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Monday, 01/09/2012, 10:08 am

UFC NEWS – The Rise of “Toquinho” UFC 142 Video Documentary On Rousimar Palhares

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11 Responses to “UFC NEWS – The Rise of “Toquinho” UFC 142 Video Documentary On Rousimar Palhares”

  1. Eddie D...WTF kyle?? says:

    This guy is a beast…i hope he gets to fight for the title soon

  2. Anthony G 206 says:

    U need to work on that striking a lil buddy to even talk about fight jonny bones. lol

  3. chibamondrongo says:

    Paul Harris has the most dangerous bjj in the mw division.

    Wanna see Maia vs Harris as soon as possible!

  4. io31 says:

    Dude is a beast, his BJJ is great, his story is inspirational. That is all true and well but at the same time he pulled some of the shadiest sh!t in the cage.

    When he fought Dave Branch, he was putting his fingers inside Dave Branch’s glove to get a grip on his hand. Not only is that highly illegal, it isn’t the type of thing that you’d as a reflex (holding the cage to avoid a takedown for example), you’d have to do that in training to attempt it in a fight. He held on to his subs when the ref was trying to stop the fight on more than one occasion. He started clubbing people at ADCC etc…etc.

  5. Me says:

    I love him, i want him to beat Sonnen bad!!!!

    • io31 says:

      Not a good fight for him me thinks. Sonnen’s striking is better and he won’t go to the ground if he doesn’t want to go. It would probably look similar ro Henderson-Palhares, which was a dud.

    • Long-Strong says:

      yeah… stylistically that would be a really bad fight for Chael Sonnen. personally, I think he would beat Sonnen too because Palhares has some power on the feet as well and its not like Chael’s boxing is that good that he’ll pepper him with constant jabs from the outside.

  6. bizzle says:

    War Palhares all the way to a title shot..

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