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Monday, 12/12/2011, 09:11 am

UFC NEWS – Strikeforce Fighters Will Remain In Strikeforce, Says White

Just a few months ago, the MMA world including Dana White was clamoring to have Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez cross over to the UFC.

Gilbert too was hoping to follow his fellow teammates, Jake Shields and Nick Diaz over to the UFC’s Octagon to face the world’s elite competition that only the UFC can provide.

However, with a new Showtime deal in place, UFC president Dana White recently went on record and said that Strikeforce fighters will remain in Strikeforce now that the extension with Showtime is wrapped up.

White stated, “The guys that are in Strikeforce are staying in Strikeforce. Gilbert Melendez and all the guys that are in the Strikeforce show and with Showtime, I will make this right. They will be happy to be there. Believe me. I’ve got this thing worked out. I’ve got it figured out. It’s going to be good for everybody. It’s going to be good for the fighters, it’s going to be good for Showtime, and it’s going to be good for Strikeforce. Trust me, I got this.”

“We’ll see what happens, but this thing’s going to work out. We’ve got it dialed in, and we’ve got this thing figured out. I wanted to announce it and tell you guys about it today (Saturday), but it’s going to be a good thing. We’ll make this thing work. WEC worked. It was great. We’ll make this thing work too.”

So it appears as if, at least for the time being that the guys over at Strikeforce, regardless of talent are stuck in their contracts with the promotion and will not be seeing the inside of the Octagon anytime soon.

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12 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Strikeforce Fighters Will Remain In Strikeforce, Says White”

  1. magoo says:

    Its right were Melendez belongs in strikeforce,Jorge’s gonna beat him.

  2. Lambo says:

    Melendez will be in the UFC soon enough, he will run through anyone Strikeforce puts in front of him, fulfill his contract and then sign a contract with the UFC its all good.

  3. Onni Laakoli says:

    If he think he’s the best in the world (talking about Melendez) well see if he can stay the champ and get to the ufc.

  4. Rusk says:

    Aka “I’ve already taken everything I wanted”

  5. DMG says:

    they should send jake shelds back and nick after he gets his ass beat down

    • chon209 says:

      spoken like a true fanboy you forgot miller or you a miller fan and want him to stay, jake can go back but diaz is the real deal and dont let your hate blind you

  6. bryanfury says:

    My only problem with dana whites response is that it sounds like he’s to cradle both the fighters and the fans disappointment with this news. It’s like he knows that a lot of people aren’t very happy with these developments or something. I don’t know maybe i’m just reading too much into it, *shrugs*

  7. Long-Strong says:

    eh… I don’t really trust Dana White’s statements. He’s a bit of a politician lol

  8. Dubz says:

    Gilbert smashes Masvidal and everyone will want to see a title unification bout!

  9. chon209 says:

    is scott coker still free to sign who he wants like all the one kicked out the ufc?

  10. Jake says:

    Strikeforce is needed to sign the lesser talent of the UFC. The only disappointment here is with the fighters that were gonna be swept up to the UFC once the liquidation occurred but now they just have to honor their contracts THEN be swept up by them, hence the message to the fighters “I got this figured out, I got yous covered” Dana comments. Leaving Strikeforce a low rate semi talent orginiztion who’s ones greatness was doomed when the UFC monopolized and cherry picked the great talent that Strikeforce work many years to build and become a relevant orginiztion. I guess money talks and bullshit talks too, Dana White lol

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