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Monday, 01/16/2012, 10:00 am

UFC NEWS – Rogan Defends Yamasaki And His Actions To Question Him Following UFC 142’s Silva vs. Prater Bout


“[Yamasaki is] a great guy, and I’m always happy to see him. When I step into the octagon however, I represent the people watching at home that might have obvious questions, and when something is controversial I’m forced to confront it honestly because that’s what I would want to hear from a person in my position if I was a fan watching it at home.

It was obviously a controversial call, and I’m sure some of you agree with it, but I certainly think it’s also possible to argue that it was a bad call. That was my perspective, so I had to express it. I’m not a perfect person, and I fuck up all the time. It’s a part of life.

Great referees have made awful mistakes. Even the consensus nominee for the greatest referee of all time, my personal friend the great Big John McCarthy has made mistakes.

Remember when Bustamante had to tap out Matt Lindland twice?

Calling fight as a referee is hard as FUCK. If I was a referee Dana would probably hate me more than he hates Mazagatti. I wouldn’t want that job! That’s a shit load of pressure.

I think Mario Yamasaki is one of the best in the world at refereeing MMA. No doubt about it.

He’s got great insight to the sport, he’s a lifelong martial artist, and he’s a really smart guy.

What I was acting from, is that I saw an incredible young talent get denied a KO victory for a questionable call. When I entered into the Octagon and was told of the official ruling that Silva was going to be disqualified for illegal blows to the back of the head everyone that I was around who heard the news opened their mouths in shock. Everyone said, “what?”

The people in the truck couldn’t believe it. I had to read it back to them because I thought it was a mistake, and when I leaned over to explain it to Goldie he couldn’t believe it either.

I had to ask Mario about it. I didn’t know how he was going to respond, but I had to ask him.

Erick Silva is a very promising fighter and I felt like I had a responsibility to address the issue.


No disrespect intended.”


UFC ringside announced Joe Rogan took to the underground forum this past weekend to release a statement explaining why he handled the Silva vs. Prater controversy in the manner he did.

Many thought Yamasaki made a bad call when he announced the disqualification of Silva for illegally striking the back of the head. The same goes for Joe Rogan, many fans voiced concern that he was unprofessional in questioning the ref’s decision in the manner he did after the same bout.

Who was right and who was wrong has turned into a debate amongst MMA fans. However, for his part Rogan offered the explanation above.

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28 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Rogan Defends Yamasaki And His Actions To Question Him Following UFC 142’s Silva vs. Prater Bout”

  1. Marc Rogerson says:

    Well done Joe for questioning the decision. The sport is a display for the people who pay to see it and they deserve answers to questionable decisions. This isn’t soccer/football where questioning a ref is considered unsportsmanlike. When careers and millions of dollars are on the line it is important to keep consistency and without making sure the refs are answerable for their decisions it would surely lead to rigging allegations and sloppy, arrogant refs. In fact I would love to hear from the ref after a match if there is the time and the result was bordered on a critical decision.

    • Imbroglio says:

      i dont like the use of answerable in this situation. he is not obliged to explain himself or his professionalism to anyone not directly related to what’s going on in the octagon i.e. the commission the teams of the fighters and idk who else.. not joe, not me, not you, not the channels.
      the same way that you are not answerable to me about your job..
      in football there are refs that never call important matches ever again and not because I didnt like him. i like rogans passion, and i dont mind the questions, but the ref is not answerable to him. he provided an answer and im also fine with his answer.
      but f.x. i like in american football that the ref speaks to the whole crowd and explains whats going on some times. they explain but their actions are not questionable as such. anyway.

  2. Nick says:

    I felt it was the right thing to do. A little obnoxious, but still it was a issue that needed to be acted upon.

  3. Tim says:

    During the fight, Rogan is an announcer. After the fight he is the post-fight interviewer. When conducting an interview, you review and break down the previous fight. Questioning yamasaki counts as breaking down the fight in my view. Everyone watching wanted to hear his explanation. So what if Rogan spoke his opinion, its an opinion 99% of the people watching had.

  4. Mustard pancakes says:

    Joes smart and doesn’t make dumb decisions while he’s working. He doesn’t get high before a UFC event because he’s worried he say something crazy. This was a completely sober and logical thought that alot were pondering. And he addressed them like a professional.

  5. WrongCallsshouldbeReversed says:

    The one comment I haven’t heard anyone make yet because of all this controversy is Erick Silva steam rolled that guy. What seems to really have hurt the kid was one of the first strikes when Carlo Prater was trying to get back to his feet, it looked like it glanced off the side of the head across the back of the head and ended up hitting him in the shoulder

  6. Brownzillian says:

    I think this world has become so messed up and people have stopped questioning things that they should. Real dudes like joe are bringing back the old school and I can respect that.

  7. Rob says:

    Joe Rogan should stop saying , ” when I step into the octagon”. He may smoke weed and hump Eddie bravo but he is no fighter. He should say, “when I repeat the same catchphrases during a fight…”

  8. pk9grrr says:

    oh in a way rogan was acting out like yamasaki,they were both in the moment and there intentions were in the right

  9. Saoiste says:

    A no contest should be declared & a rematch ordered .

    No big fuss or drama .

    Mario stepped in to save a fighter who had gone unconscious from illegal shots to the back of the head .

    If the fighter hadnt gone unconscious I guess he would have been given time to recover & a point deducted from Silva but that wasnt an option .

    Silva is unlucky to be pulled up on it , it was marginal & didnt look intentional but the ref spotted it so theres nothing he can do , its just one of those things unless of course shots to the back of the head become legalized .

    But looking at it pragmatically , Prater dodged a punch then took a weak knee shot to the body , he wasn’t anywhere near in trouble until after Silva landed on the back of his head .

    Yamasaki made a perfect call when you consider the options open to him .

    As for Rogan asking questions on behalf of the viewing audience ?

    Must be the case that Rogan thinks his audience is criminal scum who cant tell right from wrong who only side with the perpetrator & not the victim .

    Perhaps we have to see a fighter go into a coma from being hit on the back of the head by a professional fighter before Rogan & his like put their soggy excitable Vagina’s away , man up & wise up .

  10. Mmafan says:

    Actually Joe Rogan is a bad ass. Life long mix martial artist and would probably stand with most the dudes in UFC. So stfu rob and know ur shit before you open your mouth!!

    • Saoiste says:

      LoL .

      Rogan is a pussy , watch the early UFC’s , he was an ass kissing little whimp who I thought was a gay .

      I still have my doubts about him but the fight game has rubbed off on him over the years & he has become less effeminate .

      Taekwondo wasnt he ?

      Then he took up BJJ after he started with the UFC .

      Rogan is a fake , he is a pussy & all you fuckin wannabe’s & muppets buy what he is sellin ya & he is laughin his ass off at ya as he banks tha cash .

      • Shawn says:

        Pussy or not, he knows his analytical shit. He can be off sometimes, but for the most part he knows what he is talking about in the fight game. You have to train to know how to analyze a fight. He does train in BJJ and Muay Thai. Has been for almost a decade. Apparently he was at one point a Taekwondo champ. So he has the experience as well. Would you test him? Just as i thought, you had to think about that one didn’t you? Lol. Don’t be a mainstream fan who judges ‘a book by its cover’, or decides by what other fans tell him. Figure out for yourself. Go join a school and learn to get ur ass kicked, so you learn how to kick ass, so you don’t have to. 😉 And yes, I would love to spar with Joe.

  11. Donnybrook says:

    Kudos to Joe for doing it… needs to be done more often.

  12. rayed says:

    I think he did hit in back of the head alot more then two or three times. He should have stopped to take points and the called the DQ or Overturned.

    If they want to put a ref on blast, put Dean on blast for all the early stoppages!

  13. Rezurrected says:

    Professionally I think Rogan put the ref in a horrible position.

    I like how Joe did it and I think alot of fans appreciate that he did.

    It was a bad call, but I really think he is one of the better refs in the UFC. It was most likely a human mistake that would probably never be repeated. I still think he is one of the best refs, this is the only time I seen him make a call I disagree on. Many times I seen him save a fighter from being abused.

  14. Rob says:

    Rogan is a fag..he needs to characterize what he does differently. He may train but hardly an analyst…if I want to see someone eat cockroaches then I’ll ask him what he thinks!

  15. davee says:

    joe rogan really fuct that ref and put him in a bad spot….but i thought joe rogan best boy and trainer was fake,,,eddie bravo only today i found out he beat royler gracie at the bjj shhit in that sand nigger place,,,he tapped him,,

  16. fingerssfv says:

    Rogan WAS at fault for confronting (fronting Yamasaki off) in front of everyone. You just do not do such things, no matter what it is. That was a bone-headed move on Rogan’s part.

    As for the ‘illegal’ blows; anything behind the ears is considered illegal. So that being said, yes, those were many illegal blows. You wonder why? The commission made these rules because of the dangerous nature of those kinds of strikes. Of course, they didn’t have to be in the rules, but they were and the fighters must abide by them. What was considered were the most dangerous types of blows, those were omited as being legal.

    Whether or not you like the decision, Yamasaki had to go by the rules and rule book. If you didn’t like the decision, even if Silva didn’t agree with the disqualification, but all he needs to do is abide by the rules which he already knew which were illegal and which were legal. He knew he was striking on the boundary and he could have been penalized by it. No matter how excited he gets, he has to abide by the rules or take a chance of being caught. He got caught.

    If these fights were a decade earlier, then Silva won easily. He still beat Prater, and still got his bonus. I wish he could have gotten his W, because even though the strikes were too close not to ignore, I still think he should have gotten the win.

  17. ScottinKy says:

    People get your panties unbunched. Geez Lois. It was a questionable call and we all know it, so Joe did what he should have done and asked Mario about it. You can agree or disagree with the call and with Mario’s explanation of it, but all the crazy crap is completely uncalled for. “Joe’s a pussy, no he’s not he could kick your ass!” Really! Have you nothing better to do with your time? You sound like middle school kids trying to sound tough or something. Mario made the call and gave Joe his explanation after the fight and then Joe gave you his explanation as to why he asked Mario about it in the ring after the fight. It is that plain and simple. I can understand feeling like Silva was cheated and I can understand feeling that the stoppage was fair and just. For the life of me though I absolutely have no understanding of how this leads to arguements over whether Joe Rogan is a good analyst for the UFC or whether he is a fighter himself.

    The call that was made in the ring by the ref was close and obviously controversial. Joe saw it and knew that it was going to be a controversy so when he got in the ring he asked Mario about it. Mario explained how and why he made the call in a pretty clear cut way. Refs have no time to debate or second guess themselves, they have to make a call and they have to make it right then and there. So yes there are going to be mistakes made. Better in my opinion that they err on the side of caution then to let someone be seriously injured in the octagon. What is going to happen when the day comes that someone dies in the cage or as a direct result of injuries sustained in the cage? Every busybody jackass that hates the UFC and sport combat in general is going to come out of the woodwork calling for bans on the whole sport. We are very fortunate that we still haven’t had that happen in the UFC yet and I for one am very thankful for it, but it is going to happen one of these days. The refs have a very difficult job to do and they deserve a lot more appreciation than they get. If you want to raise hell about something then raise hell about some of the awful judges that we have mucking things up with terrible decisions.

  18. Xaninho says:

    people stating the area behind the ears is illegal are wrong.

    If that was the case, then the highlight reel KO JDS put on Cain must have been illegal in those peoples eyes too.

    But it wasn’t.

    • Leefal says:

      No, they are right.

      Imagine wearing old school headphones with the band going over the top of the head. Anywhere behind that line is considered the back of the head.
      So yeah, where JDS cracked Cain was technically illegal.

      It happens all the time and gets let go, hell it was even in the promo vid a couple fights later with Vitor hitting Akiyama in the back of the noggin.

      200 fights should be overturned if what Silva did was worthy of a DQ.

  19. soastes a bitch says:

    Its fairly self evident your wife left your decaying tooth, micro dick ass for a yank and that’s why you harbor all that unwarranted hate espedsially regarding americans. Joe Rohan would LITERALLY beat you to death if he gave 2 shits about your useless bitter ass. Next time a country tries to take over your shitty insignificant country well just let them you resentful pretentious fagot

  20. Jeff D. says:

    I gained respect for you Joe for this.

  21. Steve says:

    I disagreed with Joe for this. I usually agree 100% with Joe so that’s why I was so surprised to see him almost arrogantly reeming Mario. How can people not see the hits to the back of the head? There were at least 2 that I counted. Watch that video more carefully, there are definitely hits to the back of the head, I don’t know why people are ignoring this fact.

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