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Tuesday, 01/03/2012, 07:38 am

UFC NEWS – Thiago Silva Suspension Up, Cleared To Apply For License Again

A year has passed since Thiago Silva destroyed Brandon Vera inside the Octagon at UFC 125.

however, after failing a post-fight drug screening requested by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Silva was suspended from competition for a period of one-year.

No drugs of abuse or performance enhancing drugs were found in his system but when the NSAC tested his urine sample for PED’s they discovered that he did not submit a specimen from human origin and Thiago Silva instead used a synthetic urine to try and fool testers.

For his part he admitted the infraction once it was revealed that he tried to falsely pass the drug test. Stating to the athletic commission that he did, twice prior to UFC 125, get delivered two injectable steroids by his doctor but that he did so to help him recover from an ailing back injury that would have kept him from competing.

In his statement he noted that he was already off for a year at the time of the UFC 125 bout with Vera and was in need of money for himself and the family he supports. With his back against the wall, he rolled the dice in an attempt to be able to provide for his family due to him being “broke.”

He won the fight with Vera; however, the NSAC overturned the victory once he failed his drug screening. They fined him portions of his purse and suspended him for 12 months.

He now has the opportunity to apply for a license to fight, however the NSAC will request a hearing and probably ask for some sort of testimony or proof that MR. Silva is rehabilitated before granting him a license to fight.

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29 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Thiago Silva Suspension Up, Cleared To Apply For License Again”

  1. Mgnum .357 says:

    This guy is a dishonest piece of shit.. He should fight Chael sonnen..

  2. Jb says:

    He looked like an animal vs Vera I wonder if he will fight the same now. Can’t always knock a guy who needed to support his family. People have a misconception they all make tons of money. But if you need roids to win your not needed in mma

    • Delta says:

      Not sure if you were going off topic to steroid use in general, and of course only Thiago really knows the truth, but the article states the steroids were required for recovering from an injury that otherwise would’ve kept him from fighting, not that he needed them to win the fight.

      • Jb says:

        If you think roids didn’t help win the fight on shear power and stamina your crazy…. There is a long list who have done the same to get an edge…. Hi Chael and Nate

        • Delta says:

          What’s your reading comprehension level? Where did I ever say that it didn’t help him? There’s a difference between taking them TO WIN and taking them to recover from an injury. Whether he really did it because of an injury or not we don’t know, but I never claimed it didn’t help him win.

          By the way, it’s “sheer power and stamina,” not “shear power and stamina.”

        • sheer to shear says:

          hahaha…@JB u just had ur ass kicked right there… maybe u need to use some roids to sharpen ur mind… i mean ur spelling….LOL.. as in loud…hahahaha

  3. Alexander says:

    Thiago is a beast!

  4. Connor says:

    I agree. he looked good in that fight because he had been dealing with a serious back injury in many of his previous fights. Can’t knock a guy for trying to level the playing field a bit, although he did it in entirely the wrong fashion. I’m sure that the treatment could have been done with the support of the commission, but who knows…

  5. Lex w says:

    Rematch him wit vera, vera allready said he wants to b his welcome back fight

  6. Say "NO" 2 Steroids says:

    Shut up dude, Thiago Silva just made a mistake and a bad decision.
    He’s only human, just like everybody else. And I’m happy that he a got his second chance.
    Everybody deserves a second chance. Stop hating.

  7. tpain says:

    they all use ped’s its just luck who gets caught

  8. THE INUK says:

    I hate the fact he got caught using PED’s…. cause he is a straight up beast!! I love his fighting style, very exciting, unfortunately his back problems have made his performances suffer from it

  9. Thiago is a beast. Love watching him fight the guy is a killer! there are some real exciting fights for him like Bonnar, Lil Nog, and Gustaffson.

  10. KingGareth says:

    I wouldn’t take bread out of a starving man’s hand if he stole it to feed his family.

  11. Sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do to feed his family! Hope he gets another opportunity to get back in the cage! Thiago Silva FTW!

  12. Lewia Collinson says:

    Listen thiago silva yes was wrong to fake a urine sample, but how much would it affect the outcome of that fight with vera, think about what the outcome would of been if silva never used what he used… In my opinion he still would of walked through Vera… Let’s be honest I like Vera always have nbut his skills re no match for the new generation of fighters. Thiago is a great fighter an is definaly a title contender!

  13. wishbone says:

    the cheater won the fight because he was on roids…….watch the fight and you can tell the guy is pumped on testosterone…..all fighters have injuries….no excuses….you tried to cheat and ya got busted

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