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Friday, 12/09/2011, 04:16 pm

UFC NEWS – Rumor Killer: Ed Soares Confirms Exclusively to BJPENN.COM That Machida is 100%

Just moments ago we ran a report from’s Jordan Breen that the rumor around Toronto is that Lyoto Machida is very ill leading up to his UFC 140 title fight with Jon Jones.

Longtime BJPENN.COM friend and manager to the Brazilian former champion, Ed Soares, responded to us exclusively that Lyoto is in fact 100% healthy.

While I reached out to Ed just moments ago to ask for an official response, my friendship with the infamous managerial figure is such that if Machida was sick he would have confirmed off the record or asked me not to report, however instead of that he was willfully willing to respond with the following text message I have screen capped for you guys.

Machida supports can now sleep easy knowing their fighter is 100% going into his bout tomorrow night with Jon Jones.

SCREEN CAP FROM MY PHONE – Ed Soares Response:

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19 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Rumor Killer: Ed Soares Confirms Exclusively to BJPENN.COM That Machida is 100%”

  1. Ekahi says:

    cool. that’s what i wanted to hear… excuses then

    • jacob lee says:

      well why would he publicly post yes lyoto is not healthy and Jones has a batter chance. Come on dude how stupid is that.

    • mmaninja says:

      Exactly right my friend. I’m a Jones “superfan” and I want him to face a healthy and prepared Machida. It wouldn’t do Jon any hood to fight a sick or weak Machida, to not only prove himself to the remaining haters that question his legitimacy, but also so there are no pre-ready excuses if Machida were to lose. Good news. The fans are in for one hell.of a battle tonight and I can’t wait!

  2. TheBraveReply says:

    Though I dont think Machida is sick. I will never believe anything that comes out of Ed Soares’ mouth

  3. RicDan says:

    Ed Soares says happy thanksgiving to the man and he didnt say a word.. lol

  4. Enzo says:

    That’s more like it….he looked healthy at the weigh-ins too. He looked hype for the fight. Lyoto by 2nd rd KO via Dragon Punch…..SHORYUKEN!!!!

  5. geesto says:

    It’s good to see that you keep your cell phone charged =)

  6. Fortyb4five says:

    once again misleading info from Sherdog. Thanks for confirming Pedro.

  7. Corissa Furr says:

    Machida looked good and healthy at weigh-ins

  8. Ryan says:

    Just played some on line games with Ryu on Ultimate marvel vs capcom…Let’s go Lyoto lol

  9. dave says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..i dont think ed or anyone would tell the truth i they were ill going into a fight,,,,afte the fight he will hav an excue watch and see….this looks the same as big nog and mir part 1….also how was nog in hospital days befor a fight and it didnot get ou…an i saw intervew with the nog bros..big nog kept saying hewas i hospital 3 for 3 days befor the fight,,,ten the lil nog alonesaid 3 weeks…on this site befor

  10. Night-Wind says:

    Machida looked serious.

  11. jarrett kaina says:

    heh he said he feels 100 percent not he is 100percent

  12. Rusk says:

    I’m glad Lyoto got some much needed rest but he probably should of waited till after the fight to do it

  13. bdizz says:

    lyoto got put the fuck to sleep and dropped like a little bitch.

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