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Thursday, 11/17/2011, 02:55 pm

UFC NEWS – Photo: Dan Henderson And Shogun Rua Square Off


26 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Photo: Dan Henderson And Shogun Rua Square Off”

  1. Alrekur says:

    Hendo by wrastling if he’s smart.

  2. TB says:

    If someone gets knocked out – guarantee its Shogun. Hendo has never been knocked out in his career.

    • ANDYBOY says:

      neither has Cain Velasquez, Dan Hardy, Paul Daley, Michael Bisbing(until Hendo)! i understand the HUGE differeneces in time and experience but just cuz noone’s ever been KO’d doesn’t mean they cant. Fedor has always had a suspect chin since the Fujita fight but noone has been able to get it until Hendo.

      • RickRuckus says:

        But the class of fighters that Hendo has fought over the years and the length of his career is nothing compared to the fighters you’ve mentioned. He has fought a list of who’s who of legends from both Pride and UFC,

        • Jc says:

          good call rick ruckus hendos chin is tried and tested over a long hard fought career. i think hendo wins via wrestling, he is one of the best wrestlers and shogun is one of the worst in the division. but shoguns stiking is also very wild he had be suseptable to the H BOMB. boom

      • john says:

        Really now suspect chin idc who u are if u took shots like that from heno u would be alseep too watch where they land

      • Sean says:

        idk not saying it’s impossible to KO hendo, but it is damn hard. Rampage couldn’t even do it, said it hurt his hand hitting his chin, fools got a fuckin iron chin

      • seprodrigo says:

        Henderson was also knocked down multiple times in his career, and Shogun is one of the best finishers in the sport: once he got you hurt it’s hammerfists and bombs. Both guys can get KTFO in this fight. Should be AWESOME.

  3. martin baron says:

    for sure hendos will be ko!!

  4. gary says:

    hendo tko in the 4th round

  5. e says:


  6. hypehpyehype says:

    shogun will derail this hendo hype train. it will be hilarious to see everyone calling him old and washed up and shogun takes him apart. funny thing is im probably more of a hendo fan than most of the people who think he will win. but he wont get past shogun. not even close. just watch

    • sadam says:

      Finally someone with some fucking sense.

    • Mike Diaz says:

      @hypehypehype I agree word for word. It’s time for the Hendo Hype train to get derailed. Shogun looked strong against Griffin (though Griffin looked like his mind was at the maternity ward). I got Shogun to continue his win streak, proving he is a top contender in the LHW division by finding the openings and capitalizing on his speed and stand up. And unfortunately, Hendo is left pondering if he should have stayed, once again, out of MMA’s Elite organization or worse, contemplate retiring. TEAM PENN!!!!!!

      • SaberTooth says:

        LMAO – Anybody would look good against Griffin. That guy just literally sux. Henderson will knock his ass worse than Jones did to him and get him out of here.

  7. Axel39 says:

    Woah, Dana looks different? :/

  8. Nat says:

    I hope Shogun doesn’t gas out….

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