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Wednesday, 01/04/2012, 09:48 am

UFC NEWS – PHOTO: "UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit" Official Poster

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127 Responses to “UFC NEWS – PHOTO: "UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit" Official Poster”

  1. CanILive says:

    lol it looks like diaz’s gut is hangin over the letter

  2. michael kk says:

    cant wait for this one its gonna be a war. diaz will come out on top tho and then, greasy st pierre will be next on his hit list

  3. Thom says:

    What a mis-match joe silva, this wont be close. War Nick.

  4. tom23 says:

    You can tell who the UFC wants the fans to get behind. Look at the trick in the advertisement. How much larger is the word DIAZ than CONDIT.

  5. Mark says:

    Not the fact Diaz is only 4 letters and ‘CONDIT’ wouldn’t fit in with text that size?

  6. Stevo the great says:

    DIIAZ all day….I bet poor Condit gets peppered with punches! Similar to the Nate Diac/Donald Cerrone fight………Condit is gonna get bombed on!

  7. Nick Diaz is a ugly motherf*cker!!

  8. Zor says:

    It doesn’t matter who’s name is bigger, Diaz is gonna punish condit with his boxing all night. Then he’s gonna embarrass koscheck. Thenn we all get to see the fall of the precious gsp. Diaz-ALL DAY!

  9. Lex w says:

    Diaz go whoop that ass

  10. David says:

    Im sick of retards saying condit is gonna get it like cerrone, condit will not stand in front of his opponent flat footed with no head movement like cerrone did against Nate

  11. lloyd says:

    Wow alotta support for diaz eh.. its bout time this kid got sum rep ceaser gracie fight team gona run show

  12. Justen says:

    Condits gunna drop him then sub him!

    • learntoread says:


      Sub a Gracie back belt who has never been submitted during his entire MMA career?…ahh, yeah, sure thing.

      • Calvin says:

        why not anything can happen big nog got subbed and he arguably had the best jiujitsu at heavyweight also i like how the poster is like DIAZ vs condit

        • learntoread says:

          Diaz is by far the bigger draw, which is why his name is first on the marquee, it’s not rocket science, just practical marketing.

          Condit’s BJJ is no where near the level of Frank Mir, also, Diaz would most likely never make that sort of mental mistake when he had an opponent hurt with strikes (he knows how to finish a fight)….Nog was a dummy and let his pride get to him in that fight with Mir, that’s why he got caught, serves him right.

  13. Ever Joy says:

    both great fighters! i don’t know whom will i choose! but it’ll be a war, that’s for sure~

  14. illchronic says:

    This is gonna be war.. All you people counting Condit out are in for a surprise.. He’s gonna suplex Nick 3 times like what Rory did to his brother Nate or at least something with that fashion.. Nick hasn’t fought anybody worth talking about except for a washed up Bj Penn who would’ve destroyed Nick if they fought 2 years ago..

    • CanILive says:

      he tries taking diaz down, then he will get submitted. Nobody wants to roll with the diaz’s

      • CBollinger says:

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        • Donnybrook says:

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        • ricky says:

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        • CBollinger says:

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        • CBollinger says:

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        • ricky says:

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        • THE INUK says:


        • CanILive says:

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        • CBollinger says:

          No….your moms did. that was enough

        • GRT 3000 says:

          so you’re an admitted fag then @CB?

        • CBollinger says:

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        • GRT 3000 says:

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  15. JB Spencer says:

    Yeah, this matches up alot like lil diaz v cerrone, and the outcome will be the same too. But i dont see nick dominating this fight, thats not his style, he likes to drag fights into wars of which he useually comes out on top of and i dont see this being any different.

    For me this fight is like diaz v penn where i dont want either to lose; ther both on my top five fav fighter list, but nicks just closer to the top.

  16. Jonny B says:

    Now thats a very interesting fight – both fighters are really technical – good striking and top notch BJJ,

    Would probably tip Diaz to win based on the Diaz Bros’ previous fight performances recently – as much as I luv to watch Condit – when was his last fight – a while ago, Diaz Snr has been running down everyone including the mighty BJ Penn!!!!

    Should be a brilliant fight to watch – hope it gets passed the 1st round LOL!

  17. Vincent says:

    War Condit!!!! There is no way Diaz could beat GSP in my opinion but I’m gonna say Diaz is gonna win against GSP just because of GSP’s knee injury. Diaz just starts off too slow Like in the Penn fight Penn was getting him in the first round hopefully he doesn’t do that against Condit if he does he’s going to sleep.

  18. Ruben says:

    After seeing Diaz vs Cerrone i cant help but think this will be very very similar. Sure you can say Condit is way better but Nick is way better than Nate as well. As far as striking goes, I think Nick has a huge edge in punches and Condit has the edge in kicks. If Condit wants to win he needs to throw a lot of kicks, maybe like 80% kicks 20% hands. If he acts like Cerrone did and tries to go blow for blow with Diaz he will lose. He can’t let Nick get on the inside, he has to punish Nicks legs like Cyborg did, after 2 rounds of hard leg kicks he should be able to take control of the fight

    • Ethan says:

      it takes a wrestler to beat the diaz’s… nick or nate have really only lost to wrestlers, because if you stand, the volume of punches that they through doesn’t give much of an opportunity for counter punches.. BJ had a great first round but eventually its hard to keep up and find those openings… When they have you on the feet, they dictate the fight.. I can see Condit staying sharp on his feet for a round or 2.. but this is a 5 round fight.. I think Condit will stay in the game more than 2 rounds but i think he’ll be goin down hill after the 2nd.. I just wonder how long Nicks chin will stay so solid… he’s eaten a lotta big shots and Wanderlei will tell you, chins don’t last forever

  19. santa cruz california - where Hawaiian princes introduced surfing to the mainland says:

    first, this is gonna be a great fight. both dudes fight to finish. i don’t like to make predictions, but i have to go with my California grown homie. 209 ain’t scared of any Natural Born Killer, cuz stockton is crawling with killers. remember, he’s an endurance athlete that throws massive amounts of accurate strikes, constantly pressuring and dragging opponents into the deep water. nbk gets ko’d, or sub’d when he runs out of gas in the third.

  20. Condit has a better chin, better stand up, better bjj,better speed, better footwork, wayyy more power in his strikes, more heart, more determination, is coached better, will have a better gameplan. Condit has every advantage except boxing and cardio. and who needs cardio when your going to KO your opponent in the 1st.

    • MMAFAN#1 says:

      Dude im sorry but you really said some stupid shit Condit DOES FUCKING NOT!!!
      have better bjj then Nick you must be out of your mind! He damn sure DOES NOT have better heart then Diaz you sir forget Condit has tapped about 3 times Diaz refuses and always gets out

      • How does Condit NOT have better BJJ. He has more submissions in less fights. Stats are there its obvious he has better BJJ. And Condit does havemore heart he took BOMBS from Ellenberger came back to win and lost the first 2 rounds to Rory Mac to come back and smash him in the third. Im sorry but YOU ARE THE ONE WHO SOUNDS STUPID. Condit > Diaz

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          condit is not > than nick at anything. every big time opponent hes faced hes either split decisioned or lost to. nick will break him down and let him know where he stands in the ww picture, knocking out scrubs like hardy and dong the schlong doesnt mean shit.

        • Dong the Schlong made me LoL. Nick has 1 good win and its vs BJ. Condit has destroyed guys that would beat Nick easily. Kim, Ellenberger, and Rory Mac would all beat Nick EASILY. Nick is a can crusher. You want to talk that bs abt Condit facing high level comp and losing a split dec. That happened once and it was a shit decision vs Kampmann. If anything Nick chokes alot more in big fights. He lost 3 in a row in the UFC and got destroyed by KJ fucking Noons. Condit is better than Nick at almost every aspect in the game. Weak argument Junkie i am right on this one just stop.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          he won a split over ellenberger and he was losing to rory before catching him. and i knew youd like the schlong reference lol. only time will tell, we’re a month away from the fight and i already have a $50 wager v chart, i am confident nick will dismantle condit with ease. nicks boxing > than condits anything and you will recognize this soon enough.

        • He won the last 2 rds of the Ellenberger fight if i remember correctly that fight was a war. And who cares if he was losing by a point on the scorecards he still knocked Rory out. I got a little video you might enjoy i just finished watching.
          VV Thats how Condit wins. By simply bein better.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          i like condits style hes a game fighter. i just think nick has the edge. its gonna be a war and im looking forward to it, cant wait to see nick tee off on condits face. and if u wanna call a can crusher a can crusher condit has been doing that for years also in the wec and hes been doing that lately in the ufc, dan hardy is the ultimate can of the ufc.

        • Yeah well he knocked Hardy the fuck out something Nick cant do cause he has no power. Like i said Nick is the ultimate can crusher he has 1 good win! against BJ who was giving it to him before he gassed. I was not even impressed with Nicks performance. Like i said Condit has wins over Ellenberger, Rory Mac, and Kim who would all beat Nick and Kim would beat him for sure just like like he beat his bro. Diaz is a can crusher. I really cant wait cause Condit is going to finish him Nick needs to take notes and get his finishing rate close to condits against better competition.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          all im sayin is split win over ellenberger, lucky win at the end v rory, and dong kim is nothing to brag about. beating bj imo is a much greater feat than escaping with victories over jake and dong, i think the diaz bros boxing has evolved to a much higher level than most mma fighters standup skills are at. no one outboxes bj and nick diaz did, he will out strike condit plain and simple.

        • lmaoo im starting to wonder if u watch any ufc events at all. Escaping with a win over Dong. He KHTFO!!. And a split win over Ellenberger is as best you can do your not gonna finish Ellenberger. And he did not get lucky against Rory at all. He was smashing him the whole third rd it should have been stopped earlier. Nick beat BJ but BJ didnt perform to the best of his ability. If Condit fought that BJ that Diaz beat he would have beat him as well. Probably finished him. Diaz is a certified can crusher with no power. Im certain Condit will KO him in the first 2 rds it wont even be close. Condit has him beat everywhere and wont let him tee off on him. Condit has better wins over guys who would beat Diaz thats all there is too it.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          i was saying lucky win over ellenberger and last round saving win v rory isnt that impressive in my book. as for dong it was cool he knocked him out so fast but seriously who has dong kim beat? even karo parisyan on the decline of his career beat dong kim. and dont need to mention dong beat nate, we all know nate cant hang with the bigger guys at ww but he more than handles guys at lw. and amir sadollah is probably the worst tuf winner from all tuf seasons. as for condit beating bj, i highly doubt it like i keep saying condits striking is nowhere near that of nicks.

        • You can twists guys wins and who they have beat’s wins all you want to make condit look inferior but it is what it is like i said. I feel what i have been saying is the truth and you are wrong, and that Condit is the best striker in the WW division and he will prove it by ending Nicks hype. I really hope Nate gets Gray or Clay again so they can beat him again and end his hype.

        • Donnybrook says:

          Awesome video Prodigy!… music soots Carlos, Rage Against The Machine kicks ass!, best concert I’ve ever been too!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          condit does not have the best striking in the ww division and in one month you will see what the best striking in the ww division looks like, and it will be by nick not carlos.

  21. J_Jimbo says:

    I can’t believe people are comparing Condit to Cerrone. how many major titles has Cerrone won? Title defenses? How many times has he been the main event? I’m a huge Cerrone fan but seriously, comparing him to Condit? What is Cerrone known for? Stand and bang but has no head movement. Look at his fight of the year with Razor Rob- it was years ago but when he is faced with another elite kickboxer his lack of head movement shows. To say that Nick is going to get a compustirke record off of Condit just shows your lack of knowledge and flat out ignorance. Condit will not have jitters and will have way better head movement. Diaz probably has better cardio but we havent seen Condit getting tired in a fight since his war with Hirumitsu Miura. Maybe we would be able to analyze his cardio better if he wasnt constantly finishing fights. Tough scrap- the stand up and angles will determine it.

    • JB Spencer says:

      I cant speak for anyone else but i was comparing the ‘fight’ not the ‘fighters'; yeah condits better than cerrone, won title, title defenses, bla bla bla… but the same can be said when comparing nick to nate.

      So i stand by what i said. And i like condit n agree wit most of what u said but i dont think hes got this one.

  22. Klownshock says:

    Diaz is gonna whip his ass! Stockton $lap just like his brother did that other hick.

  23. CanILive says:

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    • Donnybrook says:

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    • CBollinger says:

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      • Donnybrook says:

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        • CBollinger says:

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        • Donnybrook says:

          A snot nosed kid pretending to be a real MMA fighter… how cute.

        • Chris says:

          I care about his opinion. Your argument is false.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          pffft. whatever. I just read above you saying that you were a fag and you like to take pipe all day long. That’s some of the most juvenile shit I’ve read in here & and you claim to be a fighter that got mixed up in a blog? lol, yer a fuckin retard man, whatever.

  24. magoo says:

    Go Nick Diaz…..yea …whoo….rah rah. When Georgie boy comes back,theres only one guy I wanna se him whoop…please make it Diaz!!!!

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Magoo, I’m not gonna bash you like others on this site would because you like Grease Saint Pierre. I like him too even though he can’t finish a fight. But, this upcoming year and the following are going to be so rough for GSP. He has so many top WW gunning for his belt it’s gonna be a miracle if he keeps the belt following the ring rust and weakened knee. He has Hendrix, Condit, Nate, Rumble (if he comes back), Ellenberger and that swedish guy… I can’t recall his name I am having a brain fart. He beat Rick Story in his last fight.

      Anyways all I am saying that his days are so numbered and not to get too excited. If he can beat all these people then he is the best P4P champ because his division is way tougher than MW. You better hope Diaz fights GSP it will make much easier fight than Condit.

      • JB Spencer says:

        Please tell me your not talkin about charlie brenaman, anthony johnson smashed him and exposed how good he really is. Rick story is overrated anyway, plus brenamen was a fillin for nate marquart and when that shit happens it gives the alternate fighter psycological advantage and (story) a psyc disadvantage. in my opinion

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I was talking about Kampman not that tool Brenamen and it was Rick filling in for Marquart on short notice.

    • Heath says:

      Yo, MANgoo.. .. Nick says he’s not even gonna have to punch your girlfriend, he’s just gonna bitch slap him.. LOL..

  25. magoo says:

    Time will tell!,I still want to see him fight Diaz.As for all the Other WW you mentioned there all good fighters,but you forgot to mention the one that’s gonna carry the torch after Gsp retires Rory MacDonalds gonna be that guy,not Ellenberger, not Condit, and not Diaz just watch!

  26. slacker says:

    Condit wins this one because he is the better all-around fighter physically and mentally. This is not B.J. or K.J. Noons where Nick had a 6 inch reach advantage – their reaches are even. For those who are experiencing illusionary parallels/living vicariously through Nate’s fight as a foreshadowing for Nick’s and Condit’s, now would be a good time to be finger-snapped out of your hypnotic state. Condit will connect on Nick with some hard shots that will back him up, and if Nick tries to overwhelm by edging forward with lots of flicking jabs, Condit will just give him a front leg kick to the chest or shin kick, or just take him down. They are both great on the ground (both great BJJ) and both great standing, although Condit is better when you include his kicks, knees, head movement, and one-punch KO power. It will be a war, with some good back – and – forth, but Condit will come out on top. He has fought much better competition than Nick has (eg: Ellenberger & McDonald) and experience at this higher level of adversity with top fighters will give him the win in the later rounds.

  27. reyed says:

    i think diaz is going to blow right through condit. i dont think theres anyone at his level right now.

    yea he hasnt beat that good of people because there werent many great fighters in his weight class at strikeforce but the only person in UFC is GSP. and by the time he gets well, hes going to have so much ring rust any top 5 can beat him. and hes got no chin

    i hope he gets a tune up fight before going back for the interim title.

    • slacker says:

      A tune-up fight would be very dangerous with most of the top 10 WW’s. Koscheck is too strong a wrestler for him and Ellenberger could end up finishing him. What about Brian Ebersole? You know he’s got a 10 fight win streak going?!

    • slacker says:

      You mean GSP.

      Well, with being out for sooo…. long I doubt he will get a tune-up match. Besides, what if he gets injured in the tune-up? Too much money, hype, and time to be lost.

  28. Everyone will see a Lil bit of bones jones in Condit bc they train together a lot. Condit is a talented fighter and will show Diaz what’s up!

    • BJisDoneso it this site says:

      This has to be the weakest MMA site on the web, a bunch of children chit chatting about MMA, BJ is done, and this site just rips off news from other MMA sites. The authority in MMA? What a joke, just like BJ being able to fight anymore…

    • slacker says:

      Interesting. I never really thought about their similarities, but they do both use the spinning elbow, front kick and shin check.

      Condit is going to have Diaz’ head spinning, wondering what he is going to get hit with next.

  29. j mann says:

    condit is going to get that ass whooped diaz showed penn the door and condit back to the gateway challengers

  30. JB Spencer says:

    Everyones sayin diaz is gona woop condit or condits gona woop diaz lk its a mismatch for one or the other. I think this is one of the most even match ups you could ask for and its gona be a war; fight of the night for sure but i gota go with diaz.

  31. Vincent says:

    It’s amazing how UFC fanboys give Diaz god-like powers just because he beat Penn (without cardio), I’m not saying he can’t fight but come on be real he’s not unbeatable he lost to Diego, Sherk, Riggs, and Noons, he got dropped by Paul Daley twice who has power just imagine what Condit will do to him if he lands. Stockton 209 gangster??? I wasn’t aware gangsters did triathlons… Now I wonder how many fanboys get sand in their vaginas over this? I also wasn’t aware that this was boxing where if you only box you have the best striking in the world I thought this was MMA (mixed martial arts) where the best striking comes from the guys who mix it up and throw knees, elbows, kicks, and punches.

  32. CBollinger says:

    “if your gonna sit here and call people names all day long” LMAO. aww did i hurt your feelings lol. FAGGOT. u happy!?

  33. Jordon says:

    You spelled “youre” wrong, faggot.

  34. CanILive says:

    he replied just so he could use the word again….lmao

  35. Donnybrook says:

    Pretty obvious you got a hold of your parents computer… probably skipping school today. A word of advice, don’t talk to people like that face to face because your more than likely going to get a spanking.

  36. brett says:

    seriously man just give your insight on how you think the fight will go. we all know youre tough and can call people names. have any knowledge about mma?

  37. CBollinger says:

    Surrrrrrrrrrrrrrre you did haha. and what school was this at?…….

  38. CBollinger says:

    ohhhh good one lol. key board warrior haha.

  39. CBollinger says:

    you must be a female. always trying to have the last word.

  40. Jmad says:

    smh, kids these days.

  41. slacker says:

    If he manages to beat Condit, it won’t be by KO, or even TKO is highly doubtful. His best chance is by submission.

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