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Wednesday, 12/14/2011, 12:11 pm

UFC NEWS – Realizing He Is Near The End Of His Own Career, Forrest Griffin Welcomes Sending Off Ortiz In A Rubber Match

“If people will pay to see that fight [against Tito Ortiz] then I’ll get paid to fight that fight. For me, now I’m realizing that I don’t have much left. This is the end of the road me. I want a couple more fight fights. Good ones. Fights where I don’t get knocked out in the first round. Fights where I like get hurt, bleed a little, but I kind of like rally. Something of that nature.”

In a recent interview with The MMA Fight Corner the former UFC light-heavyweight champion talks about his career and what he wants for the future.

Tito Ortiz is a man who Griffin has faced in the Octagon on two occasions. While he may have lost the first bout, he was able to grind out a decision against Ortiz in their rematch to settle the score.

With Ortiz proclaiming retirement after one more fight he has specifically asked for a shot at redemption in a rubber match with Griffin before he retires from active competition. The two former champions seems to agree that they are both at the end of their rope as fighters and a fight to settle the score once and for all also seems like a matchup made in heaven for the aging competitors.

Anyone interested in seeing two of the UFC”s greatest of all time go at it one more time?

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54 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Realizing He Is Near The End Of His Own Career, Forrest Griffin Welcomes Sending Off Ortiz In A Rubber Match”

  1. Fartler says:

    I mean if Forrest doesnt want to fight anymore.. I really dont want to see him fight. Same for Penn. I love these guys but it hurts more to watch them lost fights because they dont have that fire in them anymore.

  2. Mike Diaz says:

    I like this match, both of their careers winding down, both big names and could serve as a good co-main event if needed . Tito via KO for his last fight in UFC history! TEAM PENN!!!!!

    • IknowMMA says:

      I think it’s stupid, Tito is stupid all it gonna happend is him getting his ass kick again!
      Why is he still in the UFC?
      Why is he even still fighting?
      Is he trying to get a new lossing record? Cause that is all his being doing lately!
      Can anyone say Bader Fluke?
      Why not with Chuck Liddlel you puss? I’m sure we’ll come out of retirement just to kick his ass one more time!
      ” The people Champ “?!? Really you must be on crack tito, your wack
      Say didnt he beat you Jenna? That’s what I heard… In a porno.

      • jon says:

        i agree with most of this statement. lets not bring personal matters into the fight game though, bad taste in my opinion.

      • dave says:

        your just a negative idoit,,,,you sound like a little kid…maybe he has the love for the sport…and he just does not want to admit he dont have t anymore////maybe he is trying get it back,,,i cant explain to someone like u,yuou have clearly never competed in anything but running you kid mouth

        • IknowMMA says:

          Dave I’m not a kid I’m calling it like it is if you don’t like it it’s not my fuking problem! So deal with it and cry yourself to sleep with your poster of tito or with a thumb up your ass…all he did for the sport its done,over,past, theres new and better competition a new generation why you are on fucking denial as he his thinking he can still compete @ this level, ive been watching this sport for 8 years now and your are the biggest fag i would never meet, you know NOTHING ABOUT MMA He should be out of the UFC all I said was FACTS so get your shit together before you run your mouth pussy.

  3. Zack says:

    I agree with fartler. Anderson and shogun ruined Forrest, he’s done. Titos been done lol and Bj just hang em up already. You can’t have one foot in one foot out. No one wants to watch fighters who don’t really care if they win or lose.

  4. Rich says:

    I don’t think forrest has thrown in the towel, I think he just realizes he no longer has what it takes to keep up with the creme of the crop and that means his days are numbered.

  5. Rob says:

    Would it be a ‘winner and loser retire’ bout?

    Forrest lost his drive and Tito lost his talent. Time to move on.

  6. Nick says:

    Why not. I mean if they want an all out war and then at the end of the day they call it quits I’ll applaud them. Just make it a all out war. Make it like it’s your last time in the octagon.

  7. brad t says:

    In related news, Stephon bonnars is on a 3 fight win streak. So as Forrests career ends, Stephens begins??? Irony.

  8. Coach Blaschke says:

    I’d watch!!!

  9. Fartler says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Tito fight Bonnar.

  10. j mann says:

    Would rather see lidell come out of retirement for one more fight. guaranteed biggest pay per view in ufc history

  11. Digs says:

    not a strong callout by forrest. Tito v. Bonnar does sound interesting.

  12. maurice says:

    Nvr been much a forrest fan, but his confidence saddens me. At this point, I think tito could finish forrest. I remember during the 1st fite the crowd was goin nuts when forrest began to outhustle tito. Pretty sure it was fotn. My how times change

  13. Kyle6286 says:

    Really? Forrest believes he’s at the end of the road? Although his last few fights have been crappy, the guy has only been in the UFC since 05 and he’s still relatively young, or at least not old (in MMA terms). I’m very surprised to hear this. I feel like he’s giving up too easily on his dream.

  14. gary says:

    Im sure it wont happen but you know Chuck would take that fight…or more likely. Let bader try and get his mojo back

  15. bizzle says:

    Man you guys are idiots, Forrest has always had a self depreciating dry sense of humor.. The quote is obviously just that…

  16. yotyot says:

    Forrest only talks about making money, he only cares about the payday…not the support of MMA. Noone wants to see 2 old, lose money fighters fight for the sale of paying their bills.

  17. Q says:

    titos garbage. nuff said.

  18. danriverapv says:

    this is a disgusting interview by Forrest…
    he can beat Top fighters in the UFC hell he could have beaten Shogun in RIO. what the fuck Forrest. hes got the ability but not the drive… friggin waste.

  19. helwanilookalike says:

    ya id watch but put it on the prelims, im not willing to pay money to see these two fight with them both knowing their careers are almost done….ppv cost a lot as it is, i dont want my money to go to shit matches, it’d probably end in a decision anyways

  20. L0G1C says:

    someone should have used a editor for that…

  21. A.James says:

    I say let them headline some non PPV event. I would want to see the fight but it would be dumb to have it on a PPV.

  22. Forrest sucks. Let Perosh sub him to finish his career.

  23. Philippe says:

    Give Forrest to Anderson again, see if he’s willing to take on that kind of humiliation again for a payday… LOL

  24. ROller says:

    Yea that’s goin to be a good fight but griffin is goin to win

  25. Long-Strong says:

    rooting for both, I guess.

  26. Who fkn cares about this fight..LAMOS!

  27. David says:

    Id love to see tito vs chuck as well hahaha chuck never got the chance to whup his ass, i was so pissed for him too

  28. todd says:

    it would be a good way for both but for me, even though he is retired, I would LOVE to see Lidell/Ortiz as it never happened after TUF. I bet chuck would glady do one more if it was to end Tito’s days in the UFC.

    • slacker says:

      True. That is a lot more compelling. With Chuck’s glass jaw now and Tito’s big mouth still, lol, it could be a very entertaining 2 month media hate-fest. They have so much history and people would be on seat-edge, waiting to see if Tito could actually land that one lucky punch! Dana, are you reading? lol Make it happen!

  29. GA boy says:

    Forrest needs to give Stephen Bonnar a rematch! Bonnar is actually still fighting pretty good (not great, but worth watching). I am sure that fans would enjoy that rematch, and I bet you that Forrest would get up for THAT fight.

    • Zyglrox says:

      Forrest already beat Bonnar twice. Why fight him again? If he doesn’t have much left, I would think he might want to fight someone new. Although, based on his statement about fighting Tito up above, he doesn’t even seem to care who his opponents are to finish out his career; he’ll just take the money. I’m a big fan of this guy and it’s not like he’s an old dude. There are plenty of guys who have “reinvented” themselves in their early 30’s. Take a few pages out of Hendo’s book, Forrest and get back to the form you showed against Quinton.

  30. cory says:

    I would love to see this fight, great going out fight!

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