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Friday, 12/09/2011, 04:07 pm

UFC NEWS – Rumor: Lyoto Machida Heading Into UFC 140 Bout Unhealthy

In a report coming out of, Jordan Breen, the host of “The Jordan Breen Radio Show” is reporting on scene from Toronto that UFC 140 main event participant, Lyoto Machida is ill.

In fact, he is reporting that the former UFC light-heavyweight champion is very ill leading into his championship title to fight against Jon Jones.

No word on if this report is valid, but BJPENN.COM will reach out to the Brazilians camp as soon as possible to get to the bottom of this rumor and will update with what we find.

If true, the highly anticipated main event is going to be skewed with a possible less than 100% title challenger and no one wants that.

Here is a screen cap of Breen’s quote from his pre-fight chat on

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22 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Rumor: Lyoto Machida Heading Into UFC 140 Bout Unhealthy”

  1. Ekahi says:

    this sucks….I don’t want a fighter not being able to fight at his best…

  2. learntoread says:

    This is brutal news if it’s in fact true.

  3. A.James says:

    I don’t believe it. He was on weight and he’s not the type to fight just for the cash.

  4. M.Grant says:

    Machida is a tough guy flu or not he will fight his heart out. Im a dragon fan and i have nothing but faith in him regardless of a cold.

  5. Nick says:

    Ed Soares said it’s a rumor. I don’t know or care. I’m probably not even going to watch this event.

    • stone cold says:

      who said ed soares said that? it said sherdog u dumb f@g

      • zach says:

        He said that just little bit ago do you even read the articles below? Look it up before you try to start blasting on someone, just made yourself look like the “dumb fag” Man show so respect that’s what this sport used to be about until it went mainstream and all your noobs shit on what people say instead of looking up where the person actually got the information from

        • David says:

          Yeah mma was cool before it went mainstream , now its not cool, stfu you hipster fucking prick, i guess we should all bow to you because you liked mma before it was cool, dumb fag

  6. Jerry says:

    Remember when Chuck Liddell fought Jeremy Horn, Chuck was fighting with the flu and a high temperature. Chuck had to be admitted into the hospital several hours later. We saw what Chuck did to Horn. Athletes perform sick and injured all the time. I was an athlete and I did the same. I never used an injury or my health as an excuse.

  7. Thomas says:

    Actually he did look like having a cold at the press conference some days ago. It was the very first thing I thought, when I saw the footage.

    I hope for everybody’s sake that he is better now. Ore ells it’s going to be an even more one-sided fight.

    It was very hard to se the Machida 20 lbs. muscle gain at the weigh in by the way.

  8. fourtetshou says:

    Probably from drinking his own piss all the time

  9. drew says:

    just watched the weigh ins lyoto looked great, the fans gave what bones deserves, and dude did anyone see how lit lyoto got after he realized how much ofa prick he is dude didnt even look at machida…MACHIDA IS PISSED BONES
    WAR MACHIDA!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. drew says:

    he did look at him…but still a lil disrespectful

  11. Bigfan says:

    if all they are basing this on is that Lyoto is in his room more than usual, he is just a media guy doing his job: getting attention.

  12. razor says:

    Machida could b roided out, on pcp and have wolverines adamantium skeleton and bones will still f*ck him up.

  13. Gayzor says:

    Didnt someone like you (probably you) say that same s*** about Wandy couldnt possibly beat Cung yada yada with whatever nuclear weapon etc etc? Listen idiot I think Jon may take this one but this is mma your no prophet and anything can happen.

  14. Dude says:

    Nah this is bullshit. Rua was unhealthy, Machida was unhealthy, and im pretty sure rampage would be too. And they all faced Bones… Excuses like this dont change shit. If theses legends of the fighting scenes were to be too ill in an upcoming, they would absolutely NOT take the fight

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