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Monday, 12/05/2011, 09:44 am

UFC NEWS – Tito Ortiz Hints At Possible Retirement in 2012

“Maybe it’s time. I don’t know. I guess when I leave on my own terms — and I look at it as, when I don’t have fun coming in the gym anymore, sparring and pushing myself and running every day, maybe it is time. I’m not overstaying my welcome. My goal in my whole career was to do 15 years in MMA. May 30th will be my 15th year of fighting in the UFC and in MMA, in general … This will be fight No. 26 for me, I think. So I’ll have 27 and walk away. I think I’ve done good. I don’t know. But you never know. You never know if Dana and Lorenzo come to me with some numbers that make sense to me. I’m healthy. I just don’t want to have another surgery in my neck or my back anymore. My doctor says, “Out of surgery, you’ll get three years. And after that, you may have to have surgery again if you keep doing the banging. Is it worth it not being able to run with my kids or wrestle with my kids or throw a football with my kids when they get older? A million dollars ain’t worth it.”

The Huntington Beach Bad Boy, Tito Ortiz, tells Karen Bryant of MMA Heat that he is considering putting up the gloves.

In what is sure to be a case for the UFC Hall of Fame, Tito Ortiz still holds the record for the most ever UFC light-heavyweight title defenses. While that record may not hold out until the end of time, it’s a strong bullet point in a historic career for one of the pioneers of Mixed Martial Arts.

What do you guys think? Two more fights than walk? Is it time for the HBB to retire?


18 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Tito Ortiz Hints At Possible Retirement in 2012”

  1. Jon says:

    Tito is a legend and really one of the few originals still in the game. There’s no shame in leaving a sport that not only shortens your life but increases the pain and suffering experienced in the later years.

  2. Ekeezy says:

    If he keeps getting beat and is unable to compete at the highest level, then i say yes

  3. LMcKenzie says:

    You’ve had a good run Tito; lots of memorable fights with some of the best competitors out there during your time. No shame in retiring whenever you want.

  4. Jb says:

    I think beating bader really made Tito feel great. It had been a very long time between wins. You can tell when they raised his hand but like every profession. Young guys come up and the older ones become mentors. Either way, he’s had a good career

  5. RCS says:

    I’d like to see him vs wanderlei silva.

  6. BJPennrules says:

    I definitely want to see him fight competitively again…I just dont want to see him go in the ring and get his ass kicked..thats never fun to watch a legend get his ass handed to him by some up and comer.

  7. Chad says:

    to Ekeezy – do you watch MMA? he keeps getting beat? He beat bader in the first round.. he came and fought Rashad Evans on very short notice, almost caught Rashad in a gulliotine choke.. Tito is a legend and I think he still could make a run, but you cant expect a athlete to fight on a two weeks notice and be a 100 percent… I dont want to see Tito retire… grew up watching him… just wanted to talk about that comment that he keeps getting beat… that was a incorrect statement.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I recently saw his fight with Machida and he almost finished him in a triangle choke In the third. I was really impressed in his fight even though he lost by points. He was way more impressive than Machida in that fight.

      In his heyday he was the most dominate lhw champ the UFC has ever had. He should go out on top because the game has changed. On his own terms like Randy and Cro Cop.

  8. Chris says:

    Tito is a true legand and pioneer in mma, I grew up watching him and my wife and I are huge Tito supporters. So if he retires it will be sad but being able to have a full life after fighting is more important than anything else. But he has a strong future as a mma coach and trainer. Very few people have the knowledge of the sport like he does. We will always back Tito no matter what :)

  9. danriverapv says:

    tito’s the S**T.

  10. KingGareth says:

    It isn’t just the fact he fights in the UFC that’s incredible, it’s also that he does it after all that back surgery. Tito is a hero with amazing heart.

  11. When Tito retires he should go into coaching.Whatever some people may think of him as a fighter Tito is an awesome coach.He proved that on tuf season 3.

  12. rob126910 says:

    Tito,you have been and always will be an amazing fighter.I have been watching the UFC since day 1,and you are a legend and a mentor and a champion.Now it is time to go be a dad and play with your kids.P.S.Iloved watching you beat the crap out of Ken Shamrock every time.He just thought he was to good and i think you humbled him!

    • My bruther best in da world says:

      Seriously Ken got beat so bad every time and Tito has beaten so many good fighters only to grow old like any other person. If any fighter in the ufc could accomplish a third of what he has accomplished then they would be a champion. Best wishes Tito

  13. Long-Strong says:

    I think Tito and Rich Franklin should have a fight.

  14. A.James says:

    Tito has done has thing and he’s one of the better fighters AND personalities that the UFC has had. You gotta love this guy.

  15. Bogle says:

    Well let’s see….the guy has only one a single fight in the last 5 years. Well let’s look further back shall we? Other than his mismatches with a way out of his prime Ken Shamrock (who Dana stated wasn’t even UFC caliber), he beat Forrest (and subsequently lost to him). He beat Patrick Cote (during his 4 fight win streak). And he had a split decision over Vitor. In fact, all 4 of those went to decision. And that kids…is the entire list of accomplishments of Tito Ortiz IN THE LAST ELEVEN YEARS!!! Look it up if you don’t believe me. There was a time when Tito ruled the roost because the UFC was young and the fighters sucked (by today’s standards). Tito never evolved with the sport and himself hasn’t been UFC caliber in many many years. Other than a lucky punch against Bader, he hasn’t done anything in a very very long time. He nearly doubled his wins in the last decade by fighting Ken 3 times. In fact, that win over Bader (I think he was ranked #8 or #9) is his only top ten victory since Evan Tanner just over 11 years ago. Tito did best between 1999 and 2001 with 6 tough guys. He hasn’t beat anyone of note since then and repeatedly losed (7 of his last 8!!). This guy should have retired many years ago. Why on Earth would anyone be questioning it now?? Why should he stick around? So we can just keep watching the same guy losing over and over and over? At what point does anyone anywhere think he has a chance of winning? Dana has claimed he has a 3 strikes your out rule in the UFC…whiich clearly hasn’t applied to Tito. I mean it did and he was booted, but they let him back in again. Winning only 1 of his last 8 fights…I mean seriously. I could be wrong but I think that’s the worst steak for a UFC fighter in the organizations history.

  16. Bogle says:

    A couple of corrections…other than saying “one” instead of “won”, I meant to say (during Patricks 4 fight losing streak)

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