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Friday, 01/20/2012, 11:00 am

UFC NEWS – Poll Results: Did Yamasaki make the right call in UFC 142′s Silva vs. Prater Fight?

In our most recent polling here at BJPENN.COM we touched on last weekend’s UFC 142 controversy surrounding Mario Yamasaki’s decision to rule the Silva vs. Prater bout a disqualification.

In the bout, Silva was able to drop his opponent with a knee strike to the body and swarmed on him with punches which halted the bout in just 29 seconds of the very first round.

After some confusion, Mario Yamasaki announced that Silva had been disqualified for illegal strikes and awarded the victory to the downed Prater.

In our poll, 2,722 of you cast your votes and the majority decided that Yamasaki did not make the right call.

In our lopsided results 74.4% (2,025 votes) thought that Silva was robbed of victory and Yamasaki made the wrong call. On the other end of the spectrum the remaining 25.6% (697 votes) thought that the ref made the right call and the disqualification was warranted.

Oddly enough, despite our one-side polling of this issue, it was announced last night that after careful review, the UFC is not overturning the decision of Yamasaki and the DQ stands. So in this case, the UFC agrees with our 25.6% voters who chose that the decision Yamasaki made was the right call.

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12 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Poll Results: Did Yamasaki make the right call in UFC 142′s Silva vs. Prater Fight?”

  1. El Charlie says:

    Way to screw the guy … but whatever I still support and am a big fan of Erick. He brings the fight to you and has showed some outstanding ability in his first 2 bouts. UFC should give him a rematch just for the record. Regardless I hope to see him back in action soon.

  2. Tapout A Warrior says:

    Well remember that Dana White said he does not care what fans think……..If it was truly fair it should be a no contest and rebooked for a later date. Honestly this is not even a setback he is a young fighter and this “loss” does not even really do anything to hurt him. I t will be always that debatable loss on his record so good luck to him in the future. UFC still rules either way and I will keep watching whether or not Dana cares about my opinion. lol

  3. peter says:

    isnt there alot more going on in mma news besides this shit? yeah the kid got jipped..move on already.

  4. lalo diesel says:

    maybe the next time this kid will listen to the ref…and will hit more accuracy..and not that way.. blind and desperate hammerfist back in the head….

    • chaelftw420 says:

      clearley was stopped cause Erick won and as soon as the bitch started crying about his shoulder/back of the head then the stupid referee changed his mind. if he stopped it cuz of the illegal blows he would of jsut paused the fight, deducted a point, and let it continue like every other fucking time.

    • Xaninho says:

      Just one little hit in the back. The rest was all legal side of the head. And not desperate he was winning the fight.

  5. fatblacks says:

    UFC doesnt make the call, its the athletic commission’s decision. And 80% of the time they’re right cunts to deal with.

    • seprodrigo says:

      this time it was UFC’s decision, since there isn’t no athletic comissions in Brazil. But whatever, Dana already told they will threat him as if he won the fight (matchmaking and ranking wise).

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