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Friday, 12/30/2011, 09:00 am

UFC NEWS – This Week In MMA Culture: Ralek Gracie Goes Gangster, Rousey Tosses Diaz, BJPENN.COM's Corissa Furr Poses For The Holidays And More

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts is well on its way to mainstream acceptance. With that kind of notoriety comes a culture, a culture influenced by the sport, its athletes and all the personalities that support it.

With so many random items kicking off here and there throughout each week, I find that now there is a place for a weekly, or perhaps bi-weekly column that summarizes all the comical and inspirational news pieces and clips spread throughout the world that haven’t exactly met my requirement for being newsworthy as an independent feature here on BJPENN.COM.

However, combined they are pure gold and as such, here is the latest installment if “This Week In MMA Culture”

To Start Things Off I Offer You Some Shots Of BJPENN.COM’s very own Corissa Furr dressed up for the Holiday Season. (You’re welcome!!)

This Is An Oldie But Goodie – Story Time With The Diaz Brothers While Partaking In One Of Their Favorite Past Times

These Next Three Video’s Have Your Favorite MMA Personalities Breaking Down Lesnar vs. Overeem.

Chael Sonnen Cut This Promo Clip For Brazilian Television Network “El Globo” For His UFC On FOX Fight Coming Up With Munoz

Did You Know Ralek Gracie Rapped? Did You Also Know He Is a G In A GI? – Well Here Is Your Proof!

Yes UFC 141 Is On Tonight Which Is A Friday And In Case You Forgot, Check Out This “Friday” The Movie Inspired Video

I Had No Room For This On Today’s Article Calendar So This Week Ariel Helwani And Ben Fowlkes Breakd Down UFC 141 In Our MMA Culture Blog.. Dressed Like Idiots! :)

A GI-Joe Inspired UFC 141 Promo… “Can You See Me Now”

In The Spirit OF UFC 141, Here Is Brock Lesnar’s Pro MMA Debut

Big Time MMA Fan Knocks Out Would Be Robber And They Caught It On Tape

This One Is Called “The Reem Rises Trailer” But In All Reality It’s Just A Pretty Cool Overeem Hype Video

Ronda Rousey Is At It Again, But This Time She Is Tossing Around Nick Diaz In The Cage

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26 Responses to “UFC NEWS – This Week In MMA Culture: Ralek Gracie Goes Gangster, Rousey Tosses Diaz, BJPENN.COM's Corissa Furr Poses For The Holidays And More”

  1. Ekahi says:

    Damn, Corissa! Nuff said…

  2. ThaGreenBandit says:

    The Nick Diaz story was hilarious!

  3. EJ says:

    do the Diaz Brothers have their own gym? or do they just teach a few classes at ceasar’s gym?

  4. Linx says:

    Clerk knocks out armed robber….classic

    • e says:

      lmao ko’d, forced to clean up his own blood, and carried out by paramedics on a stretcher. fkn pwned.

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        Dude got BITCHED! LMFAO! Goes to pull a 211 with a bb gun, and gets ktfo’d, and once he wakes up, forced to clean up his own blood while the “victim” laughs at him!!! Ahhhh, now that’s sweet!

        • e says:

          yeah man that was the shit. makes me laugh all the time. guarantee the dude gets his kicks too by watching that tape over and over again. hahahaha

  5. Robby says:

    Half the stuff I want to watch doesn’t show up. I can hear it, just not see it… Ehh.

  6. Spandex Lover says:

    Ronda can toss me around and get me in the full mount!

  7. LoL @ Diaz bros. Also, Corrisa Furr lookin amazing as usual!

  8. CanILive says:


  9. Zack says:

    Omg the chaelmonster so tossed that dummy what a beast. NOT!

  10. CanILive says:

    if chael actually does that to anderson, i’ll bow down

  11. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Diaz brothers seem like some cool cats when they’re in their element, around friends. Fuck it. Shitty attitude or not, I’m a fan.

    • e says:

      yeah man, i dont really care bout their attitudes, im a fan of their style and skills. people get caught up with the “i dont like his attitude shit”, they’re just blindly hating.. but at least the diaz bros keeps it real. the difference between the attitudes of the diaz bros and (lets say for an example) chael sonnen is that chael sonnen is full of shit and he continues to publicly rant about random shit from the past just to stay relevant in mainstream mma. and before you sonnen fans gets their panties all twisted up.. im just sayin..

  12. Brandon says:

    Diaz Brothers ftw.

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