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Monday, 11/21/2011, 09:10 am

UFC NEWS – Shogun Wants Rematch With Dan Henderson

“It was certainly a big fight. I don’t know how the judges scored the last round, they could or they should have given a 10-8 for me. But that doesn’t take anything away from Dan Henderson. He’s a legend and that’s the type of fight where you create a legacy. But I want a rematch, I think it would be a great battle and the fans want to see it.”

Just two days removed from one of the most epic battles in Mixed Martial Arts history, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua went on record with the Brazilian press over at UOL Esporte and expressed his desire for a rematch with Dan Henderson.

This past weekend in the UFC 139 main event two legends squared off in the cage and left it all on the line. For Henderson, he took the fight straight to the former UFC champion and punished him for the better part of two rounds.

However it was “Shogun” who came back strong in the final two frames of action and made the fight a competitive affair that many analysts scored a draw after a lopsided fifth round.

Dan Henderson has his eyes set on a title shot, and while many fans and I’m sure the UFC wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch between the two legends, “Hendo” is fixed on dropping some “H bombs” on the winner of Jones vs. Machida to earn a title that has eluded him his entire career.

Still, if it comes down to it, a rematch would be epic, especially if the two could deliver the same fireworks in the cage as they did this past weekend.


74 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Shogun Wants Rematch With Dan Henderson”

  1. El Charlie says:

    Personally I would love to see this fight again. Definitely got my money’s worth with this fight alone. On top of that the whole card was full of action and stoppages. Make it happen I say. After all Dana did go on record saying Rashad is still the number 1 contender.

  2. BeanofGTG says:

    I would love to see a rematch

  3. seprodrigo says:

    Make it happen, so people can stop arguing about the scorecards, draws and whatever.

  4. Nat says:

    Yea I’d pay to see that fight again and again!

  5. sh says:

    You’ve lost two in a row Shogun, now you have to make your way back up the ladder, you can’t just ask for a rematch when you lose..If it would’ve been a draw it would be different..
    To anyone who thinks it was a draw look at Shogun’s face after the fight compared to Henderson’s.

    • Yushin okami says:

      He lost one fight. And Dan has won one in the UFC. Dan should not get a title shot right now. He either needs to fight shogun again or rashad

      • AJ says:

        Not sure if you know anything about Dan Henderson, but he’s won a lot more than one fight in the UFC hahahahaha. Hendo’s only losses in the UFC were to the current champs at the time. He destroyed everybody else he fought in the UFC. In fact, Hendo’s only losses since 2006 have been to world champions. He even smashed your former favorite heavyweight, Fedor Emelianenko.

        Also, Shogun lost more than one fight in the UFC. He lost to Forrest, Machida, Jones, and now Hendo.

        Plus, Hendo doesn’t need to fight Rashad. Rashad has been named the number one contender. Therefore, Rashad shouldn’t have to fight anybody except the winner of Jones/Machida.

        And the final point, Dan Henderson was the Strikeforce light heavyweight champion. This win should guarantee him a title unification bout. Especially because none of the other top guys at 205 have made a convincing case for a title shot ahead of Hendo. Most of the top guys are trying to climb back up the ladder after taking recent losses. The contender picture at 205 is blurry right now.

        So, yea. You’re wrong on all counts.

        • Logon says:

          I am so tired of hearing people say lets unify the strikeforce and UFC belts. For the last time guys these are two different leagues. Hendo is no longer the Strikeforce Light Weight Champion that belt has been vacated.

          As for who Should Hendo fight he should fight the loser of Jones vs Machida, and the winner gets another title shot. OR Hendo vs Rampage again!

        • Roscoe10 says:

          Another cool fact about Henderson is he is a FU***N cheater who takes the cheaters loophole TRT. So I dont care what he’s done or if he does win the ufc belt he is a cheater who got gifted alot of decisions in pride and would get smashed by bones or machida IMO. Hope him and Chael get abscess’ from the needle they stick in their asses .

        • zack says:

          you guys are fuckin tards. dan henderson left the ufc. so he decides to come back and should just pick up where he left off? no he needs to earn a title shot. barley winning a fight against a guy who got fucking annihilated by the champ does not get you a title shot. dan got destroyed by anderson and you guys think he can beat bones? IMO dan should still be in strikeforce. the ufc is handing jon jones a win if they let dan fight him.

        • wda says:

          You’re wrong Aj. Rashad climbing up the ladder? since when has he lost?

      • dom says:

        He left on a win came back on a win he deserves a title shot

      • Shawn says:

        I agree, a win over Shogun doesn’t earn him a title shot. But being the SF LHW champ, coming in undefeated in SF, and beating a contender, does put him on the map for sure. Closer than most LHW in the UFC. Also, given the history of UFC by outs like Pride and WEC, it was said to be “business as usual” for those organizations as well. And look what happened. I don’t see it being any different with Strikeforce. They’ve already acquired the big guns from SF. Whether Melendez wins or not in his title fight with Masvidal (which I think he will), he’s coming over to the UFC. So now the UFC has all titleholders in SF, with the exception of Luke Rockhold. Who most likely isn’t in UFC’s radar. I can see Jacare coming over to the UFC before Rockhold. With that being said, SF’s days are numbered. My guess, they will fold sometime in 2012. So in a sense there will be a “unification” bout in the LW (Melendez vs winner of Henderson/Franklin), WW (Diaz vs GSP), LHW (Henderson vs winner of Rashad vs Jones/Machida), and HW (Dos Santos vs winner of Lesnar/Overeem) division.

        Roscoe: What are you talking about Dan Henderson is a “cheater”? Like pretty much everyone else on the UFC roster? If your talking about use of PEDs. Ya…”surprise, surprise”, most fighters use PEDs. Some are just smarter than others not to get caught with in in their system. In fact, there are far more athletes in all sports that use PEDs, but no one knows. Because they don’t get caught. Not saying it’s right, but at least Hendo at 41 has a legit use for “hormonal treatment”. More than Sonnen, Thiago Alves, Lesnar, Overeem, etc… These are all relatively young guys, why would you need hormonal replacement therapy. BUT…even if Hendo is still on it, it’s not in his system when he goes to test, before or after. Unlike some people.

        • Dean says:

          He lost to shields in SF he got choked out get your facts strait bedore u write something that long

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          who got choked out by shields in sf? i hope ur not trying to say hendo did becuz your facts would be gay if you were.

    • noway says:

      U must have forgot that shogun ko’d griffin on the brazil card his last fight so he hasn’t lost 2 in a row.

    • Daniell says:

      its not just about how you look at the end of a fight…some people just dont bruise easily and in my opinion it was shoguns fight because he was the more aggressive and he showed octagon control.

      • Shawn says:

        Only in the last 2 rounds. The first 2 was all Henderson, the third, I give a 10-9 to Hendo. 3 rounds to 5 isn’t a win for Shogun. But I have to say, that is the Shogun of old. I haven’t seen him with this much heart since the Pride days. Awesome! I hope he keeps it up. As well, if it were still the same 3 rounds for Main Event non-title fights, Hendo would have won undoubtedly. Good move on the UFC’s part to make any Main Event 5 rounds. Makes for better fights. Unless, you have lay and pray guys. Which, sadly, Dan did in the last 1.5 rounds. I don’t believe in squeaking by like that, but he did plenty in the first 3 rounds. And having no gas left in the tank, he was just trying to survive. Smart, but boring move. But it did force Shogun to dig deep, and brought himself back. So I’ll take that as positive for Shogun.

    • The Beast says:

      since when does how your face look determine who won the fight??? stupidest thing ive ever heard right there

    • Reasonable Thoughts says:

      Shogun didn’t drop two in a row, he just beat Forest Griffin. The fight should have been a draw, so he should probably have a rematch at some point.

    • Chris says:

      He hasn’t lost two in a row so maybe you should look that up. Also, comparing faces means absolutely nothing. Some people cut easier and bruise up easy. I do agree i give the fight to Hendo but if it ended in a draw I wouldnt care. Alot of people ive spoken to say they saw it a draw and even people in the sport have said they thought so too but the win for Hendo is also justified. Think before you post little boy.

  6. James Maney says:

    It’s not in Dan’s best interest prolonging his title shot. But as a fan I say hell yeah! Do it!

  7. Definetly want to see these two go at it again.I think Shogun would take the rematch imo.

  8. DevonAK86 says:

    It was a great fight with a very bad decision! I felt it should have been a draw or Showgun FTW! Rematch and Showgun FTW again!

  9. Lex w says:

    Hendo won round 1 2 and 3

    • El Charlie says:

      Agreed .. but if fitch can score a 10-8 round for wrestling BJ in the last round of their bout I don’t see why Shogun doesn’t deserve the 10-8 score. It s what it is I guess but man did Shogun fight back those last 2 rounds.

      • Brett says:

        ok. give Shogun a 10-8 round in round 5. How about the 10-8 in rounds 2 and 3 for Hendo? In a 5 round fight if you win 3 and lose 2 you still win the fucking fight. My goodness people on here are so damn stupid!

        • El Charlie says:

          Hey idiot I wasn’t arguing the decision dumbass I was agreeing with Shogun that the round could have been scored a 10-8 nothing else. I never said anything about how he should have won the fight I was just implying what could have happened. So maybe you should actually read and get a good understanding of my statement before you open your mouth. Goes to show just how fucking stupid you really are.

        • Sully says:

          Lol, Brett, you ARE one of the stupid ones. Scoring isn’t based on ‘Yeah he done well, he gets that round’ so giving him 3 rounds and Shogun 2 makes him win. IDIOT it’s called SCORING. 3 10-9 rounds and then a 9-10, 8-10 means a draw. Fag.

    • AAxAntonio says:

      first round really could of went either way, i would have given it to shogun, cuz to me he ended the round the same way hendo started, and i think its about how you finish not how you start. really it should have been a 9-9 round but i know that they dont score like that. either way i like both fighters alot and i really didnt care who got the decision, i think both men won that night, was one of the greatest battles ever. (still think lidel vs silva was the best)

      • El Charlie says:

        So let me get this straight if your winning 90 percent of the round and the final 10 percent was all shogun he won the round because it was at the end? After Hendo knocked him down twice in that round in a more impressive fashion than shogun did to him in that final minute? Not to mention he did land more significant exchanges. It’s nice to think about I guess but sorry pal, it just doesn’t work like that. That 1st round was all Hendo regardless of Shogun’s knockdown.

        • AAxAntonio says:

          i didnt think hendo was more impressive in the first 4:30 seconds. shogun started to turn it on way before that.

      • Shawn says:

        lol! No, it’s NOT how you finish, its how you are overall in the round. Finishing strong, just earns you that extra bit. But it doesn’t do any good if your getting your ass handed to you for 4min 30sec. You still lose the round. But instead of a 10-8, it becomes a 10-9. Don’t forget damage taken as well. You have to remember, most of these judges come from Boxing. Damage seen plays huge for them. It’s no question he took the most of the beating. So even if Shogun finished strong in the last 30 sec of round 1. To the judges, it’s overshadowed by Hendo beating on him most of the round.

        • AAxAntonio says:

          i didnt say thats how judges score, thats how i would score, and judges are retards anyway, im gonna go back and watch it again, i just dont think rnd1 was a clear 10-9 for hendo

  10. Joe says:

    lol these two are not up to Jones’ caliber anymore, getting too old, Jon would keep that pace too fast

    • sickboy90 says:

      i think that hendo won first 3 rounds for sure..4th could go either way and the last one was most definetly 10-8 for shogun. i believe that Hendo deserves a title shot either win or draw..he’s fantastic..but not getting any younger. give him his well deserved title shot b4 it’s too late….

    • Shawn says:

      True. But it just takes one solid punch to connect from either guy to KO Jones. No one is unKOable (if that’s even a word…lol). ie. Valasquez has a granite chin, but time and again, that punch to the side of the head has taken out many a people, who otherwise have been able to take solid shots to the chin. Never say never man. Fighters are in the UFC for a reason. You may not like them, they may not be as good as the top echelon guys, but they are all tough fighters. And anyone can get “lucky” and win. People don’t have to like the guy, and yes some people like to have a “good guy” vs “bad guy” (like WWE style). But no one, unless they’ve trained and fought as well, has the right to disrespect these guys as fighters.

  11. stone cold says:

    shogun vs rampage would be sick!

  12. adrian says:

    Shogun needs to win against a legit fighter to rematch Dan. No, this does not mean beating Forrest Griffin again. Forrest can beat like 1 guy at 205, a 195lb Rich Franklin lol

  13. Gota says:

    I agree that you could have scored the last round 10-8, but I think that Hendo won at least one of the first rounds 10-8 also. Hendo should get the title shot. That being said, I don’t remember being on my feet as much as I was on sat night for any other fight. I’d love to see a rematch!

  14. gary says:

    i gave a slight edge in the 1st for hendo and hendo for sure got 2nd and 3rd fourth first half was dan and second half was shogun but the fourth was for sure a 10/8 for shogun. awesome fight! but i think dan should go ahead and try his shot at anderson silva again! any one who says hes not the #1 contender is stupid… he has won 7 of his last 8 fights.4 of them by knock out or tko.. seriously?? he beat franklin, bisping, fedor and rua in his last 8 fights name anyone who has done that then tell me hes not #1

    • Shawn says:

      I totally agree. Results don’t lie. But I’d rather see Silva vs Sonnen in Brasil before that happens. That would be far more exciting. Retirement fight of Sonnen, leaving MW division for Silva. Plus, Sonnen is stepping into a very hostile territory. Hostile enough, knowing the pride of Brazilians, to make sure he’s got bodyguards with him when he goes there. lol It would just be a crazy scene.

  15. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Strap on the gloves, and let ’em do it again!

  16. Mellow Fellow says:

    I WOULD LOVE!!!! to see that rematch bt in Japan tho were it should hav happened long ago think about it EDGAR VS HENDERSON then Co-Main Event HENDO VS SHOGUN oh yea big money dana and a great card for the fans bt if there both healthy if not make em co main for CRUZ VS FABER III that would be cool too

  17. stranebrain says:

    I’d rather see Hendo in a title shot next. New fights.

  18. Mike Diaz says:

    It was an epic battle for sure. Being at the show live is an experience like no other. Seeing Dana, Lorenzo, Bruce, Joe, and the fighters is awesome! I am going to blow up Dana’s Twitter for the rematch, if not, maybe Rampage in Japan. TEAM PENN!!!!!!

  19. joey says:

    I dont know what fight yall were watching but if any round should have been 10-8 it was the3rd for Dan he beat the Hell out of shogun the entire round and it was the only time in the fight that I thought it was gonna he stopped shogun was hurt bad.

  20. elias delgado says:

    I think fight was a draw the only reason it wasn’t was cause hendo got a 10-8 in one of the rounds i think he deserves a title shot but he would have to wait long time i say just let him and rashad fight and winner gets winner of machida and Jones if rashad is willing to as far as shogun goes a fight with rampage would be cool or maybe Phil Davis or tito if he still wants to fight just throwing names out there

  21. Anayalater says:

    sh….you need to check your facts before opening your mouth! Shogun destroyed Forest Griffin in his last fight, and with his showing in the Hendo fight, he definitely deserves a rematch, even though Hendo won that fight hands down!

  22. Stan says:

    I think that he has to fight the top contender then get a title shot, not trying to take anything away from Dan but it wouldn’t be a bad idea so people won’t be so biased about hendo getting a title shot

  23. Long-Strong says:

    I’m a S H O G U N fan and I feel he did lose that fight. But I also understand a draw as well. He didn’t have great game plan, he had an okay one. Didn’t understand the take downs, he should have turned it into a constant and technical striking match like he did with Machida.

    • El Charlie says:

      But that’s exactly what got him dropped in every single round. If he decided to keep striking with Hendo it was only a matter of time before he finished him. Which made him resort to grapple with him the rest of the fight.

  24. Robbie Wiggins says:

    best fight I’ve ever seen in my life period!!!!!!!!! personally I think it shoulda been a draw,but thats only my opinion. Would love to see a rematch,but I dont think Hendo would agree to it but I didnt see tha post fight interview or if Hendo gave his thoughts on a rematch.

  25. Omar says:

    shogun deserves the rematch,no doubt

  26. Mike says:

    For all the poeple saying Shogun should have gotten a 10-8 round for round 5 I think your wrong. He did completely control the round no doubt but he didnt ever have Hendo in trouble of being finished other than a couple submission attempts that Hendo got out of pretty quick. If that should have been a 10-8 round then almost all of the rounds that GSP has fought in the last couple years should be 10-8 rounds, because he normally contorlls the fight as well as Shogun did the last round. Hendo should have gotten a 10-8 for the beating he put on Shogun in round 3 where I thought the fight was going to be stopped.

  27. :) says:

    at the end of the day those two are on a collision course no matter what happens i have a felling they will meet again maybe even for the title. that would sell so fast the two of them fighting for the title :).

  28. Xaninho says:

    Too bad for Shogun this wasn’t a 6 round fight cause he would have finished Hendo in the 6th.

  29. Creature says:

    I dont see why anyone is still trying to say Dan doesnt deserve a title shot or to even be in the UFC.. thats just completely retarded. Hendo is one of the most accomplished fighters in the sport, he is currently on a 4 fight win streak, and is 7-1 since his loss to Silva. He just beat a guy ranked my many as 2 or 3 in the world and the fight was EPIC. I think Rashad deserves it a bit more, but saying Dan doesnt deserve it is ridiculous.

    And about that fight with Shogun, 1st round went to Dan easy, it was competitive but the only thing Shogun did really was rock Dan with an illegal shot.. 2nd was close, they both landed clean shots and pushed forward but Hendo did more damage so it goes to him.

    The 3rd round was just as much a 10-8 as round 5 was, Shogun came VERY close to being finished, some refs would have stopped it.. and his face looked like he took a sledgehammer to it.. 5 was very dominate but Dan wasnt in any trouble, Shogun was too gassed to do any damage. But if 3 wasnt a 10-8 then neither was 5.

  30. ben says:

    this was the best fight in ufc history, and hendo DOES deserve a title shot. if this was a title fight, than yes shogun should get an immediate rematch; but this is a number one contender fight and dan won by unanimous decision. round 1 was close with both fighters getting dropped, but hendo controlled the octagon better. 10-9 hendo. round 2 was more of the same. 10-9 hendo. round 3 was a big round for hendo, but i wouldn’t give him a 10-8. 10-9 hendo. round 4 i would give to shogun because he controlled where the fight went in almost every situation (dan was tired). 10-9 shogun. round 5 was DEFINATLEY a big round for shogun. he mounted dan numerous times and landed solid shots while dan just layed there. 10-8 shogun. i saw this fight as a draw, but the judges saw dan win; so it’s hard to argue that. let shogun crush rampage in japan, and than he can get his rematch after jones beats hendo.

  31. GRT 3000 says:

    I’d like to see it again, but later on. Let them move forward now…Hendo won the fight, let him now challenge for the title. Give Shogun Rampage; they can duke it out for contendership (or thereabouts)

  32. Rolo says:

    hendo should fight rashad then decide who gets the winner of jones/machida, then shogun should fight rampage in order to stay in top contender status… but there should definitely be a rematch for Hendo/shogun

  33. dana white says:

    no matter what shogun has to get a rematch at some point because he destroyed hendo in the last 2 rounds of the fight if there was 1 more minute left shogun would of finished him

  34. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    10-8? Rarely do I see a fighter land hammer fist from the bottom while defending. Shogun in the last rd was sitting on his chest but had to work for those shots while taking some of his own. The ref raised the correct hand at the end of the fight.

    Rashad shouldn’t have to fight Hendo for chance at the belt because he has had to wait long enough. Whomever is ready in time should fight for the title whether that is Hendo or Rashad but idk if Rashad will wait.

    Shogun should fight Rampage in a five rounder. But, I think he will lose because Rampage is a 5 rd fighter and he put up a much better fight against Jones. But, if it’s three rds Rampage will lose by decision. Lhw division is a unclear mess.

  35. Jujitsu Player says:

    I’d like to see Hendo fight Rashad with the winner fighting the winnder of Jones v Machida. IMO Jones will walk through Machida but the Hendo Rashad fight is a tough one to call. I badly want to see Hendo v Jones. Hendo at least has a very slim chance against Jones and great wrestling to counter Jones. By slim I mean he has a punchers chance, his right hand is brutal and I’m not sure if Jones chin has been tested with a weaon like that before.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I agree about Machida not posing much of a threat because of his style. Hendo is a tank with a hand grenade in his palm and he could pose some real problems for Jones with him fearlessly pressing forward. I don’t think Bones could handle the shots Shogun took on Saturday. Jones was afraid to get hit by Rampage so you got to wonder how much punishment he can take since no one is able to get close and inside his reach.

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