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Monday, 12/12/2011, 08:46 am

UFC NEWS – QuickTwitt: Dan Henderson Asks Dana To Let Him Test The Chin Of Jon Jones


67 Responses to “UFC NEWS – QuickTwitt: Dan Henderson Asks Dana To Let Him Test The Chin Of Jon Jones”

  1. magoo says:

    Yup lets see it Dana,Jones has been disposing of all the mma vets,might as well give 41 year old Hendo a chance!

    • Chartmonster says:

      Hendo has been doing the same with his competition. I’m not counting him out just like I’m not denying Jones of his awesome wins. Jone and Hendo matched very well..both strikers and both wrestlers it will be a great matchup!

  2. desmond says:

    I don’t care what anybody wants to say. Dan Henderson has a chance to beat anyone! War hendo!

  3. CanILive says:

    QUICKTWIT: JBJ to DANA – let me test hendos cardio LMAO

    • bertram says:

      quicktwit: did you not see that dan was sick going into that fight.

      • phace says:

        Excuses…Hendo really doesn’t have great cardio. However, against Jones it won’t matter since he’ll finish Hendo long before cardio is an issue. If Shogun and Rampage can put Hendo on his back(and he’s not that great off his back) then Jones will put him on his back with ease and GNP him till either he taps or goes unconscious. Jones and Hendo are not in the same league. Hendo only has a puncher’s chance.

        • CanILive says:

          thanks for explaining :)

          yea lil nog was sick too goin into the tito fight look what happened lol

        • IknowMMA says:

          Man dont be ridicoulos! To think Jones is just gonna walk thru Henderson is plain stupid, it reflex your lack of knowledge about this sport!

        • phace says:

          It sounds like you’re lacking knowledge of the sport and straight up blind. Anyone who truly knows what’s going on knows Hendo loses in every area of that fight. His only chance is if he gets a lucky punch in. Check the facts. You obviously DON’T know MMA very well 😉

        • Jerome says:

          Agreed, all of you want to see Silva Jones, look what Henderson did to Silva in the first round, that being said I would still count out Henderson I just think Jones is too much of a beast, cant wait until the Rashad fight, I wanna see Bones put a whoopin on him, then he can lose the belt, but not until after he dismantles Rashad.

        • zoeldog says:

          Mate don’t sit there behind a keyboard telling other people they dont know about mma because truly if you never train mma or have been in a cage before you just taking educated guesses too so i think u should step back and wake up to reality, anyone who has made it to the UFC deserves every bit of credit they get I dont see you mrknow it all about mma having any pro fights??? when was you last training session??? i bet you could beat jones , silva & dos santos at the same time hey dana white should give you a job as the offical UFC bullshit artist!!

          Grow a brain idiot everyones entilted to there opinion just like you are but mate your coming off sounding like a fool making out that your all knowing! LMFAO

        • DBKlein69 says:

          @ zoeldog, very well said!

        • phace says:

          Was that for the one named “IknowMMA”??? These responses are so long that I’m not sure where it aligned. Just in case you were talking to me, I’ve been training MMA on and off for over a decade and martial arts from childhood in addition to wrestling back in the highschool days. However, I never attack individuals on a post unless they attack me(and I still try to be respectful)…as you can see, I was attacked and accused of not knowing MMA 😀 .. On this thing I just share my humble opinion.

        • phace says:

          On another note zoeldog, I don’t see where anybody disrespected the fighters on this particular post(whether you were talking to me or not). One person(IknowMMA) seems to be passionate about Hendo(which is fine) and didn’t like how I compared him to Jones. Since I said that which he doesn’t like his attack is that I must not know MMA(which is funny to me). When I compare it has nothing to do with liking one fighter over another. It’s an unbiased opinion. Hendo is a legendary fighter(that I like to watch) and so is Shogun, Rampage, and Machida(in the making). However, Jones has proven this year to be a force to be reckoned with. The only fighter I give a better chance against Jones at this point(seeing that he’s beaten all the others he has faced convincingly) is Rashad Evans. He trained with Jones and goes in with a different perspective. Hendo is good, but I think Jones is a bad fight for him(and a lot of others). No one has to agree me(even though I think I’m right
          😉 ). We will one day see when or if they step in the cage together.

        • phace says:

          As for your insults zoeldog (whether you were talking to me or not), I recommend not getting so emotional about this stuff and to read everything before hurling insults at people you possibly wouldn’t say that to in person. It’s all conversation with strangers with a common interest and nothing personal. I also recommend you avoid making false assumptions about people you know nothing about. I have no idea what your credentials may be(nor do I care) and respect your opinion on things as long as it doesn’t sound ignorant(like your above response to whoever). Till next time

  4. cheap says:

    that loss to jake shields is a plague on his record. i know that’s not the real hendo, but dammit it looks ugly. assuming rashad beats davis, he should get the next go. i think hendo is better than rashad, but who knows.

  5. Hendo is gunna lose to Jones.Then call out Anderson.Lose to Anderson again then Hendo will be done.

  6. Jotun says:

    I love Hendo and I really don’t want to see him embarrassed within 2 rounds. He’s a wrestler but his TDD is garbage and he has a huge reach disadvantage. I’d guess that it would look a lot like Jones vs. Rampage.

    • zoeldog says:

      I agree totally Hendo is a great fighter but he’s not the same as he was in pride time isnt on his side anymore, he would give it a good crack but i think he would get overwelmed too, but still would love to see the fight happen.

  7. Mach00man says:

    Test his chin?? You have to hit him first!

    • Cali Girl says:

      Word!!!! lol

      • zoeldog says:

        He’s just a man boys remember that! Someone will beat him eventually who it will be who knows, I never thought anyone would get close to Silva and look what Sonnen did to him, obviously Sonnen didnt win but he showed that Silva is human after all. I think Jones will be the champ for a while but I really think a lot of people are underestimating Phil Davis’s ability I mean think about it, he’s the only guy in the division thats like Jones both tall and lanky both great wrestlers the one thing you have to say about Davis though is he seems to be very injury prone but time will tell he has to beat Evans first which will be no easy fight. Evans has got what 1 loss to Machida, i think that tells you a lot Machida is no easy fight for anyone but stylisticly is there anyone other than Davis or Evans that can go with this guy he seems to have all bases covered although Machida show a couple of chinks in his armour in the first round but didnt really help him did it so I guess we will just have to wait and see I noticed Dana White talking at the post fight press conference that maybe Jones could go up to heavyweight later in his career which i thought was a mouth watering prospect Dos Santos vs Jones HELL YEAH!! what a fight that would be or what about this one Struve vs Jones the batlle of the skyscapers that would be a good one too my money would be on a Struve ass- woopin but cause there both tall guys it would be a n intersting fight if you notice with Struve he always gets overwelmed by bigger opponents it would be great to see how Jones would go against someone with more weight like a Lesnar or a Carwin or a Kongo what do u all think?

  8. Well my fellow members.It appears we’ve had our Forum taken away again.Does anyone know why the mods decided to do this yet again?I can’t stand the new forum i will not be using it.Looks like we do threads on the news page

  9. bertram says:

    fuck jon jones. i realize to be a fighter you need to be cocky and confident, because im training to become on. but that being said, jones is arrogant, and appears ignorant to it. i hope hendo ‘michael bispings’ this kid and teaches him some respect.

    • CanILive says:

      oh that sucker punch taught bisbing some manners didn’t it?????? GTFO

    • IknowMMA says:

      Hahaha beat the cocky out of him!

    • zoeldog says:

      Totally agree!!! however I doubt Hendo could do it time isnt on his side anymore i’d certainly like to see it but i think Davis or Evans have the best chances of beating him and shutting him up i think its a case of once someone works him out everyone will, i dont think anyone knows how to prepare for this kid , it has to be someone who will just go at him and not be hesitant but im just guessing, i train too but these guys are on another level we have had forrest griffin come to our gym and run a training session with like 20 of us, and when u roll around with someone at that level boy can you tell the difference beween someone like that to someone like me who trains after work 4 days a week, but good luck with your training mate its awesome how so many people train mma now im from Melbourne Australia and we have had so many gyms pop up in the last few years i really hope one day mma becomes an olympic sport that would be so fucking cool and these athletes deserve the opputunity to win a gold medal

    • DBKlein69 says:

      is anderson silva arrogant? have u watched him fight?

  10. mezzanoche says:

    Dan Hendo is way too slow to catch Jones with that right hand, this fight would end extremely bad for Hendo. Choked out is my guess, after multiple elbows. Face it folks, no LHW fighter in the game right now has any reasonable chance against Jon Jones, simple observation that now has become blatantly obvious. It is a wrap, barring any freak injury to Jones, for the LHW division for at least 5 years in my opinion. Rashad is the only person with a SLIM chance, I stress SLIM here. peace.

    • Fortyb4five says:

      Guess what everyone was saying the same thing about Machida when he beat Evans. “Nobody has the tools to beat that guy” hah look what happened.

      • MMFT says:

        yeah, this bertram guy must be retarded. people seem to forget that anything can happen in mma, and every day people are training and getting better. and ever year there a new big up and comer. so to say nobody has a chance and he’ll be champ for at least five year is pretty stupid. i’m sure any of the top 5 have a chance against him. really anyone has a chance because like a said, you just never know in mma.

        • MMFT says:

          oh i guess i meant mezzanoche is a retard. oops.

        • mezzanoche says:

          Read my post again, since it is blatantly obvious you have troubles with reading in general. I wrote NO ONE IN THE LHW DIVISION RIGHT NOW HAS A “REASONABLE CHANCE” TO BEAT JONES. The key phrase is in quotes, reasonable::(of a person) Having sound judgment; fair and sensible
          no reasonable person could have objected
          Based on good sense
          it seems a reasonable enough request
          the guilt of a person on trial must be proved beyond reasonable doubt
          (of a person or animal) Able to think, understand, or form judgments by a logical process
          man is by nature reasonable
          As much as is appropriate or fair; moderate
          a police officer may use reasonable force to gain entry
          Fairly good; average

    • zoeldog says:

      So you don’t think Davis could give him a go? I heard a rumour & I stress a rumour that if (and when probably)Chael Sonnen loses to Anderson Silva again he’s going to go up to light heavyweight lets face Chael has the biggest mouth in the sport and hes probaly the biggest dick too but you cant underestimate that guys abiltiy if he can take it to Silva the way he did then I cant see any reason why he wouldn’t be at the very least a decent fight for Jones I doubt he could win but it would be a great fight and I cant see Sonnen doing anything else if he loses to Silva again he wont get another shot for a long long time so although its probably bullshit it is conceivable to think he(Sonnen) could go up to light heavyweight he as fought at that weight before and he probaly will lose to Silva again.

  11. Frankthedrink2 says:

    Mezzanoche your absolutey correct

  12. gary says:

    all dan has to do is touch his face. dans power could knockt out an elephant.. i would bet the house on dan in this one.. jones is a stud no doubt but if you notice when someone attacks re backs up which is smart.. but dan will pin him on the cage an dirty box. but overall i see a huge overhand right and dan being the winner

  13. Long-Strong says:

    Lol let’s get to testing!

  14. joey says:

    God I want to see this fight so bad they need to give Henderson his shot look at his last few fights hes been destroying people with that H BOMB and if yall think for 1 second he cant do the same to Jones if he hits him your smoking rock

  15. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Is the UFC a contest of fighting skills, or a popularity contest? With some of the comments on this site, sometimes it’s hard to tell.

  16. Feenom says:

    There is no denying Hendo’s power, but he is fighting a faster, stronger, bigger fighter, if this fight happens. If Hendo catches anyone with that right cross in the first two rounds, its a wrap for any fighter. But Machida is no slouch in the speed department, and Jones was quick enough to make him miss a couple of big shots. This would be a great fight. Hendo is one of the greatest. Bones is the Champ that has been dominating all his opponents. I would have to go with Mr.Bones. I also don’t think he is arrogant, like that hater betram was saying. Bones will dominate Light Heavyweight. and will eventually go up to Heavyweight and dominate there as well

  17. abill says:

    i don’ see Hendo catching up to Jones. Jones will keep that distance and end up choking Dan out. Dan has one way to win(big right hand) Jones has many.

  18. Kyle says:

    Call me captain obvious, but I don’t think Jones would have half the success he’s had without that freakishly long reach. Something about the guy just rubs me the wrong way. If there’s an opponent with goo
    d skills and a similar reach, I say he’s got a better chance than any of Jones’ past opponents with a 74″ reach.

  19. Big J says:

    I think Hendo vs Rashad would be an excellent fight, but I say why not, let Hendo test Jones’ chin! War Hendo!!!!

  20. Jeff says:

    Hendo, after you knock this little punk out, please please please drop a few extra H-bombs into his face for me!

  21. DruBolts says:

    UFC 144 dan hederson vs elephant….. WARRR HENDO!!!

  22. Nobody's unbeatable says:

    I went to Randy Couture’s book launch in Manchester at the weekend and this is the match up that he said would be the best test for jonny bones and I have to agree but I see jones winning by brutal knees from the clinch.

  23. Jeff says:

    Also Hendo, when Jones does in monkey crawl thing in the beginning of the 1st round, please kick him in the face as hard as you can so I don’t have to see that bullshit anymore.

  24. Ninjaman says:

    Jones is to big! He can beat but not by Hendo. Hendo fans can say what they want but realistically Jones is to fast, strong and dangerous for Hendo. Hendo would not be able to get close to tagging Jones and even if he did get inside Jones would pick him up and slam him down and put him to sleep. Hendo chances of winning is as good as Tito’s chances of beating his next opponent.

  25. GRT 3000 says:

    Let the drama begin…afraid I’m not even close to buying it. Like I said about Machida, I’m a fan but I knew he’d get his ass kicked. same goes for Hendo I’m afraid.

  26. mediumNog says:

    Despite all of the speculation people there is only one way to find out… Everyones unbeatable until they get beat!

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