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Wednesday, 11/30/2011, 04:50 am

UFC NEWS – Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis Set For UFC on Fox 2

A light-heavyweight bout with serious implications for the division has been booked between the undefeated Phil Davis and former champion Rashad Evans.

ESPN.COM broke the news late last night and BJPENN.COM later confirmed the fight as booked.

While not officially announced by the promotion, UFC on FOX 2 is expected to go down from Chicago’s United Center on January 28.

The bout between the two standout 205 pounders was originally scheduled for UFC 133 in Philadelphia; however a knee injury forced Davis off the card and in his place went Tito Ortiz.

Evans last saw action at the aforementioned UFC 133 in a dominating victory over Tito Ortiz. The win marked his third straight since losing his only pro-fight at the hands of Lyoto Machida at UFC 98 back in May of 2009.

Across from Evans will stand Davis, who has a lot of momentum going into this matchup. Last seen beating up Antonio Rogerio Nogueira for three straight rounds this past March to earn his sixth straight UFC victory Davis will look to make Evans his latest victim in an attempt to keep his 10-fight undefeated streak intact.

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36 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis Set For UFC on Fox 2”

  1. Wow says:

    Rashad will win easily

  2. bizzle says:

    Rashad 2.0 takes this fight all day everyday..

  3. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Unless Davis’ striking has greatly improved, Rashad takes this via UD.

  4. MJJ says:

    Gayshad by bordom.

  5. The Beast says:

    not if rashad wins

  6. Matt says:

    Rashad by KO, heard it here first.

  7. paulo says:

    Jones will beat hendo into retirement,humiliate him….and davis will do rashedn.p…….so expect davis v jones next summer!!!

  8. josh says:

    Rashad is going to put a thumping on phil.. Phil is good but Rashad is way better.

  9. Anthony1994 says:

    Suga all day baby

  10. magoo says:

    Don’t see how Davis wins this Rashads got the better punching,kicks and elbows.Yea I know Phils got wrestling,question is …is it better then Rashads? This is gonna be a one sided fight Davis aint there yet,he should have taken on Bader instead.

  11. Jay says:

    Fuck rashad and Phil Davis. Hope both niggas get knocked out. But if not I’ll pull for rashad.

  12. The Unknown says:

    Rashad’s striking has definitely improved over the years but I think it might come down to who out-wrestles who. I’m edging towards Rashad since he has the better striking game. Phil still has a way to go in that department but I’m not counting him out. If he can make it a wrestling match then I think he’ll have a chance. Otherwise I don’t really see him defeating Rashad.

    • Shawn says:

      I would have to agree with that. IMO, Davis is stronger than Rashad. If he can control him on the ground and work him over, Davis has a chance of getting a UD. Let’s not forget about Davis’ underated submission skills and long limbs too. Standing up…I fear for him.

  13. GSP vs BJPENN says:

    Rashad wil KO Phill 3 rd

  14. InternetToughGuy says:

    Rashad will throw this clown on the ground and introduce him to his elbows…

  15. greg says:

    Im actually liking how rashad looked in the tito fight. I think the camp change was really beneficial. Rashad via 3rd round tko

  16. Rashad will smash Phil he got nothing for him he looked like an all out beast his last fight. Hopeully Hendo gets the next title shot now!

  17. dumbasses says:

    fuck i like both these niggas, i hate it when fighters u like fight eachother fuckin joe silva, u son of a bitch

  18. Craig j says:

    Davies by submission

  19. AAxAntonio says:

    another good one, cant wait for all ufcs events, alot a good shit

  20. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Idk why he gets so much hate but Rashad is gonna whup some ass. His striking is the best its ever been and he is a strong wrestler. Unless Rashad really has a glass chin, I don’t see him losing this fight.

  21. KingGareth says:

    Rashad by decision.

  22. magoo says:

    Do you and Dana know something we don’t no? How do we know it won’t be Phil Davis?

  23. Donnybrook says:

    This is a risky fight for Rashad… If he losses he missed his title shot, and he could lose Phil is no joke.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      i dont think he wants to fight bones as bad as he makes ppl thinks he does.

    • magoo says:

      He can’t afford to wait,he did it once and it cost him dearly

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        he waited for shogun to get better and got screwed. then he got injured after tito and removed himself from his championship fight. now u dont hear much complaining when ppl ask him how he feels about not fighting for the belt immediately. i think its cuz he knows bones would wreck him. i mean even tito landed some clean shots on rashad in their fight, shots that if bones landed would end rashad.

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