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Wednesday, 12/14/2011, 07:15 am

UFC NEWS – Randy Couture Believes Xtreme Couture Sponsored Bisping Deserves Title Shot

In a recent interview with ESPN, “Captain America” voiced his opinion on British contender, Michael Bisping, in the Middleweight division.

“He’s right up there in the top four or five guys in that weight class….You can split hairs on deciding who the No. 1 contender is. He’s coming off a great outing against Jason Miller, weathered a storm and had the conditioning and great technique to finish the fight well. He’s one of the top guys so why not?”

Likewise, Bisping also believes he is ready for a crack at the Middleweight title. After decisively defeating Jason Miller, Bisping gave a post-fight interview with, requesting a top five middleweight contender and a title shot in the near future.

“I’ve dedicated my life to this sport, I want the respect I deserve, and if I had lost tonight, it would have been a big step back for me.”

“Everybody says that all my opponents gas. You know, I mean, I fight at a frenetic pace, I always do…and I train like that, nobody works as hard as me, and where I’ve come from…and my background, I don’t want to go back there, I don’t take anything for granted.”

“…that first round (against Miller)… I couldn’t of gotten away with that against Anderson Silva. You’ve got to be on the money right from the start, and you know, the first round wasn’t good enough… I know Chael Sonnen is fighting Mike Munoz for number one contender, so obviously I’m not going to get a title shot anytime soon. But… I think one more fight against a solid opponent, then yeah, I think I should get my shot real soon, and that’s what I want.”

“I want to earn my right, you know, I don’t want people after to say ‘ah, he was just given the title shot’…I want people to say ‘yeah he deserves it, he’s beaten the good guys.’

UFC on FOX 2: Evans vs. Davis hosts middleweight bout between Michael Bisping (12-3) vs. Demian Maia (9-3) on January 28th at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. A victory over Demian Maia could be a key stepping stone to the title shot.

Surprisingly, Randy chose Bisping over his former training partner at Team Quest, Chael Sonnen, for a title shot. Is Randy right in saying that Bisping should get a chance at UFC gold after a win over Maia? Or should the UFC change their plans and make him fight the winner of Sonnen vs. Munoz to determine the true number one contender?


30 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Randy Couture Believes Xtreme Couture Sponsored Bisping Deserves Title Shot”

  1. Chris says:

    If he beats Maia convincingly, I will concede he deserves a title shot. But just because he deserves it does not mean it will happen.

  2. CanILive says:

    …and I train like that, nobody works as hard as me, BULL then how come your cardio is not up to par…?

  3. Jb says:

    Bis Is not top 10. He has pillows for hands. If he beat Chael or Munoz then he deserves a shot. Barley anyone he beat still fights UFC. He almost gassed with mayhem.. Wtf I think randy is saying it to sell books on his UK book signing trip coming up. Appealing to the uk fans.

    • Jc says:

      bisping is yet to face anytop competition at mw yet except henderson and we all know what happened there. damian mia is not a stepping stone for a title shot he didnt even win his last fight and bisping isthinking he is going to get a title shot after laying his pillow hands on him.please nigga

      • Jujitsu Player says:

        I thought he lost to Hendo at LHW? and it was too much too soon for him. Since then and dropping down to MW his technical striking has improved, takedown defense, wrestling and his cardio is top notch. He is ranked in the top 5 in the division and agree with it. How did his pillows smash up Mayhems face up so much….

        • "H"BOMB says:

          he lost to hendo at MW for a possible seat at a contendership fight with nate the great but hendo won and then left for strikeforce

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      IMO Bisping is top 5 in the division and if he wins his next fight deserves a title shot. I concede he doesn’t have the style or the skills to beat Silva but the guy deserves his shot.

  4. Chris2 says:

    @ jb and Canilive……Are you fucking serious??!! bisping has one of the best gas tanks in mma you fool. And Bisping aint a top 10 fighter?? write me a list of 9 middleweight fighters in the UFC that are better than him due to winning streak currently and their overall record… you cant didnt think so…..uneducated assholes.

    • mike says:

      Is easy to have a decent gas tank when u spend most of your fights running and throwing punches at 40%…he must be “the count” because you can always count on a boring fight…his last real test was silva and he got worked…only reason I want to see bisping fight anderson…is to see he get his mouth shut again…..interesting how he never talk about hendo…probably can’t remember that night…or feels he should of won…

    • Jb says:

      Cause he ran out of gas and could barley talk and told rogan he was gassed you fuckin moron. If you think he’s top ten your crazy. In educated? Try finding any of his wins still in UFC besides 2 or 3 moron. Like I said I hope he gets by dm then you will see him get smashed and then you can apologize for pretending to know mma

    • CanILive says:

      willing to bet bis can’t beat chael or munoz or maia

  5. Outside Opinion says:

    It’s hard enough for Bisping to get respect let alone a title shot. He is better than most fighters @ 185 but never wins impressively over a ranked opponent. After he TKO’d Mayhem he could hardly catch his breath while saying he thinks he can hang with Silva…? With Bisping’s style, Anderson would have ample opportunity to implement his game plan…. Lights Out! Randy is promoting something here. Maybe a new gym in the U.K. or his E.C. line of activewear. Maybe he is helping Dana promote Bisping. Dana really likes Bisping and that U.K. market. IMO Munoz or Sonnen would take Bisping right out of any title picture.

  6. Kenko says:

    Chael should get a shot again.. i mean come on Chael kicked his arse… as for Munoz.. i dont think he deserves anything.. hes a shit fighter… i am from the UK and i also think Bispings pretty shit too… I think Chael should get a rematch.. yes i know he tested positive for drugs but i think if they fought again chael would do it.. plus he lives on another planet with the shit that comes out his mouth.. the guys hilarious… thing is he means every word…lmao….. bisping i dont think would beat chael… hard to say if he would beat munoz… but i would love to see Jones fight silva.. gsp out for 10 months.. the title holders when theyre winning they should be told by the ufc to go down or up a weight class and do what Randy did holding titles in diff weight classes … just my opionion like.

  7. DevonAK86 says:

    They keep the brit around for money plane and simple! He will never be top 10 Not even a gate keeper! Fun to watch some times and thats it! I see Bisping running around Maia for 1 or 2 rounds then a TD from Maia then hopefully Maia can learn how to sub again and its all over!

  8. DewYouKnow8 says:

    good against bad competition, bad against good competition. I think its not so much his cardio that is good, its more that he paces himself.. thats why he never completely gases- but he always seems to always be moving at a slow pace. I think he would get killed by Silva, but he is top 5, and should beat Maia (who is a solid opponent)

  9. David says:

    it should be Michael Bisping vs Demian Maia the winner of those 2 face’s the winner of Sonnen vs. Munoz and then the winner of those 2 winners determine who fights silva

  10. Ryan M says:

    Bisping’s only real quality win is over Leben. Hamill and Rivera were bullshit. He should’ve lost to Hamill and he only beat Rivera cuz he dazed him with an illegal knee. By the way, his illegal knees are his go to move. He won the ultimate fighter with one, beat Rivera with one and even tried to kick Mayhem in the face while he was down. I do think he is top ten right now, but barely.

  11. BullFKNshitt! Bisping needs to fight Okami..Munoz..or Chael to get a shot! Who the FK really wants to see Anderson v bisping ..maybe Andy fans so he can have an easy W. if Munoz gets thru Chael he deserves Anderdoucheson..period!

  12. Sullly says:

    One thing that annoys me with about this site is that as soon as a piece of news pops up about Bisping, all the American haters come out with their ‘Bitchping’ etc.

    He is top 4 easy. 4 solid straight wins. He doesn’t need to fight Stann – the guy lost. Bisping deserves a shot but won’t get it because America doesn’t like him and they pay for Dana’s ppv’s.

    • This Side of the Pond says:

      Bisping is a solid fighter, but hasn’t beaten really anyone notable. Even if he does beat Maia, I think he should still fight another top 10 fighter before getting a chance to fight for the belt (Okami, Belfort, Stann).

      Bisping-Maia should be interesting though!

    • Sully.. Bisping hater? Dude is a legit douchebag and fights unranked fighters. Rivera..mayhem ..Kang..Dan miller. Akiyama is the only one that was ranked top 15 that he beat, and of course Maia his next fight will be a test. He lost by murder against Hendo and lost to an old Wand. He’s 2-3 fights away from the belt. Give him Okami..Munoz..Or Belfort then u can talk about the belt. I rooted for Bis against Rivera I’m no hater just for real.

  13. Devilock says:

    Maybe Randy just wants to see Bisping get knocked out again.

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