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Monday, 12/12/2011, 08:40 am

UFC NEWS – Two UFC 140 Judges Scored First Round For Jones And Here Is The Scorecard

Last weekend UFC 140’s Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida threw down in a main event that didn’t make it out of the second round. The champion, Jon Jones, once again proved his dominance over another elite level light-heavyweight former champion.

However, for anyone who watch the bout, it would have appeared, at least upon first glance that Machida for his part, gave the champ his first loss of a round in his career. He landed the more significant strikes at what seemed to be a much higher percentage as well as avoided the attack of the champion with his elusive defensive style.

Which is why the following scorecard is surprising. In my opinion only one-judge called the fight right. Not that it matters, because Jones stopped Machida in the second, but it’s still an interesting example of questionable judging.

Anyone else think Machida deserved the points in the first?

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