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Thursday, 12/01/2011, 07:19 am

UFC NEWS – QuickTwitt: Eliot Marshall Released By UFC For Second Time

The TUF season 8 Alum, Eliot Marshall entered the UFC with a three-fight win streak inside the promotion. However an eventual loss to Vladimir Matyushenko would send him packing to the regional circuit.

After picking up three more wins in various promotions, Marshall was brought back at UFC 128 and got knocked out by Luiz Cane. He was then put up against Brandon Vera at UFC 137 and suffered a decision loss.

Following the loss to Vera, the UFC has apparently decided to give him his walking papers once more.


5 Responses to “UFC NEWS – QuickTwitt: Eliot Marshall Released By UFC For Second Time”

  1. Brandon says:

    Wtf!? Cmon man!!

  2. Michael says:

    I’m from Denver and I try to follow Eliot’s career as he has several BJJ studios in the area. He is a heck of a nice guy and I think he’s a good fighter. Maybe not top level, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him rattle off a few more W’s and make his way back.

  3. hawaiiponii says:

    Who cares?!

  4. Eric El Bestia says:

    those mofo judges that give a unanimous decision to Vera after Marshall handle the last 3mins of the 2nd round and the whole 3rd round must be laughing like a bunch of jackasses

  5. Long-Strong says:

    he didn’t win the Vera fight but this is a seriously sad situation. it really makes me wonder about Vera’s future security in the UFC as well. this nigga, vera, lets everyone down…

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