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Saturday, 01/14/2012, 09:00 am

UFC NEWS – The “Rumble” Saga: Johnson Makes Fight Day Weight Of 204.2 Lbs. – Job On The Line Even With Victory For Unapologetic “Rumble”

The biggest news coming out of the “UFC 142: Aldo vs. Mendes” lead up came to us yesterday when it was announced Anthony “Rumble” Johnson had put tonight’s co-main event in jeopardy with missing weight.

He came in at 197 pounds for his middleweight (185lb) contest with Vitor Belfort.

To that his manager Glen Robinson offered up the following explanation:

[box_light]“They called in the local doctor, who made him drink a bunch of fluids to see if that made him feel better. About an hour later he started feeling better. By the time he started feeling better, it was an hour to weigh-ins. … There was no time to shed the weight.” – Glen Robinson via USA Today.[/box_light]

That excuse, although valid if true, still puts a huge amount of scrutiny on the debuting middleweight, because let’s be honest. It should have never come to that. A responsible athlete would not put himself in a position to have to cut so much weight that it became a health hazard.

For his part, an unapologetic Johnson took to his personal Facebook page with the following message.

[box_light]“I’m already laughing at what ppl are saying. Yeah it was for medical reason and I did what the UFC Dr Told me to do. Believe it or don’t I give a f**k cuz the ppl close to me were freaking out but I’m still alive and something like this has never happen before. Say what you want I’m still gonna do my thang. You try not having feeling in your legs and can’t move then and see how you look at life after that”[/box_light]

UFC president Dana White took to with the following statement in response to dilemma.

[box_light]“His job is on the line. His job is absolutely on the line, win or lose. Complete and absolute unprofessionalism – that’s what happened. There’s no other way it can be explained.”[/box_light]

Vitor Belfort agreed to let this fight go on as long as Johnson came in under 205 pounds on fight day. That’s a special stipulation that is very rare in the sport of mixed martial arts. A Fight day weigh-in was the only way Vitor would agree to take on his oversized foe tonight.

Johnson hit the scales this afternoon and weighed in at 204.2 pounds so the fight is on and Vitor will face Johnson in tonight’s UFC 142 co-main event.

If Johnson loses, he is likely out of a job, or as Dana White proclaimed, even with a victory, he could find himself on the unemployment line. This is Johnson’s third weight offense.

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147 Responses to “UFC NEWS – The “Rumble” Saga: Johnson Makes Fight Day Weight Of 204.2 Lbs. – Job On The Line Even With Victory For Unapologetic “Rumble””

  1. benjamin hubbard says:

    A.J you are a disgrace to the sport i love… even if you win you lose…this is UFC not KFC

    • Rob Thompson says:

      You stupid asshole what does this have to do with KFC? he’s a douche simply, beatss on women walks around like he doesn’t give a fuck. Lay off the subliminal messages. Also the reason he’s out a job because he isn’t professional in this sport. Maybe he figures he’ ll fight elsewhere samething that happened to the guy who fought josh.

      • JaY says:

        Because black people love there greasy fried chicken jackass.. Get in the game

        • dee says:

          Racist fucks should keep their comments to themselves or face the consequence of an entire race stronger than your own, dumb fucks in the world today.

        • mma fan says:

          How do you determine what race is the strongest?jack ass.just as stupid .

        • Taimanglo says:

          MMA fan, you are funny shit!

        • Red764 says:

          @dee “entire race stronger than your own”? Few things wrong here buddy. you don’t know what race the other poster is so now your making the assumption that “blacks” are stronger than every other race which is a stereotype or a racist statement whether it’s positive or negative it is racist. So now if stereotypes are allowed than he can make his KFC comment and you calling him dumb isn’t the best assumption considering blacks are stereotyped as very dumb. But ya other than that good post.

        • Don Dangerously says:

          Wow, I thought he mentioned KFC cuz he eats to much, can’t make weight, and is one letter off from UFC. Pretty crafty to me. Of course you didn’t see the wit or humor in it. You saw negativity. The world would be such a better place without sensitive people like you who are easily offended. They’re just words man. Nobody owns words. Stop letting them control you. Baby hearts…..ugh.

        • WhamSam says:

          Haven’t you heard? Racism is dead. Look around you at all the mixed couples. Proud of your race or not, in a hundred years we will all be caramel.

        • Shawn says:

          Saying your race is stronger is in fact… Racist

        • bghe says:

          Haha, c’mon guys. I’m not racist, but it is kinda funny. Not like he said, black people are dishonest, or thieves, or are stupid, which obviously aren’t true. You guys need to lighten up. It was a racial joke in line with chubby AJ. ahah.

      • JaY says:

        That guy who fought josh?? It’s Paul Daley. Wtf are you doing here? You don’t even know what your talking about… Amateur

        • MMFT says:

          kos and rumble fought…. kos won via submission…

        • drew says:

          johnson fought kos too, kos choked him out, i think what hes tryin to say is that rumble and semtex both are black and both have trouble making weight cuz of their KFC cravings

        • Don Dangerously says:

          Or maybe they have huge dongs!

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Living with the stigma of having a huge dong has made my life miserable. LOL

        • Don Dangerously says:

          Oh, and you’re a professional? Pro what? Shit talker? You get paid? Haha. It’s cute you think you are actually intelligent. Haha! The guy couldn’t remember Daley’s name. But at least he got his point across in the manner everyone knew who he wa talking about. But you…..Mr. Perfect……who is a professional meathead, thumbs down to you sir.

        • dynomania says:

          Jay, let’s not be too quick to hate on the new followers! Gotta grow the sport somehow.

      • zk says:

        Rob Thompson cant take any humor out of a post..

      • benjamin hubbard says:

        wasnt a racist remark at all, all i meant was he come in over weight thats all, hence the kfc remark…

        • Chartmonster! says:

          Only a fkn idiots wud think that was a racist statement! Thin skin MUTHERFKR on this bitchh!

      • dave says:

        you cant even spelll loser …hy are you being rude to other ppl comments when you cant even spell>?

      • Chartmonster! says:

        Who gives a fuque about KFC ..I’m a Popeyes spicy chicken kind of’s chicken rocks too. All this bs talk is stupid.. Rumble is an idiot period! Knock his ass out Vitor!

    • hahahahahahaha says:

      hahahahahhahaha “UFC not KFC” genius!

      • White people says:

        White people have no identity, no culture. Sorry, I forgot about Hitler, who had culture and an identity. But that’s it. White Americans don’t have crap, but they talk like they do. Why is that?

        • Raplh says:

          you realize america isn’t the only place with white people right ? you ignorant fuck, and for the record, kfc comment was hilarious and any black ppl on here who can’t take it as the joke it is, your fucked

        • Everybody love everybody says:

          all of the good presidents

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          LOL that’s 43 to 1 Black president in the USA.

        • white person says:

          this is the most racist comment on here. Good job at proving you are the biggest douche

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          You are an idiot who can’t take a KFC joke. Be a little more specific when you talk about the culture of white people because they got just as much culture as you do. Which white people you talking about?

        • mj says:

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        • White people says:

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          For the record, I have no African blood in me. I am not Black.

          America The Beautiful.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          @White People,

          So, you are a white hating, white person?

          I get annoyed when white people are ashamed of themselves for being white and blame the problems of others on themselves. WTF!

          My mother is black and my father is white so I can have an unbiased opinion here in the USA. You hear about the black people who still to a lesser extent get discriminated against today, which is true. But what you don’t hear is the racism toward white people, which you probably hear nothing about.

          Get your head out of your ass!

        • White people says:

          I will never claim to be a white person. Read all the recent responses objectively; you will see the hate in the words by people who believe what they say is true and correct. Do they really believe that or are they so offended by another’s view that a flaw of theirs makes them take a defensive stance?

    • UFC not KFC says:

      LMMFAO man I spit my drink all over my phone when I saw this.

    • Rick says:

      Is it bad that I lol’d?

    • Trent says:

      Very good Benjamin, I like what you did there, even if some people (below) can’t quite grasp your concept!

    • danriverapv says:

      fuck you.

    • phil mccrackin says:

      well said

  2. seprodrigo says:

    I hope Vitor blasts his head into oblivion.

  3. George says:

    begs the question how he even made 1 welterweight bout……..

  4. mellow fellow says:

    No Paul Daley is a disgrace to the sport Hermes Franca is a disgrace nt Johnson he didnt cheat he had medical problems to cut. wen is that wrong? he didnt do it to get a edge in my OPINION he was gunna beat Vitor regardless of his weight. its wrong how ppl sit on there laptops and talk shit about a fighter and dnt know the full story you guys make ppl hate UFC they think we all like that.

    • you are ignorant says:

      you are ignorant

    • wes says:

      Learn to spell, please.

    • Xaninho says:

      Regardless of his weight?…Apparently he cuts so much weight it gives him health issues. And he weighed in at 204.5 today. The fucker didn’t even have the decency to keep it down to the already way too much 197 lbs.

      It’s pure and simple he can only defeat his opponents when he’s substantial bigger than they are on fightday!

      In my opinion it’s a form of cheating.

      • smellmyfingers says:

        Just curious…how much do you think Vitor weighs today?

      • DevonAK86 says:

        Do your home work bitch!!! It was turned into a catchweight fight and he was told to come in at 205 and he made weigh!

        • sandman says:

          it didn’t turn catchweight.vitor suggested the stipulation for a fight day weigh in weight of 205.rumble roids will rehydrate further still before the fight and prolly be 215 or more.
          imho-all fights should be at the fighters walk around weight and there should be weigh ins on fight day or before entering the cage.

    • Spectator says:

      he was fighting at 170lbs before and he did not lose any feeling in his legs

    • dave says:

      yuo arre an idiot..the full story is he got tooo heavy and was stupid and tyd to cut to much to fast and had medical problems//so what…it i his job to mak weight..aftr this fight dana should tell him if he wants a job he has tofight strikeforce..he can fight kig mo at 205 for the belt

  5. Justen says:

    He’s gunna gas. For sure. Vitor can run around for 3 mins, get him tired, then knock him out with one punch. lol. Then it’s on to bellator.

  6. Save Russian Jews says:

    I’d like to know what the medical problem was before i jump in and start being an unabashed dickhead

  7. Papa Tango says:

    This is unacceptable. Today boxers and mixed martial artists cut 20-25 lbs for every fight. They’re damaging their bodies and they’re bending the rules. It’s OK if you cut 10-15 pounds but the guys like Alves and Johnson who come in overweight for every fight should be punished.

  8. trolligans says:

    Buy a bathroom scale. They’re only about $15.

  9. CRAIGE says:

    At the end of the day, the UFC doctor forced AJ to rehydrate, everybody slamming the guy but he was on the verge of possibly being paralysed had he not started rehydrating. He will either have to knock out VB early or otherwise he’s going to KO’d easily with the lack of equilibriam around his brain for being so dehydrated. People need to show abit more respect for the guy who’s out there trying entertain them, otherwise they should strap on some gloves and enter that cage.

  10. bjdaleyfan says:

    if paul daley is a disgrace to the sport then so is AJ lol he talks so much shit and comes in 12 pounds over …he knows he has to weigh in at a certain weight shouldnt have left it untill the last minute to cut …….only reason daley isnt in the ufc cause he punched that cocky fuck josh who is a litte bitch lol fakes getting kicked in the head a couple times now in the aj fight n daley one

    • Ste says:

      Lol yea josh is one hell of a faker, bet theres a que of people that have wanted to punch him after a fight. Fakes getting poked in the eye fakes getting kneed when on ground etc etc

  11. Night-Wind says:

    Fact is that you can’t weigh over or under the limit. These are professional athletes and their job is to make the weight. You don’t do what you need to do -> look another job.

  12. diek says:

    Maybe a change to Anthony “Humble” Johnson should be dictated to the unrepentant fighter. Taking responsibility for your own actions and behaviour is such an important concept in life. He is a very good fighter, but his attitude has always made me cheer for the other opponent.

  13. truthful cracker says:

    I think it is unprofessional but I don’t think dana white should be saying stuff like that before the fight. That is unprofessional as well. I do not think he should be cut even if he wins or loses. He should go up to 205 after this and that should be the end of it.

    • A cracker... says:

      …who speaks the truth. Dana speaking how Cain Velasquez’s gameplan was so terrible and pretty much dissing JDS at the same following their fight ON NATIONAL TV was unprofessional. And with Rumble: yeah, move ’em up to 205 instead of cutting him.

  14. mellow fellow says:

    The part of Daley i understand why he did it lets be real we all were hoping he did it but still makes the UFC look bad. missing weight doesn’t make the sport look bad ppl who say that just sound dumb

  15. mezzanoche says:

    He should have just moved up to LHW and see how he did in that division. He is certainly big and athletic enough. I would have liked to see how he faired against the top competition in the LHW div. Either way, he is fuct, win or lose.

  16. ken foti says:

    he had to be overweight before this sudden “illness”took effect…im sure he didnt gain 12 lbs. from rehydrating

  17. Anthony Johnson says:

    Hey guys what’s the big deal? I only missed weight by 12 pounds lay off geez.

  18. Smytty says:

    I think that rumble could be a force at LHW….when I watched the 142 build up videos i was surprised to see that he is head and shoulders bigger than Rashad!! If that’s anything to go on then 205 for next fight??

  19. Ray says:

    Yeah ppl are definitely bein overly sensitive about the matter, he didnt miss weight due to laziness or arrogance, his health was in jeopardy and he did what Anyone else would of done. If it was one of the fighters that everybody dick rides that was goin through this same situation, ppl wouldnt be talkin as nearly as much shit, if sayin anything at all

    • Xaninho says:

      He weighed 197 for a 185 fight. Vitor says as long as he’s under 205 I’ll fight him…And what does Johnson do? He comes in not at 197..noooo he comes in at 204.5. So he added an additional 7.5 lbs.

      If he ‘wins’ it’s only cuz he is way bigger than Vitor. And all of his wins were because he was always the biggest fighter of the two!

      • Spectator says:

        yeah he should be fighting at 205… at bamma

      • Ray says:

        Yeah this is a lose-lose situation for him, if he wins, they’ll say it wasn’t fair, if he loses, he’ll be ridiculed for losing to a smaller opponent and most likely fired. I give props to Vitor for still taking the fight but i think they should have cancelled it.

      • smellmyfingers says:

        How much do you think Vitor weighs today? they are within 8-10 lbs of each other for sure

      • Ryan M says:

        He weighed in today at 204.5lb. I bet Vitor weighs more than that right now. They put that limit on so that at fight time they would be closer. Of course he’s not going to stay dehydrated all night and morning after already having health problems. It was a solution to the problem Rumble caused and now it shouldn’t be an issue. Except he is unprofessional and Dana should discipline him.

  20. Fortyb4five says:

    Im a Vaginasaurus

  21. webb says:

    Making weight is part of his job. Cutting a ton of weight isn’t cheating or bending the rules,but if you are going to do it you should know what you’re doing!

  22. smellmyfingers says:

    Yeah he was 12 lbs over, but if you are maximizing your training, you are gonna cut a lot of weight right before the fight. Reguardless of being a welterweight before or not. AJ coulda weighed in at 188, but over is over, period. Once he is 4 lbs over with an hour to go, he knows he isn’t gonna make it, so might as well recoup sooner, eat and rehydrate. It ain’t like Belfort still weighs 185 today. Vitor is 195+ guaranteed. Being AJ’s first time at 185, they miscalculated and missed weight. I think he and his camp will learn from this and adjust accordingly for next time. No sense firing him, he is a beast.

  23. mj says:

    You dont gain 12 pounds from drinking fluids for an hour or even 6 lol. He was never close… He knew he needed the extra weight to take Vitor down because he has seen all the HL films we have of Belforts KO ability. He shouldnt be cut, having to fight at 205 if a massive punishment and was probably Dana´s idea to make sure he gets punished in the ring and outside after. Did any of you really think his talk about standing was real? He didnt apologize because im pretty sure his blood surgar is low, still dehydrated and stressed as hell knowing that his body will not react well. He has to go for broke and very fast, If he goes for a TD and Vitor stuffs it… his legs will be jelly, hands lower and mouth open. He is fucked and Im glad…. WAR Vitor!!!!!

    • t says:

      question when was the last time u cut over 30 pounds mostly in fluids causee i have cut 20 pounds mostly fluids and when u drinkl u can gain weight back really is so i belive he could have gian at least 6 pounds from drinking

    • smellmyfingers says:

      a gallon of water is 8.5 lbs alone, plus the 2 he admitted he still was trying to cut, there is 10.5 of it. Your body doesn’t let go of a drop once you are in his state. i guarantee he put on 10 lbs in that hour.

      • mj says:

        First there are 3 levels of dehydration, he was level 3 the most severe.
        very dry mucous membranes,drowsy, lethargic, disoriented, irritable, no urine, no tears, and shock.. rapid and weak pulse, rapid breathing, and pale skin. Your blood plasma is aslo off and your bp is very high… You think that the frist thing you do is down 1 gallon of water and your good to go? Your body absorbs max 1.5L per hour, sports drinks less(because the sugar is over the 2 to 3 percent limit) You do the math and it is physically impossible he was 1lbs over and then gained 12lbs. It take small meals every 30 min and disciplined fluid consumption. It is a science and one that Rumble has proven to be less then educated about. Matt Hughes, Brock and GSP are great cutters. This was a huge fuck up… but the funny thing is. Even down three to four liters puts your endurance at 50 percent, your oxygen uptake reduced to around 25 percent.Yellow piss buddy….. So your boy AJ is a liar and your obviously not a wrestler or fighter. Nice try correcting me though… Go to the old cracker factory and ask BJ since your on his site. Im sure he´ll slap your stupid ass out of the gym.

        • t says:

          wrong i am so u know and i knew all that and yeah obvisly he sucks at cutting weight and its a pain to cut i know ive done it before it sucks my piss been so fuckenig dark from sweating pounds off my body and im not white so kindly go fuck urself

        • mj says:

          LMAO you think cracker factory is a racist comment? Oh little boy, you arent a fighter. Please some one from Hilo tell tell this kid whats up. And Im white btw stupid fuck

        • kw says:

          Hey jackass, nice try wiki-dumping or regurgitating ur community college a&p 101 text book. the body ABSORBING 1.5 liters maximum of water per hour has NOTHING to do with how much water a person actually consumes in a 1 hour period. if AJ was 2 pounds over weight, he was at 187. This means that he had to drink 1.17 gallons of water to get to 197.
          Using your words:
          “very dry mucous membranes,drowsy, lethargic, disoriented, irritable, no urine, no tears, and shock.. rapid and weak pulse, rapid breathing, and pale skin”.

          Given this state, do you think its inconceivable that someone, based on doctors recommendation, drink a little more than a gallon of water in a 2 hour period ? Sure, it is AJ’s fault trying to cut that much weight in the first place, but concluding that he was purposely trying to gain weight advantage by drinking a gallon of water is ignorant.

          Stick to making making your racist commentary and leave the doctoring to asians, and un-prejudiced white people.

  24. BobbyLemons says:

    Of course the guy fought at WW, but since moving up, he took the opportunity to bulk up and obvious went too far.

    11 pounds is over 5 litres of water, so I question the excuse he gave. Anyway, AJ clearly looks like a LHW. It was after watching Johnson sit on Hardy that cemented my opinion that they should change all weigh-ins to be on fight day.

  25. Ryan M says:

    It’s not a form of cheating to cut that much weight. The rules allow for it. It is a form of cheating to come in heavy on weigh ins. That is what he did wrong. A lot of fighters cut tonnes of weight, It is allowed. Same as putting your hand on the ground so that nobody can knee your head. People use the rules to their advantage. It is smart, not cheating. That being said, if you can’t make weight, you are a loser.

  26. The Refutor says:

    This is completely fucking stupid! Aj better not be released

  27. jaydeez says:

    Send him in Strikeforce!!!!

  28. Anthony Johnson says:

    i don’t care what y’all are sayin’ here.. i ain’t scared of any of you i’ll fight any of you!!.. but first tell me your weight so i’ll know how much more i need to put up

  29. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    From what I understand about cutting weight is that you can start cutting weight gradually a week or two weeks before and make weight on weigh in day. Anthony was too concerned with gaining muscle and waited too long to start cutting weight. Serves him right getting sick trying to scramble to shed weight, he almost jeopardized the most interesting fight on the card. Some people got it and some don’t. If Rampage can cut weight from 240 to make weight a week before his Jones fight then AJ can make weight as well.

  30. JKDB0Y says:

    Seriously, do ppl gotta be dicks with racial comments? Its like if the man is true to what he’s saying and if it was a UFC doctor shouldn’t Dana be be able to look tha up quick? Either way it is unprofessional to walk into a top division knowing all these weeks of training what weight you gotta make and wait the week of to do something about it? And its not the first time…. then the guy needs to rethink about being in the rank of pro level competition… the guys is good at what he does, but that’s just a shame if he can’t be a responsible athlete…. he’s gt enough exprience in the spot to know what he’s got to do…. sometimes Dana is on crack with decions he makes, but the Boss is right about this one…. win or lose…. this guy shouldn’t. Be around much longer…..

  31. Krtc says:

    Not enough attention is being shown to how classy Belfort is by sti taking this fight for the fans. Might come back to bite him however. If AJ came in the next day bigger then 197 they should have pulled an undercard fighter up for Vitor to KO.

  32. Donnybrook says:

    Plan and simple he’s just too big to fight at mw or ww. If he doesn’t lose his job go to lhw and fight dudes his own size.

  33. Kevin9999 says:

    Dana White is a disgrace to the sport. He needs to step down.

  34. CanILive says:

    Initial reports said he wieghed in at 188 on that day but the UFC dr. forced him to rehydratye

  35. CanILive says:

    has rumble ever flown somewher to fight across the globe?

  36. joshuah says:

    1) if your main/Co main material I feel Dana has shown there isn’t room to give the company a’black eye’

    2) (& I know he isn’t reading this but) COME ON ANTHONY YOU ARE GIFTED A CHANCE TO FIGHT A LEGEND who MAY or may not be entering the twilight of his career! You could have been the Jardine, or Rashad of vitors career,now no matter who wins we will see an * next to it.

    Being a fanboy of Vitor I never thought he should have even accepted this fight its a lose-lose … but I came around & though I don’t think this fight has the “fireworks” in store like every1 expects the Guy had a hell of a shot. This w would have set him up w/ chael/Munoz/stann fight now he’s looking Jesse Taylor/ Trevor prangly in the face even w/ a win.

    I wish no ill will on the kid. But as when I turned 21 I realized no1 thought I was cool cause “I don’t care what cha thank imma do me!” … he had a very successful gameplan coming in SUPER heavy has worked tremendously 4 him, but as its said “you play with fire you get burnt” … you don’t make weight for the 3rd or 4th time, & in the biggest fight of your career no less, sit back & enjoy Dana do his “thang”

    He very well could have ruined his kidneys this time, ask Daniel Cormier if it was worth the use of your kidneys for a size advantage

  37. DevonAK86 says:

    Alot of you guys need to do some research. It is now a catchweight fight and Anthony was told to weigh in at 205 2pm Rio time which he made! its to Vitors advantage now because i am sure Vitor will be weighing around 200+ for his fight! Home work maby?

  38. Rules rules rules says:

    He made weight before the deadline right? So what’s the big deal? Let the fighters fight and let winning determine whether or not he keeps his job

  39. steeler says:

    i thought the kfc thing was funny but i didnt take it as a racist joke i took it as he isnt dieting right so maybe the ones who thought it was racist are racist

  40. They need to make a super HW class of 265 + so Fat Alberty can make weight.

  41. Jeremy says:

    Dana white is just a con. There doing this to give more reconition to vitor the MW who beat the LHW to sell TUF brazil . Ufc is so rigged i used to love watching it but now its becoming WWE.

  42. Dosan says:

    Dude could’ve just apologized, but instead he’s playing the victim with no class. What a douche. Do your thang homeboy.

  43. magoo says:

    Fuck Rumble he’s a piece of shit forty,how can you honestly still root for this ass clown?

  44. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Lorenzo looks pissed in this picture!

  45. Edger says:

    I seen the UFC/KFC on YouTube.. Kind of old..
    But damn that sucks that Johnson might get fired

  46. NardoC64 says:

    Rumble is a great, exciting fighter who is dangerous and fights for a finish. However, what he desperately needs is a proper strength & conditioning coach and a professional Nutritionist. With top level recognition comes top level requirement of dedication, commitment and responsibility. He should not lose his job. He should invest in higher level of serious assistance.

  47. steveR says:

    Damned commenters. Now I want me some KFC

  48. King Prodigy LEVREAU says:

    Damn…..I love BJPENN.COM. You guys are too much!!!

  49. dave says:

    AJ has a history of not making weight,,dna offere him this fight to solve the problem..but at any weight AJ has no respect///if h wants a job after this dana should offer him a fight with king mo at 205 in SF…eveyone says give him a chance they dont kno th story….its clear the story is he got tooo heavy an cut weight tooo late…its his fault he alway does this..he needs to be puunished……AJ has no convidence in his skill so he trys to get big as possible ad cut much as possible for an edge…to bad he just is too big,,,to me not making weght by that much is like using PED…he has huge edge..but AJ shit anways ..

  50. magoo says:

    After reading all the BS,I cannot believe Anthony I don’t take my job seriously rumble Johnson has a fuckin fan!!! What’s up with all you no mind mother fuckers? The guys poison,he has no remorse in his eyes hes the victim,just Like all the losers that are still rootin for him, like Phil says…….Suck it easy!!

  51. Jujitsu Player says:

    I hope you get smashed to pieces by a vicious Vitor. You have totally disrespected the sport and all that bull shit about doctors and fluid means nothing. Win or loose tonight you should be cut from the UFC. As a fan I’ll never pay again to watch you fight. Go VITOR!!!!

  52. Jujitsu Player says:

    GET IN VITOR!!!!

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