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Friday, 01/06/2012, 02:50 pm

UFC NEWS – QUICKTWITT: BJ Penn Dishes Back At Cesar Gracie



148 Responses to “UFC NEWS – QUICKTWITT: BJ Penn Dishes Back At Cesar Gracie”

  1. L Brown says:

    Get some BJ!!

    • Hawaiian jackass says:

      Good move BJ, threaten to street fight cesar gracie…good idea moron..these guys asked you to come train…you got your ass what…you had many moments…nick had your number…you arent going to get a rematch and if you attack cesar gracie at an event your going to get a worse beat down you got from nick..except you will be mayhem millered…you want to street fight or fight MMA? I guess since you suck at life doing mma after 3 minutes anyway lets try to fight a 50 year old man who hasnt fought in 15 years….you keep getting more fucking idiotic with every tweet…delete your twitter account dickhead…all I can think of is your stupid bitch speached before the fight…mr mature etc etc…your a fucking moron…didnt think I could lose more respect for you but no…wait….another BJ Pen twit……..jackass

      • I would actually agree with you, except... says:

        YOU’RE THE JACKASS! STFU ! Where do you get off talking to BJ like that, faggot? Let me kick your ass soon and we’ll see how tough you are.
        I’m always here at Palolo gym. Easy to find. Just a regular dude ready to kick your ass. I hate keyboard bullshitters…

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          Get off Bjs nuts kid the truth hurts he’s right this dumbass is just mad he got murdered in that fight so we wants to act tough over the internet i never thought i would see the day that an mma fighter became a keyboard warrior but the day is here because Bj damn sure wasn’t talking like this before or right after the fight and now all of the sudden he wants to talk all big behind the internet what a fucking joke

        • haha says:

          talk big behind the net…bj came from the streets..i would like to see you say that to his will get destroyed!!!!

        • Hostile Hunter says:

          LMAO!!! Murdered? i would think you would have to be “finished” to say that or even knocked down. You my friend need to get off Nick Diaz’s Nut Sack. And btw enough of this “Dont be Scared Homie” shit, heard it 4 million times…lets leave that in 2011

        • Cesar is a joke. Who does he think he's fucking talking to. says:

          Lol all bj said to nick, is that nick told the world he was going to just throw bombs and not grapple. But of course shady nick kept the 30 pound lighter fighter against the fence to wear him out

        • Ronnie V says:

          Hey everyone, there is a pussy loser at the Palolo gym looking to suck on your nuts! Picking fights on the internet is arguably the biggest sign of a pathetic loser. No wonder you back-up that little pussy BJ. Penn, I was a fan, until now, you lost all credibility little boy. Get ready for the casino circuit with Tim Sylvia, and Arlovski, because that is all you have left. You lost a lot of fans Homie! Nick was very respectful to you after your fight, how many times does he have to call you a legend? Now you are just a legend of making excuses after you gor whooped.

        • wrong says:

          he never called him a legend.

        • Ron Vee says:

          Kinda blown away that there’s another Ronnie V out there. Beside the point,I gotta interject with you on Penn making excuses. He wasn’t! He was practically calling Diaz and his team out for being disrespectful. There’s some negative history that a lot of you guys are not aware of. At the end of the day you guys trip me out with all this shit talk to BJ. Wtf has anyone of us done. Have you won 2 world titles lately? If you havent, then stfu, kick back and watch this shit unfold.

      • Buitmma says:

        Shut the fuck up brah

      • Michael Karanza says:

        Well If you are so smart then you would Know Cesar has fought less than 15 years ago, Frank Shamrock knocked his ass out.

    • phace says:

      I don’t know all the inside dealings between them but didn’t they offer to help him after he lost to Nick? I guess the twitter attacks create interest but I’m not sure what will come out of this…I guess we’ll see.

  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I hope BJ stomps into Ceasar’s school and breaks their placard over his knee “Fist of Fury” style. Don’t worry BJ, he’s not training. He’s digging his own grave right now.

    • Lex w says:

      Lol hell yea n whoop everybodys ass n ceasers last

      • ViciousNature says:

        he grabbed the fence 1 time,that did not change the fight,he just out boxed ur ass and put a beating on ya.o ya u did get a take down but big deal u c8uldnt do crap with it.take your azz kicking like a man n move on..

        • Vicious nature is an idiot says:

          wtf? I can’t tell a single thing you said, I wonder if your speech is as incoherent as your written english

        • Josh says:

          I’ll translate….He grabbed the fence one time; that did not change the outcome of the fight. BJ got out-boxed and took a beating. However, you did get one take down but you couldn’t do anything with it. Take your ass kicking like a man and move on.

          Hopefully you can understand now.

        • Bico Doce says:

          Vicious has a good point.
          And it is easy to understand.
          I’m sorry for you, making fun in how he writes doesn’t make you look smart and neither disqualify what he is saying.
          BJ is getting older and eat like a teenager. He is a good guy and should really think about doing something else, and beating older people and getting a camp war in the street isn’t it.
          Especially when you aren’t from the stronger camp

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          I wonder if you’re as much as an ignorant Penn fan as you come off as all you people that think Bj will ever beat Nick or anyone in the scrap pack you must be delusional Bj is some old washed up lazy Hawaiian that talks shit behind his twitter I don’t even see why people still like this guy

  3. James says:

    BJ is back!!!!! The whole world better be paying attention now, the Prodigy is back, and hes ready for war. Ceasar Gracie, you really dont wanna mess with this pissed off Hawaiian, hes a lot more dangerous then the last guy who kicked your ass

    • Eddie D says:

      Really…BJ starts talking shitt and it makes him back????Hmmmm..thats funny…I think Bj needs to chill the hell out and concentrate on training instead of moving his mouth about a fighter who beat him and his trainer

    • DontBeScaredHomie says:

      You’re fucking stupid Bj is done and has been for years his lazy ass cant even make it through 1rd of fighting so I really don’t see how he can be back i guess the ignorant Bj fans must think all this talk will some how translate into his fighting well i’m here to tell you people it wont so get over it kids

  4. the original steve says:

    just hype bs ppl. bj is obviously trying to come back and still be a top contender in the welterweight division by calling out diaz. especially with gsp out he thinks he has a better shot at winning the title

    • BiggoTrav says:

      Ummmmm, pretty sure we all knew that already… what’s more; we are all OK with it!!!!!!!

      • Brandon Wheaton says:

        Not all of us. BJ is one of my all time favorites, he’s an inspiration. I was pulling for him to win, cause I think he or Nick could take out that Greasy cheater.

        I would have been all for the kind of talk leading up to the fight, but after getting your ass whopped, it just looks silly. And it’s obvious he’s kicking himself in the ass for being lazy coming into this fight, cause he could be fighting for the interim title now.

        I know this feeling well, my own half-assing it through my last training camp cost me a title shot. But there’s no one to blame but yourself.

        • zach says:

          ^ So true calling out another fighter so long after a fight is stupid as fuck, still a bj fan, but I lost alot of respect for him after he said that like a month after the fight, a day or week after would have been completely understandable but this long after is stupid and disrespectful on bjs part

        • BiggoTrav says:

          Fair enough, perhaps I misspoke when I included the word “all.” However, what I actually meant by that is that it’s good to see BJ has the fire back up underneath his ass where it belongs!

  5. JAT says:

    Damn BJ’s got that fiery passion back in his heart!

  6. Jc says:

    Fuck off bj now your picking a fight with a manger because you can’t beat his fighter. Stop whining you fucking bitch if you want to complain about being pushed up on the fence learn how to get off then you pudgy fuck. I used to be a big fan of yours but not anymore. You should stay retired because now your irrelevant in two weight classes who has won 1 of his last 5 fights. You will be remembers as the man who never lived up to his potential and the bitched and moned about it. Diaz > bj

    • penn nation says:

      who the fuck are you …hes had a long history with cesar gracie..can say whatever the fuck he wants cause unlike you who i highly doubt would say shit to bj he would say thi to his face..gtfo you keyboard warrior shit on ufc fighters your a fuckin loser

      • haole says:

        Yep, it’s easy to talk shit when you hide behind a screen. If BJ wants to call Cesar out, it’s totally legit. Anytime, anywhere, right?

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          Isn’t that what your boy BJ is doing right now talking shit behind twitter but it’s for some reason okay when he does it? LOL you BJ fans are so mindless and dumb it honestly leaves me amazed at how ignorant some of you fans can be

      • Fortyb4five says:

        Ure a talkin vagina!

    • Xaninho says:

      Was it difficult to type that with Diaz dick in your mouth?

    • Tony says:

      Tell you what, PC tough guy…brush the cookie crumbs from underneath your manboobs and say that shit to BJ in person. STFU if you don’t know that the hell you’re talking about. Irrelevant in two weight classes? Seriously? When BJ decides to come back (hoping), and makes the necessary changes in his camp, he will be right back up there. You, however, will still be confusing your prowess on UFC Undisputed for being a tough guy! Go nuthug Cesar and quit trolling!

    • BiggoTrav says:

      This guy’s named “JC” and he’s telling BJ not to piss off the “manger.” I never thought the vehicle that brings about the second coming would be MMA!! Hey, his will not mine, right?

    • BJPennrules says:

      Wow JC, you act you know them personally,…go back to your recliner and grab a bunch of doritos and turn on Baywatch.

    • ricky says:

      and too many commas to even point out.

    • primalmasher says:

      Get Dick Niaz’s nuts out of your gaping mangina. We all know you’ll be trolling him after he gets wrecked you bandwagon hopping troll nerd fanboy candy ass keyboard warrior. Good job JAGASS

    • samloscovol2 says:

      Sorry but I’m with JC on this one I love BJ but he no longer gives a sh!t about his conditioning and his recent comments have put me off him completely… he’s not the man he used to be and The Gracie camp including Diaz offered to help BJ’s conditioning for his next fight so he wouldnt lose anymore and this is how he repays the guy that once schooled him!… not very respectfull and pretty piss poor attitude from the prodigy!

      • Xaninho says:

        They weren’t offering to help him, they were rubbing it in.

      • THE INUK says:

        LOL @ you dumb fucks getttin so mad @ bjs comment on twitter… and all on Cesars camps dick… have you seen the fucking shit theyve done? jumped ppl in the ring, they talk so much bulllshit at every press conference.. there practically mental…. nicks tough as hell though…

        with that being said, I agree calling out a fighter after u lost is sad… but who the fuck are you guys to talk about em? bj has done more than all of you dumbfucks combined. Also Cesar did say something about bj, u expect bj to be all lovey dovey after that? def not.. last thing, isnt this a BJPENN site? wheres all his fucking supporters when he needs it most? yall are pathetic in my eyes, talkin shit online is the lowest, of the low…. fgts

    • BX81 says:

      LOL! BIG FAN! listen I understand your opinion and everyone is entitled to their own. Diaz beat bj, just like he said but bj won the WW and LW titles in the UFC. Not SF or any other organization. As much as anyone wants to talk trash about bj or hate on him, it’s ok because he still did both. I personally like bj’s heart because I would punch Junior dos santos in his mouth if he disrespected me and I’m only 5′ 7″ and 165lbs. Unfortunately the fight game has changed and you have fighters cutting from 190lbs + just to fight at ww. I think BJ should fight at 155 and scrap with the rest on his own time. BJ has always had heart. I don’t see GSP, Frankie Edgar or any other WW jumping to fight LH fighters. BJ did this himself. Love him or hate him you can’t deny his fighting spirit!

    • DontBeScaredHomie says:

      Hell yeah I couldn’t have said it any better all these mindless Penn fans are just to hard headed or ignorant to see/admit the truth

  7. Munks! says:


  8. "H"BOMB says:

    can we all agree on this? bj’s true weight class is… 155! diaz had more height and reach than he would normally be used to at ww to start with. but we all know cesar is of high reguards in the mma world. i would just let him talk. he hasn’t trained for a fight in years and should know what it’s like to on the losing end in a lopsided turnout.

  9. W.T.F? says:

    I really think this whole website got hacked, that wasn’t Pedro that said that BJ tweeted that trash talk, and the tweet at Caesar is the hacking continuing on.

    If it is really legit, when would Diaz realistically ever fight BJ again? I just don’t see it happening unless they fight on the streets.

  10. adria says:

    no offence bj you might be able to beat nate diaz but honestly you got a bunch of yes men around you seriously bro your a great fighter but look at your past fights something you been doing wrong think about it leave your trainers get the fuck out while you got the chance and win the lightweight division again for once while you can you need to train so what if nick pushed you against the cage shit hes stronger than you what do you expect seriously get your shit straight bro and then come back i aint no hater trust me im just stating the truth

  11. SanSooRob says:

    Bj penn back bitchs and hoes !!!!! Powwwwwwwwww

  12. Axel39 says:

    BJ via Murder.

  13. BJ'sDone says:

    BJ’s Back again to get he’s ass kicked by Diaz!


  14. jboy says:

    Lol..some crazy shit is going on the drama

  15. John says:

    B.J thought you were better than all this, lost lots of respect

  16. Ex-BJ Fan says:

    So since BJ can’t beat Nick Diaz he wants to fight his 50 yr old trainer? WTF is wrong with BJ? He lost in te cAge, nick picked him apart with his boxing, and months later BJ start a Twitter war??? BJ STFU and do your talking in the ring. Your biggest win in te past 2-3 yrs is over an old Matt Hughes. Get per yourself brotha!

  17. Ryan says:

    Quality. The old BJ Penn is back! The UFC aint the same without you, your bringing back the fire and thats when you perform at your best! Train like a caged animal and go back to lightweight to fight Nate Diaz. Nate Diaz was giving it the biggen to you at the weigh in against Nick Diaz. Hit Caesar where it hurts the most by knocking out or sinking in rear necked choke on Nate. Show them homies!

  18. dave says:

    Ceasar would submit him in 30 seconds-Nate would school you with his crisp boxing–time to retire baby j

  19. Dennis says:

    is hes serious about coming back he should switch up his training get outta hawaii an expand his camp by training with different people or atleast get people to come to his gym maybe even gsp they both hate nick maybe it would be good to train together but anyways like i said he jus needs to expand his camp mix it up abit

  20. Hostile Hunter says:

    Lets go BJ fuck all these haters. Use it as fuel for the fire and come back like a human wrecking ball. I believe that 155 is your true weigh-class but if you have a Great Strength n Conditioning Coach to bulk up than 170 all the way. I watch that first round of the Diaz fight back and BJ hands down took the first round…if he could keep the pace the same from 1st to 5th he would be unstoppable. You dont see anyone taking BJ down in the first or second round. GSP, Hughs (in his prime), Fitch…

  21. Nick Diaz says:

    im a homo, bj would kill me

  22. Big Daddy says:

    Hell yeah BJ!!!! I’m ready to see you lick blood off you hands again!!! Your fucking blood thirsty man!!!!!! RRRRRRAAAAAWWWWWWRRRRRRRRR

  23. Thom says:

    lol @ people thinking Cesar would beat BJ.. now thats just pure comedy. WAR Penn, as for the trolls.. get a life, and if you already have one then get a better one, lol.. you’re pathetic for hating on a fighter on his own website, you already have a website dedicated to hating fighters, its called sherdog! gtfo.

  24. brett says:

    I just hope the “Prodigy” can back all this up. Actions speak louder than words! Lets go Baby J! Come back baby and choke these guys out!!! We all know you have it in you!

  25. Homayon Wardak says:

    LOL BJ wants to get bum rushed by the skrap pack?

  26. it keeps gettin worse says:

    It’s been a tough week defending BJ against the guys at work. Now they’re calling him BJ Sheen.

  27. Leslie says:

    As BJ typed that, he was eating a double cheeseburger and washing it down with a milkshake. He probably weighs 190+ right now.

  28. Penn blows men says:

    Crybaby j says he tired him in out in a fight ok. Isn’t that what’s suppose to happen that’s like saying you cut me off in a race no shit you little bitch ya right he can’t beat any of there fighters Nick, Nate, Jake, and Gilbert will stomp out cry baby bitch penn. fuck penn nation!
    Any cock sucker wanna run there mouth come to northern Cali bitch get your head pride stomped

    • brett says:

      easy there killer! we all know youre tough.

    • primalmasher says:

      Woah we got ourselves a badass over here. If your pussy ass stepped into my city without a parka you’d freeze on the spot. This is our fighting weather, you’ll never be man enough to experience it.

      Pussy ass Californian.

    • dynomania says:

      Born and raised in Northern Cali and proud to say you are a disgrace to humanity Penn blows men. If you’d like to try to head stomp me, please let me know a location and time so that I can cross that off my new years 2012 goals. On the list, it reads, “find internet tough guy from home town, accept offer, attempt to get head stomped from douche bag”

  29. SanSooRob says:

    Let’s get the forum back now!!! Bj is back !!! All the haters time to go back were you came from lol

  30. Aaron S. says:


  31. Lex w says:

    Hell yea bj ain’t playin

  32. Robbie Wiggins says:

    I know everyone will have an opinion on all this twitter shit,including me, but before everyone starts in on BJ,let me say that “We” the fans dont know what has been said behind closed doors and before every one starts this hate’n on BJ shit and hes a sore loser BS. Let us leave that shit talk’n to BJ & nick its ,between them. Anyway BJ is fired up for some reason and that could be a good thing! But what I really want to say is this, BJ can beat any LW or WW in tha UFC if he would just condition himself for it!!!! Every fight Ive seen him lose is because he got tired,plain & simple!!!!! Marv Marinovich said it right when he said BJ would be undefeated if hehad trained w/them from tha start !! BJ,please get back w/tha Marinovich’s,Man you’ll be unstoppable & a Champion once again!!!

    • Brandon Wheaton says:

      It’s only between them if it stays between them.

      Talking shit AFTER you get beat is just asinine lol.

      I swear, i can’t tell if I’m on BJ Penn’s website or Facebook. Every fucking amateur I know whines & talks shit like this after they lose.

    • Jules Nacario says:

      I’ve said it all along…BJ is unstoppable with the Marinovich’s…just watch the video post from a couple days ago…Nuff said!

  33. eddie says:

    I’m a big time Bj fan.. he’s the reason I got into MMA..he’s the reason I started training BJJ. These past two days reading his tweets have been Idk..disappointing. I always defended Bj when friends have talked shit when he lost or didn’t give it his all. It was hard watching him lose like that to nick cause I believe he has the talent to win every fight. These people who say “I was a Bj fan until…” and the haters they can voice their opinion. I respect their opinion cause I have my own opinions. I only saw the nick fight once…I won’t see it again. I don’t recall seeing nick grab the fence…as a true Bj fan I would have liked for him not to have said the things in his 1st tweet, but rather take a different approach. True Bj fans will always show our faces when haters talk shit and when Bj looses. I hope Bj has found himself. I hope the true “PRODIGY” is back. Stop the tweets. Start the blood licking.

  34. dave says:

    BJ you need to put a muzzel over that flapping piehole, your really coming off as a FOOL-Take the loss like a man,Face the facts, Diaz whopped your ass

  35. Mike Diaz says:

    All I can say is DAMN BJ!!!! TEAM PENN!!!!!!!

  36. tom23 says:

    BJ called Diaz a poser, but BJ is the one trying to act like Nick to get a fight. What happened to this guy? Get in shape and fight Gil Melendez if you want some of the Ceaser Gracie team. I mean, he’d beat BJ up and down too, but at least BJ may make it 5 rounds.

  37. BJ PENN FAN says:

    Thats what happens when you talk shit to a bj penn dat was tryung to be respectful from da beginning of all dis,your fighter wanted to throw in wiseass lines and think he can punk bj,sorry aint happenin,and easy on da diaz is gangsta,i mean if penn was that big he be throwing your ass outta da cage,all you did was win a fight in a way that makes the smaller man look impressive lol….STOCKTON?HOMEY? shut da fucck up,slap ya head steal your g/f and ya lunch money den fly home to da 808 like no biggie.das wassup.

  38. Pumay28 says:

    I’m sorry in my opinion BJ needs to just stop. He lost the fight and w/e way he lost it, why is he bitching? You should train to not let yourself get laid on! It was a show and they stood up alot! Just because his stamina wasn’t there he can’t blame it on anythig else! Did the same thing after he lost to Frankie Edgar, saying that by his corner picking Frankie up and cheering like they won,they bought the judges decision, I love BJ but I think he’s done

  39. stonedtodeath says:

    now bj’s talking!i like it!the fire is back,the baddest dude will follow!kick some ass for us Bj!

  40. Unbiased Opinion says:

    He may not beat Nick. But I honestly belive BJ would smash Caesar. He already challenged Ceasar during the build up to the fight, and Caesar never responded to the challenge. Maybe Home is scared? any Ideas?

  41. 209 > Hawaii says:

    BJ is a legend but he just tarnished his image in my eyes, he is in the wrong on all counts, if he doesn’t want to scrap with welterweights then BJ should get off his ass and stop eating burgers and tuna, cut back down to lightweight where he belongs.
    secondly why would this lame ass call out a trainer who has one fight on his record???? probly because he got the fu*k beaten out of him by the trainers best student.
    thirdly does bj really think that Cesar is going to turn up to this street fight alone…

    **Bitch Cesar is bringing the whole 209 gracie team and those mo-fos will have guns and knives and they wont give a fu*k how many UFC titles you have won you.

  42. ryoto says:

    cesar gracie is like ed soares..their heads got bigger and cocky because of their fighters

  43. Jake says:

    BJ by KO 5 seconds into round 1

    WAR PENN!!!

  44. slacker says:

    Cesar has a bloated sense of self. But he is so calculating and acidic too. He is liable to use this as a means to bring down B.J.’s rep., pretend he views this as a serious threat, and get the cops involved. I hope not.

  45. real dave says:

    now bj has just sunk to a new low he is callling out a guy who dont even fight mma,,,cear has 1 mma fight and got ko in seconds…if bj wants to fight he can…he is retired and said himself he cant compete at the top level…nick grabbe the fence 1 time,,just lik bj was warned for grabbing nicks shorts 1 time,,bj cheated same like nick

  46. Truth Hurts says:

    Seriously, BJ? it really comes down to you threatening a guy who doesn’t even fight anymore? You couldn’t beat Nick so you’re starting a fight with Cesar? A Guy who even offered you help after his student put a beating on you? The same way you offered to train with the guys you’ve beaten. I don’t know, bro, you’re really sounding like a sore loser here. Quit the internet trash talking and bring it back to the octagon, but please don’t half ass it and get back in shape. I’m a big fan but I’m a fan of BJ the fighter, not the internet gangster… #justsayin

  47. jasonsimmons says:

    I’m back! Haven’t posted on this site in over a yr. Anyways bj is still GOAT. And he’s not slowing down one bit. His cardio remains the issue. His last 2 fights have been against top ranked wws. Both fights he dominated before gassing out. Bj boxed diaz up the first round and landed sum thunderous counters in the 3rd rnd. And he was gassed doin it! He proved a point in both fights. And that’s, I’m a better boxer then diaz. I can outgrapple jon fitch. They proved there cardio betta. Bj Penn vs Johnny hendricks! Some reason I feel that fight is coming. Bj betta use this fire and whoop somebody ass. Win, lose or draw, BJ PENN GREATEST MMA FIGHTER OF ALL TIME! LET’S GOOOO PENN NATION!!

  48. The King says:

    LOL how most people completely deny the fact that what BJ’s said is indeed true.

    The bigger guy Diaz DID resort to the “tire out the smaller guy on the fence AFTER he knew he couldnt hang in the boxing realm” tactic.

    PENN was willing to stay in the fire like a real “street fighter”. Diaz had to fitch his ass to control that wild ass hawaiian!!

    BJ PENN FTW! & U!

    • learntoread says:

      *Fact: It was Penn who took Diaz down to the mat in the 1st rd, (which is precisely what Fitch & GSP do to opponents), and ‘tried’ to take Nick down numerous other times in the 2nd & 3rd…and you’re calling Diaz the pussy? Seriously.

      You’re as delusional as Penn seems to be right now.

  49. We shall overcome says:

    Nobody knows what happens in bj’s personal life. Bj is a fighter by nature and fighters get mad sometimes as for the shit talking ive seen videos of ceasers talking shit about bj calling him a piece of shit traitor. Lol people who say gilbert and nate would beat bj make me laugh. Gilbert looked like shit his last fight and nate got triped like 8 times with his pieces o shit footwork idk y charone didnt go in for a submition. Lol

  50. Long-Strong says:

    word, Cesar Gracie keeps talking down to BJ and GSP. this guys didn’t achieve shit as a MMA fighter… living his dreams through his pupils. Yeah so he did a few grappling contests; that shit aint real fighting (Not disrespect to BJJ) but you know what I mean. When he got into a real fight, he got washed like the cum rag he is. FUCK CESAR GRACIE!

  51. Mauricio Machado says:

    If he was that greasy, shouldn’t it be easier to escape from the pushing and holding against the fence? Its wasn’t a grappling fight.

    Is BJ’s camp ready for Cesar’s camps, David Terrell’s camp, Diaz Brother’s camp, Scrap pack’s camp and Jake Shields’ camp.
    You don’t touch the BOSS with out starting a war.

  52. snoop froggy dogg says:

    I think BJ is a legend no matter what cause of how he fought, an both Nick an Nate are very similar to his persona an I hate to say it but the Diaz’s as active fighters took BJs spots in 155 an 170 jus by the way they fight they can fill his void in the octagon a bad muthafucker that wants to scrap! but no matter what BJ is the truth an the Diaz’s themselves will tell u that!

  53. slacker says:

    I predict GSP goes to Hawaii and becomes B.J.’s trainer – AKA Apollo to Rocky in Rocky III – and trains B.J. to whip Nick’s ass in a re-match where he KTFO Nick! B.J. and GSP become best friends, retire, and open huts along the Hawaiian coast, selling super-slick, but “non-greasy”, tanning lotion to BOTH “their deaths”.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      LOL that’s silly, and will never happen.

      • slacker says:

        lol Not sure how that popped into my head, but I couldn’t resist once it did!

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          They should go 50/50 in a Hawaiian rib joint. On Man vs Food they had such tasty looking ribs on there in Hawaii! I’ve never been but they look just like something out of the Flintstones. If these trolls saw the food there they wouldn’t be so angry at BJ he just likes to eat and be happy.

        • slacker says:

          Really? Yeah, that’s a great show. I haven’t seen that one.

          I don’t know much about Hawaiian food except they have all these different kinds of amazinggg Macadamian nut chocolates. Hopefully, B.J. can find some peace. He probably is a bit conflicted right now. He is young enough to keep fighting, but already has accomplished enough to cement his legacy and happily retire. Hardly anyone retires with a win. I thought it was great that he won the rubber match with Matt Hughes. Look at Chuck Liddell though. It must’ve been pretty humbling for him to go out on 3 straight KO’s. If B.J. decides to retire, there is no shame in that. The sport has changed so much since he started fighting. Personally though, if he decides to keep fighting, I think he should fight at LW. His frame and cardio is more naturally suited for it. Who cares if there is ONE guy he can’t beat there? At least that’s what I think. For him, he is used to being the champ! Otherwise, he’s got a family and lives on a beautiful island. Go and enjoy all that has to offer.

  54. TEAM 808 PUTING A WHOOP ASS ON 209!!!!!! says:

    BJ “I SAY WE OUGHT TO KNOCK HIS BLOCK OFF” 808 MUTHA F***ERS!!!!!!! Dont be scared gracie/diaz fags!!!!!!

  55. snoop froggy dogg says:

    OK… im a fuckin die hard bj fan but I fuckin hate how you guys act like u did’nt see the PENN vs DIAZ fight? talkin bout yeah Bj war Bj this that but c’mon hes done… an don’t get pissed cuz it was on HIS OWN terms now he gonna ride out in the sunset with his gorgeous wifey an beautiful kids an thats that! OR……. he could do some triathlon type training an kill GSP the Diaz brothers Edgar’s jersey shore ass! an it would be the best thing ever in life……. PENN NATION!!!!!!!

  56. DREW says:


  57. DREW says:

    snoop froggy dogg, said it best.

  58. Cito says:

    BJ, I’m surprised Cesar has the balls to talk smack to you. I saw his fight against Frank Shamrock in San Jo at Strikeforce – what a joke! He’s got nothing for you brah!

  59. snoop froggy dogg says:

    And another thing for the record BJ did not lose that first Edgar fight that was probably the first fight those judges in Dubai ever seen!!!

    • Zack says:

      Idk if Id go that far but it was a lot closer than their second. But with decisions like machida vs shogun 1 where shogun clearly won and they give the decision to machida, it makes you wonder about the judges. I think Frankie won the first fight becuz he was more aggressive. Not doing damage but more aggressive.

  60. jason says:

    love you bj but again…im dissapointed…go the LW division and wreak havoc once again, but picking a fight with gracie?….cmon man your better than that….

  61. Mike says:

    My first comment ever…….I’m a huge BJ Penn fan. I’ve been to his gym in Hilo. I spend lots of time on the Big Island and respect the Hawaiian Nation tremenedously. BJ has some of the best fights ever, win or lose; I’d pay to watch him over GSP any day. However, BJ absolutely needs to be fighting at 155. If you watch his earlier fights, he was actually in shape and his high level of activity was something he could maintain into the later rounds. No one in the sport can beat BJ in the first round. But we all know what happens if it gets past the first. I’m crossing my fingers that he drops 20 pounds and finds the fire…….God Bless the Prodigy.

  62. austin says:

    cesar started talking crap a long time ago, bj is just getting tired of it

  63. josh says:

    Man bj needs to shut the fuck up already. Yeah call out ceasear gracie, your so cool. His boy nick already whooped your ass and i bet if you went down to 55 Nate would tear your ass up too. you over the hill fagot. stay on that lil island and drop dead. you suck at life

    • FILHARMONIC says:

      Josh…you BITCH! YOU need to shut the fuck up! Who the fuck are you to come here and talk your shit?! FUCK YOU BITCH! FCKN KEYBOARD WARRIOR… YEA.. I BET YOU’RE SO TOUGH, YOU WOULD SAY ALL THIS SHIT TO BJs FACE! HUH?! Man, get the fck off this site, you sorry piece of shit!!! Tell u what, go eat a DICK BITCH!!! You aint shit, you were never shit and you’ll never be shit…nothin but a sorry mistake! Yea I said mistake BITCH! Don’t believe me? Go ask your moms! And it’s funny you callin BJ a faggot, we all heard you like BIG DICKS DIGGIN YOUR ASS AND SWEATY BALLS ON YOUR CHIN!!! Peace Bitch! Suck It Easy!

    • Mike says:

      Josh, I find your comments a bit off-putting. Dollar to donuts BJ could show you a few things. Be careful, no one should write what they would not say to a person’s face. I’d have no issues with encouraging BJ to drop to 155 right there in his home town. Calling him a “fagot”, telling him to “drop dead”, telling him he “sucks”……is that something you’d do in Hilo? Remember, a better world starts with you……every day we have a choice, let’s make it a good one.

  64. rafael says:

    bj penn is a very rich man his not worried if he has to go to war with a couple street punks lol the difference between mayhem and penn is that penn can afford to go to war.

  65. Twayne says:

    Keep’em comming Champ! Let the haters, doubters, & the awww “I lost alot of respect” crybabies do what they do, thats thier job. TEAM PENN TO DA’ FULLEST!!!!!


  66. A.James says:

    “Fuck the fucking Diaz brothers!”
    -Tony Montana

  67. Coops of australia says:

    Bj smash those cocksuckers from stockton up. Fuck I hate those strikeforce hacks. Nick diaz can go fuck a donkey for all I care. And all you haters out there bring it down under bitches

  68. Jacob G says:


  69. Bruiser says:


  70. KingGareth says:

    Bj sucks so bad he picks fights with trainers and coaches. I guess there aren’t anymore pro fighters that Bj can beat. Whats next for Bj…… probably a fight with a guy in the McDonalds line up.

    • FILHARMONIC says:

      SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH! If you want, I can pay for your flight to Hilo, then you can talk yo shit to BJs FACE! hahaha… you aint got the balls to do so, so all you can do, is come on here to talk shit, that’s when you finally got the courage to say shit! If you don’t have the balls to talk shit to someones face, you really shouldnt be talkin shit then son! Haha… Penn Nation signin out! SUCK IT EASY BITCH

  71. slacker says:

    GSP and B.J. open a not for profit shelter for families in Hawaii displaced through home – fires . After a severe beating from Condit, Diaz retires and joins a Buddhist monestary where he takes a vow of silence. Despite a week of successful solitude and meditation, Nick is released from the monestary, with the head monk citing complaints from other monks that even just a glance at Nick’s face and they could barely stop themselves from shouting out the words “Fuckkkkkkkk….Motherfuckerrrrrrr…..”!!!!!!!!!

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