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Monday, 12/26/2011, 06:33 am

UFC NEWS – QuickTwitt: Ludwig To Be Awarded Fastest KO In UFC History (Finally)

In 2006 timekeepers dropped the ball and stopped the clock six-seconds slow when Duane Ludwig knocked out Jonathan Goulet.

In what should have been recorded as a four-second knockout, Nevada officials officially recorded the bout ending at the ten-second mark.

Currently the official fastest knockout in UFC history is tied down at just seven-seconds, however many have been lobbying for Duane Ludwig to get recognized for this performance from 2006 and acknowledged as the fighter with the true fastest knockout in UFC history.

According to a Dana White twitter posting this past weekend as featured above, he is finally going to do what is right and work on getting Duane his just dues.

If you have never seen the fight or the four-second knockout check the GIF below to see for yourself. Ludwig is the rightful owner of the UFC’s fastest knockout in history.

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7 Responses to “UFC NEWS – QuickTwitt: Ludwig To Be Awarded Fastest KO In UFC History (Finally)”

  1. dave says:

    dana said last ufc that he would look into this,,,and he is the man he got it done .

  2. Evan says:

    Finally is right haha

  3. Say "NO" 2 Steroids says:

    Heath Herring have the fastest ko

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