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Friday, 12/23/2011, 12:56 pm

UFC NEWS – PHOTO: "Big Nog's" Post-Surgery Scar From Broken Arm

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38 Responses to “UFC NEWS – PHOTO: "Big Nog's" Post-Surgery Scar From Broken Arm”

  1. Kdog170 says:

    haha what the hell is cruz doin there?!

  2. Diaz-Fan says:

    gnarly! hope Nog has a quick recovery!

  3. GOfrankMIR says:

    Big Nog don’t fight anymore, wouldn’t want to see that broken again..or would I?

  4. Bigfan says:

    I hope Big Nog hangs it up… don’t want to see him ruin his body anymore

  5. Halferson says:

    I hope he has learned that if you have a chance to finish a fight you have to do this as quickly as you can instead to try to do his fucking bjj submissions!

  6. chibamondrongo says:

    Look at my broken arm LOL !

  7. Kdog170 says:

    ahh good point i forgot he had surgery too

  8. Dosan says:

    That Mir fight will haunt him for eternity.

  9. NHMA says:

    Big Nog is a badass they just should have taught him to tap when he was a white belt Mir had the kimora in deep there was no getting out of it an Mir is a strong dude. Tap or snap Big Nog :-)

  10. chibamondrongo says:


    That Mir fight will haunt him for eternity.


  11. jay ruff says:

    hahaha, mir kicked his ass twice

  12. TheCrippler says:

    Fuck, he just got those tats too.
    That was my win of the year so far. Made me so happy. Mir is a beast.

  13. SanSooRob says:

    Lol this is nothing to big nog, all you girlies would tap just standing next to big nog lol

  14. justAfan says:

    big nog should have finished it with strikes, i think he is much much experienced bjj artist but mir is just to big and strong to submit that time..

  15. KingGareth says:

    “look at us we’re idiots”

  16. I see something on the say “frank Mir was here”.. Lmao

  17. bizzle says:

    Nogueira got run over by a truck when he was a child, broke his back lost part of his liver and his ribs and was in a coma for four days, he was lucky to be alive much less go on to become Pride HW champion at the age of 25.. The FACT is Big Nog has more cahones and guts in his pinky finger then this entire community combined..

  18. Myers1985 says:

    He should have done what Frank did to him in their first fight. Let him stand up, but can’t blame Nog really. He’s not the type who always rocks people and maybe instead of having killer instincts he worried too much on what he was gonna do next because as people said he is a grandmaster on the ground game. He is most dangerous when hurt and not when he is dominating. Plus he can’t take a solid punch anymore.

  19. Steve says:

    Way to ruin a nice tattoo Nog! Should have tapped.

  20. Long-Strong says:


  21. Nick says:

    Should of just tapped. I mean don’t really care about the whole pride in yourself thing. There’s a fine line between stupidity and pride. That is stupidity. Sidelined for at least 6 months.

  22. mirspop says:

    He had Mir hurt with a jab………hmmmmm mir=trash

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