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Monday, 12/05/2011, 10:46 am

UFC NEWS- QuickTwitt: Dan Henderson Hints That Anderson Silva Is Avoiding Rematches With Him And Sonnen


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  1. Robby says:

    Hendo is the man!!!

    • DontBeScaredHomie says:

      All of you hendo fans are delusional to think that Silva would be scared to fight two guys he already beat they are just talking shit. I guess all that trt they take is getting to their heads.

      • Tomx2424 says:

        Finally somebody with some sense.. Hendo is a beast but he’s just making hisself look foolish. Anderson could’ve already choked both of these guys to death and they wouldn’t be able to talk about a rematch

        • Yellow says:

          Silva would have been the first person to KO Hendo, If Hendo hadn’t quite and given up his back+stick his neck out…. 8 seconds left in the second round.

          I’m scared for Sonnen though. Silva is a little hesitant, and I think its because he’s weighing the pros and cons on wether to snap that fat steroid neck of his

        • Calvin says:

          nah silva tapped him on purpose because i think prior to that only one guy has submitted him or no one has

        • DBKlein69 says:

          silva is a little hesitant because he doesn’t wanna get ragdolled for another 23 minutes and have to hope for another miracle to bail him out.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          lol dontbestupidhomie has sense? lol he’s the dumbes mofo on here.

        • jln1919 says:

          It kills me when people talk about how Silva’s choke was the end all be all. Look at that triangle in the context of a competition. Silva won, I’ll readily admit that, but the bell rang at the end of the round FOUR times signaling that Sonnen had to STOP, GET UP, and DICONTINUE REPEATEDLY PUNCHING ANDERSON IN THE FACE. Silva’s choke won him the competition, but in a FIGHT, Sonnen wouldn’t have had to stop at the end of the round FOUR times.

      • Mike McMack says:

        Exactly, why would Spidey duck two guys he already tapped out. Hendo’s biggest strength is his stand up. He hasn’t faced anyone with the kind of stand up skills that Anderson has since he lost to him last time.

  2. Eric El Bestia says:

    …and imagine if Bisping is the one that beats Silva and not Hendo or Chael.

    • Rusk says:

      Just to piss chael off I hope bis gets the fight wins and Andy retires

      • EdSoareisBalls says:

        In what way does Bisping beat Anderson Silva.

        Please tell us all.

        • Rusk says:

          Flying heel hook at the weigh in

        • BJ Penn Fan says:

          lol… no, poison spit. followed up by a harry potter spell.

        • Salem says:

          AHhahahaha i cant stop laughing XD

        • apex says:

          Hahahaha I’m a fan of bisping, silva and mostly the sport. But haha that sounds hilllarious XD

        • donkeyballs says:

          anyone can win a fist fight ask matt serra and hundreds of others..remember bisping was beating dan henderson but he decided to keep trailing to his left and than his country got hbombed

        • david t says:

          your fucking high. No way in hell bisping was beating hendo. Hendo had a dominate 1st round and bisping had a decent half second round before, you know HBOMB

        • sean says:

          you dumbass dan won rd1 then 2 was close until lights out shut thr fuck up if u dont know how to judge a fight

        • BJ Penn Fan says:

          i agree w/the other 2 comments… dan was winning. bisping wasn’t beating him. idk what judges see or how they score… but he wasn’t presenting any danger to dan at all.

          i will say this… no need to be a hater and start attacking people. donkey hasn’t said anything offensive. just inaccurate. calm the fck down, guys. serious. its not that deep.

        • Eric El Bestia says:

          Never underestimate UFC fighters. Anderson is 1 of my favorites. Im just sayin “what if Bisping does beat Silva”. Is not like im a Bisping fan or Sonnen. Hendo is one of my favs as well but, that twitt was sounds like a Sonnen comment.

        • JGrenke says:

          This man is a genius . . .”EdSoareisBalls”. If everyone hear listened more to him, these comment boards would retain their worth.

          *** This notice was/is sent without the use of “holla”, “pussy” and/or over use of acronyms and exclamation marks ***

  3. erik says:

    that is the only thing you can do is imagine because bisping will never beat a top tier opponent. Chael will beat munoz and then anderson. everyone can clearly see that anderson is ducking him

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Never beat a top tier opponent? Like Belfort? Or maybe Franklin? What about Horn back in ’04? None of those guys quality opponents? Was Hendo considered a top tier opponent when he choked him out a few years back?

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        Woops! My bad. Didn’t put on my bifocals before I read your comment, and ended up making an ass of myself. Thought you said Silva hadn’t beat any top tier opponents…

      • GSP says:

        Oh get that britain’ dick off your mouth!You redcoat’ wannabe’!Bisping is a piece of shit with no knouckout power!You fag’ addict!Go watch gay porn or something BITCH!

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Read my correction before you start talking shit. Not even close to being a Bisping fan, and if you had any knowledge of MMA, you would’ve been able to tell from my original statement, that even though I made a mistake, I wasn’t talking about Bisping. You sound like a closet homo, by the way…

        • BJ Penn Fan says:

          he does with that kinda hating comment. internet tough guys. scary o_O

        • BJ Penn Fan says:

          hater man… i hate bisping. but come on, son. its the internet. be a tough guy somewhere else. chill out, guy.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      What are you talking about? Look at Bispings record in the UFC and his last 4 performances…he is a TOP TIER fighter already – for me top 5 in the divisoin easily. He has some of the best technical striking in the division and is very dangerous at 185lb. I don’t think he has the game or skills to beat Silva but the guy deserves a shot or at the most is only one fight away from Silva. Why would Silva want to fight Hendo anyway he battered him last time they fought plus Hendo is close to a title shot with Jon Jones….Chael I get because it was so close lasy time he kind of deserves his rematch even though Bisping would be a more entertaining (and probably shorter fight)…

    • BJ Penn Fan says:

      he said he wants to fight chael… he’s not ducking him. pretty sure anderson has done enough to deserve some rest to recover from an injury.

      but bottom line is anderson already came out and said he’ll fight chael.

      • Shayne says:

        No he didn’t. He said he would fight Chael if he came to brazil.. So that basically means he doesn’t want to fight him haha

      • Ryan M says:

        He finally said that he would fight Chael. I ducked him for a long time, but then said ok, but in Brazil. Then right after Chael accepted, he said he’d be out for another 4 months. That’s ducking him.

        • BJ Penn Fan says:

          whatever, ducking or not, the fight is gonna happen. i still think anderson is the best and hope the fight with chael is a good one.

          chael better not be looking past the filipino wrecking machine tho.

  4. TEMPHUiBIS says:

    -]. Oh come on Dan, don’t be like that .[-

  5. EdSoareisBalls says:

    Normally I would call bullshit, but Andy’s management team are doing everything in their power to keep him from fighting Chael/Hendo again, and Ed Soares even said that they do not want to fight Hendo, Chael, GSP, or Jon Jones, because, “even though they would be big fights, they wouldn’t be big enough.”

    • Robby says:

      Hendo, GSP, Chael and Jones not big fights? That’s a ridiculous statement from a sorry add management team.

    • Anayalater says:

      GSP vs Silva not a big fight?? Put the crack pipe down friend!!! Also, I think every MMA fan in the world wants to see Anderson and Jones, and I’m pretty sure Dana will see to it!

      • Trak says:

        What you guys don’t get is business. If GSP fights Silva someones legacy will be ruined, same goes with Jones and Silva. Then the massive fall just like Fedor. Dana white wants nothing like that from his top money makers. The only way you will see any of those fights is if one of them loses first.

        • DanielR says:

          well said-its about protecting assets (for the fighters its a legacy thing) u can see it on GSP’s face EVERY time he speaks on Silva- he doesnt want it and Dans cool with that

        • Chris Conforti says:

          I disagree. The reason why UFC has been succesfull in a way that boxing hasnt is because they always find a way to make the big fights that people want. The only reason for instance GSP and Silva havent fought is because GSP doesnt want to move up in weight because he feels it would be a permanent move(or at least that was the reason he stated). The thing is being undefeated means nothing in MMA cause nobody has come even close to retiring undefeated and honestly if someone did then it would only show they didnt fight the best. Even the best in MMA will lose eventually. Thats what makes it so exciting cause every fighter has at least a “punchers chance” of winning.

        • spiritsplice says:

          So you are only the best if you lose? How stupid.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Didn’t his management say that a fight with Bones Jones wouldn’t be beneficial to Anderson Silva? That’s because he has a weakness and that’s superior wrestling. 2012 is going to be a tough year for the Spider. Hendo, Chael, Jones, Munoz are all strong wrestlers. Maybe Dana will throw him an easier fight with Bisping before he is forced to fight strong ground fighters.

  6. fightgreg says:

    I’m not sure if Silva is ducking anybody. He will beat dan, but sonnen will win this time. What about gsp and Silva? Or Jones and Silva?

  7. Jb says:

    Bis would get murdered. Chael or hendo have the best shot.

  8. canilive says:


  9. : ^ ) says:

    Hendo! Way to talk smack in a cool and clever way! He’s actually dissing both Anderson AND Bisping at the same time!

  10. SP says:

    I agree with fightgreg. Chael would won’t this time but not Hendo.
    Bisping would die lol. Would be great to see though.
    If I was Anderson though I would try to take GSP’s belt, then Jones and retire before it goes downhill.

  11. erik says:

    green bandit you should read my statement before you comment the first part is clearly about MICHAEL BISPING dumb a$$

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Erik, I made it clear that I misunderstood your statement, and you would see that if you took the time to read my correction that I posted directly below my original statement. Dumbass.

  12. Ninjaman says:

    Hendo, Sonnen and Bisping vs Silva would even the odds a little. Say what you wish Hendo but you lost to the champ when you were younger, faster and stronger. Wait a little longer and your time will come. Loser!

  13. Night-Wind says:

    There ain’t a thing where/how Michael is somehow better than Anderson.

  14. beebo420 says:

    First of all Hendo has the best chance at beating Anderson, but it aint gonna happen. Chael is a joke, the only advantage he has at all is his wrestling, and didnt do sh!t with it last time, while Anderson was injured and Chael was all doped up. So what makes anyone think Anderson doesnt already know Sonnens lame game plan. He is Anderson Silva I’m sure he has it in his mind how to handle that cheatin a$$whole.Ohh and Bisping sucks didnt anyone watch his last fight with Miller.LMFAO

  15. Dan Henderson.. Say it ain’t so! Anderson the super way would he duck top contenders like u and the Chaelmonster.

    • Xaninho says:

      Silva hasn’t ducked anyone ever. He always fought whoever the UFC put in front of him. He will fight Sonnen cause DW wants it…But I’m sure he thinks it’s a waste to beat the same douchebag twice in the limited time he has left to fight. Same goes for Henderson, I like him but Silva beat him once and he will beat him again.

      Just another waste, cause instead of fighting the same guys he defeated already he could also fight a new one and add another to the list. He has enough money, it’s all about the legacy now…

  16. get real says:

    Look at 2 guys that have been beaten by Silva tough talking on twitter. These guys sound more like a couple of high school kids than professionals. Hendo got stopped in round 2, and Chael hits like a adolescent child, without steroids he would get beat in 2 as well.

  17. riga says:

    Hendo should shut tha fuck up! He lost the last time he fought Anderson, BAD!! Got choke tha fuck out!!!
    And his last fight with shogun wasn’t a decisive win. He looked like Mayhem in those last rounds. If he wants a fight in that class he should fight Sonnen or Belfort. People nowadays think they could get fights WWE style. Talk bullshit over a fighter. Didn’t expect that shit from Hendo. He goes a long way back to the Pride days, where they had respect for each other. But I guess he and chael are homies.

  18. pk9grrr says:

    hendo = mastermind

  19. Arvoiscool says:

    Man I love Hendo but he would get SMASHED way worse than the first time if he rematched Anderson. Dan has always had issues with cardio if he ever gets passed the 3rd round, and Anderson didnt even need to take him to the 3rd last time they fought. Judging how Dans last fight went I dont see any way he beats Silva. Silva’s not gonna stand in front of Dan like Shogun did and just eat shots and make it a brawl, hes gonna sit back like in their first fight, feel him out with leg kicks then slip his heavy punches and follow up with straight counters. As is the case in most of Silva’s fights… Silva by 2nd round tko

  20. KingGareth says:

    Bisping is talented, but he even said after his fight that he was not ready for Anderson Silva. I say put him against Stann or Maia to see how he does, then consider putting him against the loser of Sonnen/Munoz. If he wins those 2 fights, then put him against Silva if he still has the belt by then.

  21. Nick says:

    Damn. ufc is changing. the fighters r starting to pull the same ‘wwe’ attitude the fans picked up. watever happened to talk is cheap? i started watching this sport cuz it was real, it was real martial arts, real attitude, and every1 was grown up. hearing that from hendo of all ppl, is kinda sad. starting to lose hope in ufc :( hope dana reads this, and posts it somwhere that the fighters will see it…

  22. MMA Fan says:

    Why the heck does everyone say Anderson is ducking Dan Henderson or Chael Sonnen???? Last time I checked they both lost to Anderson! He’s healing an injury and once he’s 100% they’ll go from there. Dan is only looking for a big payday since his ass is getting older. He got choked the f#$% out last time, why would Silva want to fight him next? I want to see a Silva vs Sonnen 2 as well, fans just need to chill already. Tired of motherf%^&er’s talking shit about Anderson Silva….check the winning streak and hit list!

    • Dante says:

      hahaahah its actually pretty funny.. it seems like dan thinks he put up a better fight than chael
      he forget that he was finished in under two rounds… get to the back of the bus
      chael should be next imo… anderson ducking? maybe if he never fought or finished both of them he would be ducking..
      madness hendo lol jus madness

  23. Zack says:

    Both of the juice heads chael and hendo tapped. Anderson would dance around Dan and Dan would be so gassed he would get choked out just like the last time. And chael has his coming

  24. HAHA says:

    Dan Henderson tapped the last time he fought Anderson. This means he should stfu and handle the loss like a champ.

    • Zack says:

      That’s why Anderson doesn’t want to fight him. He doesn’t have a lot of fights left he’s like 36 so why would he waste a fight on someone he already dominated and submitted. Dan thinks he can beat the pound for pound king with a beer belly and 10 minutes of cardio? Shit at 185 it would be more like 3 minutes of cardio

  25. magoo says:

    Yup Anderson’s playing it safe in a different sense!

  26. Jason Phalen says:

    Is Anderson “ducking” fights? …..Yes.
    (He is one of my personal favorite fighters, so this isn’t easy to admit)
    This is an obvious truth. Anderson is vocal about who he would rather fight. And though I respect the “I’ll fight anyone, anywhere, anytime attitude” it isn’t something that you see from consecutive title holders. Not that you can even put Silva in the consecutive title holder mold. You can’t look for contemporaries to compare his career to, because like him or not, the dude is literally writing history as we speak. And in his defense, if I were in the middle of authoring my own legacy, I would definitely exercise my right to narrow opponents. Hell, I’d like to choose the venue, payday, AND outcomes if I had the freedom to do so.
    What I’m getting at here is that I would be willing to wager that there are a myriad of things to consider when you are in position to leave a sport with the label “Greatest of All Time”. It’s easy to say “Oh, Silva is scared!” Is he afraid to have his streak broken? Yes, of course. But to simplify his concerns by assuming he is back in Curitiba doubled-over in fear to exchange blows with another (and less accomplished) man, you are crazy. Believe me when I say Anderson Silva is NOT afraid of another man. Defeat? Sure, most likely.
    Though I am not affiliated with The Spider, and am in no way qualified to speak on his behalf, I would like to offer a few things that I think he is weighing when he is “ducking” Sonnen and Hendo.
    First, these fights already happened. We will see him in the octagon no more than 6 more times….ever! Maybe not even that many. (Before you demand a link that proves this, I am just guessing given the amount of times he fights per year and the average career life of professional mixed martial artists.) If this is true than why would he not want to defeat some fresh faces. Look at Lightweight Champ Frankie Edgar. That guy has defended his belt 3 times and he has fought 2 guys since 2009! I, for one, am happy to turn the page and get some new talent vying for the brass.
    Secondly, I agree with Anderson’s camp about Sonnen. If Chael is the best, let him work his way back up. One win shouldn’t constitute another shot at the title. I feel the same way about Brock. Go to the back of the line, destroy 3 or 4 big names, and climb back in for another shot. This getting fights because you are famous or you run your mouth crap is getting old. I am interested in the Silva vs Sonnen rematch too but I can wait. This fight WILL happen. Have them both knock off a few guys first.
    As far as Hendo…I don’t think Dan wants the Silva rematch that much either. I can’t blame him. He didn’t present near the challenge that Chael did. Now, as much as Hendo may not want another shot at Anderson, he will never say so. I would be willing to wager that Dan Henderson would fight a grizzly before he would back down from a brawl.
    Is Hendo right about Bisping? Well hell yes! Anderson signs the paperwork for Silva vs Bisping within hours. What a great way to showcase those skills. Though I doubt Anderson will KO the Brit in the same spectacular fashion as Henderson did, the outcome is the same. Anderson bests Bisping 10 times out of 10.
    Lastly, Anderson has heard the rumors that we (the vast majority of fight fans) think he is “ducking” fights. He doesn’t care. There is no amount of us calling him chicken that will coax him into a rematch any sooner. Trust me when I say that he couldn’t care less if the American public thinks he is a coward because of what Chael Sonnen or Dan Henderson has to say on the subject.
    I admit that a true champion must take on all challenges. But I can also admit that if I were in Anderson’s shoes, I wouldn’t be excited to “GIVE” them a shot either. I’d pass on Hendo because the fight is relatively pointless. Hendo is out is out in 2 years anyway so Silva would hardly be “passing the torch”. And with as much garbage as Sonnen has said lately, I’d make him sweat it awhile. I definitely wouldn’t reward his antics with a timely response.
    Oh, and while I’m giving my two cents, Anderson wins the Sonnen Rematch in round 2!

  27. Jeff says:

    My guess is that Anderson is just sick of fighting the same guys over and over again…

  28. P R O D I G Y says:

    HAHA aint that the truth Hendo. 2 of my favorite fighters Fagderson the rodent Silva is duckin all day. Of course he wants to make an example of pillow fists Spitsbing on the feet. Silva is a lier and a cheat. He knows Hendo would give it to him and Chael would smash him again in the rematch. Silva= Coward. Silva Fans= Delusional bias nuthuggers who think their fav fighter cant lose a round when he lost rds to both Hendo And the Chaelmonster.

    • Dante says:

      woow ranting about winning rounds , go back to bed to little punk kid LOL
      u forgetting both you asshole torn fav fighters got submitted ! meaning tap tap i cant fight anymore anderson im losing oxygen HAHA .. retard

    • He lost rounds yes.But he won both fights.At the end of the day thats what counts.

    • bizzle says:

      LOL you know your a great fighter when people are bragging about winning a round against you.. Yeah Hendo won round one then in round two he got lit up on the feet then submitted shortly thereafter.. You calling Silva fans bias is hilarious considering you make such biased and one sided statements bashing Silva on here all the time..

      • magoo says:

        lol yea its comical…..the winning a round thing! You hear it all the time after a GSP fight,only thing is. know one ever wins a round against him…………just sayin,300 300 300 300 300,whoot whoot!

        • bizzle says:

          You mean except for BJ,KOS,and Shields? Oh yea and he also lost to Hughes and Serra in the UFC, who has Silva lost to again since coming to the UFC?

        • magoo says:

          did they really? Maybe BJ 1st rnd 1st fight that was the last time bro!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          bj won round one in their first match just like kos. shields won 2 rounds in their fight. gsp sucks bro but like i said its ok u like him cuz ur canadian lol

        • DBKlein69 says:

          yea bj won a round, kos won a round, shields won a round, but none of them DOMINATED gsp the way we saw chael DOMINATE silva. that is something we will never forget. but on this site we have a bunch of butthurt bj penn fans who dont like gsp because he beat their boy so bad he QUIT ON THE STOOL!!!

        • BJ Penn Fan says:

          DBKlein69, watch the first fight… domination? maybe not, but check gsp’s face at the end of the fight. technically penn wasn’t sitting on the stool after round 4 of the second fight (i can see your response now, relax, i’m not taking you literal).

          second, i don’t really know that chael was doing more than laying and praying. he hit him with some shots, but it didn’t really look like it phase silva or even blemished his face. maybe he has a hard head, but he wasn’t acting like a normal person when they get hit in the face. seemed like he was content with letting chael hit him b/c it wasn’t worth blocking. idk tho, i’m not silva. so dominating? i would say that exactly.

      • Dante says:

        that pic of hendo gettin subbed is priceless lol

    • Xaninho says:

      Funny thing you call Bisping pillowhands and in the same sentence you actually say Sonnen will ‘smash’ him ‘again’…..Didn’t Sonnen lay on Silva while ‘smashing’ him with 300 ‘strikes’ ? Still Sonnen’s face looked like it went through a meat grinder and Silva looked like he didn’t even fight.

      That tells me Sonnen has fluffy fists.

  29. Mike.Ontiveros says:

    Anderson Silva is the Current UFC Middle Weight Champion … He has the longest winning streak in UFC history… The longest title defense streak in UFC history… He’s considered by most reputable places as the pound for pound best fighter in the world….
    With all that said… He would be a fool…. To just keep giving rematches to everyone that he already beat on their terms and on their schedule… If you want to dictate who and when the champ fights become the champ or buy the ufc…LOL You got your shot and you screwed the pooch… Now go back and earn your rematch don’t try to cry and insult your way into a rematch… This is my feeling about Sonnen too, I really don’t think he has much of a chance in the rematch…

  30. Mac says:

    Lol, i accept that sonnen say this, he was close to beat anderson so he can say whatever he wants but hendo? Anderson owned him in every aspect of the fight… He shouldn’t be talking too much.

    On the other had silva could beat bisping with 1 hand so…

  31. spiritsplice says:

    So says the guy who lost to Jake Shields…enough said.

  32. lol says:

    Hendo is not saying Silva is really scared. He is calling him out. Thats what you do to get a fight. I like hendo and silva.

  33. Hilarious! Why would Anderson be scared of Henderson?He almost knocked him out before he choked him out.Yes Henderson took Anderson down and landed a little ground and pound.But Hendo did’nt have an answer for Anderson’s striking.Anderson hit Hendo with a knee and Hendo was in la la land hence thats why he got choked out.I can understand people thinking Anderson is ducking Chael but Henderson?I don’t think so.Why is’nt Hendo calling out Jones?Because he’s scared

  34. Nick says:

    i think dan and sonnen should wait. theyve had their fights and they lost. i think its universal knowledge that if u fight som1 enough times eventualy ull win once. and since silva is so close to his retirment age, i think he is in full right to put them off till hes fought the newer pros. they had their shot, and they fucked up.

  35. All this bs about Bisping getting a title shot.I can’t believe your all falling for it.Bisping will be getting either Stann or Vitor next.Which probably means Bisping is going to end up on the highlight reel again.

  36. Seems Randy Couture is the only one who can handle trt treatment without talking crazy

  37. joe2 says:

    silva is gonna retire sonnen, hendo, and bisping in 2012 and early 2013, then he himself will retire to a brazilian beach and live happily ever after. dont wanna hear another word about it. thats the way its gonna be sugur

  38. Bad says:

    Hendo never talks shit he never says anything negative about anyone he fights, so think about there’s gotta be something to this, and people saying where there’s smoke fire referring to lebens drug test thing aren’t saying shit about Anderson dodging fights with some the sports best opponents. Put all the smack talk and the bullcrap aside and pop Anderson’s dick outta your mouth and look at the sport from a real mma fans perspective hendo destroyed fedor and cheal destroyed stann and stann ain’t no bitch they deserve rematches

    • Anthony1994 says:

      Stann ain’t no bitch but he ain’t good enough to send someone straight to a no.1 contender spot. Hendo did not destroy Fedor he was almost out but he came back, it was impressive but far from him destroying Fedor. I think Hendo deserves a shot more that Sonnen even though Hendo’s last four fights were not as a MW. But we’ll see how it all works out when Silva is back.

  39. Shawn says:

    I’d love to see Bisping vs Sonnen. Just for shits and giggles. Pre-fight, fight, and post-fight antics. Pass the popcorn. lol

  40. joe2 says:

    PLEASE READ!!!! I am so sick of hearing the arguments why chael should get a rematch. Here is my difinitive argument on why chael still needs to work his way back up the top of the ranks. these are undisputable facts. 1) Sonnen had an elevated testosterone level during the fight. Whether he was juicing or not, an elevated testosterone level would give him an advantage. 2) Anderson silva was recovering from a rib injury going into the fight. It was reinjured (cracked) during the first round, putting him at a serious disadvantage.3) Silva was still able to tap out Sonnen. Everybody saw it! 4) The only man that silva has ever fought twice is Yushin Okami and that dude had to wait five and a half years and 10 UFC victories before his rematch. I understand that Okami won his first match against silva by DQ, that it wasnt a UFC event, and that sonnen defeated Okami but none of that is really relevant to my argument. im not saying Sonnen shouldnt get a rematch, but i do think he should have to prove himself by getting through Hendo and Bisping first.

    • Anthony1994 says:

      +1. If he had a normal testosterone level then no doubt he should get another shot, but he didn’t so should have to work his way back to no.1 contender. All that being said the middleweight hasn’t really got a no.1 contender

    • jersey says:

      none of that crap matters, there is no official way to give some one a title shot , its all about making money, look at machida , the guy wins one in his last 3 and he gets a title shot. what a joke

  41. Anthony1994 says:

    Is it just me or are all Chael fans like Chael, delusional bigots who don’t understand logic? I like Hendo but I see him retiring having never won a UFC title.

  42. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Lets just have Bisping vs Stann already. He isn’t going to get a title shot unless he either beats a top competitor definitively or two top competitors by decision victory. A win over a rematch with Wandy would do him good.

  43. mmaislandjunkie says:

    cant blame the spider. he beat these two juicers and doesnt feel he owes them rematches. at least hendo uses his trt enhancements to entertain ppl, unlike sonnen where all the trt in the world couldnt help him ko anyone.

  44. io31 says:

    I don’t know if I’d call it ducking but he is certainly avoiding Sonnen. DW said it himself that AS was mad at Sonnen and didin’t want to give him another shot. Don’t forget that Soares was talking about fighting Bisping a while back. Anyone thinks that fight makes more sense than Sonnen or Henderson fights? … Anyone ??…..

    Yeah I thought so too..

  45. P R O D I G Y says:

    Anderson Silva < Daiju Takase < Nate Marquardt < Chael Sonnen. MMAMath dont lie Silva is inferior to all those guys. People lie stats dont that means Chaels better. Also Chael won over 20 mins of their fight and Silva won only abt 10 seconds. Silva fans you mad? I just proved whos the better fighter the debate should be over now since i know more abt UFC than all of you. I have been watching and training UFC since last March.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      we aint mad about the fight as much as we are about the online trolls.

      • U cant refute stats and numbers Junkie All pointt to Sonnen being better

        • bizzle says:

          Your right prodigy, I couldn’t agree more..

          Silva 31 – 4 – 0, Sonnen, 26 – 11 – 1 ….. Point Silva
          of those wins……
          Silva 18 (T)KOs ( 58.06 %) Sonnen 7 (T)KOs ( 26.92 %) ….. Point Silva
          Silva 6 Submissions ( 19.35 %) Sonnen 4 Submissions ( 15.38 %) ….. Point Silva
          Silva 7 Decisions ( 22.58 %) Sonnen 15 Decisions ( 57.69 %) ….. Point Silva
          of the losses
          Silva 0 (T)KOs ( 0 %) Sonnen 2 (T)KOs ( 18.18 %) ….. Point Silva
          Silva 2 Submissions ( 50 %) Sonnen 8 Submissions ( 72.73 %) ….. Point Silva
          Silva 1 Decisions ( 25% ) Sonnen 1 Decisions ( 9.09 %) …. Tie

          Head to Head
          Anderson Silva via Triangle Submission over Chael Sonnen ….. Point Silva

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          he doesnt mean those actual stats. hes referring to his own stats cuz he thinks he can make false claims like chael and have idiots like himself believe his bs and go online and talk gibberish.

        • Who cares abt finishes they are gay anyway. Decisions are better to watch.cause u get ur moneys worth. Also its more pressive to domimate a guy for 5 rds (GSP) Than to get a lucky sub or KO (Silva). Which is why GSP and Cruz are higher p4p than Silva

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          only thing gay is your delusions of what is impressive in mma. finishing a guy, making him tapout or go to sleep are always more impressive because it proved who the more effective n more dangerous fighter is. winning rounds inflicting no damage is not impressive. it earns boos from the crowd and is a waste of hard earned money when ppl are forced to watch a snoozefest (gsp and sonnen). i know ur just trollin cuz u wanna be like chael so hard but instead of trolling maybe you should get a radar gun and shoot it at ur balls for a week. youd be more like sonnen physically and i think u would find more happiness with that.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          @prodigy so your saying BJ’s fights are gay? Considering he always finishes his opposition.

        • bizzle says:

          @ Prodigy, yea finishes are gay.. That is why all the real champions like BJ,Silva,and Fedor always look for the finish right? Every time ‘I think you posted the dumbest shiit ever you surprise me and post something even more dumb.

        • He’s just backed in a corner bc he’s out numbered by the lynch mob. Obviously finishes are great, but luck might play a part in it and we don’t get to see the full potential of the fighters skills .. I’m sure u guys know that is what PRODIGY was implying!

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          He’s obviously an attention starved child who figures that the only way he can get someone to notice him is by posting the dumbest shit possible on this site. The reactions he gets, positive or negative (pretty much always negative) really don’t matter to him, as long as someone has taken the time to acknowledge him and his stupid ass comments. Please forgive the child, he’s a bit slow in the head

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Yeah, that’s why he’s never won a professional title, because he’s better. Why’d he lose to Anderson? Well of course, becaues he’s better! Why does he have a ordinary 4-2 UFC record? Because he’s better! Why only 1 finish in his last 6 victories? Well duh! Because he’s better! Isn’t it obvious? Phael Sonnen is better!

        • Bandit.. Shut the FK up moron!

    • joe2 says:


  46. CocoPlayer says:

    Silva fans suck ass

  47. Long-Strong says:

    @ RICH FRANKLIN, come back to 185 and fight Bisping!

  48. A.James says:

    Hey Hendo, you got tapped the F out! Sonnen too! Sit on it and spin!

  49. Robbie Wiggins says:

    Hendo, C’mon brah, Anderson put you away , made you tap out! You out wrestled him for one round & you never had him in any real trouble in tha fight. I dont think he’s duck’n you.I think he feels that he defeat’d you pretty decisively & wants to move on to different competition. Are you tha next in line for a title shot @ that weight class? Dont know,but I thought you where hunt’n down tha 205lb title, I mean what gives? You just had tha best fight ever with Shogun ( a very close fight might I add) Why not give Shogun a rematch ? I have all tha respect in tha world for ya brah and truly think you are an icon of this sport,so its no disrespect intended in this comment,I just dont think Silva is dunk’n you. As far as Sonnen goes ,Silva probably feels tha same he beat him,its time to move on, Although it could be just boost’n it up,but I do think Sonnen should be up there for a title shot in a fight or two & for sure if he beats Munoz.

  50. Donnybrook says:

    LOL… Gotta luv Hendo, now that’s a rematch I want to see!, more so than Chael. I honestly don’t think Chaels going to make it past Munzo anyways… death by Donkey Kong GNP!

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      now that would be a sight to see!

      • P R O D I G Y says:

        junkie it must be tiring shoving you Anderson Silva is #1 foam finger in your twat and your bum. why dont you take a break every once in a while u dont want to give urself what u call a “blue waffle” is it LoL. in the meantime go out and get urself a job that dosent pay minimum wage.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          so first you idolize chael and now youre idolizing chart? lmao, if 50k a year plus benefits is minimum wage than everyone would be much happier. good luck with your 40 in tv must be proud of your beginner tv set, had to wait til black friday to afford it? maybe u can watch detroit get spanked out of a playoff spot now. i mean since u probably dont have a job at all being michigan – im guessing thats where ur from- almost has the highest unemployment rate in the country,

        • Fortyb4five says:

          lol junkster you crazy. Crazy funny.

        • P R O D I G Y says:

          How am i idolizing Chart. Everyone on this site should idolize me and him though we the only 2 real dudes left who speak the truth on this site. Rest are lames who support cheats.50k a year is nothing special pretty sad considering you went to college i assume. LoL ur really attacking my TV? we have 2 nicer ones than that this one just happens to be in my room. Atleast we have teams for major sports here in Michigan we have one of the most successfull hockey teams, in BBall we have the bad boys era, and we have had good moments in baseball too almost made it to the world series this year. How are the sports teams in Guam doing? At least you guys have Joe Duarte lmaoo.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          oh hell nah boy…we let you in to our group kid. Remember you were a troll when you first started posting on here! so get lost if you wanna say you and chart are the only members left who speak the truth. Thats jus messed up son!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          we? lemme guess we means you mommy and daddy. tell you what kid, when youre done repping your dilapidated state and idolizing losers, maybe you should go to college and find a decent job out there. im fine w my salary for now and im gonna be going to grad school next year, hopefully one day you can achieve my level of awesomeness. first step though is moving out of your parents house and making it on your own. if not ur always gonna be trolling like the clown you are, posting flaming comments hoping to get responses from strange men online. and yes i took a crack at ur weak ass tv set, who the hell brags about a 40 in they could only afford on black friday with mom and pops money?

        • What the bass in your tone when you say my name boy! : )

          Boys need to chill Christmas is coming and Anderdoucheson and Chael ain’t worth arguing about! Peace on earth no matter what your salary is..ha ha

        • magoo says:

          And you think Jonathan Bones Jones is cocky! Listen to the shit spewing from your gums…..simmer down na!

  51. Fortyb4five says:

    Geeze people chill on the Hendo hate..that said Silva ducks nobody!

  52. Respectexpected says:

    I know this is barbaric to say but both Chael and Dan are lucky that these aren’t fights to the death like out of some movie, they would have both been choked to death. Dan’s a warrior but don’t try to say someone is ducking you when they held your life in their hands the last time you fought them

  53. P R O D I G Y says:

    @Forty. As you can see i still do troll. Mainly on the news section. I do not intend for guys i like as in the real community members to reply and get mad i like trolling the masses who visit this site for the news articles and leave real dumb comments.

  54. P R O D I G Y says:

    I go to OU. I will graduate and get a job like everyone else im not a fully graduated cubicle warrior like u yet. I have a decent job as of right now. And i got the TV for myself with the money from my job which is why its in my room. Nice try though i expected more from an alumni of the Guam education system.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      good luck with your studies, hard to make it in the real world as a troll but as long as you obey the law or suck on police dick you should be fine.

      • P R O D I G Y says:

        lmao Charts right you do love saying his name. your like a Destinys Child groupie. And a Closet Chael fan too boot man it must be rough trying to fight that side of you. I wouldnt even be shocked if you were a trt user as well.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          and the sucking continues!

        • Junkie knows he’s my bitchh and he’s got mad crush on men in uniform. Junkie .. Why u busting on the young man’s tv? Ha ha

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          nah i think u mean prodigys ur bitch, dont know of anyone else who goes around on here sayin “me and chart” lol. happy holidays mothefkr!

        • He backs me up on issues we agree about just like u and bizzle agrees on things too and your right there agreeing. So are u his bitchh junk? as far as I’m concerned your all my bitchess anyways LOL.. Merry Chamorro Christmas u blue waffle eating munkie! : )

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          how u like dem waffles boyeee?!?!? hahaha it just so happens me and bizzle agree on shit that is obvious and plain to see. weve disagreed on other things like his admiration of tito, which i dont feel much for. but speaking for myself i enjoy good fights. ive said that many times over. you and prodigy get into the wwe aspect of mma, “oooh that guy is cocky i hope he loses!” is the common theme from you two. well guess what, if hes exciting to watch wtf u girls crying about?!? just my two cents. off to lunch now be back to talk shit later.

        • bizzle says:

          LOL, nah Junkies not my biitch.. That spot has been held and is solely reserved for the one and only ChartMonster..

        • Biz.. Wake up bradduh your dreaming again. The Chartmonster makes disciples of men, and make women weak in da knees! You know junkie’s your bitchh, and that’s ok bc he does it very well. Ha ha

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          shartinmypanticus i know you know that we all know youre the biggest bitch of but luckily theres guys like me whos willing to share your bitchness with guys like biz lol. making fun of meatheaded troglodytes like you is the reason many internet posters come here and for that we all thank you.

        • Chartmonster says:

          junkie..get back up in your tree munkie bc the lord of the jungle is here. tell the rest of your munkies who the king is ..Charticus! troglodytes..big word for a lil faggito! Troglodyte= cave dweller from the marianas islands.

  55. chaelsatappingbitch says:

    yea right hendo…seriously…silva didn’t even break a sweat before finishing you in the second round…he is so much better than you, why should he waste his time on a has been like yourself when there are many other waiting in line? and sonnen- that girl, after getting caught with steroids he still has no shame…another wrestler with nothing more than take downs…silva shouldnt waste his time on that cry baby either. munoz is a better candidate and he is far better than both of them.

  56. Mach00man says:

    Why don’t they just make Hendo VS Chael?

  57. Trey says:

    hendo has only tapped to silva and to big and lil nog

  58. io31 says:

    Diaz wins this by vicious trash talk off of his back. GSP won’t be able to withstand being called a b!tch repeatedly to the face for five rounds. Nick has excellent cardio to go all five rounds with taunts, mean mugging and swearing, he has the complete package.

    NIck might have failed one drug test, refused to take another (causing the main event to get canceled) but it is obvious that GSP has lower body fat therefore he must be the one who is using drugs and cheating. Also you are a b!tch just like GSP if you try to point out that Nick had a freaking performance enchancing SURGERY to reduce his chances of getting cut. Seriously, what were you expecting him to do, learn how to wrestle? That would be gay and the real fighters at 209 don’t do that.

  59. TheBraveReply says:

    true Silva did win. But he was fully mounted and taking some shots in the first round. Just shows his weakness against wrestlers but also his strength for taking a beating and coming back to win the fight. I like SIlva for his Champion spirit. But I dont think he is invincible like most of his fans think he is.

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