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Friday, 12/23/2011, 01:36 pm

UFC NEWS – Poll Results: Should the UFC Acquire Gilbert Melendez?

Our latest polling here at BJPENN.COM asked readers if you thought the UFC should sign Strikeforce lightweight champion, Gilbert Melendez following his successful title defense over Jorge Masvidal last weekend.

After tallying the totals it appears that the majority of MMA fans do indeed think that Gilbert belongs in the UFC contender picture.

With 2,113 votes on our latest poll 78.6% (1,660 votes) of you think that Gilbert Melendez should make the jump over to the UFC. However out of those who cast to have Gilbert join the Frankie Edgars and Benson Henderson’s of the world only 40.4 percent think he has a chance at obtaining a UFC title. The other 807 votes (38.2%) think he is UFC caliber but not exactly good enough to get the title.

16.3% (344 votes) of voters think that the UFC should test the Team Cesar Gracie fighter by bringing in a top UFC lightweight to Strikeforce before deciding on Gilbert’s final destination and 5.2% (109 votes) are not sold on him being UFC caliber at all.

Gilbert Melendez is one of the final remaining top 10 fighters not under the UFC banner. With only two professional losses to his credit (both of which he avenged) he is widely considered in the top three of the lightweight division. But who has he fought?

His critics, although few, point to the fact that he has not faced enough ranked opponents to derive at his placement and only a jump to the UFC can solve that. However, with the UFC’s new policy of keeping Strikeforce fighters where they are, it may be a while before we can figure out where his talent ceiling is.

Thanks for voting.

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