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Monday, 11/14/2011, 11:02 am

UFC NEWS – QuickTwitt: Freddie Roach Ready To Test Boxing Of Diaz In GSP Bout


145 Responses to “UFC NEWS – QuickTwitt: Freddie Roach Ready To Test Boxing Of Diaz In GSP Bout”

  1. magoo says:

    I can’t wait to find out,either way Diaz is in over his head,would love to see Georges bring out some of his inner nastiness!

    • ZONG says:

      You mean GSP is in over his head. Diaz has better stand up, a better submission game, just as big a gas tank, just as much if not more confidence in his ability, and hes a FIGHTER. He brings it every match. watch him get in GSP’s head that first round with his hands to his side, and GSP wont know how to deal with his stand up, take him down then eventually gett subbed. Diaz is gna be the new champ watch. His skillset is phenominal!!

      • al says:

        How about you just wait and watch the fight before you say something stupid again.

      • Joe says:

        GSP is right where Diaz wants him… in his game…. he already got GSP “angry” and talkin smack about how hes going to go out and finish him…. that is what Diaz wants… he wants this to be a battle, not a game plan

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          GSP is too smart for Diaz.

        • Shawn says:

          Ya know. Who’s to say, GSP isn’t pulling a “Diaz” to Diaz. lol GSP is one of the most methodical, and intelligent fighter in MMA. He’ll bring it like he always has. And before some of you start bashing, go watch his last 4 fights, and you tell us if he WASN’T fighting. He may have not finished them, but you’d have to wonder seeing the amount of damage his opponents sustained fighting him. Whether he finishes as fight or not, he definitely dominates his opponents. He even took it Diaz’s teammate, Shields…with ONE eye for 3 rounds. Jake didn’t come out of that unscathed. ONE eye! lol

          IMO, these guys are almost mirror images of each other. They both have the best boxing in MMA, they both have great cardio, one is a better BJJ guy, the other is a much better wrestler (who happens to have a black belt in BJJ as well under the Gracie flag). In my eyes, THIS is a SUPERFIGHT. Like a Silva vs GSP, or Silva vs Jones, or Pacquiao vs Mayweather. Diaz will be the first fighter in a very long time that WON’T be backing away. They both move forward. This is going to be epic. Can’t wait!

      • john says:

        How will he deal with diaz dropping his hands ? Lol probably by jabing his eye shut

        • Ryker44 says:

          GSP has a dynamite jab as we seen when he fought Shields…knocked him back 3 feet with that jab and almost put him down, that will screw Diaz up along with the wrestling

        • baldy says:

          if diaz saw what gsp’s jab did to koschecs eye he wont be dropping his hands…at least i hope not.
          both these guys are awesome…two of my favorites. its gonna be an incredible fight!!!

        • carlos says:

          Ok but shields stand up isnt even close to diaz…and when did nick diaz ever give up after being knocked down? Leben has an Iron chin Nick has an Iron heart!

      • jason says:

        diaz is in serious trouble!!

      • Josie Wales says:

        I like Diaz, but the truth is GSP will fight him much like he fought Fitch, GSP is much more stronger and more explosive than Diaz, based on his previous fights of course. Diaz has a puncher’s chance and will hang in all 5 rounds. I will be shocked if GSP can outbox Diaz, on the other hand Diaz has a difficult guard to get into, but the way GSP takes opponents down in mid punch will be a hugh factor and may allow GSP to land in his guard w/o having to deal with Diaz’s long legs. it’s going to be a good fight, Diaz by TKO or GSP by UD.

    • WTF says:

      WTF are you on!? In way over his head!? Did you see how GSP tried to avoid Shields ground game!? Diaz has 25 minutes to sub GSP cos he will not stand with him. He may lose but over his head? Come on….

  2. dr_z says:

    personally i hope diaz smashes GSP, i’m bored of him…..and retard or not diaz knows how to fight! lets just hope he can survive GSP’s wrestling. WAR DIAZ

  3. The Beast says:

    well he has never showed he has inner nastiness…and if diaz can get off his back like he did with penn or stuff the takedown that will be one hell of a fight diaz matches up well hes no scrub at bjj so he will be fine on ground if it does go there

  4. john says:

    sounds like fluff to me, no way does gsp stand and bang with diaz, he is going to do everything he can to get the fight to the ground, then lay on diaz until the ref stnads them, or diaz gets up then he is going to do it again. GSP has never and will never try to stand and bang with a guy who has any decent stand up game. the last time he tried to bang with a guy with heavy hands he ran, covered and lost his title to matt serra. ever since then he became a takedown artist.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Agreed. No way can I imagine GSP standing and banging with Diaz. Not safe enough, and there’s too much potential to lose. GSP will depend heavily on his TD skills, IMO

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        I disagree, this fight came to fruition because Diaz was disrespectful. GSP is going to unload his arsenal and destroy Diaz in any and every way possible. But I wouldn’t count out some GnP because this is MMA not boxing.

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Kos was pretty disrespectful and GSP fought that fight pretty safely too. Shattered Kos’ orbital bone n still didn’t aggressively seek the finish

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I don’t remember KOS calling GSP a bitch. Maybe he did and I never heard it. This is the most motivated I’ve seen GSP.

    • Kyle says:

      So BJ Penn, Thiago Alves and Koscheck have a shitty stand up game? GSP stood up with them for a huge part of their fights, especially against Koscheck. You don’t have to like GSP, but don’t spit out ignorant comments. As always, GSP wins this fight. I’ll be on here after the fight waiting to hear the excuses from you Diaz nuthuggers. After GSP beats Diaz’s white trash ass, maybe Milendez can move up in weight so GSP can beat that whole camp.

      • baldy says:

        “the differnts is with alves and bj they coulld not box well cuz they were so afraid of the takedown” both bjj black belts, both great grapplers. lets run down the list….matt serra, first american bjj black belt under Renzo Gracie…bj penn, first american to win a bjj world championship….jake shields, bjj black belt under Cesar Gracie, also nick diaz’s teammate/training partner. these are three of the best bjj fighters in the ufc. they all LOST to gsp. gsp can hold his own on the ground with ANYONE. gsp has also earned a black belt under Renzo Gracie. couple that with his killer wrestling…..
        both of these guys are great mma fighters, theyre both the total package. its gonna be a great fight!!!

  5. BJ S says:

    Have any of you ever been hit hard? Do any of you train MMA? GSP wins, he makes it his fight, end of story. Besides what would you do if you made 4 million a fight?…. win by any means necessary, that’s what you would do.

    • Rafi Bomb, homie says:

      I bet you said BJ was going to beat Nick too. He can have his 4 million a fight now and then spend his retirement wishing to trade it in if his image wasn’t that of a pussy. See how he jabs with the full intent of keeping his face as far away from his opponents’ reach as possible? Not even Brock does that. At least Brock will take a punch. Charmin > GSP

      • Xaninho says:

        I dunno but isn’t martial arts meant to do damage and protect yourself without getting damaged yourself? Sounds stupid to me if a fighter intentionally leaves his face wide open for his opponent to hit..

        And GSP might have been jabbing with the full intention to avoid being hit, but those jabs he delivered to Koschek were pretty good , considering he busted up half Koschek’s face and all…..

    • Chris says:

      Your questions are not logically tied to your statements. Us fighting has nothing to do with GSP unless we fought GSP himself.

  6. Bobbi Sinister says:

    That retard Diaz all day. GSP has nothing for Nick, it’s going to go to a decision with Nick getting the UD

    • Perry says:

      You are right in saying Diaz is a retard. But to way GSP has nothing for Nick? You simply do not know anything about mma. Nick diaz hasn’t fought anybody with good takedowns in YEARS. The last time he fought guys with good takedowns was way back in the ufc days. and he was always dominated by the takedown guys. Always. So this falls into GSPs strength. Now his standup is better if it were boxing….but in an MMA enviroment…Nick diaz’s boxing wont mean shit.

      Any for the mind games that diaz plays by lowering his hands and taunting people….GSP will slam him through the canvas after the first attempt!


        Takedowns? When your one of the best MMA fighters off your back it doesn’t matter if u can takedown..

        GSP will not be able to hold Nick Diaz on the ground and will be in alot of trouble constantly getting in subs and Diaz is bound to catch him in 5 rounds..

  7. Brandon Wheaton says:

    I agree Diaz is already in GSP’s head. But we ALL KNOW GSP can’t strike, if you;ve seen, oh, his last 10 matches or so.

    Jake Shields hits like a girl and Koscheck had a bum eye, and he couldn’t do shit to them, cause he was scared to bring it. He was scared to strike with Thiago Alves, but I don’t blame him there lol.

    He’ll get popped a couple times by Nick, then get scared and dry hump him for the rest of the fight.

  8. Dante says:

    its one thing to have a great boxing trainer, but its another thing – to spar with pro boxers
    diaz spars with andre ward.. an apparently survives the sessions .. diaz boxing > gsp boxing
    but its the mma game… so, anythings possible.

    • wigler says:

      also spars with omar henry, and cesar gracie tweeted yesterday that cotto wants to use nick to train for margarito fight , would be awesome if that goes thru so nick can get the training he deserves

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Freddie Roach trains the best boxer in the world right now… Enuff said.

      • Dante says:

        so? haha and he trains gsp too. is gsp the best boxer in mma? hell no!
        this is the point.. gsp is training with freddie roach.. nick diaz is sparring with andre ward/omar henry… theres a BIG difference there.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Idk who gave Diaz such high marks for his boxing but they clearly don’t watch boxing. He doesn’t have good head movement, no bobbing, weaving and his foot work isn’t anything special. GSP is getting quality over quantity sir. He is going to destroy Diaz and if the opposite happens you can grill me for it later. But I won’t be proven wrong.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          opposite will be proven. takedown after takedown after takedown isnt really destruction its more stalling until the bell is rang. but thats just my opinion.

        • Dante says:

          haha cmon dude, andre ward is quality sparring for anybody! hah
          either way i wont grill you haha.. i wanna see a good fight
          i got diaz winning this.. 4th rd Sub

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I also want a good fight. :)

  9. Brent says:

    Did u idiots see the GSP vs Kosh fight? GSP broke his orbital bone round 1. GSP can’t box? Bissshhh Please!

  10. P R O D I G Y says:

    GSP is better everywhere he has better boxing, a better chin, better cardio, and better BJJ. He will give this stoner a 5 rd drubbing he wont forget. A Strikeforce bum shouldnt be fighting the #1 P4P fighter in the world.

    • Joe says:

      and what do you consider hendo??????????????

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Better boxing?! Uh, no! A better chin? I think Matt Serra would say otherwise. Better BJJ? Now you’re sounding borderline delusional…

      • P R O D I G Y says:

        Diaz got KTFO by Jeremy Jackson GSP definately has the better chin. GSP has cleaner boxing Diaz punches look sloppy and his footworkr is terrible. GSP will knock him out rd 1

        • learntoread says:

          @ PRODIGY:

          LOL !!

          Seriously?! That is your argument?

          Nick Diaz fought Jeremy Jackson when HE WAS 18 YEARS OLD, in the year 2002. (/sigh)

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Cleaner boxing, or just a better, stiffer jab? Diaz just outboxed someone who many considered to be the best boxer in MMA. Matt Serra put GSP on queer street with one punch, and had GSP frantically trying to tap from strikes before Big John stepped in to stop the fight, so if he does have a better chin, it seems that he has a lower tolerance for pain. Diaz being KO’d in round one, I highly doubt that.

      • Kyle6286 says:

        Why do all you losers who just started watching MMA two years ago always refer to that loss to Serra? It’s MMA. Anyone can win or lose any night. Serra is no slouch. He has top BJJ and heavy hands. I’m assuming Cain now sucks since he got KO’d in one punch from Dos Santos? Also, if you want to talk about “embarrassing” losses, let’s talk about Anderson Silva losing to a flying scissor heel hook. Never knew about it? Watch it here if you don’t believe me.

        Instead of shitting on GSP for his TWO losses in his MMA career, why don’t you respect the fact that he’s extremely talented, has the best takedowns in MMA despite the fact that he never wrestled, and constantly beats his opponents regardless of their strengths.

        We’ve heard it before and we’ll continue to hear it. This guy has superior BJJ, hasn’t lost in 5 years, and will give GSP trouble (Shields). This guy has the best muay thai in the division and is bigger (Alves). This guy has great wrestling and a strong right hand (Koscheck). What happened to all those guys?

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      prodigy and his delusions again. he also think chael sonnen has better boxing, chin, cardio, and bjj than silva. gsp #1 p4p? lmao ur hate blinds u. silva aint the one ducking gsp its the other way around. and if u wana cry about silva not fighting jones let jones defend his belt for a year before you sound like a gsp publicist.

  11. Hendrix says:

    All GSP proved was that Kos is still a wrestler with decent stand up, not great standup like Diaz.

  12. Kalez says:

    The only way GSP will beat Nick is by cut. Thats it.

    Diaz will dominate on the standup. GSP will try the ground game.
    Please don’t throw me in the briar patch[ground fight] GSP. GSP will finally be exposed. GSP is great, but he can’t train his chin.

    As I’ve said before. Nick is BJ with a gas tank. To those who always wanted to know if a in shape BJ could have beaten GSP. Nick will prove that it could have happened.

    • alex says:

      jonsey u r the stupidest dude i have ever heard or read talking about MMA or maybe you are 14, gsp won a stand up fight against thiago alvez beat koscheck in a boxing match the jab is consider one of the hardest punches to perfect on boxing so yes it is boxing GSP is also a gracie black belt, tell me the competition of DIAZ in the past you mention shamrock REALLY let me fresh your memories to all of you DIAZ followers GSP, BJ, KOSCHECK, HUGHES, FITCH, ALVEZ, HARDY, SHIELLS, AND SO ON,

  13. C91 says:

    He can do all the training in the world for his hands but we all know what GSP will resort to when the shit hits the fan. Nick’s boxing is some of the most crisp and technical I’ve seen among mma fighters. I do think GSP’s striking has progressed enough to hang with Nick no problem. However I don’t think he’ll utilize it. Nick’s just as good on the ground as he is standing up but GSP will want no part of it. Therefore he will use his wrestling and superior strength and attempt to grind out another decision.

    As for Nick as long as he works on his takedown defense and keeps doing what he’s doing with his hands in training, he’ll have a chance. He certainly doesn’t possess the ko power of Serra but lets not forget how much GSP does not like to get hit.

  14. Pauljr1121 says:

    What sucks is that with a ton of buildup people will get really hyped for what will likely turn out to be a boring fight. It’s just going to be constant GSP takedowns and a decision win.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      I’d hate to see that, but if GSP wins, that’s how it will play out. Hopefully Nick can stuff the takedown.

    • baldy says:

      yer retarded….this is gonna be a killer fight!! if you think gsp fights are boring you know nothing about mma. if you think diaz fight are boring your a moron. in my opion these guys are pretty even top to bottum. ive got nothing negative to say about either one. theyre two of the best for sure. two of my favorites to watch.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        then i guess even in his hometown where he fought jake shields, the thousands of ppl who BOOED him at home (had to remind u of the location there) dont know mma? or maybe they know a shitty fight when they see one instead of pretending to be a master of mma.

  15. pk9grrr says:

    said the spider to the fly ..whatever..gsp will never commit to a position for long and will switch when he feels threatend..i hope diaz is prepared for that

  16. MMAnalyst says:

    This is MMA… and we all know what to expect from Diaz, lots of boxing and BJJ if it hits the ground. While GSP will mix his attacks up and offer a far wider range of things for Diaz to worry about (kicks, take downs, his jab, and whatever else Greg Jackson gameplans…).

    I think GSP is a bit faster too, so the stand up game will be much more even than some might expect. Plus, Diaz has a great chin of course – but if he is bleeding from his nose and both eyes and getting taken down repeatedly it won’t matter how tough he is, he will lose.

  17. gary mensch says:

    call me crazy but ill take gsp by knockout or t.k.o just got that feeling

  18. Hostile hunter says:

    GSP without a question of a doubt could stand and bang with diaz.. I see gsp taking the fight to the ground early and try to cut diaz…3rd round i think he will feel comfartable enough to stay on the feet a little longer.Range his jab and use kicks. gsp got this in the bag.

  19. jeffD says:

    gsp cant handle getting punched in the face over and over, and that is what nick will do. i see gsp being UNABLE to CONTINUE after the 4th round, and Diaz being the new champ.

  20. Akid says:

    Only losers can’t respect GSP… To the donut (Zong) who says Diaz is better in most areas, yeah ok, well see… He’ll be totally nullified is my prediction. Diaz doesn’t bring anything that amazes me what-so-ever. He doesn’t have the ‘WOW” factor, that freakish natural ability! Of course he’s a talented mixed martial artist and of course he’ll cause problems for a lot of fighters in WW but to seriously think he’s got what it takes to stop GSP at this point in their careers…?

    I honestly feel GSP will own him in stand-up after a few takedowns… Diaz will realise he’s in a whole new world very quickly indeed! Obviously it’s speculation at this point but, Diaz is definitely not the man for the job IMO…

    • Kyle says:

      Completely agree. And if Fitch, a great wrestler, and Alves, a much larger 170, couldn’t stop the takedown, no wayyy Diaz stops it. GSP wins this fight by mixing it up with strikes and takedowns.

  21. Aaron says:

    We seem to have a whole heap of dreamers on here talkin crap, A good fighter will attack then move attack then move ALA GSP not sayin that Diaz cant bang cause he can just not a smart way of doin things, now he will be fightin a real fighter not a brawler. All you clowns who say GSP wont stand a bang with Diaz need to be watchin Felony fights. Dont get me wrong this will be a war but GSP will be way to smart for Diaz.

    All hail the champ GSP haha

  22. This is a pure smoke screen.Gsp will not stand with Diaz.He will exploit Diaz’s weak takedown defense and grind him out.Gsp by decision.

  23. elias delgado says:

    Gsp is way to strong for diaz he will pop that jab and take him down all day diaz boxing is good but its slow and doesn’t have a lot of power

  24. Xaninho says:

    It will be a good fight whatever the outcome will be. I got GSP for the win though. Probably with an arm triangle choke from top control..

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      i got gsp for the win too if i had to bet but as usual would like nothing more than an upset. but ur theory on gsp submitting nick diaz is blasphemous, gsp couldnt submit hardy. if gsp wins it will be either by the usual unanimous decision or tko by cut. no other way gsp can win imo.

  25. Diaz for life says:

    Stockton > Canada

  26. Voicein the desert says:

    This will turn out to be nothing more than a high-level sparring exhibition for the champ. The only guys in WW or MW that could give GSP trouble are Sonnen and Silva in that order.

  27. eddie diaz says:

    Damn…I bet BJ just loves seeing how many GSP fanbitches are on his…Arent you fairys tired of seeing GSP sliding threw fights….

  28. Chris says:

    I see GSP using more kicks than boxing. No way GSP thinks Diaz is gonna be able to take him down.

  29. DaRuckuz says:

    Haha,yea right.Only thing he testing is positive for steroids.

  30. elias delgado says:

    The only reason some of gsp were boring was cause fighters were afraid to do anything against him but diaz isn’t afraid and is gonna try to bring it to gsp and will bring the best out of him

  31. Voicein the desert says:

    GSP will clinch with him at first, take him down and pound him for 2 rounds then he will knock Diaz out cold with a head kick in the 4th round. Diaz will barely put a scratch on GSP.

    Seriously, the welterweight division is done. The only alternative for the UFC is for GSP to move up to MW or arrange a WW tournament where the winner gets to use a baseball bat in the Octagon against the champ. 😉

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      maybe if gsp wasnt so scared of the inevitable result of his move to mw he might have fought silva 2 years ago when rumors were circulating that the two were willing to fight each other. but instead hes facing guys with no tdd and taking his easy lnp wins and money to the bank. cant blame the guy, but i sure as hell can call him out on it. oh btw gsp wont be finishing anyone for the rest of his career unless he somehow gets an easier opponent than dan hardy.

      • P R O D I G Y says:

        GSP will finish Diaz with some wicket GnP. Dick Diaz will get beaten into a pulp and wil prlly jump out of the cage and just go home. Diaz cant keep up with the steady dose of punches kicks knees and elbows GSP will display. Hell i would be shocked if Diaz showed up to the fight. GSP is going to retire Nick Diaz.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          i assume you mean wicked, sorry having a kobasky moment there. by discrediting nick diaz the way you do you are implying that bj penn is not that great of a fighter. i mean because if nick beat bj in a straight up war but has no shot against gsp well then i guess u know what im trying to say. regardless, gsp will be scared to box w nick. everybody and their mommas know this. he was scared of jake shields ground game for effs sake. gsp will most likely win, but it will be very unimpressive and uneventful. all the action in the fight will need to be provided by nick. have a nice day.

        • P R O D I G Y says:

          LoL you just got trolled Junkie. C’mon you and me both know it will be another uneventful decision favoring GSP. However, i dont like Nick and i HOPE GSP takes his soul but i wouldnt count on him. Because this is his most dangerous fight so it will result in his safest fight. catch my drift?

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          indeedarino. gsp sucks. if nick diaz had his mouth n fought like gsp i would dislike him more but since hes actually an entertaining fighter i hope he pulls off the upset. im a fan of fights i could give a rats ass how a fighter is out of the cage as long as they bring it and arent complete criminals like a rapist like joe son or something.

        • magoo says:

          you think Diaz is gonna be able to out power GSP and hold him against the fence like he did to BJ? It has nothing to do with BJ quit twisting peoples words junkie,as far as you thinking Georges won’t stand with Diaz,I think your wrong,He’ll mix up alot of leg kicks…………. ALOT,he’ll use his super fast and dynamic jab,and when he’s ready he’ll slam his Stockton ass through the mat with a double leg,and if any of you dillusional motherfuckers think Nick can do anything to stop it,well lets just say after this fight Nick will think that running a triathlon is a cake walk compared to stepping in the ring with a cardio stud!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          hey magoo if ppl wana discredit nick after his big win against the always top contender bj penn than im sorry i see it as disrespect to bj himself. no twisting words there just stating what i think. gsp will mix it up only to get the takedown. u cant just go into the ring and shoot shot after shot u have to mix it up to get the takedown and thats all gsp is gonna do. wana bet this fight ends by gsp stoppage? im willing to bet that it goes all the way to a decision or by nick diaz stoppage.

        • Scared of jake.. Hell no! He respected jakes bjj.. who doesn’t bc jake has awesome bjj and will sub Diaz!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          respected scared same difference.

        • Respected and scared same thing? Lmao ok.. Silva respected the hell out of Maia and Leites’s Bjj.. Sorry silva was scared shitless of Maia and Leites’s Bjj.. and scared shitless of Chael TDs! ha ha

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          where does a fight start? on the feet. if you want it to go to the ground than take it there. but if youre scared to fight cuz ur scared of being taken down than youre a bitch. leites and maia flopped to the ground like werdum did against reem trying to bait their opponents into fighting on the ground. not the other guys fault for not wanting to fight there. but when ur standing and ur obviously throwing lil sissy jabs and weak sad haymakers than youre just a pussair. and btw i didnt say it was the same thing i said same difference. meaning that there is a difference in what we’re saying but the result is the same – gsp did not want to engage because of both our reasons.

        • I’m seeing this too bc the Saint knows he needs to make a statement, and Diaz is easy prey for him bc he’s slow and he won’t overpower gsp! The fool is going to come head and run right into a brahma bull!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          statement? i think he made his statement loud and clear for the past 3 years now – hes a pussair and fights like a girl. im taking all bets if ppl think gsp will actually stop nick diaz.

        • Yeah.. Hey even Chael got a finish pretty sure gsp could to if he wasn’t so safe. Like Obama said.. Time for a change and the saint can do it unlike bama.. pretty sure Bj will be rooting for the Saint! Guarantee it and all real Bj fans will to! The Saint FTW!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          dont go political on me here put your money where ur mouth is. u or magoo. im willing to bet gsp will not finish nick. hes a scared pussair and nothing about this fight is gonna change his style.

        • Boring or not a win over Diaz is a win.. send him home empty handed is good enuf for me, but an ass beating is more satisfying. Can’t believe u want Diaz to win this one..

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          of course id cheer for diaz over gsp all diaz ever been guilty of imo is a bad attitude. gsp actually cheats his opponents out of fair fights and acts like a smug bitch when hes called out on it. not only that but when u break down actual fighting styles gsp is boring and nick is fun to watch. if u knew nothing of either fighter and watched them fight on mute and was totally unbiased towards either one would you really cheer for gsp? honestly would you?

        • I like watching Diaz fight.. His best IMO was against cyborg, Diaz took a beating but destroyed him. Gsp had some good fights to.. Alves Fitch shields Hughes Kos serra2. The difference between the 2 all those that gsp fought all top fighters.. Cyborg not even ranked! Diaz is a shitheadd so doom on him!

          Wasn’t trying to avoid u .. Was watching green bay destroy Minnesota.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          didnt have to watch the game to know that result! haha well gsp has also had much more lackluster performances than nick also. hardy shields and kos 2 was boring imo. nicks fights are usually much more entertaining. and gsp v bj and nick v bj gsp fought like a coward and greased and tried cheating bj out of a fair fight and didnt even have him as messed up as nick did. thats why i choose nick on who to support. he didnt cheat bj, fought bjs fight, and won in a straight up war. respect was definitely earned from me after watching nicks performance against the best.

        • Ssounds like u got a plan there junkie.. Enjoy! We will see how Diaz does against the Saint. I hope he at least pushes gsp a little and it’s not a one sided whoopin.

  32. elias delgado says:

    I don’t think it will be uneventful fight diaz is gonna come it gsp continually throughout the fight and gsp will finish him with his fast and hard hitting stand up or g n p

  33. learntoread says:

    Pretty sure it was good ‘ol Freddie Roach who claimed:

    “BJ Penn has the best boxing in MMA” (being that Peen had hired him)

    Truth is, Penn knew better and boldly stated prior to UFC 137:

    “No, I believe Nick Diaz has the best boxing in MMA”

    We saw the true results during that fight. It will be amusing if Roach comes out again, pre UFC 143, and states that the fighter who’s hired him (GSP) has the better boxing skills…it wouldn’t surprise me at all being that Freddie is so damn arrogant (which can at times make him come off as oblivious).

    Personally, I hope Roach does try and convince Georges that he has better hands than Diaz and instills the confidence / arrogance in his fighter to stand and trade with Nick in the early going of their title match !! (*Instead of immediately trying to take it to the mat).

    Please Freddie, be over-confident in your fighter and feed him tons of “yes men” BS so he’ll come to believe he can stand with Diaz and get the better of him. Thank you :)

  34. Sho Nuff says:

    Last time GSP tested someones boxing we saw 25 mins of jabbing

  35. magoo says:

    I’ve said it before Junkie,Georges aint BJ or vice versa,Georges will not gas,he will be the stronger of the two,and won’t be pressed against the cage to take a pounding, and is def the smarter of the two Geoges will win, and win convincingly…….”it will be great” lol

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      so i take it ur not willing to bet georges will stop nick eh? losing confidence in ur boy? lmao

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        and i never said georges was bj i just said that if the ppl discrediting nick are bj fans than theyre disrespecting bj by saying nick has no chance when they like myself believes bj has a chance against gsp. after watching the nick bj fight anyone who isnt blinded by hate would realize that nick stands as good a chance as any other top ww at beating georges but imo he stands a beter chance becuz of his performance he showed against bj.

  36. sgt thai clone says:

    Diaz has alot better cardio than GSP! GSP has alot of muscle which requires alot of oxygen,sure he can hang for three rds, but the fourth and fifth rds Diaz will overwhelm him!

  37. Jojomajesty says:

    I like Freddie Roach and i think he is a really good trainer..but GSP is not a great boxer. I don’t think he can out box Nick even with Freddie Roach on his corner.

  38. GSP vs BJPENN says:

    Somtimes when i read all this statmens that people write here i get confused on moment….MMA is not street fighting or boxing …or kick boxing….you use any Marshal arts skills to win…
    Diaz have good boxing , BJJ and cardio…..
    GSP have better kick boxing , clinch , better Take downs and he is stronger fighter…
    Diaz don’t even have one punch knockout…GSP can take this fight standing if he choos becouse he can netrulize Diaz panchis with leg kicks..When he take him down if he past his guard he can finish him …GSP can fight 5 rounds with same pass ….

  39. Nick Diaz says:

    I’ve Decided I’m a huge bitch and can’t beat GSP, sorry everyone I’m a huge fake and should never come to the UFC.

  40. slacker says:

    Diaz has a chance to pull off a slick submission, that’s about it. His boxing is great against most guys, but not against GSP. He will hit GSP, but he won’t get him up against the fence like he did with BJ. Boxing might be about even, but GSP will take him down at will and batter him a bit worse each passing round. Submitting GSP is highly unlikely. The biggest difference in this fight will be GSP’s strength as Jake found out when he easily got tossed to the canvas.

    On a different note: Not a happy with GSP cancelling the fight with Condit. Did GSP and White suddenly forget about Diaz no-showing the press conferences? White should have made him wait and fight someone like Ellenberger or Fitch. GSP should have kept his cool or at least considered how such a change is totally unfair to Condit.

  41. pk9grrr says:

    ive mentioned this before if diaz can get in early and break gsps face and confidence ,he can finish what bj started in the bj vs gsp fight one..knowledge is power we all know what gsp is going to do or capable so lets hope diazs camp has done all the baloody ground work

  42. Jrock says:

    Either way Carlos Condit is going to be the welterweight champ in 2012 just watch

  43. GSP vs BJPENN says:

    i definitly think that Carlos Condit is better fighter then Diaz and i think he should get shoot at GSP…and i think that Carlos most likly going to bet GSP or Diaz….I like GSP but i think Carlos is better in this moment….

  44. Long-Strong says:

    Damn I love BJ Penn and this website (not to say it can’t use some improvements) but a lot of these BJ Penn fans are such assholes when GSP’s name gets brought up on this site. Seriously. TEAM GSP all the way on this fight, bro!

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      Yeah bro like all the way gsp woohoo! wake me up when his fight is over cuz god knows hes gonna try make everyone watching it go to sleep when he should be trying to do that to his opponent!

  45. SaberTooth says:

    Here’s how it’s gonna go down dumbass’ Diaz is a better boxer, jitz player and a better gas tank (I will address this before all you GSP ball licker’s pipe in, when was the last time GSP ran a triathlon?…..oh yah never!!) GSP is probably a little better wrestler. Ok now Round 1 starts; GSP is jabbing and jabbing and jabbing, to no avail while Diaz is peppering his face with ‘pillow fists'(lol). “Oh shit” thinks GSP, “I better try kicking and jabbing and jabbing”. Once again to no avail, while Diaz is peppering him with punches and kicks. Then GSP thinks. “Crap I need to take this guy down and lay on him”. So boom he throws a few jabs and goes in for that single leg and then takes Diaz down and then briefly he thinks, “yah man I got him this is mine”. But then Diaz gets up and punishes GSP with more punches and kicks. Then Round 1 ends. GSP walks to his corner and thinks. “how am I gonna beat this guy “(in that annoying squeaky French Canadian french shit voice). So he thinks, “I know I’ll put a little grease on” and then he remembers, “oh yah, I’ve already done that and Diaz is not BJ who is 30 lbs lighter than me”. All the while, Firas is saying that he needs to take him to the fence and take him down and lay and hump him, I mean ground and pound. So GSP then thinks, “yah that’s right, I’ll throw this guy around and dominate him on the ground” GSP jumps up all excited and spits water in the air again so he can have water run on his body to bring up the oil from the previous nights oil bath. Round 2 Starts, GSP jabs and jabs and shoots and takes Diaz to the fence and single legs him to the ground. GSP thinks, “that was easy, I’m going to punish him over and over now, I got this”. But then Diaz gets up again and hurts GSP in the process. This goes on for all of Round 2 and then it ends. GSP, walks to his corner with a swelling eye and sore ribs, he’s lost and realizes that he cannot do anything as good as Diaz. He sits on that chair and listens to Jackson telling him, “Take that eye and that rib and beat it over Nick’s head, your the CHAMP”. GSP feels good for a few seconds but then he looks over at Diaz as Round 3 starts and the only thing he can think, “just don’t tap to strikes like I did with Serra, it’s my time for a beating.” Diaz then wins by annihilation. That’s how its gonna go down keyboard bitches……

  46. sgt thai clone says:

    Saber Tooth your so right about him spraying water all over his body-notice how he gets a fine mist too.making sure his whole upper body is saturated-to all the fools here that think GSP has a better gas tank? just wait till the fourth and 5th rds thats when diaz is just warming up

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      It doesn’t matter that he spits a mist in the air because both fighters are going to sweat in the Octogon giving them no clear advantage in Wrestling or Jujitsu.

      • SaberTooth says:

        It makes alot of difference when you’ve taken an oil bath prior to a fight. Do you actually know what sweat is? It is salty water basically that causes drag not slipperyness. That’s what OIL does especially when wet. Have you ever fought a real mma fight?

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