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Friday, 01/06/2012, 08:26 am

UFC NEWS – "Say it ain't so BJ" says Gracie Camp In Response To Penn's Twitter Rant


Say It Aint So BJ…

BJ Penn has apparently not come to terms with the beating he received at the hands of Nick Diaz…

At some point it is up to those around you to protect you from yourself. To take you aside and let you know you are wrong and help save you from your folly. Unfortunately for Penn he is surrounded by “Yes Men” that are unwilling to do that. The outcome will be predictable, resulting in a fighter that will never push himself to the fullest and will always have excuses for his losses.

Anymore commentary from me on this subject would be too much and I don’t want to instigate anymore back and forth between our camp and theirs, so sound off fans and share your thoughts!



143 Responses to “UFC NEWS – "Say it ain't so BJ" says Gracie Camp In Response To Penn's Twitter Rant”

  1. magoo says:

    Why doesn’t Ceasar shut his pie hole,and let Diaz respond so we can all hear what tricky nickys got to say?

    • Rafi Bomb says:

      Diaz is too busy training. *trollface*

    • DontBeScaredHomie says:

      Nick doesn’t need to waste him time talking to or about this clown Bj Penn who always has been a cry baby Bj should just shut up he already got his ass beat by Nicks “pillow hands” that did more damage to his face in two rounds then everyone he has fought in his whole career put together. This guy is just a sore loser and nothing but a waste of talent proof that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work story of Bjs career right there.

    • FUCK BJ PENN says:

      BJ should wipe his eyes, now he has an excuse to got sukc down some HRT..he fucking contradicts himself on everything else…good job let a cool persona and a good career show your true bitch colors..go fucking sun tan in hilo dick face nick diaz made you his bitch even if the threw you in a basebal bat..wouldnt have mattered..”grabbed the cage”..ha dick

      • FUCK YOU says:

        Sure go tell him that yourself keyboard warrior.Go ahead tough guy your a badass.Fucking loser…and you too ToolShed.Why dont you two go somewhere and fuck or something.


      BJ the dick sucking fans you had left( who btw all really know your a fucking clown deep down after the last episode with diaz) this bullshit ass move on your twitter while your eating a bannana on hilo is fucking comical…the fans you have left are the frauds and fakes…bro, diaz fucking beat you like a 10 year old boy…took all your hawaii tough guy crap and pissed on it on the street in stockton…I dont even like diaz,,and never post on these stupid things…but your a fucking dick.. Dana white knows it…good luck trying to get that rematch…stick to teaching armbars in the UFC hawaii gym where you belong.. “tired the smaller man out lol…you fuciking clown your a cage fighter!!! lol what a moron. hope you do fight again so we can wathc you get smashed and cry owe us all that after this bitch shit

  2. sb350 says:

    lol when someone attacks one of Ceasar’s pets, of course he’ll step up and say something about it.

    • lol says:

      gotta agree with Caesar on this one. why would BJ wanna do this? Diaz isn’t a punk like people think. The best idea after their fight was BJ training with them–their cardio is off the chart. Imagine BJ’s cardio being the same? Nate looked like he could’ve went five with Cowboy after all the punches he threw!

      Don’t agree with BJ’s approach on this. Fan for life, but smh with this one.

  3. awesome one says:

    why would nick say anything? he knows he whooped bj’s ass fair and square. There is nothin left to be said after an ass whoopin like that, his point is already proven.

    • Cry-baby J says:

      Agreed. BJ Penn is nothing more than an irrelevant image in the rearview mirror of Nick Diaz and Frankie Edgar’s car, driving down the road of success.

  4. istone says:

    i’d have to agree with what ceasar said. if bj wasn’t so far up his own ass and trained as hard as most fighters out there he “would” have been the G.O.A.T. a motivated, in-shape, is….. blah blah blah. BJ is the best first round figfhter

  5. the beast says:

    Thats crazy this is like if cowboy came out and said well nate is lucky all he did was punch me in the face like a bitch or i woulda so beat him….its just stupid and obviously if he hasnt come out and said he got hacked by now its true just sad but what can you expect from someone at the end hes only won one of his last what 5 fights

    • DontBeScaredHomie says:

      That’s what i’m saying Bj is pathetic ever since Edgar beat his ass he has never been the same and never will be he’s done and it should stay that way he would be alot better off unless he just wants to be a UFC gatekeeper because he obviously can’t fight the top at LW or WW

      • jason N says:

        come on edgar didnt beat his ass. he won a BS descision in the first fight and out pointed him in the second(all 5 rounds) Bj was never close to being finished.

        Also if diaz beat his ass so bad then why no finish. I like both fighters

        • Zyglrox says:

          Yeah, because it’s just super easy to finish these guys. Why didn’t Nick or Frankie think of that one, I wonder?

        • Jayson D-O-doubleN says:

          Edgar wasn’t close to finish but BJ wasn’t close to winning. Edgar defeated BJ and he would do so again.

  6. david.uppercut says:

    BJ go back to lightweight bro, you don’t have anything else to prove anymore in WW. Go smash Nate Diaz!

  7. Dream says:

    Bj and Nick are my top two favorite fighters, but after reading what Bj said its sad to say ive lost all respect for him. Welterweights are big so idk why Bjs complaining about size when he shouldnt have been there in the first place. He should stuck to 155 dominating, but i guess Frankie broke him. Excuses Bj, i respected your decision to retire now you just come off as a sore-loser.

    • stone cold says:

      he never called gsp or jon fitch a coward.. he called nick diaz a coward because nick diaz said it himself that he was going to scrap with bj penn. its not excuses, its the truth.

      • Stevo the great says:

        Stone Cold… are an idiot….i guess you missed BJ Penns face after the fight……it was no Jon Fitch/Bj Penn fight. It was the beating of a lifetime…..actually I think Nick set a compustrike record for most punches landed in a 5 round fight. So yeah….Stone Cold you must be watching to much wrestling…..because you are fucking retarded!

        • FACT..the diazassholes are point fighters, no matter what happens they just throw barrages of taps and know if they don’t get ko’d they’ll win by points. This bullshitt will end with a hvy handed strike / kicker! FK the diazassholes..Condit is going to knock nick ass out!

      • GreenTeaBagger says:

        To bad the Judges didn’t take that into consideration hu??? Trolololol

      • DontBeScaredHomie says:

        He did scrap him and left Bj a broken man with a busted face that’s why he retired like a child immediately after

        • Bro stfu u have to but ur 2 cents in every fucking comment. Diaz dickriders are the worst. Diaz bros are 0-10 against wrestlers bitch. Bj has had twice the career Nick and Nate put together. Nick lost to Joe fuckin Riggs lmao.

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          How many fucking years ago was that Bj dick riders are the worst all delusional losers like yourself Nick beat the fuck out of you boy Bj so bad that he left the sport regardless of anything you say Nick literally retired him so gtfo with your ignorant little ass

  8. BJ Sux says:

    BJ sux admit it nuthuggers. How many more times does he have to lose before you accept he has become a lazy person who the world has passed him by? “Hes bigger than me, he tired me out” DUH thats what you get for fighting chubby at 170, wtf do you expect? everyone acts like he defended the LW title 30 times and is a god. Dude came on the scene as an aggressive all around fighter but its clearly passed him by. Whats his excuse for loseing TWICE to Edgar who is smaller? He wasn’t motivated? Yeah cuz youre a lazy bitch! Nick, Fitch, and GSP all broke his weak little bitch mind in the cage and made him quit.

    • Chris says:

      Really? Fitch made him quit? You honestly believe that?

      • Truth Hurts says:

        Fitch didn’t make him quit, he gave up on his own.(which is even worse) It was a 3 round fight and he won the first 2 rounds. Tell me why was he more tired than Fitch coming into the 3rd? Clearly it was his conditioning. Is it a valid excuse? Nope… MMA is a sport that requires well rounded skills, athleticism and the right mindset. You got to have it all in order to succeed in this sport.

    • Ainokea says:

      BJ Sux, please tell me you live in the 209 like all the nick bandwagoners so I can kick your ass myself… I have no problem with kickin a mahu’s ass like you. come to merced you panty, coming to some fighter’s website just to call shit. go to nick’s, fitch’s, or GSP’s site if your gonna make ass of yourself. and just in case you didn’t know mahu means faggot ya dumbass.

      • DontBeScaredHomie says:

        This is an mma news site not a defend Bj Penn site what he says is true regardless if your sorry little wants to admit it or not.

        • Ainokea says:

          once again, all nick bandwagoners must go to the diaz brothers website. BJ said what he said because that is his way of dealing with a loss. no disrespect BJ, but all fighters have a way of dealing with their losses. DontBeScaredHomie, you need a good punch in the mouth, and I’LL love to be the one to do it. come to merced, i will show you how for scrap.

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          LOL okay internet though guy I would love to see you do anything you’re dumbass is probably 5’1 and 110lbs trying to act hard over the internet kids like you are so stupid

        • Xaninho says:

          I’ll check the URL for you….Nope it’s still BJPENN.COM! Go run yo mouth at Sherdog or something dumbass!

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          Are you that stupid in the URL it literally says UFC and MMA news not BJ dick riders only so get off my nuts moron

        • Xaninho says:

          Does it say Diaz nutsuckers welcome? I think not so run along street hussy….

  9. Wes says:

    BJ if or when you come back, it should be at LW, you can destroy anyone at LW, I wanna see the BJ that fough Diego Sanchez! Put these people in there place…It must be hard, I have no idea what its like to be a pro athlete…when the time is right BJ….WARRRRRR PENN!

  10. Stefan says:

    As much as I dislike Ceasar, he’s absolutely right here. BJ is bitching about fighting bigger men at welterweight instead of cutting the weight and going back down to his natural weight class. So apparently whoever has any sort of a height or weight advantage in a fight can’t put it to use vs BJ because that’s unfair..also they’re not allowed to do anything that might cause him to gas out. Ridiculous, I was a huge BJ fan until I saw that tweet

  11. ThaGreenBandit says:

    You’re better than that BJ. Really

  12. Jim says:

    Aww come on BJ, you were the first one to go for the Takedown, so just stop it there. Nick Diaz beat you fair and square.

  13. tom23 says:

    BJ needs to realize this is a sport. Want to go fight bigger guys and slug it out – there are plenty of bars in the world. Want to try and leave a legacy in MMA, get in shape and fight at LW.

  14. Jb says:

    Most of this is bs for media attention. And bj lost fair and square it’s his own fault. I’m no Diaz fan but to the victor go the spoils. UFC is turning into the wwe. And Dana is a big reason for it, he sets a shitty media example and thinks fighters should not follow suite

  15. GrimV says:

    Get away from your camp nd stop training with ‘yes men’ Maybe go train with GSP hahaha

  16. dave says:

    Camp 209 is dead on with this analogy–BJ YOUR NEVER IN SHAPE!!! look at the spare tire you carry around your waist-You gas out in the second rd! Your out of shape to be fighting grade a fighters like Diaz-stop whining like a girlyman and get serious,or get lost

  17. mike f says:

    Said it before, and ill say it again. Bj Penn is crazy

  18. Truth Hurts says:

    Seriously though, BJ, You lost fair and square… You got tired and got out boxed by Nick. How can you get mad at him for pushing you against the cage when you took him down first? Anyway, good luck in whatever you do bro, but please, don’t half-ass it. We’ve all seen what a fully trained, motivated BJ Penn can do.

  19. Trulymma says:

    Bj, u were giving him a beating until your cardio collapsed. I think if u work on your cardio or find some happy medium youll become champ. I think u lack motivation, find something that motivates u, and crush it out there! Cardio is your biggest enemy at this point. But I believe in you.. Go n get some revenge now!

  20. Patrick says:

    Gilbert Melendez is looking for an opponent that can challenge him, I think Zuffa/Strikeforce should match up BJ with Gilbert both guys would put on a show lets make that happen.

    • Truth Hurts says:

      They would put on a show for the first 2 rounds then BJ will get tired after… It will be all Melendez after that.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I like your thought process, but I would rather keep the fire going in BJ by him climbing his way back into title contention in the UFC. Go back to LW fight some WEC guys get a title shot, get the belt, defeat Nate, Ceasar and Nick, then retire happily.

  21. GreenTeaBagger says:

    ok, so did Diaz make a brake for it out the back door again? Is that why he isn’t responding?

    However, it is one thing to call out the guy that just laid such a beating on you to say you want a rematch. It is quite another to completly ignore that beating to go on a rant about it. You lost; happens to everyone. Come to grips or get into the cage and redeem yourself.

  22. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    SAY IT IS SO….BJ !!! Being from the city of “NO” in central cali I have always liked the diaz brothers from up north and I have always rooted for them. Except when they fight the “LION HAWAIIAN”….RIDE OR DIE!!! GET Em’ BJ….Get EM’ Life is a journey and I hope that your returns brings the fire in your heart! Godspeed to WAR PENN WAR! Last thing….when you come out to your next fight with your Hawaiian music (which I love) I hope that you hear a little Pantera 5 minutes alone ringing in your head. One Love from my Ohana to yours. Aloha!!!

  23. MMAnalyst says:

    BJ used to be small for WW, now he’s tiny… the division is just much larger than it used to be with far bigger weight cuts by guys who likely would’ve been MW 6 years ago (GSP used to be a ‘big’ WW and now he is average sized at best). I know BJ fought Machida at LHW and is clearly a very tough fighter, but the science of the MMA game has progressed so much that you really do need to fight at the optimum weight to have your best chance at success IMO…

  24. Mike says:

    For all you BJ nutt huggers saying he should come back at 155 because he would destroy everybody, your all idiots. He got beat 2 out of 2 by Frankie Edgar who no matter how many times they fight BJ will never beat him. BJ would loose to Ben Henderson, and to Gray Maynard.

  25. The newsection is now a cesspool of trolls. A bunch of out of shape cowards who have nothing better to do because they are on a break from school and just stay home and hate on BJ. These are the same lames who cant do anything competitive so they are mad lol. Fuck the haters i cant get at each one because there are too many, so this post it to all of them :)..

    • Truth Hurts says:

      How are we hating? Most of the post here are a post of concerns, on how it came down to BJ being bitter and doing all his talking online. We all love the fighter BJ Penn, not the internet/witter gangster. It is painful to see someone who’s inspired you go down the drain like this. He even said it him self, he can’t compete at the higher level anymore so why trash talk now? I’m still a big BJ Penn fan but I just seriously, don’t go down this road, bro!

  26. Jay Unidos says:

    I’m not even sure Cesar wrote that response – “folly”? Who talks like that? On a serious note, it was a tame response for the most part.

  27. Truth Hurts says:

    BJ said it himself, Everyone likes a winner, Nobody likes a loser… and you know what? clearly, no one likes a sore loser. Do your talking back in the ring, BJ, not on twitter/internet.

  28. Pious Enilolobo Jr says:

    I believe the yes men statement. It’s why you lose fights BJ, not because they were better than you. You have the tools to beat or avenge all your loses but you can’t train under your own brand anymore (Brock Lesner). You have to go somewhere no one gives a damn who you are so that hunger can return.

  29. salman says:

    I like Bj penn i thought he was mellowed out after the frankie fight, he has to change his training techhiques and stop munching on those hawain snacks..
    what gracie said is right , a win is a win, you have to take it like a man.

  30. JayPanda says:

    A fan of BJ but this shit has gone to far, except you got your ass kicked by a bigger fighter. If you want to fight ww take the time to put on muscle/size or cardio to hang with the big boys. Other wise drop back down to LW and figure it out either its YOU or YOUR camp fault for the recent let downs, but don’t go out like this at the end of your career if it is the end making excuses.

  31. Stockton209 says:

    I feel like BJ was and is one of the best in MMA, If he would have had this fire when he was training for the fight it defintely would have been a different fight. Either way I think BJ and Diaz fans need to let it go. It was a great fight for Diaz and not for BJ. BJ is not who he used to be (his last 4 fights) but he is a warrior and a champion to all of us. I am a avid supporter to Diaz because I am from Stockton, but I also rep the 808 for BJ All DAY

  32. Ruben says:

    Cesar needs to get his ass whooped

  33. Jack says:

    If Bj was pushed he d still be n.o 1 at 155, obviously he needs to want it……………anderson and gsp openly admit he s the best but depends what bj turns up………….he s my fav fighter but he may realise once he’s too old the talent he had and the legacy he could of left……………Training himself not gonna work……sure Black house would welcome him with open arms

  34. Mistabutts says:

    Tbh I would think BJ should try featherweight. he has the build for it and if he brings his A game he could become the first person to have had 3 different belts. Just sayin is all.

  35. Fortyb4five says:

    im a bj penn nut warmer. His nuts just cockles in my mouth. then i ply the song “wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle… yeah”

    • Fortyb4five says:

      ooooooo i suuuuurrrre did show ma self! cuz im a Fortyb4five Sack Warmer.

      Its absolutely free cuz do it through PASSION, LOVE, SINCERITY.

      ps. extra charges may apply for a broken jaw from overload

  36. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Keep stoking the fire Ceasar and the sleeping dragon in BJ will awaken and wreck everyone in his path. This is good keep it coming, you could have squashed the beef behind the camera’s but you didn’t. I can’t wait till BJ comes back and destroys Nick Diaz in this burgeoning grudge match. I smell a catch weight battle in 2012/2013.

  37. Honestly says:

    Everyone is missing the point. Bj posted that bc Diaz promised to have street scrap with bj goin toe to toe. But if u watch the fight u clearly see Diaz holding him on the cage with his fingers in the cage warring bj down and ultimately gassing him. That’s why bj posted that on twitter. He’s jus calling Diaz out on the promise he broke. Let’s not forget this is MMA anything can happen. So don’t say someone is done an washed up.

  38. greatestmmamind says:

    Caesar Gracie is right. He is also willing to help BJ. BJ obviously just is done fighting, and why not, hes a millionaire, why not take time to enjoy life as a rich dude, hes still young at 31. Hes won two belts. Why throw yourself into a even harsher training camp, when training hard is not really his forte anyways. He has horrible cardio, always has, except for maybe one fight. Could be classified as a one round wonder who has problems with opponents who can push the pace for 5 rounds.
    Why go back into all of that, even those Caesar’s camp is excellent and will fix all the problems of his fighting game.

    I would like to see BJ go back and train but, I have a feeling hes kinda lazy, and probably will enjoy the good life.. I don’t blame him :) He just starting understanding that grappling will help him utliize his bjj too.. too late, I guess.

  39. slacker says:

    Did Cesar Gracie accuse “someone else” of “folly”?! He is the King of Folly!! It’s like wisdom coming out of the mouth of a donkey!! Look in the mirror first, and remember what you saw!

  40. Matt says:

    I think Bj is just trying to hype his next fight. Which might be a guy at Gracie’s gym. War Prodigy brought up that theory and I can buy it. I could be wrong cause I don’t know BJ.

  41. MisfitMMA says:

    Why are there so many BJ Penn Haters on BJPENN.COM? If your a fan of a fighter you should behind him 100%. If you not a fan of said fighter then dont get on THERE fuckin website and trash them. BJ Penn is MAN which is more than what can be said about all his haters. Yea Bj took a beating that much is true. but to call him washed up is overly disrespectfull to man who dedicated his life to entertaining MMA fans around the world. He is and always will be a champion and has absolutely nothing to prove to you fucking keyboard warriors who would nener dare test themselves in the cage theyd rather sit at home and watch him do it, I agree completely with BJ’s choice to voice his opinion about the fight. and he is correct in every thing he said. Diaz did try to lean on him and gas him out in the first after saying they would ” just scrap” . he wasnt sayin hey you were just to big hes sayin nick didnt fight him the way he said he would and now that he knows that he would go about it alot diffrently skill for skill BJ Penn is still one of the best in the game. If hes so washed up then name me 3 other guys that stood in front of diaz for 3 rounds got as tired as bj did and not get finished……… dnt worry Ill wait but until then all the BJ Penn haters need to GET THE FUCK OFF BJPENN.COM

  42. Pouya says:

    i was cheering for BJ in that fight but Nick won fair and square

    BJ gassed after the 1st round

  43. aaxantonio says:

    how can you people say bj was wrong but you love diaz? all bj did is the same thing diaz does, talk shit, i like both fighters and i like how they talk shit and dont give a fuck, so im not gonna sit here and say one guy is great and the other is an asshole when the are doing the same thing

  44. Leslie says:

    This statement is basically 110% truth. BJ needs to shut up and stay retired or change camps. His “yes” men pushing the Marinovich’s out the door ruined BJ. He’s 1-3-1 since that happened.


    As most know I became a BJ PENN fan only after coming to this site..

    But one thing about BJ is he is a complainer and makes excuses or crys.. suck it up man..

    Nick is the p4p best fighter in the world right now.. Your time has passed you because your stubborn to make changes.

  46. Domo says:

    Wow. I can’t believe how people just write off BJ Penn. He got a beating from Diaz but it amazes me how much people here are hating on BJ Penn. Let the man swallow his words and lose again, why make the effort to trash talk someone in a comment thread. It’s sad. Both the Diaz brothers are beast. I love watching MMA b/c it truly shows who the better man is in a fight game, what else can you do after that but to give the other man respect. I wish these keyboard warriors could get the same experience. I personally think BJ Penn wrote that tweet to pump himself up to fight and reignite that fire and will.

  47. BobbO says:

    Until you have been in the cage, don’t judge a fighter. And for the record, Diaz didn’t finish BJ. BJ has alot of heart. Bj & Nick are both great fighters. ~BobbO

  48. fuck the 209 and the diaz sis and all the diaz fans FUCK YOU bj rules says:

    To all of you who sucks on diazes dicks so do your moms bj Penn is the best mma guy on the planet take all of your shit talking and go back to school or just get the fuck off here if any of you would like to meet and talk in person just say I am closer than you think Penn rules

  49. Erad says:

    IDk what was goin thru BJs mind when he posted that tweet but i agree with the diaz camp.. i always have, even before they replied i believed that BJ is surrounded by yes men and is not training properly its a shame to see BJ makin excuses for his loss stop worrying about what diaz did and start worrying about what you didnt do.. Im not convinced of anything BJ is sayin until he proves it in the octagon and i really hope he does… how hes gonna look in his next fight if he gasses again? what next another retirement??

  50. penn rules says:

    Erad your a stupid fuck

  51. Erad says:

    PRODIGY ur right i did say that about BJ in a thread, but u kno who told me? BJ. He told me in the chat that his problem was over training and that dana white was a liar.. So i believed him.. Its clear as day his conditioning is the problem.. And how you say im not reppin him no more? I still love BJ and a big part of me wants to believe that hes back, but this was all said before frankie 2, fitch and diaz fights… im not gonna let myself believe it again and end up heart broken when he losses… I hope he proves everyone wrong but im not expecting it to happen.. sup forty ima msg u…

  52. Dream says:

    Bj Diaz came to scrap , ur ass decided to shoot on diaz so quit making excuses

  53. Long-Strong says:

    Cesar Gracie sucks ass. Single fight was a knockout loss; shut the fuck up!

  54. jimmboy says:

    its only complete losers that read this internet comment shit but it gotta be said:
    If someome beat my ass id take up the offer on training with him.
    lose the ego and open ur eyes.

  55. KingGareth says:

    Bj has excuses after all his loses. It’s never him who lost, it’s always because the other guy cheated.

  56. GRT 3000 says:

    BJ’s way better than Nick imo. He just needs to get in proper shape for his fights; he can skip all his excuses for this n that, at the end of the day, BJ beats himself by tuckering out way too soon. When he’s on his toes he makes them all look like amateurs. But round 2, 3? where does he go?

  57. It’s actually a great and helpful piece of info. I’m glad that you just shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  58. GreenTeaBagger says:

    You can get stats on Wikipedia?!?! AWESOME!!! And here I have been looking at the UFC website…

  59. Stevo the great says:

    Forty I should dick slap you……now look at the one who is going to Wiki for MMA PAST…..not PRESENT we are talking abut here and now. Not the past….not when BJ had a career……we are talking about now…..when BJ is washed up and the Diaz brothers are at the top of their game! I would smack you like the hoe that you are Forty…..have you looking like BJ did against NIck. You are an internet warrior…..I see you try and smack talk when you really don’t know….you think you do but you don’t your washed up like BJ!

  60. DontBeScaredHomie says:

    Yeah how many years ago was that? It’s not even the same Penn quit being a delusional mindless fan Penn is done and has been done and is nothing more than a gatekeeper with a name Nate, Nick shit even most of the UFC roster could beat him at this point Bj hasn’t has a good fight in years yet retards like you for some reason think he is going to come back and fight like he did 5 years ago well that’s never going to happen get it through your heads I also find it funny as fuck how all of you think that what Bj did in the past will some how help him or translate into something he is doing now to even think that you must be mentally challanged quit living in the past and get over the fact that Penn isn’t a top fighter anymore and hasn’t been for years and also realize he is just a cry baby doing anything to save his career from falling apart before his eyes

  61. DLee says:

    Its come down to us fans always trying to save face for BJ…. We have to go all the way back into the history books to see how good BJ is. Gomi is irrelevant, bringing him up to prove anything only makes BJ irrelevant as well. He needs to train as hard as he makes excuses and all this wouldnt even be a problem like it is now.

  62. Truth Hurts says:

    Yes, I think Nick Diaz did set the record for a 3 round fight, until Nate beat it after beating Donald Cerrone.

  63. Truth Hurts says:

    Nope… Nick broke the record after that and Nate beat it again against Cerrone. You get your facts straight, Idiot.

  64. Stevo the great says:

    I do think TRUTH HURTS is right. I think Nate set it against Davis….Nick broke it against BJ…..and nate beat it again against Cerrone. i believe that is what happened…..bottom line to this whole story is. The Diaz brothers throw the most overall punches and accuracy. So please Diaz haters…..quit bumping gums cause these fools hold records…..not hold people down just to win. Get right or get real.

  65. Duke says:

    Why don’t you all just jump on the Diaz brothers bandwagon
    , just like dontbescaredhomie the catdick.

  66. DBKlein69 says:

    fortyb4five, nick broke nate’s record over bj’s face, then nick re-broke it over cowboy’s face. get ur facts straight. faggot.

  67. DBKlein69 says:

    *nate re-broke it over cowboy’s face. u know what the fuck i meant.

  68. baldy says:

    more keyboard tough guys…god i love this site! lol.
    why would you guys even bring up hitting eachother? your both probably a couple fortysomething fat slobs living in your moms basement, drinkin mt dew and eating potatoe chips, checkin this site between world of warcraft sessions…lmfao!

  69. Stevo the great says:

    Forty was right….shut the fuck up baldy. There you go assuming you know something when really you know nothing and you are just bumping your gums like a fucking TROLL! That’s all you are is a side show bob troll baldy.

  70. baldy says:

    first off…im 30…something, im not THAT fat, i preferr red bull over mt dew (i do love me some chips though), and i ply D & D not world of warcraft. so there!
    also…im a bj penn fan but this all sounds like sour grapes to me. he shoulda did his talkin in the octogon.

  71. Calabama says:

    Watch your mouths! mtn dew voltage is the shit, AND I CANT FIND ANY IN GERMANY! To be honest I never look because there is too much awesome beer… OOOOW BEER… wait why am I commenting on this again?

  72. Truth Hurts says:

    Anyone that can put a beating like that on BJ is a “gangster”

  73. Boss Man says:

    so the beating i put on u last weak makes me a gangster to or what?

  74. Xaninho says:

    That makes Nate Diaz ‘achievement’ even more irrelevant, cause BJ beat Gomi in his prime.

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