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Thursday, 01/12/2012, 09:10 am

UFC NEWS – The Ultimate Fighter Brazil To Feature 145 and 185 Pound Fighters – Finals Set For PPV

UFC officials today confirmed that the first international edition of “The Ultimate Fighter” reality series is set to feature up-and-coming featherweight and middleweight fighters.

The Brazilian edition of the show will put Vitor Belfort opposite Wanderlei Silva and the two will take to a June pay-per-view event to settle their coaching rivalry. The shows four-finalists will also be featured on pay-per-view to determine the series winner in the two weight classes.

The show will likely take place in Brazil and if the stars align for the UFC and Brazilian fans could be headlined by the return of Anderson Silva in a rematch with Chael Sonnen. However, the state of the middleweight division is undetermined until Sonnen and Munoz face off later this month.

“The Ultimate Fighter Brazil” starts filming in February and will air on the countries number one television network “El Globo”. North American audiences will be able to see the show in its entirety on FUEL TV.

While no names have been leaked by officials, 32 fighters have been selected to participate in the series, but after the first elimination round the field of prospects will be narrowed down to just 16. That’s eight for each weight class.

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7 Responses to “UFC NEWS – The Ultimate Fighter Brazil To Feature 145 and 185 Pound Fighters – Finals Set For PPV”

  1. CanILive says:

    ” the king of the jungle is the lion, not the elephant”
    does vitor know it takes an entire pride of lions to kill an elephant and not just one???

    • King Prodigy Levreau says:

      From the “king of my jungle” in the city of “NO” central cali….my friend it only takes ONE lion that has a huge heart and no quit. Just like Bruce Lee couldn’t lose to an entire group of people! Don’t underestimate the heart in someone and the fight in there will. A lion is a lion!!! I’m sure somewhere in history ONE lion has beaten an elephant without help…just not the norm or the circle of life.

  2. Jesus wand! Let it go already..Vitor is a phenom and has a few more good years in the sport then you. Vitor wins by destructive KO!

  3. Ingeborg says:

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