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Wednesday, 12/28/2011, 02:09 pm

UFC NEWS – PHOTO: Dana White Seperates Diaz And Cerrone In Pre-Fight Scuffle

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63 Responses to “UFC NEWS – PHOTO: Dana White Seperates Diaz And Cerrone In Pre-Fight Scuffle”

  1. mmaislandjunkie says:

    cerrone lookin kinda funny in dat outfit

  2. omar says:

    thats was funny when nate smacked off cowboy’s hat

    • phace says:

      You can’t say you didn’t see that coming πŸ˜€ .. Soon as I saw Cerrone about to staredown with the hat on I predicted it coming off. Nate sure can hype a fight

  3. Overeem smashes it says:

    He tryed that shit with Rory at the end of one round (think it was the 1st) but he still got smashed and thrown about

  4. "H"BOMB says:

    fuck em up cerrone! sick of that punkass thinking he can hang with top tier guys!

    • Neighbor J says:

      I think that both of the Diaz’s need to be put in their place

      • Geraldo says:

        definitely….. both diaz think their on top of the world, especially nate who has gotten is ass kicked many times so i don’t see how he thinks he’s the best. gonna get his ass kicked by COWBOY!!!! GO LESNAR!

        • burnintrees420 says:

          u 3 r dumb mother fuckers, stop being jealous because the diaz’s r top tier. What the fck have u ever done to fight the top ten in ur weight class? Oww yea nothing but talk shit on great fighters over the net, u pussy bitchs….

        • ryu says:

          nick diaz is top tier but nates not. nates def not in the top 10 of his weight class.

        • Cletus Jackson says:

          calm down homo bitch and move on

  5. Kularius says:

    Cowboy will kick his ass in the octagon instead…

  6. Robster the Mobster says:

    I was surprised that Diaz didn’t throw out his NiNe and bust a cap in Cerrone’s ass. Seriously though, the Wonder Twins wonder why nobody respects them. It’s crap like this. They could win the belt and defend it 12 times a night, 12 nights in a row, and I would never pay to watch the fight.

  7. Vicci says:

    Diaz is such a brat. I hope he gets his ass kicked good!

  8. lalo diesel says:

    i hope cowboy teach some class to this asshole….LET’S GO MOTHERF****R !!!!!!!!!!!

  9. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    War Diaz War!!! Goat rope that cowboy…represent for the central cali. One love from the city of “No”. Get Em’ Diaz…Get Em’

  10. krafty11 says:

    People dont seem to realize that Diaz is just hyping the fight up. people expect him to act this way.. imagine if he was all nice and cordial, no one would be talking about this fight, but b/c of a flipped off hat and shove, its getting lots of attention.. the Diaz bros might act crazy, but they know how to hype a fight.

  11. Furby8704 says:

    Nate knocking down the cowgirls hat was brilliant haha WAR DIAZ!!!

  12. shawnrex says:

    Dana white the referee at the moment.. “are u ready?” Lol

  13. learntoread says:

    As much as some MMA fans like to continually bitch, moan, and complain about Nate Diaz’s antics, those same fans are quick to forget some of Cerrone’s past behavior in the cage, namely his complete lack of sportsmanship and utter doosh-bag-ery towards his opponent during/directly after his rematch with Jamie Varner at WEC 51.

    Truth is, neither of these fighters are saints, regardless of what the Jackson Camp would like MMA fans to believe.

  14. DOC SANTOS says:

    A lot of you sound like pussies. This is a COMBAT sport. They are FIGHTING. What do you expect? Hand shakes and hugs? You should be a fan of the bad ass mentality. Or you can be a fan of Mr. Humble and sportsmanship, GSP.

    And before anyone says, “What do you know about fighting or combat?” I’ve got Afghanistan under my belt.

  15. slacker says:

    Yeah, obviously Cerrone is trying to get under his skin by dressing like a cowboy. It’s so close to touching him or maybe even did, so obviously he is going to knock it off his head. Also, lest we forget amidst the showmanship and territorial pissing, it is a very meaningful fight. The winner moves into #1 or 2 contender status for the belt, so there is a lot on the line. Tension should be expected.

  16. Cowboy says:

    Nate Diaz is going to get his ass beat down worse than what he would have now. Shouldn’t have touched the hat, fool.

  17. fuck the diaz sis says:

    I really hope that cowboy teaches that punk bitch a lesson oh fuck his older sister too

  18. Bruiser says:


  19. JB Spencer says:

    Nate lost a split dec to manard (Diaz fight style doesnt win decisions) but he beat and finished him on TUF and dont forget he also beat and finished melvin guilard who was recently one win from a title shot.

    Also won TUF on a season with cole miller, manard, joe lozaun, manny gamberion, matt wimon… probably most stacked TUF season to date and he came out on top.

    cant hang w lws???

  20. slacker says:

    I think Nate can hang with him for a round. Then I see Cerrone’s pace and variety of striking wearing him down both mentally and physically. Cerrone closes distance so fast. Also, Cerrone can take him to the ground whenever he wants and outwrestle him.

  21. Am. Featherweight says:

    Burnin420 who the fuck are you to knock people for posting their opinion on the web bout the Diaz bothers just because they are not a top 10 fighter in the world just like you are not. You hav no room just talk or call anyone a pussy especially since you obviously don’t fight either! Nick is top tier but nate is just punk ass average fighter who worships his older brother and is dumber then a fuckn rock so before you knock other peoples opinions look in a mirror…

  22. stevesaddler says:

    What did Cerrone say right before the hat tip? was anyone close enough to hear it? They both talk shit so id like to know.

  23. rondo says:

    It was just a “whisper” but i think he said “Leonard could whoop your ass!”,musta hit a nerve!,”I don’t know”!

  24. slacker says:

    Just watched it on with clearer audio. Sounded like he said, “Come alive Friday.”

  25. Bell says:

    Several of these replies on this post are garbage, You should delete them.

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