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Monday, 11/21/2011, 06:00 am

UFC NEWS – QuickTwitt: Chael Sonnen Accepts Silva's Offer To Fight In Brazil


96 Responses to “UFC NEWS – QuickTwitt: Chael Sonnen Accepts Silva's Offer To Fight In Brazil”

  1. Shere Khan says:

    First !!! XD

    WAR SONNEN !!!

  2. Clarence Worley says:

    Good make it happen and shut this clown up when he gets tapped out AGAIN..

  3. stone cold says:

    chael sonnen has a good chance to beat him. but if anderson catches him early its gg. stone cold said so!

  4. James Maney says:

    Crazy!! Wow!! He is going to need an armored transport and some serious protection after running his mouth. Balls of steel.

    • jun says:

      I was thinking the same thing! Uh, I don’t think I would even try to beat him in Brasil(yes I know Brazil). Way too many bad things could happen to HIMSELF if Sonnen wins… Has Anderson Silva basically turned into an Icon for Brasil?

      Sonnen definitely has a strong possibility to win. Silva’s only weakness is getting smothered by the art of John Fitch’s “dry hump”. Although Sonnen does do alot more ground and pound.

  5. calvin says:

    So if silva wins again will sonnen shut up and i mean this seriously theres no way ufc will give him a third chance so would there be a need to run his mouth?

    • Shawn says:

      Well according to Sonnen himself, if he loses, he “will leave the UFC…f-o-r-e-v-e-r”. So not only will it shut him up, we no longer have to deal with e-v-e-r. lol On a side note, I like the guy as a fighter. He used to be a stand up guy, but after his loss to Silva, he’s just been a bitter douche bag. Trolling everyone he can think of just to rile Silva up into another fight. I thought he was like 34 yrs old. Acting like a 12 yr old who just got his Tonka truck takin from him.

    • AAxAntonio says:

      hahhahahha maybe you dont know sonnen, anderson could beat him 5 times in a row and sonnen will have some dumb excuse and claim he is the better fighter.

  6. JIm says:

    That’s right, balls of steel. Anytime, anywhere…now get the job done.

  7. jacob lee says:

    Sonnen is gonna come out with a flying side kick, followed by a coupl of knees and he will knock out Anderson Silva in under 20 seconds lol… seriously I see this fight being different. silva will know to keep his distance and try to avoid takedowns. I see it being a little bit more compettitive this time around, but Chael has it in the bag i think. WAR SONNEN!!

  8. mololo says:

    yeah..he’s going to Brazil like I’m going to be the heavy weight champion of the world..ain’t happening..posturing like he usually does…Brazillians don’t play.All that smack he’s been talking about Brazil, he might not come back in one piece….

  9. Skinner says:

    He’s not going to brazil, he backed out of cornering yushin because of the shit he said about brazil. I wanna see the fight but I don’t think it happens in brazil

  10. TEMPHUiBIS says:

    -]. As much as we all hate sonnen, I ain’t gonna lie, gotta give him respect for taking this challenge. Me, I would never go to a country that I know hates me let alone fight for a title against their No1 guy .[-

  11. i'mascaredhomie says:

    he better win, i say Anderson by K.O. or brazilian crowd dismemberment.

  12. Cavvy_Legacy88 says:

    Thats a real fighter right there! First offer given and Chael accepts without hesitation. True Champion!

    • Xaninho says:

      Without hesitation? Took him some days before answering…If it the offer was his it would already have expired.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      He just now accepted and the offer was put out there about a week ago. I’d say there was some hesitation. Just sayin’…

      • Shawn says:

        lol. True. Just like the bully who picks on the little guy, and as soon as the little guy gets in his face and calls him out, the bully pauses and tries to talk his way out. lol Sonnen really didn’t have a choice. He’s been calling out Silva since he tapped out the last fight, and shit talking Brazilian fighters and what not. Now that Silva is “in his face”, he’s like…”umm…err…ummm..aaahhh…shit…ok”. lol Also, he probably used the week to call some other promotions, to see who he can sign with. After all he did say he’d “leave the UFC forever” if he lost. Which is now more of a reality for him.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Don’t you see? These guys are using the oldest warrior tricks in the book. Mind games… Anderson wants Chael distracted by death threats so challenging him in Brazil makes sense. Chael plays mind games all the time with Anderson. Him issuing that challenge was a mind game,, all of this trash talk and the delay for the acceptance of anderson’s challenge. This is a war of mind games. Chael thrives on the hate and he might actually pull it off this time. For a classic 15th century mind games look up Musashi vs Kojiro samurai bout.

    • AAxAntonio says:

      he accepts because he knows it joe silva who makes the fight, so the fight still could be anywhere, it funny how most of you just repeat the dumb shit sonnen says cuz you believe him, hahahahha sonnens brains are fried from too much steroids, thats why he is on trt now.

  13. karate guy says:

    Chael Sonnen is going to go into Brazil….lay low and go to the arena via police escort. Then he will quickly finish Silva take his belt and run to the locker room with reinforced walls. He will do the post fight press conference via telephone, and he will catch the first flight back to America.

  14. MJJ says:

    When he gets the belt, they can have the trilogy in Portland.

  15. Ar’nt we all getting ahead of ourselves a little here.Just because these two have agreed to fight in Brazil.That does’nt mean Dana is going to agree to do it now does it?he might agree to it.But i’ll wait for confirmation from Dana before i get to excited.I don’t care where Anderson beats Chael next.

  16. Philippe says:

    Most likely it will be a stadium of more that 50 000+ Brazilians and Chael will be the most hated man in Brazil. Either ways it will be big $$$$ for both Anderson and Chael.

  17. TrojanMan says:

    Wny the fuck r they sending sonnon to fight Silvia hendersons definatly the man for the job

  18. Joe says:

    idk henderson looked too gassed the other night

  19. Lex w says:

    I hope they have some great security

  20. Yushin okami says:

    Poor chael

  21. Lex w says:

    Lmao I just seen the shirt he was wearing

  22. DevonAK86 says:

    Should be very interesting because Chael for sure is the most hated man in brazil! I believe Anderson will finish Chael but if Chael can pull off the win the crowd will jump the rail or wall or fence and kill him! its the right thing to do i think! Good luck getting home alive if you win Chael! If you lose we know you will be going home in the heli to hospital because andy beat the fucken shit out of you!

  23. adrian says:

    I don’t like either fighter. Logic would say that Anderson wins because of superior skills. In my opinion Silva finishes Sonnen 1st round by whatever he wants. Sonnen training bjj with team quest vs Silva training bjj with Nog brothers, Lyoto, Jacare….

    • henry Kobasky says:

      How does “logic” dictate that, idiot? The fact that Silva was helpless against Sonnen’s takedowns suggestss that, once again, he will spend the majority of the rematch on his back.
      Silva has no answer for what Chael brings: Domination. Once again, Silva will be on the receiving end of an ass-beating. The only difference is that the split second lapse in Sonnen’s concentration, that resulted in Silva’s hail Mary triangle, won’t happen a second time.

      • Nightmare_Inc says:

        What he said is true and therefore “logic” so he ain’t the idiot you are. Let’s only talk facts.. the most simple answer to what Chael brings is to just tap him out again … and since you don’t know who Chael Sonnen even is before he fought Silva ill tell you a thing or two about him. Sonnen has has lost 8 out of 11 of he’s “loses” by way of submission (which is more than any other active fighter in ufc) so it wasn’t a hail Mary miracle win it was a logical conclusion. I was watching the fight live and bet a friend who like you doesn’t have a clue about mma $20 mid way through round 4 that Silva would win by submission as you could see it coming a mile away. The only way Sonnen doesn’t tap again in the rematch is if he gets knocked out in the first round (also highly likely to happen).
        Sonnen is a wrestler but he hits like a girl so Ronda Rousey would survive long enough to break his arm … plus broken ribs would put a fighter under 50% due to loss of mobility so if he could of beat Silva he would of done it then when he was weak. Anderson Silva is Anderson Silva and he is fucking dangerous have some respect for logic ya stupid drone. Silva wins this fight easily. Then you go away.

  24. Donnybrook says:

    Good!… my money’s on Anderson.

  25. Xaninho says:

    Took him long enough! If the offer was his, it would have been expired. Now be a man and fight on Anderson’s home turf bitch!

  26. drew says:

    ufc is going to pull out all the security possible for chael

  27. Respectexpected says:

    Interviewer question- “what if it(getting triangle choked) happens again?”
    Chael Sonnen- “who care’s if it happens again”
    Chael the troll Sonnen

  28. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Damn! It’s like the wild west! Sonnen, most polarizing and hated man in UFC accepts the terms of the champion and most beloved fighter in all of Brazil. Will this be the return of a Brazillian sweep or will Chael triumph and his delusions of mw belt be realized? Tune in for, UFC IN BRAZIL!!!!!! AKA UFC ON FOX 2.

  29. zack says:

    anderson is gunna beat chaels ass medium rare

  30. Xaninho says:

    Hahaha a Sloppy Joe beatdown!

  31. andyboy says:

    KO by Anderson or Decision by Chael. SO bacisally an exciting finish by Anderson or another boring “pounding” with absolutetly NO DAMAGE decision win for Chael….yeah you Sonnen fans got a real winner there!

  32. CB says:

    Silva is one of my favorite fighters.. At first, I was convinced that the near loss to Sonnen was based on rib injuries, trt, etc and that Silva would murder him in a rematch… I hope Silva comes out with the W but I hope the near loss wasn’t due to the “styles makes fights” thing I keep hearing over and over… While a fighter might appear un beatable, there might always be that one guy that has his number.. I hope thats not the case with silva-sonnen.. But I also hoped that Pac Man would destroy Marquez…

  33. rob says:

    WAR SPIDER, kick his ass

  34. Barn says:

    Not sure if he has a chance, the reason why he came close last time was because he was on roids.

  35. UFC and Brazil better protect the new mw champ in brazil! Chaelmonster FTW anywhere any place anytime! There’s going to be some butt hurt Brazilians that night.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      dont cry for protection. chael got what he asked for. now after getting his ass kicked in brazil he might even get murdered. gonna be an awesome night of fights/death.

      • If they can’t take a joke or handle the truth FUKK THEM!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          if he cant handle real threats in response to his wise ass mouth than fukk him!

        • Yeah.. Let’s kill the fkr for talking shit. Typical junkster.. Nuff said.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          you want mercy for chael now for all the shit talking hes done for the past year and a half? i dont wish death upon anyone but you cant bad mouth nations and expect no repercussions, especially if you intend on going to the nation you bad mouth. typical gringo haoles thinkin they can say whatever they want about anyone than cry about it when someone checks them.

        • magoo says:

          Its all good ….heard through the grapevine,Steven Seagul,and Jean Claude will be Chaels bocdy guard. The only way these three guys lose is if they fight in a 15,000 seat stadium…..lmao
          Man I hope Sonnen,beats his ass worse then the last time and finishes him late in the 5th swwet revenge!!

        • Junk.. Really? You know what they say then.. The truth hurts! If it wasn’t true who give a FK?

  36. GRT 3000 says:

    Sweet, lets see this again with a healthy Anderson and a roid-less Chael…& in Brazil of all places. Chael is fucked.

  37. mmaislandjunkie says:

    in the words of the canadian interviewer, “so chael i heard you backed down?” lmao

  38. Kyle says:

    Need to get this shit over with so SIlva can fight GSP or Jones or anyone that has a fucking chance.

  39. Rather eat Chael shit, then suck Andy’s black snake u pansy.

  40. mmaislandjunkie says:

    everyone please notice that chart admitted to eating chaels shit, thank you.

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