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Monday, 01/09/2012, 09:35 am

UFC NEWS – QuickTwitt: Brandon Vera Calls Out Returning Thiago Silva For Rematch And Redemption

Old wounds die hard it would seem…

UFC light-heavyweight fighter Brandon Vera sends out a challenge to his former/current foe, Thiago Silva, following news that Silva’s one-year athletic suspension is up and he is eligible to apply for a license to fight.

The two first met at UFC 125 and Brandon Vera received the beating of his life. Vera ended up being dismissed from his contract with the UFC for the loss only to be brought back once the Nevada State Athletic Commission discovered a tampered urine sample had been received from Silva.

With Silva casted out as a cheat, an obviously upset Vera is now lobbying for a rematch and a shot at redeeming himself against Silva.

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