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Saturday, 12/03/2011, 09:34 am

UFC NEWS – The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale: Micahel Bisping & Jason "Mayhem" Miller Pre-fight Interview (Video)


17 Responses to “UFC NEWS – The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale: Micahel Bisping & Jason "Mayhem" Miller Pre-fight Interview (Video)”

  1. ThaGreenBandit says:

    “…he’s only Jason Miller, he’s the Bully Beatdown guy.” I hope Miller chokes him out in the first, and calls it an easy night.

  2. Chris Aliff says:

    I agree with u Thagreenbandit!! I hope Miller BEATS Bisping’s ASS!! I cant stand Bispings cocky, arrogant attitude! Bisping is a great fighter tho. We will see what happens tonight!

  3. THE INUK says:

    fuck I cant stand Bispings arrogance..hes such a piece of shit lmao WAR MAYHEM…

  4. ya mug says:

    lol the best fighters in the world are cocky and arrogant, silva, jones, tyson, ali etc etc, u muppets hate all them too? big fan of both these dudes by the way

    • Big J says:

      Ya Mug, I don’t agree with you; You can be confident (which all fighters are) and you can be cocky/arrogant. Bisping crosses the confident threshold into cocky/arrogance.

  5. shawn says:

    BITCHBING !!! What a chump ass !

  6. steve dobson says:

    both great fighters. Bisping will KO him.. and i like em both. Bisping is cocky, but he talks alot of smack like Kos.. to hype up his fights. Theyre both great ppl outside of the ring and MMA environment. Dont read into it too much. :)

  7. slacker says:

    I’ve never seen a whole Miller fight, but I hope he beats up Bisping and makes him look like even more of a retarded Prince Charles. I’m a bit skeptical though as I know Bisping is a fantastic technical striker with great footwork. I was very impressed with him in his loss to Rashad a few years ago. Close fight.

  8. Bisping is an alright guy just a Lil sensitive.. Mayhem going to win this fight!

  9. slacker says:

    So, what about these other TUF finalist fights? Great match-ups! Very tough to pick. But I think Dennis Bermudez will grind out the smaller Diego in a war of attrition. And I hope Dillishaw pounds out that little Ninja turtle Dobson.

  10. Xaninho says:

    Diego Brandao is a psychopath. He will be the champ one day.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      He looks really limited to me, he’s got great aggression and punching power and he’s def one of the best guys on TUF but I don’t see him beating any of the top guys at 145lb….he’s a total headcase so I’m with you there. He’s a street guy and he can’t seperate the sport of MMA from a real fight.

  11. Jujitsu Player says:

    I like both these guys, Bisping has been made to look like an arrogant dick this season on TUF but I know people who’ve hung out with him in the UK and he’s supposed to be a really nice guy (believe it or not…) Plus he’s got a fantastic record in thge UFC. I think Bisping will TKO Mayhem or win by decision but I’d just be as happy to see Mayhem sub him. I’m that split on these guys. Just hope it lives us to the hype.

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