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Friday, 12/09/2011, 03:10 pm

UFC NEWS – Poll Results: How Does This Weekends UFC 140 Main Event End?

In our latest polling here at BJPENN.COM we asked our readers how you thought tomorrow night’s main event between Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida would end.

Jon Jones has looked unstoppable his entire MMA career. Some are starting to call him “The Legend Killer” for his ability to take out MMA greats like “Shogun” Rua and Rampage Jackson with ease.

However, many are not yet convinced of his dominance.

The same could have been said about Lyoto Machida at one point in time in the not so distant past. Machida was an undefeated wrecking machine who tore a hole through the division until eventually taking out Rashad Evans for the UFC light-heavyweight title.

It was only until his second title defense against “Shogun” that he suffered his first career defeat. Fast forward a bit and the once unstoppable Machida suffered his second and only other professional loss to Rampage Jackson via decision. The bout was highly competitive and many gave the edge to Machida even though the judges disagreed.

In five round championship fights Machida is 2-1 and with only two professional losses in his career his unorthodox style poses an interesting challenge to Jones.

These reasons are why I chose this week’s topic. It’s a very compelling fight and while it’s easy to favor Jones due to his dominance it’s also hard to forget that Lyoto shared those same accolades just a few fights ago.

Our voters tend to agree and the poll was closer than I thought it would be. Jones takes the victory in the eyes of our voters with 57% of the popular vote however; Machida came in at 43% which for all the Jon Jones hype in the world is a startling figure of support for the former champion.
1971 voters took part in our poll this week and here is how the votes broke down.

848 total votes for a Machida victory where submitted for a total of 43% of the vote. 604 of you (30.6%) picked Machida by knockout, 59 of you (3.0%) picked Machida by submission and 185 of your (9.4%) picked the Brazilian fighter to win by decision.

Jon Jones received 1,123 votes for victory this week. 752 of you (38.2%) picked the champ to win by knockout, 158 voters (8.0%) picked him to win by submission and 213 (10.8%) votes were cast for a Jones decision victory.

For the record, I picked Machida by decision.

Let’s see who is right…

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13 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Poll Results: How Does This Weekends UFC 140 Main Event End?”

  1. Josh says:

    Does anyone know how to get BJ Penns autograph i dont wanna use a sob stroy but it might help in this situation but i have autism and dyspraxia and i am a huge fan of BJ and mma im starting to train in it soon and i have coached it temporarly at a gym in my local area but for christmas i would love to have BJ’s autograph as he is one of my heros does anyone know how to get it

  2. Mike says:

    War Machida!!!!!!!! Machida looked jacked at the weigh ins and in beast mode. Machida finishes Jones.

  3. joshua johnson says:

    Jones long reach and kicks breaks down Machida by the 4th round. Jones by TKO 3rd round stoppage.

  4. jeff says:

    what he means is he wont come out for the 4th round:P

  5. ryu says:

    jones is gonna win; probably by ko or tko.

  6. slacker says:

    If anyone can beat Jones, Machida can. He closes distance sooo… fast. I hope Machida for the upset, but it’s doubtful.

  7. magoo says:

    The legend killer will strike again!

  8. Heath says:

    Love to see Machida knock Jones off his high horse..I think if anyone has a chance its Machida.. He has the style to throw Bones off his gameplan..Hopefully we get to see just
    what type of chin (if any) Jones has.. Should be a great fight..

  9. bdizz says:

    Nobody is going to get Jon’s number for awhile. Lyoto had the best chance and got put the fuck to sleep.

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