if he didnt finish- neither did hendo..
          see by me saying shogun was robbed, its almost like spitting on Dan– and im not trying to do that.. but if u can’t see how that coulda shoulda been a draw at the least.. then its cool .. i agree to disagree

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        Damn, chill out, bruh. Dude is just giving his opinion, and I agree with it. I think Rua edged out the decision also, and I’m no newbie. To tell him how to judge MMA is insane because the judges fuck it up all the time, and if the judges woulda gave it to Rua, you would be ranting and raving about the decision, saying how Hendo got robbed

        • Dante says:

          yup agree with LCM and tha Bandit completely
          im sure of one thing- today was a proud day for us fans who’ve been watching forever… seriously tonite was incredible!!!

        • MJJ says:

          Hendo would have been robbed if the judges gave it to Shogun, Hendo clearly won the first 3 rounds and as far as damage you could give Hendo a 10-8 in the 2nd round.

      • Robert G. says:

        Take it easy on the guy, he has a valid opinion. The only way the outcome turned out to be 48-47 is probably because they gave shogun a 10-9 for the last round, which I think should have been a 10-8.
        My opionion: Hendo wins rounds 1-3, losses round four, and looses round five 10-8 (total 47). Shogun looses first three, wins round four, and wins round five 10-8 (total 47). Could have been a draw.

      • SWIRV says:

        your an idiot ! so YOU think your a mma judge ? your a freeking yo yo. shut up and stay off the blogs. you probably took up mma to deal with your momma.

      • Anthony1994 says:

        MMA newbie? Dana also agreed that Shogun shouldn’t have got the draw so is he a newbie too?

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      IMO, Rua won that fight. If that’s the best Hendo has, he can hang up thoughts of defeating Bones or Anderson

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        His stance is too open man. He is gonna get caught with uppercuts just like Shogun. But that chin of his was a beast. Shogun was asleep in rd three but woke back up. Judges got it right.

        • Dante says:

          yeah he was almost out- so was dan in the fourth almost.. shogun hit em wit the uppercut and i thought dan was almost out on his feet!!! sickness though.. i believe it was a draw or a split for either man

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          LOL when Shogun was getting hit pummeled with hammer fist in rd three all I could think about was Shogun vs Forest 2.

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Ok, saying he was robbed may be a little too extreme, but a split decision was definitely the right call. Either way, that fight was an instant classic.

        • THE INUK says:

          agreed I thought for sure it was gonna be a split decision or a draw lol…. amazing fight though, thats what mma is all about!!

      • Raymond says:

        Rua got rocked several times, look at his face for evidence. Henderson hands down deserved the despite doing not much in the last round.

      • MJJ says:

        That was a better Shogun than Jones fought, Hendo would definetly give Jones or Silva a great fight

      • : ^ ) says:

        If that’s the best that Shogun has, I wouldn’t have given him a rematch with Bones if he had beaten Hendo . What is Shogun’s excuse about Hendo beating him? He had an excuse about Jones beating him–something about getting hit with an early shot to the head early in round 1 that affected him the whole fight.

        Hendo won rounds 1-3, and Shogun 4 & 5. As far as 10-8 rounds, Hendo came close to finishing Shogun in round 2. But I wouldn’t say Shogun came to “finishing” Hendo in either the 4th or 5th. He was dominate for those rounds, but not close to finishing him. The cause of Hendo losing the last two rounds was fatigue.

        IDK, just glad I wasn’t one of the judges!

      • Jc says:

        r you fucking kkidding me thegren bandit if that was anyone else except for shogun they would have been knocked the fuck out in thefirst round, the first punch. the only reason the fight went five rounds is cause they have two of the best chins in the business. jones wouldnt be able to take hits like that either would anderson. anderson was getting dropped of chaels standup for god sake

    • The General says:

      I think Hendo did enough early and definitely won the 3rd round,a draw wouldn’t have surprised me based on Rua finishing so well,mad fight loved it.

    • MJJ says:

      ROBBED? Did you watch the first 3 rounds?

    • Cristian says:

      Hendo would have dominated the 4th and 5th round… if he hadn´t gassed. 5 rounds are not suitable for people above 40 😀

  2. mike says:

    I wish that Shogun/Hendo fight would have been the Fox main event. MMA would have the world by the balls!

  3. Dante says:

    hhaaha believe me i knw the fight game, haha but whatever you say buddy, take ur ridaline kid!
    as far as im concerned the fight was even after 4.. and shogun won the 5th
    not takin anythin away from dan…one of the greatest fights ever

    • MJJ says:

      Even after 4????What fight did you watch? Hendo crushed Shogun in the first 3 rounds, you could even give Hendo a 10-8 round just for damage and domination and that would negate the 5th round, but how the hell can you say it was even after 4?

  4. Zack says:

    The judges just fuckin hate shogun. He beat machida and was robbed and just beat Dan and got robbed. Could of at least called it a draw. REMATCH!!

    • krafty11 says:

      at least called it a draw?? wow, playing the pity card now.. Hendo did much more damage than Shogun, despite being gassed in the 4th and 5th rds.. Rua basically was in full mount the 5th rd, and still couldn’t finish.. look at both fighters after the fight.. Hendo deserved the victory. A split decision wouldn’t have surprised me though. But to say Shogun was robbed is disrespecting to Hendo. But I guess everyone has a right to their own opinion.. Great fight anyways..

  5. Jaiden says:

    I think it should’ve been a draw, Hendo had the first 3 rounds and then Shogun took the 4th and easily got a 10-8 in the 5th but still doesn’t take anything away from what an amzing fight it was and an awesome card, still can’t believe Wanderlei actually won…

    • slacker says:

      I agree. At best a draw. There is no way Shogun won though. I do think Hendo edged him out based on the first 3 rounds. There wasn’t much on Shogun’s punches in those fifth round full mount positions. Henderson defended very well. One could also make a good case for a 10 – 8 round for Henderson. What an epic war though! Two great lion-hearted champions. I respect them both tonnes. Unfortunately, Hendo is going to get his ass kicked by Jones now. Puncher’s chance only.

  6. Juice says:

    kinda funny reading nerds argue. I am an ammy fighter with 17 fights undee my belt. EVERYONE is allowed to have an opinion.,
    and in mine that shoulda been a draw, at the least hendo by split. There are no favors in judges eyes. Thats just a way for ppl to justify their opinion. Grow up brandon

  7. ivan says:

    Congrats to Hendo but i do think shogun deserved to win that fight o well regardless fight of the year no doubt. OH and i think i lost my voice cheering so loud when Wandy won, one of the greatest fighters of all time! Greatest night of fights in a while!

  8. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Can I say that out of the past 4 years I have been watching MMA this was the best UFC I have ever seen. Every fight was exciting and worth more than the PPV cost. Hendo vs Shogun will be a tough fight to beat for fight of the year. It really was the best fight I have ever seen in UFC and MMA. That being said, watching Cung get mauled at the end of the 2nd rd broke my heart. I have been a fan of his for a while and got back into martial arts because of his exciting fights and incredible talent. It was like watching my dad get beat up or something I couldn’t watch. Congratulations to Wandy on fighting a smart fight and congratulations to Dana and all the fighters for putting on the CARD OF THE YEAR!

  9. SmoothAssNigga says:

    just like BJ after the Nick fight I also feel very proud to be a huge Shogun fan since the pride days, I love when a fighter of mines shows heart even in defeat

    that said, this was not a robbery BUT it was a draw tho, 3 rounds to Dan and 2 to Shogun includin a 10-8 round.. 47-47 score

    someone must of pulled the plug on that one considerin not one judge saw it that way, but at least mmajunkie had the same score so Im not alone

  10. magoo says:

    Great job Hendo,now what you gonna do…….Bones is gonna get ya!!

  11. mick says:

    this fight….this fight tonight…..was GREATER THAN THE THRILLA IN MANILLA….i dont care if it wasnt hyped up as much or promoted as much as other cards….shogun/hendo was the greatest fight of all time, both of those fighters won, i wouldve killed for a 6th round….

  12. DSQD says:

    great fight could of gone either way i think shogun done enough to take it but great card. would of loved to c machida beat Jones and have machida vs shogun trilogy

  13. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Hendo vs Shogun for fight of the year and Frankie vs Maynard 3 comes in second!

  14. Dante says:

    Shit, PENN NATION… idunno if im gonna be able to sleep! Dudes put on a SHOW tonite!!!
    wish i could pat all the fighters on the back… shit!

  15. patricio says:

    shogun vs hendo should have been on FOX!

  16. GRT 3000 says:

    EPIC Card! & the Shogun/Hendo war delivered on all levels.

  17. CB says:

    I really thought Hendo would get KO’d but his standup looked phenomenal. Hes 40 fucking years old and putting on better fights than guys half his age, while significantly improving every time he steps in the octagon. We saw a ground game guy (hendo) dominate the standup while the striker dominated ground game..that being said, I thought this was a draw & would love to see a rematch.. and WTF is up with Shogun comming in the cage with man tities ??? I know looks/ beach muscles aint the best way to judge a a fighter BUT its def making me question how much shogun worked on cardio

  18. slacker says:

    Where was Shogun’s devastating leg kicks?!? Vanished! He should have been giving more for Hendo to think about in the stand up and he would have done much better in those first 3 rds. He could have worked take downs off that too. He deserved the loss. He started his comeback too late.

  19. Josh Rosenthal has too bee feeling good for not stopping that fight in the third too. amazing day for MMA Eddie Alvarez vs Michael Chandler on Bellator was amazing as well.

  20. The General says:

    Why the slagging of Shoguns cardio?he was hurt often and badly early and battled back to finish the stronger of both men,that takes cardio doesn’t it?everyone who isn’t ripped doesn’t have cardio is one of the dumbest conclusions you can jump to,shows some of us here havent competed at a decent level of sport if that’s what we concluded from Shoguns performance in an absolute war.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      You don’t have to be a fighter or a genius to tell that he has cardio problems. He was on “E” early on in the fight. He was although running on a full tank it “heart.” compare him to Wandy and Cung. Wandy is in incredible shape and Cung looked visibly out of shape. Cung gassed in the second and Wandy didn’t. Besides which, Shogun is 29 he should be in better shape than Hendo who is 41.

  21. Creature says:

    I really dont see how anyone is saying Shogun should have gotten the nod.. First 3 rounds easily going to Hendo 10-9 and any of them having a case for 10-8 especially round 3. And Rua winning rounds 4 and 5, with 5 being a 10-8. I think the judges made the perfect call with the 48-47 dec.

    With that said if Hendo doesnt improve his cardio hes in for a long night with Bones.. But then again Jones better hope he has as good of a chin as Rua does.. Im amazed at how Shogun remained awake with how many of those right hands he ate flush on the chin.. i bet Bisping was in disbelief (;

    • Creature says:

      And i dont say this to discredit Shogun in any way, he earned a new level of respect for me after the shots he took and still pushed forward.

    • MJJ says:

      I agree not sure what fight people were watchen, when they draw or Shogun won, Dan won the first 3 rounds and the third could be a 10-8.

    • slacker says:

      I would love to see Henderson upset Jones. But I doubt if he gets anywhere near Jones chin – that damn 84 inch reach! Such an incredible advantage.

      • Creature says:

        Yeah it will be a tough fight thats for sure, but like ive said before i will never count Hendo out. Shogun and Rampage were able to get inside his range, not too often and werent able to do much, but with Hendo’s power, experience, wrestling cred, and iron chin he has a chance to shock the world.

        If he were to get the LHW belt i honestly think he should leapfrog Anderson and Fedor for the GOAT spot. At the least be considered in top 3.

        • Zack says:

          That’s just crazy talk. Dan Henderson GOAT? Ya it was a good fight but don’t get too excited

        • Creature says:

          Why dont you read what i actually said before you reply like an idiot.. i said if he were to get the LHW title as in beating JBJ.. that would put him the GOAT talk easily

  22. SlapHappy says:

    I feel the judges got it right for a couple reason. #1 Hendo dominated rounds 1-3 #2 While Shogun dominated round 5 from a points standpoints he did very little damage.
    With that said I have to give props to Shogun’s chin. I also know that everyone is dogging Shogun’s looks going into the fight but it is Hendo who ran out of gas.

  23. Justa Thought says:

    Sucks Rua (or anyone) has to take a loss for that kind of performance. Not saying the scoring system for MMA doesn’t need improvement, but sometimes it’s just too little too late. Both fighters showed me last night why it was so hard to call this fight in the first place. This was a great night for the sport, the fighters and for the fans.

  24. Doomybrook says:

    That card was by far the best of the year with Hendo vs. Shogun easily being the fight of the year. I think a Hendo vs. Evan’s is in order to sort out who the next contender is. With Shogun out grappling Hendo I think I know what Rashad’s plan would be against him and JBJ’s for that matter.

  25. Leonardo Ayerve says:

    I think this fight was great… but sincerely. Dan still have his “Fighting Style” since Pride… He is a Stand Fighter… with Heavy Hands ok. Shogun was limited with the ban of Soccer Kicks and Stomps. So his muay thai skills was merged and Shogun has problem with Cardio and Stand Up fights. He change his fighting style to fit the UFC standards… but come on… the world on MMA is changing. More multistyles and amazing fighters are in the Scene. Bones is a great fighter… he has innovation in his fights and that COUNTS. Great fight for Hendo and Shogun, for me maybe a Split Decision was the right choice for the fight!!!

  26. devilock says:

    I think the split decision for Kampmann should have been unanimous. I don’t see how any judge could score it in favor of Story.

  27. sgt thai clone says:

    Now thats a fight!!! great night for MMA fans

  28. Xaninho says:

    This was one EPIC fight! I think it was too close to call, but apparently the judges saw the fight for Hendo and I’m alright with that. Saying Rua got robbed is a bit too harsh…I would like to see a rematch though! Best fight in ages!

    And to the morons in the audience chanting USA! USA!..It’s not about the USA or Brazil assholes! It’s about two great legends of the sport fighting their hearts out and leaving everything they have in that cage!

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