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Tuesday, 01/03/2012, 11:34 am

UFC NEWS – Tito Ortiz Wants One More Memorable Fight With Griffin Or Liddell

“After the fight against Nogueira, you know I got hit in the body, no broken ribs, so I was very stoked. A little bruised, my heart hurts more than I think my body does, but it’s one of those things that happen as a fighter. You know some win and some lose, just as long as I can walk away knowing that I learned something from it. July, hopefully Fourth of July weekend I will be fighting my last fight and I will be done. That’s it; it’s time to walk away. You know, Forrest, or I know everybody would like to see me against Chuck (Liddell) and, I don’t know. We will see what Lorenzo and Dana have to offer and see what they want to do. I’ll sit down with Lorenzo and Dana next week and let’s see, let’s make a fight, my last fight and let’s make a memorable one. “

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67 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Tito Ortiz Wants One More Memorable Fight With Griffin Or Liddell”

  1. Devilock says:

    way to go Tito, pick a fight with a retiree and someone who might as well be retired.

    • reasonable thought says:

      Forrest might as well be retired? are you on crack son? The guy was on a good 2 fight streak before fighting shogun, and you can’t say someone should retire based on a lose to shogun. Come on, it’s shogun, the dude knocks everyone out lol.

      • Ryan M says:

        Lets be clear. He beat Tito (who has been done for a while), He beat Franklin(who was just back after a long time off). If you follow MMA news, you’ll know that Forrest has been talking about retiring already. Those are barely wins. Don’t beak off to Devilock if you don’t know shit about shit.

      • steeler says:

        forrest wants to retire

      • Devilock says:

        You are right, but we need to hear from Forrest. I say this about Forrest because I question whether his heart is really in fighting any longer. It hasn’t seemed like it in a few years. I think retiring from fighting isn’t always based on one’s record.

    • Robby says:

      Umm bc Tito is retiring too dumbass… It’s his last fight. He has kind of earned the right to pick his final fight…

    • lol says:

      When dumbasses get the first post on a topic, it just ruins what could be a solid discussion on a good topic. dammit ! lol.

      • IknowMMA says:

        Dude why don’t you just shut up, go back to play halo and play with your anus or whatever you like to do and learn to read DUMBASS

      • Devilock says:

        Your post is a great contribution to the discussion.
        Maybe you could post your opinion on the topic instead of calling me names?
        The reason for my post is that Tito has proven to be active to the end. He is looking at retiring and calling out 2 guys. I bet Chuck has not been training and Forrest has been pretty quiet since his daughter was born. It seems to me that his heart is not in fighting. I could definitely be wrong though.
        I don’t really have much interest in seeing him fight Forrest or Chuck again. Unless either of those other 2 want it, Tito calling them out is just a product of his ego.

  2. IceMan says:

    I would love to see chuck beat Tito again!!

    • Lex w says:

      Hell yea chuck is tha fuccin man 1 of tha best fighters ever

      • Jmad says:

        That what i was saying. let chuck beat tito down one more time pleeaase! since they didnt get to fight after tuf

      • 707guy says:

        I loved watching the ICE MAN, he brought this “SPORT” legitmate respect, and attention, side by side with Tito, and Penn, Hughes, and the list goes on from so many fighters that will look back and say damn I fought for $5,000 after training for 8-9 weeks and had to travel x country, your Chris Lebens, ….But the UFC was handed a GOLDEN NUGGET in the form of a bout from Ultimate Fighter 1, it being just like the 1979 Daytona 500, where a race was run and a fight broke out and from that day forward everybody wanted to watch NASCAR…..Waiting for a Fight or A Wreck, Now everybody I know that watched Stephan Bonner vs.Forrest Griffin (#1 fight in my book) became fans of the UFC. I think some of these up and comers (some to quick) need to turn around and take a good hard look at what it took to go from $5,000 prelims and fighting in a nasty ass gym 3-5 years ago, to now getting $20,000 + trans+hotel+bonus, Ask Bonnar, or Leben or Griffin how much that would have helped along the way…I would hope that with Chris that maybe he would have been able to exercise some demons, and gotten extreme professional help. He has failed himself, and once again rebounded I hope he conquers his struggles, he can be talented, I just hope not to a fault…

  3. rocell says:

    i tried to comment and my email was flagged! WTF???

  4. The Refutor says:

    Tito is and always will be, a worthless piece of shit

  5. Chuck says:

    Would be amazing to see chuck drop tito again but come on the guy hasnt even been heard from really in a year or so

    • Ricky says:

      wait… you are Chuck!

    • Mike says:

      1. He is now the vice president of business (i think) in the UFC. 2. He was just on the UFC Champions round table. 3. The possibilty for him to come back and fight is slim but for Tito Its more then slim. 4. Chuck is still doing seminars. 5. Chuck has been on every thing since the announcement on fox. I think you need to keep up because i can keep going.

  6. Chris says:

    I say feed him to Captain America.

  7. wefehawedhg says:

    Hate him or love him, he’s a MMA-legend and has done much for the sport, so he deserves a nice, memorable fight to retire his career.

  8. the original steve says:

    chuck would destroy tito a 3rd time.

  9. ozzie says:

    He does deserve a last fight but maybe it should be w jon bones jones lol!!!!!!! Datll b great

  10. Mach00man says:

    A glutton for punishment he is! I’m a big fan of Tito but i’m tired of seeing him get battered.

  11. MMA MASTER says:

    Tito is the man!! War Tito no matter who it is!!

  12. MmaNut says:

    ORTIZ vs LIDELL 3??? Hell yeah make it happen!!! I would love to see Chuck give him a beatdown one more time

  13. Jb says:

    Hate or love Tito he helped make the UFC and gave Dana his job. Most people talking shit here have never been in a fight…… Let Tito have his final fight in peace

    • DP says:

      I agreee 100% with you jb, he has done so much for the sport and he does deserves to pick his last fight if he wants to, I say let him face one of these idiots talknig all the cr*p! I promise you not one of these idiots would step into the ring with him, and IF they had the guts to they too would be dropped in a second!!!! So unless you have the guts to get into the ring with Tito and show how much you don’t like him, keep your mouths shut and play your UFC games from your couch!!!!!!

  14. Chateu says:

    Tito Vs Rampage would be the best for both the man and should have met when they were at the top of there game

  15. mike f says:

    Maybe Ortiz vs Franklin

  16. chateu says:

    Tito needs to get the respect like lesner and others who have been hurt or gone threw somthing like Mir’s motorcycle crash and show what hes gone threw in the pre views since only hard core tito fans have seen his surgery videos hes never been the same but was still able to beat or put up a good fight with the best in the world

  17. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Lets just have Chuck come out of retirement and beat Tito again. Then they can poetically retire each other after such a long rivalry.

  18. Dustin says:

    chuck vs tito is a good fight … doesnt matter if hes retired, it would be a dam good fight.. nice to watch chuck own some1 again. but i really think tito would win this time.

  19. Zack says:

    If Tito would’ve fought chuck on tuf chuck would’ve never retired cuz he would’ve beat Titos ass. I say come outta retirement and beat Titos ass again chuck

  20. kyle says:

    LIDELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. mmaislandjunkie says:

    whats the point now everyone is just gonna be throwing knees to the body and tito will drop like a bag of shit.

  22. Ed says:

    That would suck for Chuck to take the bait, come in older and outta shape with massive ring rust and lose to Tito. Then Chuck and all of us would have to hear from Tito until the end of time how he’s “the people’s champ” and how he retired Liddell.

    Obviously this would never happen but I would love to see Dana force Tito into a catchweight grudge match with Mitrione or Koscheck. Sure it would it be a nonsense circus fight but seems to me like a proper sendout for Tito.

  23. KingGareth says:

    Tito vs Forrest would be a good send off for both fighters to retire on. Forrest doesn’t like fighting anymore, and has lost his heart. It is time for him to retire too.
    Both fighters helped the UFC get to where it is today, but it’s just time for them to hang up the gloves.

  24. Reddstars says:

    Yes please please please…Chuck vs Tito 3….would be awesome!!!!!!

  25. Long-Strong says:

    should be Tito vs Brandon Vera… whoever loses is gone for good. Forrest should be fighting Machida. Anyone else agree?

  26. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Tito vs Machida 2!!!!

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Machida ‘s career has been on roller coaster and he thinks he can beat Chael with one arm… That’s silly, you can’t stop a takedown with one arm! Also he almost got caught in a guillotine choke when they met in the Octagon last time.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        it was a triangle choke but machida is more of an attacker now than back then, tito would get finished and finished bad.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Thanks for correcting my mistake. Tito vs Machida 2 was just for shits. But, I was impressed with Tito in that their original fight.

          I think like you said above anyone can just kick him in the midsection and finish him off. He also got finished by being struck in the midsection against Evans too.

  27. Old Fight Fan says:

    IMO Tito is completely played out and is just looking for one more pay day. I would not pay to watch him fight again, as he has lost skills and can’t take a body shot. Plus, the elite in the sport have passed him by with better athletes and much more cross training.

  28. steeler says:

    tito vs chuck i think tito would take it
    tito vs forrest, forrest by decision
    tito vs franklin, franklin decision
    tito vs rampage, rampage decision

  29. dave says:

    they wont give chcuk the fight with tito..cuz dana does not want to see chuck fight,,and if chuck fights tito he will win and then he will want to fight again after he taste victory

  30. IknowMMA says:

    Tito says… Oh ya! Those things happend as a fighter! Bahaha! What? Getting your ass kicked over and over? Don’t think so Tito that’s just you! Get it through you big head! You suck and even of you get to pick your next opponent itll be the same result… You in fecal position crying like bitch… I seen that video, you cried!!!

  31. Alice says:

    omg… I swear anybody that comments on these things hasn’t even been watching mma for 2 years yet. Tito pulled out of a season of the ultimate fighter to avoid getting destroyed by Chuck a third time… and before chuck smashed him twice he was the most disrespectful fighter in history fucking with the lions den and so on teams like that built this sport so the nerve of this fake bastard to call himself the peoples champ is ridiculous.
    On top of that it was announced ages ago after his Franklin fight that Chuck has “brain damage” so everyone should know there is absolutely zero chance that he will ever fight again nobody would ever clear him to do so… and Tito knows that.

    Fuck 1 last fight he doesn’t deserve 1 …. what should happen instead is he steps inside the octagon and somebody just repeatedly beats him in the head with a baseball bat about 400+ times because that would be the perfect end to his worthless carrer.

    • MMA FAN says:

      Tito pulled out of the TUF fight with Chuck because he needed surgery. Most people thought he would never fight again including Tito. He pushed through all his injuries and fought top level opponents. A draw with Evans, almost submitted Machida he beat Bader who was 1 win away from a title shot. Everyone knows that the UFC is ran by a smart group of people and these people know how valuable Tito Ortiz is. Why else would they sign him to a 6 fight deal worth $18,000,000 plus a % of the PPV $? Love or Hate the guy the UFC needed Tito to get where they are now. Without Tito, Chuck, or Randy none of us would be leaving comments because this sport would of never grown like it has.

      • chateu says:

        People need to atch the surgeries Tito went threw you can find them on te net Im not an uber Tito fan but desevers respect for what he wnt threw and was able to comback and be compeditive with most of the top guys but on top of his back prob he ran into what alot of ppl do when they become susessful and opening his gym and surounded by yes men he needs to go to a dif camp to be pushed and lern new things and game plans like he did after his loss to fank sham and became a cardio machine and became a dominit champion

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      He didn’t run from Chuck for a third bout and anyone who gets punched and kneed in the head for a living has brain damage. Ever heard of pugilistic dementia.

  32. Anthony G 206 says:

    itl be forrest. also i would like to see lil nog vs wand but not sure what thed meet at

  33. jimmy says:

    Tito vs Vitor 2 would be a great way to end his career.
    I think Vitor would like a chance at a rematch with Tito, and would have a good chance at winning it too, their fight was a war when Tito was in his prime and Vitor has gotten better since then… make it happen Dana!!

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