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Monday, 12/12/2011, 08:40 am

UFC NEWS – Two UFC 140 Judges Scored First Round For Jones And Here Is The Scorecard

Last weekend UFC 140’s Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida threw down in a main event that didn’t make it out of the second round. The champion, Jon Jones, once again proved his dominance over another elite level light-heavyweight former champion.

However, for anyone who watch the bout, it would have appeared, at least upon first glance that Machida for his part, gave the champ his first loss of a round in his career. He landed the more significant strikes at what seemed to be a much higher percentage as well as avoided the attack of the champion with his elusive defensive style.

Which is why the following scorecard is surprising. In my opinion only one-judge called the fight right. Not that it matters, because Jones stopped Machida in the second, but it’s still an interesting example of questionable judging.

Anyone else think Machida deserved the points in the first?

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46 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Two UFC 140 Judges Scored First Round For Jones And Here Is The Scorecard”

  1. mission control says:

    Uh…see, what had happened was…

  2. Pyro says:

    Machida most def. had the first round this judging problem is really becoming a SERIOUS issue in MMA.. the first rnd wasnt even close.. Machida won that shit.

    • IknowMMA says:

      It is so true? I dont understand they should train this guy better! It is obvious to any MMA the machida won the first round! To bad machida didn’t have the power to end it… Now Dan Henderson? Thats another deal.

  3. Wtf were the judges watching?Jones landed nothing in the 1st round.Even Jones knows he lost the 1st round.Fucking judges are ruining this sport.

  4. wtf says:

    WTF IS UP WITH THESE FUCKIN JUDGES?? Maybe the 2 Judges we’re sucking each others dicks. -___-

  5. Mo says:

    Why is this even an issue? Last time I checked Machida got destroyed in the 2nd and was laying face down in the canvas ‘prison style’!

    • Radio says:

      It’s obviously an issue because these judges need to be held accountable. Imagine if this would have gone the distance (5 rounds) and Jones wins by a point when he obviously lost the 1st round. What if it was reversed and Jones dominated the fight for 5 rounds but the judges were giving every round to Machida. We can’t continue to see fighters dominate a round and lose. I’m glad Jones ended up submitting Machida so it didn’t have to go down as another screwed up scoring blunder.

      • Gabriel says:

        I agree the judges def need to be held accountable…. a prime example was Penn Vs Edgar one in Dubai….. These judges need to clamp down and get their shit together !!!

  6. So f*cking biased… This need to change quickly…

  7. Baloo says:

    I agree with the judges. It’s the problem with machida, he never has ring control. He is always retreating, it’s why he lost to rampage. It may set up the counter attacks from him, but he will always lose rounds because of it. Just sayin’.

    • Machida hit Jones in the 1st round.Jones did not hit Machida.Machida landed more strikes in the 1st round.Obviously your as dumb as the judges.

    • Dan says:

      I actually agree….I watched the fight and yes – machida landed a more punches (still probably only around 3 punches that connected at most and they exchange 3 or 4 leg kicks….a pretty uneventful first round, but just remember what one of the UFC guidelines are on judging……OCTAGON CONTROL….while I completely agree with the fact Machida was causing problems for jones and IMO probably deserved the first round win, I had a feeling the judges would see it as jones ‘controlling’ where the fight took place – and with the difference only being a couple more counter punches in Machidas favor…I’m guessing that’s why it was scored that way.

      • Robert G. says:

        But there’s no consistency because if this was the case for the first BJ vs Frankie fight, BJ would have won due to octagon control.

        • amarob says:

          at some point the judges tend to sway form control vs. damage… i dont know why and i feel that it is to inconstant but that is why bj lost and jones got this round… machida did no damage… they felt frankie did

  8. Chartmonster says:

    Ok..give Machida the first. I’ll give Jones the second round! Goodnight..

  9. CanILive says:

    ring control & Jon got as many strikes 1st rnd…. if machida won the first fight with shogun, then jon won the 1st round.

  10. Senor Salchica says:

    Bertrand and Blatnick. I’m getting real tired of these two Stevie Wonders.

  11. jeff says:

    Jones paid the judges off

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      If that’s the case, it was money wasted, unless the judges slipped Machida a sleeping pill in between rounds 1 and 2, because the judges had no say in who’s hand was raised in the end

  12. GBJJ says:

    …. Jones didn’t win the first round… obviously it’s a moot point, after Machida got rocked with that elbow he was running in survival mode… it’s too bad but hey.. that’s how it goes in the cage.. I think Machida has the skill set to beat Jones.

    • "Welcome To The Machida Era" says:

      NO, it wasn’t a DOMINATING round for Jones as we ALL are accustomed to seeing. But Jones still won that round due to CONTROL OF THE FIGHTING AREA. Machida isn’t as great as everyone thinks. He didn’t fight and chose to keep his distance for 90% of the first round. If a fighter fought like that against BJ, all the fans here would be ridiculing that guy. Machida deserves the same treatment.

      Joe Rogan has WAY TOO MUCH influence on UFC viewers.

  13. repairman jack says:

    lucky it didnt go the distance and have a scoring controversy but look judges have their opinions and unfortunatly its theirs that matter i gave the 1st to machida he hit the criteria of effective striking and grappling he was aggressive but the way fights are judged needs to be examined how can you judge an mma fight if you’ve never been in one? ex fighters should become judges or at least educate judges on how to score who’s winning a fight

  14. Axel says:

    Fucked up judging. And octagon control is not the same as “pushing forward” You CAN control the octagon even if you are moving backwards.

    Did not know that Cecil Peoples had 2 clones

  15. Nick says:

    Do the score cards matter? I mean they seemed to judge the other fights alright. Octagon control is a big part and I saw Jon being more aggressive. So I can understand how two judges would give him that round. I still would of given it to Machida because of the effective striking. The cards didn’t even matter. Last I checked Machida was face down ass up against the cage.

  16. Paul says:

    The entire American sports institution is rigged, biased and corrupt- even partisan! What fight were these people watching???!!! It’s just like the argument some idiots make that a fighter on steroids, fighting another fighter, who, obviously came to the fight already wounded and yet pulled a win, when it all seemed like there was no “light at the end of the tunnel”, somehow is the “hero” now!
    Just ridiculous!!!

  17. Devilock says:

    If they can’t spell guillotine choke, they probably should have just used FC-Front Choke in the comments.

  18. jon says:

    look at the comments – homeboy can’t even spell guillotine choke properly…

  19. sixdeucer says:

    This is why great fighters like Jones finish fights. IMO let every fight that goes to decision be a draw. Maybe that would get the Fitchs and GSPs of the UFC to do something

  20. Zack says:

    I really think the UFC is set up. Dana puts fighters in the position that makes him the most money.

    • Paul says:

      Zack, RIGHT ON, buddy! I believe so too, 100%!!!
      I also believe that Lyoto, Minotauro & Ortiz were set to lose! Tito “plaid along”, but Lyoto and Big Nog didn’t. Therefore they “faced the consequences”! I also believe that Anderson was supposed to lose that fight vs Chael, but refused to!

  21. lennin says:

    of course machida won that first round,,,jones was so confused,,

  22. lennin says:

    and im agree with zack,,,,,dana set up that shit

  23. A.James says:

    It’s painfully obvious that the judges are being paid off.

  24. TheSqueeze says:

    Yeh for sure i woulda given Lyoto the 1st round, he definately rocked Jon Jones and had the more significant strikes

  25. Jonny B says:

    Why not fuck these athletic commission judges off and get retired pro-fighters to score the bouts, people like couture, shamrock, hughes etc would do a damn better job and get the scores right

    I wanted to see Machida win coz I thought he was the better fighter on the nite – just a shame he got caught in that sick choke but respect to machida tho coz he deffo wasnt tapping out and that KO was bad – he was away with the fairies for a good few mins and u cant take too many of those when ya fighting

    Cant wait to see who’s gunna a shot at jon jones and dos santos next? I hear Hendo is wanting a shot at jones’ title – be interesting if his chin can hack hendo’s overhand right!

  26. Millerhighlife says:

    Coin flipper judge’s are too busy counting their paychecks from the big boxing events to even lift their eyelids to watch the MMA fights. New MMA judges, Chuck Norris, Bas Rutten, and Randy Couture!

  27. Fortyb4five says:

    Off topic: I’ve just watch Jung vs Hominick like 5 times over and the fight was stopped in 5 seconds! not 7 jung should have the fastest ko in the ufc

  28. brad t says:

    Maybe that was payback for the scoring in the 1st machida/shogun fight! =P

  29. david uppercut says:

    man that fight was the best fight of the night for sure. Man Machida was doing so well until he got taken down, I knew it was over after that. There’s nothing wrong with Machida’s style, its when he tries to go be aggressive, he ends up being countered. It was a good effort though, Jones is for real, he’s gonna be champ for a long time

  30. Steve-O says:

    Machida 100% got the first round. This is the crap thing when fights go the distance

  31. Donnybrook says:

    Fuckin special olympic judges should be fired!!… Machida had the first for sure.

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