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Friday, 12/30/2011, 01:05 pm

UFC NEWS – Pro’s Pick Lesnar vs. Overeem For BJPENN.COM

It came to me late last night, while I was working away on BJPENN.COM that our readers here might enjoy some insight from some of MMA’s insiders about tonight’s UFC 141 main event between Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem.

As such, I reached out to some of the friendliest guys in my phone book to get their take on the fight and this is the result.

BART PALASZEWSKI (UFC): “Brock and my man Cowboy fasho!”

JOE DUARTE (STRIKEFORCE): “Overeem is going to show why eating horse meat gives your horsepower by winning via TKO in the 2nd round”

JOSH THOMSON (STRIKEFORCE): “Brock by TKO in the second”

PHIL BARONI (UFC/STRIKEFORCE *veteran): “I started off thinking Reem would crush Lesnar. But when I thought about it Reem is not Cain. If taken down how will he be able to get back up? How will he be able to utilize his striking game with Lesnar pushing hard off the bat for the take down. I have learned over the years that when you are trying to force a KO against a grappler, odds are slim to none that you can utilize your striking. I learned that the hard way two times against Lindland and the late great Evan Tanner and most recently against Yoshida. Smart money is always on the grappler.”

ABEL NUNEZ (Striking Coach, Mark Munoz): “Overeem by TKO in two. If it goes past two, Lesnar by decision.”

JACOB VOLKMANN (UFC): “Lesnar will run him over like a Semi.”

CHRIS LYTLE (UFC Retired): “Brock will Maul him, it won’t even be close!”

JOE DOERSKEN (UFC): “Overeem by TKO”

“Gotta go with the wrestler, Brock will grind him down.”

JOEY BELTRAN (UFC): “Predict Overeem first round TKO”


JOSH NEER (UFC): “I got Lesnar. I think he’ll be able to take him down and do the same thing he did to Mir.”

PAUL KELLY (UFC): “I am gonna go with Lesnar and Diaz if it’s early and Cerrone if it goes the distance.”

DEMETRIOUS “MIGHTY MOUSE” JOHNSON (UFC): “I got Overeem winning and I have cowboy winning and I also have Fitch winning. Little Texas has the same predictions as me.”

TIM HAGUE (UFC): “Lesnar ground and pound or TKO round two.”

SHANE NELSON (UFC): “Lesnar third round stoppage.”

EDDIE BRAVO (Trainer):“Lesnar – I think he’s gonna take him down at will and GNP a TKO in the third”

Ben Askren (Bellator):
“Lesnar, grounds and pound early.”

Lesnar – 12
Overeem – 6

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19 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Pro’s Pick Lesnar vs. Overeem For BJPENN.COM”

  1. uhnomuhlee says:

    Overeem is getting 6 votes too many.
    The decision talk is pretty hilarious…
    If this fight makes it to the third, I will be utterly shocked. It’s Brock by TKO, absolutely.

    • zach says:

      Keep your am. Predictions to yourself, you have absolutely no idea how the fight will go until you watch it

      • hypehpyehype says:

        haha so true. everyone guarantees it will end a certain way and then prays they are right so they can look smart. its mma and anything can happen. i got reem winning this but it could just as easily be brock. both beasts with many ways to win

        • bruts says:

          IS uhnomuhlee a dumbshat hick? brock hasnet fought a striker of reems level, i dont care what people think of K-1 if you are a champion, your striking is on a different page then everyone else in the ufc, REEM BY KO KNEE 1st round OR 2nd round tko strikes brocks retiring STOP HUGGING HIS NUTS FAGGOTS go back and watch wwf or wwe w.e its called if you love brock so much, HES A TERRIBLE MIXED MARTIAL ARTIST. HIS ONLY SKILL IS SIZE. you arent suppose to compete with the best when you have amateur everything but wrestling… its pathetic

        • e says:

          stop being a bitch and recognize game. im not a lesnar fan but he’s doing good in mma. dont be mad and pull that size shit because carwin, alistar, mir, etc are big mother fuckers.. and not to mention cain owned lesnar.

          the last part of your post is the icing on the cake that makes you look that much more of a fuckin idiot.

        • gibo says:

          mirco was K1, did him no good. the game has changed, K1 has nothing on UFC 2011. MMA has evolved. Brocks chin will be tested but if Overeem cant defend the take down he is going to be one sore K1 fighter thats for sure.

    • 6 votes too many huh? BUHAHAHAHA shut up!

  2. slacker says:

    Let’s be realistic. You gotta figure a fight is 50/50 when most everyone out here agrees that if Brock can’t get it to the ground, he loses. Considering the strategy Overeem used to fight Werdum, there is a good possibility that he could stuff Brock long enough to get off his punishing strikes first.

    • io31 says:

      He stuffed Werdum’s takedowns but ate a bunch of strikes while doing that. Having said that Werdum is not Lesnar. I wrote this before but I’ll repeat it, Lesnar wins this even if he only manages to get a hold of Overeem without eating a knee or something big and wrestles with him against the cage for a couple of minutes. Overeem will probably be done afterwards and not a threat even standing. I like the guy but he looked absolutely exhausted in the Werdum fight and he didn’t have to wrestle Werdum for extended periods.

      • slacker says:

        He ate the strikes from Werdum because he knew he could which means he has a pretty good chin. What about how Overeem grappled with Brett Rogers, an absolutely beast; he even thre him to the side one time. I think up against the fence, Overeem will be fine grappling with Brock. Overeem is great at turning guys on the fence. I’ll take Overeem in the 1st round by stoppage.

        • io31 says:

          According to Bas Rutten, Overeem doesn’t throw combos (even in K-1) because he doesn’t have a great chin and always wants to keep one hand up.

          Brett Rogers is a beast ? U srs ? He got absolutely handled by Barnett ( who is very good). He couldn’t even control Barnett with double underhooks and got dumped on his @ss. No submissions in his career. No grappling credentials. Brett the beasr Rogers. lol.

        • slacker says:

          You were talking about wrestling a guy Brock’s size up against the cage. Brett Rogers is comparable to Brock in both size category and grappling ability, so Overeem’s skill level here is definitely enough to handle an inexperienced guy like Brock.

  3. david says:

    why does everyone always pick it to end round 2? statistically its way off, its always round 1 or 3. Ill go the reem rd 1 tko

  4. mike f says:

    Here is all I know about Overeems chin. He got koed by chuck liddell, shogun rue, and Lil Nog. Light heavy weights. Liddell might be a big puncher but the others are known for devestatijg power. And you can’t work your chin out.

  5. Thom says:

    lol volkmann made himself look like a retard again, as well as some of the others being so fkn sure lesnar would own reem.. dream on

  6. I just want to thank all those pros who picked Lesnar.. Shows they don’t know jack shitt! Overeem is here to demolish his competition..period!

  7. mick says:

    damn just shows how unpredictable mma is, but seriously brock is the most overrated fighter ever besides kimbo slice…purely put into great situations (getting a titleshot at randy after 2 fights, 1 that he lost in like 90 seconds) because he can put asses in seats, popularity contest aside this beast has non-existent striking and the takedowns hes gotten on past opponents were sloppy and more like tackles. not happening against reem who is equally gigantic, i actually felt bad for brock when he looked terrified of getting his stomach hit, understandable, all that aside he has balls of steel for entering the ufc in his 30s

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