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Monday, 11/28/2011, 12:00 pm

UFC NEWS – Rick Story Responds to Mike Pierce Claim: "He's like a crazy ex-girlfriend, story is BULLS**T

How’s that saying go?

“There are two sides to every story and the truth usually falls somewhere in between.”

Last week we featured a rant from UFC welterweight fighter Mike Pierce talking about his former team and the reason for his departure.

In a disturbing recount he detailed a beat down session handed out by Rick Story to a lesser MMA fighter in training and many fans around the world reacted in disgust.

Now Rick Story is asking for an audience to get his side of the story on the record and he completely denies pretty much everything that Pierce said. I guess the question remains as to whether or not, Pierce dreamed up the events as he told it, just completely lied, exaggerated the facts or maybe even told the truth. On the other hand maybe its Story who is doing some damage control on a situation that was never supposed to be made public.

I guess unless you were there, it’s all just speculation at this point, but for what it’s worth here is Story’s… uhm… story.

“What Mike Pierce said about me hitting Abel when he was on a knee saying stop is BULL SHIT.

Abel wasn’t some random person off the street either. At the time he was 1-1 as a professional and had been training with us for 3 months. He was a four-time All-American for William Penn college in Iowa and actually beat me at nationals my first match my junior year at Southern Oregon University.

What Mike also decided to forget to say is how many times Abel had tapped him that week in training (I think 2 by guillotine). What Mike also forgot to admit was how well Abel did in sparring against Brad Blackburn (at the time current UFC welterweight). Abel was new to our team but not new to the sport and not a poor defenseless kid.

Abel did have Vertigo and had taken time off. Pat would not let him sparr without a doctors note saying he was cleared. I had talked with Abel before the session and asked him how his Vertigo was doing, he said he was cleared but to be safe I told him I would only throw body shots.

We do sparr hard at BRAVE LEGION but not stupid. I would never hit anyone that was telling me stop. Anyway we have a rule too, if someone is rocked drop the intensity down to 10% and only throw to the body so your partner can recover to continue and we don’t fall into the habit of stopping when someone is close to being finished.

Pat would never encourage the continuance of hitting someone that says stop. Anyone that has half a brain would realize this wouldn’t be something that could be kept secret for very long. How come this sounds like an isolated incident? Probably because it’s a lie.

If it happened before it wouldn’t be something you could contain. Anyone that knows me would agree that I am not that kind of a person, and I am confident when I say this. Mike and Pat were never friends, Mike had been kicked off our team before because he wasn’t a team player and it was just a fact their personalities clashed.

The only reason we let Mike back on the team is because I told Pat I wanted him as a practice partner. I never not got along with Mike but he wasn’t the kind of person that I would like to go hang out with I personally though Mike was very self-centered and selfish and had a huge ego.

As far as me being brain washed its far from the case. I am friends with Pat, we hang out and do things all the time and I cannot say the same for when Mike was on our team. I decided to invest in our gym BRAVE LEGION and have been running strong with our team ever since.

Pat is an awesome coach a great friend and only has our team’s best interest in mind. I listen to Pats coaching and don’t think listening to my coach is a bad thing. Pats coaching has brought Mike and myself to the UFC in a short period of time.

Supposedly I am brain washed because I am still listening to my coach who got me into the UFC after ten months of training and working with my business partner to make sure my investment and my team succeeds. If this is brain washed well I guess I am guilty.

I am a college graduate, spent 8 years in the National Guard and was a Platoon Leader for almost two years. I make my own decisions but work as a teammate with my coach and business partner Pat White bottom line, and because Mike is not a team player he probably wouldn’t understand this concept.

This all happened around the time when Mike was preparing for his fight with Julio Paulino. I helped him train for this fight just like most of his other ones. He came out of that fight with a little bruise on his cheek and no other damage. I was not there but Pat had talked with Mike and said “since you didn’t take any damage we are going to need you to be back in the gym on Monday to help Ricky for his fight in three weeks.”

Mike no-shows for an entire week. Pat and myself tried to call but typical non-team player he was he didn’t answer his phone. Mike shows up on the following Tuesday I believe weighing almost 200lbs. Pat told Mike he needed to be at 190lb. training weight to be a good practice partner for me. Mike came in the next day weighing only a pound lighter, Pat told him it was the last time he could train if he wasn’t going to make weight because he needed to be at a realistic weight for me. Pat told him to not show up until he was. Well that was the end, Mike never came back.

Mike did leave a letter to Pat thanking him for all of the training and stating he would like to come back and spar from time to time but our team was not a good fit for him. It left a bad taste in my mouth just for the fact that I helped him train for his fight and he decided to bail and not be a team player in my most crucial weeks of training for a fight.

These are some of the reasons why Pat and me didn’t want Mike on our team anymore. Mike and one of our teammates were told to go do a specific workout on the track and to do it with each other to help push themselves. Mike ends up taking his girlfriend to the track worked out by himself and left our car-less teammate who lived less then two minutes away high and dry to find his own way to the track. When confronted his response was something along the lines of him not being responsible for our teammate which I believe is really messed up.

Pat told me about a time when they were at the airport and there was a lady on the ground crying looking through the contents of her dumped bag for a passport or something and Mike pointed and was laughing at her, what if something was seriously wrong with her?

There was one time when Mike came into the practice room and told Pat and Me that his girlfriends child was retarded and locked the kid in the room because he was getting annoyed and then laughed.

These are isolated events that stick out in my mind but know there are tons more, but all of these hopefully paint a little bit of a picture of what kind of a person Mike is behind the interview questions or cameras.

There were numerous times in person and in interviews where Mike has said this is an individual sport, just like wrestling which justifies how he acts. Try training for a fight on a desert island by yourself Mike.

Mike has been at Team Quest and when he came to our team seemed to have countless bad things to say about Matt Linland and Robert Follis and how it sucked so bad there. It just seems like he is doing the same to us at BRAVE LEGION now.

Mike is obviously trying to maliciously affect our gym and my career by telling lies about Pat and Myself. He seems like a crazy ex-girlfriend that tries to make their ex-boyfriends life miserable.”


26 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Rick Story Responds to Mike Pierce Claim: "He's like a crazy ex-girlfriend, story is BULLS**T”

  1. jboy says:

    Hard to believe who’s telling the truth ..

  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    1-1 sounds like a burgeoning record to me… I think he got got caught doing something immoral and is unloading Mikes dirty laundry. Whether it’s true or not.

  3. MFbrian88 says:

    I read two paragraphs and stopped…whatever

  4. Brandon Wheaton says:

    Easy. Story himself said this kid beat him in the past. Story is the kind of dick to get revenge if he can.

  5. bertram says:

    both stories seem really odd. story does give me the impression that he might be a bully; but if the things he says about peirce are true than i’d take the bully as a training partner and friend any day over what allegedly mike peirce is. but it does seem in this story from rick that he sorta went out of his way to bash peirce extra hard to prove a point. either way, this is fucked up and neither of these articles needed to be published and should have been handled behind closed doors like men. this just brings bad press to themselves and the sport. that being said, id have to side with story….simply based on the fact that his career and record is a little more successfull and polished than peirce’s…which to me says he’s likely a better teammate and overall a better student of the game then mike. which likely means he also has a bit of a cleaer head on his shoulders in general. but who knows.

  6. craig says:

    i spose if this guy with vertigo had a problem he would have came out and said it himself, ricks right that this isnt the kind of thing that wouldnt surface to the public! and if what rick says about mike and team quest is true then we see a pattern! mike pierce has always been a dick to be fair and before his comments every1 was a story fan! i think hes just trying to give story and his gym a bad name because he couldnt hack it when confronted about his weight and no shows! hes obvs bitter about getting kicked off the team! whatever, their fighters, their not little kids…….whatever!

  7. bruts says:

    really people? mike pierce is a bitch, look at the people cain trains with he has like 10 different people in the cage over a couple of hours, and after the first round they dont want to train no more, this is blown way out of proportion i think, i think if you have the balls to even step in the ring with someone who is from the ufc, then expect to get beat, and get beat bad for that matter, i dont even understand where mike pierce is coming from ITS MMA NO PAIN NO GAIN… people get ko’d submitted all the time, and occasionally have to go to the hospital so even if story did beat up a 1-1 professional i dont see what the big deal is… hahahaha are people cry babies? well if so dont fight or watch mma…

  8. MJJ says:

    The truth is with the kid from Iowa, untill he says what happened I don’t beleive Story. but if you believe Pierce’s story, then if he knew the kid had a medical problem and thought it was so wrong, why didn’t he stop Rick Story, he is a pro fighter, he could have stopped it.

  9. MajorTom says:

    I know of this Abel guy. Sort of. He’s trained with some friends of mine. Abel Trujillo. He’s a big 155’er. His record is so so. Look him up.

  10. Dustin says:

    rick story is a punk. i am no longer a fan of this fag boy

  11. smh says:

    fuck rick story, tring to protect his own image like a selfish punk, we all know pierce is the one telling the truth, the bully will always attempt to weezle out of it. Idgaf what you are, college army etc etc all that training and still a total dick

  12. asespc says:

    I believe Rick Story!!! Pierce sounds like Bitch!! Nothing in Story’s Story (lol) sounds embellished where Pierce’s Story is full of Piercings (lol) i did it again!!1

  13. wow says:

    just fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seems like mike wanted to get story pumped and fight him and its working its time to fight.

  14. craig says:

    agreed! settle this in the cage!

  15. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    I agree settle it in the cage or get that Abel to tell everyone if Story is a bully or not.

  16. Calvin says:

    still am not a fan of story idc who is telling the truth i just dont like story

  17. Long-Strong says:

    haha story is bullshit… no pun intended hahahha

  18. Chris says:

    If it is so obvious the accusations are false, why is Story’s response so freakin’ long?

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