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Friday, 01/13/2012, 10:11 am

UFC NEWS – This Week in MMA Culture: Georges St. Pierre vs A Chimpanzee, Ring Girls In Bikini's & More

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts is well on its way to mainstream acceptance. With that kind of notoriety comes a culture, a culture influenced by the sport, its athletes and all the personalities that support it.

With so many random items kicking off here and there throughout each week, I find that now there is a place for a weekly, or perhaps bi-weekly column that summarizes all the comical and inspirational news pieces and clips spread throughout the world that haven’t exactly met my requirement for being newsworthy as an independent feature here on BJPENN.COM.

However, combined they are pure gold and as such, here is the latest installment if “This Week In MMA Culture”

Gina Carrano has a mob of fans waiting for her following a “Haywire’ party in Los Angeles:

Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes The UFC Undisputed 3 simulation:

Miguel Torres takes you through cooking lessons on Taco Sunday:

Video archive – The only loss on Chris “Cyborg’s: MMA record:

Another video archive- This time we go backstage after Anderson Silva’s loss to Ryo Chonan to show his reaction… Good thing he doesn’t lose often:

Crazy Jeff Monson goes on TV proclaiming Anarchy is the only solution for America:

Ronda Rousey calls out Meisha Tate and her boyfriend:

The Rear Naked Choke is an effective tool at stopping your friends from driving drunk – check it out!:

Arianny Celeste and Chandella Powell in Rio dressed to kill:

GSP caught on TMZ talking about fighting a chimp:
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You can’t F*** with Frank Mir – Pulls a prank on the prankster:

Here is the first 5-minutes of the movie Haywire – NOTICE THE CARANO VOICE CHANGE!!:

Here is the ACTUAL VOICE of Carano explaining why the producers decided to change her voice:
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ESPN targets the UFC in smear campaign using fighter salaries as the basis for their argument:

Dana White warns ESPN about their feature – can’t wait to bust them out! (complied by



21 Responses to “UFC NEWS – This Week in MMA Culture: Georges St. Pierre vs A Chimpanzee, Ring Girls In Bikini's & More”

  1. EdSoares'Balls says:

    Imagine how Andy’s going to act when he loses to Chael in Brazil….

  2. Damn says:

    Stopped scrollin down when Arianny and Chandella’s pic came to the forefront.

  3. James says:

    lol ‘when you see this im sorry i love you’ haha

  4. G says:

    1. The UFC is not a monopoly.
    2. Changing Gina’s voice was one of the stupidest and cookiest things I’ve ever seen; because of that, I will boycott that movie.

  5. Ryrie says:

    That dick head, fair enough not letting your freind drink drive, but to sucker punch him, then tell him he loves him, then choke him unconcsious, guys like that fucking disgust me! i hope that guy saw the video sober and gave him the worst beating of his life, shame on his other so called “freinds|” for doing fuck all. No place in the world for Bully’s….

  6. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Haha Joe Rogan is afraid of Rhonda Rousey.

  7. mmp says:

    great job with the site u guys hell yes!!!!

  8. phil mccrackin says:

    lol at that guy that gets choked out by his buddy

  9. Xaninho says:

    Wow, Arianny is so freakin hot…

  10. danriverapv says:

    miguel those unicorn tear better be budlight cuz thats what i used haha.

  11. Night-Wind says:

    I bet gsp would win any bear or monkey by lay and pray. Few rounds and they’re tired.

  12. Jujitsu Player says:

    I agree with Ken Shamrock, UFC controls and more or less monopolizes MMA now. It shows in the salaries of the fighters, especially outside the very elite. Guys on the main or undercard making a couple of $k per fight is ridiculous. These guys work their asses off training and competing and barely make a living. Its time they paid fighters what they are worth and shared some of the profits to the talent.

  13. sandman says:

    yeah dana.filming and airing the unedited interview version.runnin 5h!T like a boss should.straight up trumped espn’s 4$$

  14. Chartmonster! says:

    Funny as hellz Anderson crying like a lil girl after the lost to Chonan.

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