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Thursday, 12/22/2011, 12:52 pm

UFC NEWS – PHOTO: Jose Aldo Trains With Gray Maynard To Prepare For Mendes

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33 Responses to “UFC NEWS – PHOTO: Jose Aldo Trains With Gray Maynard To Prepare For Mendes”

  1. chon209 says:

    aldo looks to be in the higher weight class

  2. youngkrev says:

    Maynard is 100x tougher then mendez.

  3. Jc says:

    maynard looks pretty gay in this photo

  4. A.James says:

    Mendez is fast man. I hope Aldo is keeping that in mind with his takedown defense.

  5. BasRuttenForever says:

    Maynard Looks FAT :S

  6. get real says:

    I don’t see anyone beating Aldo at 145. I could see him being the title holder at 155 if he chose to move up. And yeah Aldo does look to be very big in this picture.

  7. Bobby Larson says:

    Just the angle of the photo I think. Do take note that Aldo is about 3 or 4 steps closer to the camera than Gray. He’s not that much smaller though. When he’s at his natural weight he’s about 160 165. Gray actually weighs more than he looks. He usually cuts from about 180 185 some times even 190.

  8. david uppercut says:

    what’s with the jheri curls? 😛 You look like a gay pornstar!

  9. steve says:

    looks like maynard is enjoying his lil break between fights with that belly of his

  10. Me says:

    I hope this camp doesnt spoil the possible match between them when aldo moves up to 155

    • dave says:

      i dont agree…aldo is just would smash aldo at lw…he is good and will have to move up to lw soon.then we will see if he is best p4p list…i think he is really good butthe competition is not as har as it is at lw…i think if edger drop to 145 he would beat aldo…or even if they switch spots aldo would not hold the belt long…..JUS MY OPINION…i know a negative prick wil have something bad to tell me on here

      • Ur wrong BJ would not smash Aldo. Nobody would Aldo is a tough fight for anyone. He dosent HAVE too move up too be considered best p4p.GSP is considered up there and he has stayed at 170. Thats like saying Edgar needs to fight at WW. Aldo has harder competition at FW than Silva. Just because they are small dosent mean they are easy fights he beat 2 former P4P top 10ers in Mike Brown in his prime and Urijah Faber. Destroyed a tough Manny Gamburyan destroyed Mark Hominick and beat a game Ken Flo. Im sick off ppl saying he HAS too move up he still has PLENTY of good fights at 45. Mendes, KZ, Koch, Hioki, and Bartimus are all good fights. U my friend are bias.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          manny and mike brown moved down to 145 cuz they couldnt hang at 155 lol. frankie is already fighting at a weight higher than where he should be but he wants to show he can beat down guys in any division unlike scared pansy gsp. i dont think bj would run through aldo but i think hed finish aldo. if hominick can get aldo in some bad situations bj can too.

        • wtf u smokin? Gamburyan made it to the tuf finals and would have beaten nate if he didnt get injured. Brown was at 45 cause its a better weight class for him he was top 5 p4p at the time aldo smashed him. ohkay forget frankie thats like saying Bones has to fight JDS to prove that hes one of the p4p best

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          u trollin again with the tuf reference? i thought jesse taylor did pretty well in his season too wheres he at? escudero did alright too, do i really need to list all the tuf flops? gamburyan gktfo by rob emerson – whos a cool guy dont get me wrong – but he sucks.

        • LoL omg i hate it sooo much when ppl say troll for an obvious non troll attempt. My point is Gamburyan is a beast at 45. Hes strong as shit has average striking at best but knocked mike brown the fuck out. Brown said that was the hardest hes ever gotten hit. I think his only loss is too aldo at 45 he just got robbed against tyson griffin actually. Anyways hes a hell of alot better defense than against Cote, Leites, Lutter, and Marquadt. Thats just too name a few. As well as Hardy u gotta throw him in the list of awful title opponents.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          well maybe if you didnt troll so much i wouldnt get confused with the times ur actually trying to be serious. manvil is a decent fighter but even his cousin karo is a better fighter than him. hypin him up against better comp at 185 doesnt serve his case well.

        • dave says:

          ok well first i id not say he neds to move up to be top p4p…he has said himself that son he will move up cuz cutting weigt is geting harder as he grows….and he did not destroy mark homnick as i remember i aldo gased and homnick was on to all te 5th round,,,.if he moved up to 155 the compition woul be better..urija was al hyp he sucks now….i just think 145 class is overrated ,,,sorry i feel that way,,,thts just my opinion..,,i said wewill see how good he is p4p when he move up jut because i think he will start losing mre withthe betr fighters…he sdaid hewill go up sooon okkkkkkk

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          do you not remember aldo impregnating hominicks forehead?

        • Urijah was all hype he sucks now!? he had the belt and defended it 5 times at a weight class above his current weight class. He also is the only guy to beat Cruz and took it to him the second fight. u are a fucking idiot thats just my opionion.

  11. Patrick says:

    Aldo v Edgar I think will eventually happen but, I am interested in seeing what happens with Korean Zombie he’s a sleeper

  12. MajorTom says:

    It’s just a product of the perspective. Aldo is closer to the camera thus appearing bigger.

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