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Thursday, 01/26/2012, 06:00 am

UFC NEWS | Rashad Evans Believes That Sonnen Will “Maul” Bisping This Saturday Night On FOX

“Bisping is a scrapper, man, and that’s one thing people don’t really realize. You can’t watch a Bisping tape and get a true appreciation for just how good he really is until you’re in there. And by then, it’s usually too late. He’s very tricky and he’s a lot better than what he looks. You underestimate him because he doesn’t look strong but he’s surprisingly pretty strong. For me, I think the pressure Chael Sonnen brings is hard to match with his offense, takedowns, ground and pound, hand in the face and dropping elbows and shots. It kind of wears down a fighter. And, if he does that to Bisping too much, I think he’ll be able to maul him.”

While making the media rounds promoting this weekend’s UFC on FOX 2 card, headliner, Rashad Evans gave his prediction for the evening’s co-main event between Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping to

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40 Responses to “UFC NEWS | Rashad Evans Believes That Sonnen Will “Maul” Bisping This Saturday Night On FOX”

  1. Diogo says:

    Fala pessoal.
    Só queria dar um toque.
    Essas traduções do Google Translate ficam muito ruins.
    Não quero criticar à toa, mas sugiria deixar alguém responsável pelas traduções para não perder o que os atletas estão falando. As traduções ao pé da letra, que acontecem com o tradutor automático, matam o argumento,

  2. Scott McScottingson says:

    why is it that people keep on under-estimating bising TDD…haiz..
    maybe sonnen is that damn strong but we shall see….

  3. rayed says:

    I think bisping is a good not great fighter. His only great wins are akayamia and leabin though. Sonnen has taken out alot better fighters and made ur champion look stupid for 4 rounds. YeA bispings record looks better but that doesn’t mean much when fighting chael.

    I hope bisping gets hospitalized. Haha!

    • jacob lee says:

      same here although both bisping and chael beat Dan miller. If that means anything. but yea i hope sonnen mauls bisping. When i told the guys at my dojo that bisping agreed to fight sonnen immediately the started rolling on the floor laughing because they knoe that bisping is gonna get smashed anywhere the fight goes!

    • David Oakes says:

      Your a complete Dick for hoping Bisping gets hospitalized. He’s had 12 wins in the UFC and only been stopped once by Hendo. The smart money is on Sonnen, but its a fight and if you think Bisping hadn’t got a chance your a fool.

      • Steven says:

        thats what I’m saying, even Pat barry said, “would i switch my awesome losses for boring fights nobody knows about or forgot”, see? Spitsping knows hot to sell a fight, but this pillow fisted guy won’t last 2 rounds with the chaelmonster. GnP,sub,or the unanimous

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      Your such a fucking reatrd! Bisping is ranked in the top 5 in his division which proves he’s a great fighter. His only stoppage was on the end of a bomb from Hendo early in his UFC career at 205lb. Since moving down to 185lb he’s looked great and has dominated recent opponents. I give Chael the edge but I think Bisping still has a chance. Either way you shouldn’t be throwing out retarded comments like that and wishing that on a guy you don’t know, who has a wife and family.

      • Dom says:

        Funny how you reprimand people for retarded comments when you spew them yourself. The Henderson fight took place at 185 actually and we all known how that ended. Bisping got taken down by mayhem miller before he gassed and trust me when I say Chael will not gas like that. Chaels gonna take him down at will and there’s nothing bisping can do to stop him.

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          Ok so I got that one point wrong, but it doesn’t change my argument. And you clearly haven’t got a clue because Bisping dominated Miller and got back to his feat easily after the takedown and showed some excellent technical striking. I also said Chael is favorite and will therefore probably win so stop whining like a little bitch. Fact is you don’t know and I don’t know but we’ll see on Saturday night. You can’t write a guy off with his record and ability.

      • Mike says:

        Yeah, the Hendo fight was definitely at 185. It wasn’t even his first 185 fight. So your facts are way off. Also, just because someone is ranked highly, doesn’t mean they’re all that great. Once upon a time, Akiyama was on the top 10 list. Aoki is ranked in the top 5 lightweights.

        Also, since the Hendo fight, I still wouldn’t say Bisping has looked all that great, besides a KO of Dennis Kang. The only notable opponent he had faced since then was Wanderlei. And as much as I hate to say, Wanderlei is well past his prime.

        Anything can happen in a fight, but I’m predicting Chael is going to ragdoll him.

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          I concede the fight was at 185lb but his ranking pretty much prove he’s a great fighter. Is he the best in the world? No but he’s ranked in the top 5. You’re argument is weak and is record isn’t. He’s looked better and better in the UFC, was great against Akiyama, Leben, Kang and battered Rivera and Miller.

          Again I’m not even saying the guy is going to win I’m just sick of biased comments and reading things like I hope he gets hospitalized comments because it’s nuts. This fight against Chael is going to be tough because A) he was prepping for a different style altogether B) Chael’s strength is his wrestling which is Bispings weakness. Michael Williams

      • Chartmonster says:

        Sonnen is going FK Bisping up..period! The Chaelmonster works at one speed..all out!

      • dgc8432 says:

        You’re a retard!!! the fight with hendo was at 185!

    • einiar says:

      ur so wrong chael hasnt beat any great fighter yet, i know for sure he is trying to avoid vitor and he got beaten up by that braziliandamian maia fighting in the co mainevent. he is a joke and thats what he knows best. if you ask sonnen if he would want to fight vitor he will redirect you from asking that kind of ?. he will as you if ur crazy or he will go like do you really want me to get killed?

    • krafty11 says:

      wishing for someone to get hospitalized is just lame.. i hope Sonnen beats him, so we can see Andy/Sonnen 2, but the hospitalized comment is classless..

  4. JMad says:

    I’m gonna laugh so hard if bisping beats sonnen. i know it’s unlikely though.

  5. josh says:

    I want to see Sonnen win just because the rematch with Silva will be great. but i want to see Mike win because he is been working on getting their his whole career. only two losses in his ufc career speak volumes. Yes he should of lost the fight with Hamill but thats what happens when you go to the judges. I hope all the fights are entertaining unlike the last fox fight.

  6. MMA_RoB says:

    Every single fight bisping has its “oh bisping will lose, he will get subed or he will get ko’d” and 9 tes out of 10 he wins alot of haters … Bt we will see

  7. Elitest says:

    Sonnen isn’t even that great his stand up is none existent all he does is wrestle which is not MMA. Bisping delivers what we all love and that’s a good ole punch up. Also Bisping has good wrestling and great TDD.


  8. Chartmonster says:

    MAUL is what Chael is going to do Bisping and Anderson! Rashad FTW against Davis and Jones! BELIEVE IT!

  9. zoeldog27 says:

    Im putting $150.00 on a multi bet on Evans,Sonnen & Maia to all win pretty good bet i think i got odds of $4.25 which i thought was damn good considering!

  10. MJ says:

    Total Strikes Landed
    Rank Fighter Total
    1 Georges St-Pierre 2016
    2 Jon Fitch 1973
    3 BJ Penn 1623
    4 Chris Leben 1550
    5 Chris Lytle 1533
    6 Nick Diaz 1339
    7 Randy Couture 1337
    8 Sean Sherk 1274
    9 Tito Ortiz 1211
    10 Chael Sonnen 1134

    Chael doesnt gas, his gnp volume is constant. Bisping is going to get picked up, slammed…pounded. ding…picked up slammed pounded… if he makes a mistake Chael (who does train BJJ and has for his whole career) will sub him. Bisping doesnt have the punching power of Stann, Nate, Bader or Silva. If anyone gets KO´d its going to be the loud mouth brit.

  11. Jon says:

    Gotta root for Bisping on this one. I think he can either stop him or submit him. The only way I see Sonnen winning is by decision, although I admit that’s the probable outcome. It makes me laugh seeing all these sheep talking about how Bisping will be submitted or knocked out in every fight, even though he’s only been stopped by one guy (Hendo – I’d like to see any fighter survive that shot). It’s especially ridiculous when people say Sonnen will submit or knock him out. His only finish in the UFC is against Brian Stann, and Bisping’s bottom game is considerably better. Hell, people say Bisping has pillow fists, what damage did Sonnen do from four and a half rounds of ground and pound with his testosterone jacked as shit? Some of you guys make me wonder if you actually watch this sport.

    I think Sonnen will win, but I doubt it will be one sided, and it will go to decision if he does.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      i put money on it going to a decision or bisping winning cuz theres no other way this fight is ending.

    • Luke'sFather says:

      agreed on all points, besides I’m not really hoping Bisping will win, I really don’t care, if sonnen wins then we get to see him fight the spider again and all of the crazy chael fans can stfu already.

  12. The Nash says:

    Yawn, it’s a Sonnen & Rashad kinda night. No fan of Rashad but I do think he’ll win this one by KO. Sonnen has zero stand-up and relies on LnP to point his way to victory – except when he gets subbed, which is often. ne-ways, I’ll wait for the results on this one. No PPV here.

  13. Frost troll... says:

    Bisping is a piece of shit!!!and Phael is another piece of shit!The octagon is gonna be full of shittomorrow!fuck you all nutt hughers’!Arianne Celeste jump on this one!BJ Penn is the biggest fail on mma!peace out bitches!

  14. SB says:

    I got Rashad,Sonnen,Weidman,Swanson, and Lavar Johnson for my Kountermove picks. This has been one of the easier cards to pick I thinks but we’ll see I guess.

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